28 June 2006

OH Knit!

What a fun night of knitting and venting! Kate joined us (which is wonderful because not only was it her last night visiting, but we still need a little help on the double pointed needles she's taught us to use this trip!)

We ate a dinner of organic salad (with dill in it...mmmmm) along with cashew hummus and finished with some Newman's Own cookies!

Rozzilyn, our resident photographer for Oh Knit...ftook some wonderful pictures of us so I finally have some pictures to post! I love them all so much, that I don't know which one to post, so here they all are...
Knitting girlies!

We were having an amazing thunderstorm with plenty of rain...and we all agreed that it is so fun to knit when it's stormy outside! We even lost the electricity for a brief moment...Plunging everything in darkness, which is a little scary for knitting in!

Our projects for the night included:

Kate: Sock
In which Kate finishes the other
for Zora...which actually matches a
set of socks
she's made for herself!
I am dying in love with
the sock yarn she's using!

Me: Snake
My very first project from Jess
Hutch's toy book...and first project
using the double pointed needles!

Mom: Monster Sock
She named it...Not I!

Her first attempt at a sock on the
double pointed
needles...She ended
up frogging them to
start over again
and I know she'll get it soon!
(this is a picture of monster sock attacking her!)

So, it was a fun evening had by all...and I will miss Kate so much, but am very happy she visited and we got to knit so much and vent so much and talk so much together...
I miss you already Kate!

27 June 2006

Day 12 and 13

Shhhhh...we'll just pretend that this is exactly where these days are supposed to be OK? Just 3 more journal pages for me to catch up!

26 June 2006

Day 15 and ZZZZZZZZ....

Day 15 already of the 21 day challenge, and I am sorry to say that I did not reach my goal yesterday during Creative Sunday of catching up with my journal pages! Could I say in my defense that I was busy playing with and running around with Kate's beautiful 18 month old daughter? (probably not...Sigh...I have some catching up to do!) I have been completing my committment to myself by still walking and doing yoga however...I'm thinking that it would be harder to catch up on those things (hehehe)

Creative Sunday Participants:
  • Kate
  • Rozzilyn
  • Sadira
  • Susan
  • Zora
We had a great day...We mostly were creative in the kitchen making fun things to eat...And playing with each other! My mom and Kate and I went through all sorts of knitting toy pattern books...And regular toy pattern books...Copying off the patterns we want to try and being generally inspired! Then Kate helped my mom with a pair of socks that she's been trying to knit for some time now...
Kate is the sock queen you know!
And I will have to stop right here and say that I also spent the afternoon with Kate today as well...And in these 2 days she's taught both my mom and I how to knit on Multiple double pointed needles at the same time (and we called ourselves knitters before...HA!) So, it has been a grand knitting adventure for all of us...I just started a project that is very fun for me...So I am excited for Oh Knit tomorrow night!

I completed hemming some PJ pants for myself, attatched some more labels on some tote bags, that are now eagerly awaiting being stenciled...And made the baby girl a beautiful winged dress for her to wear....

It was such an honor to have Kate come to Creative Sunday's as she's a constant source of inspiration to me...a wonderful mother, wife...And friend. I miss her much since she's not here all the time, and am very grateful for her visit! And, I am so excited that she requested that I make her some winged things!

I was also up late Sunday night with another good friend who happened to come into town for a visit as well (I told you a lot of people were in town this week!) And it seems as if next week is gearing up for the same sort of thing. I am a little annoyed at myself because I've carried my camera around everywhere, yet...I have not been taking any pictures! I have been having too much fun being in the moment and appreciating visiting with everyone...And sometimes, I feel like a camera is a little intrusive, or maybe I haven't learned how to take candid shots well...Whatever the reason, I am sorry there aren't more pictures!

24 June 2006


Have you ever had one of those weeks?
Or those couple of days?
When everything is just wacky fun?

And then had to take a day or two off from writing in your blog? Or even turning on your computer? (like life is not only happening all around you, but too you as well?) Well...That's what's been up in my life the last couple of days. I would like to think it's a direct result of my Solstice celebration...And, one person after another has walked back into my life lately!

My wonderful friend Steven Fratelli waltzed into the shop (after moving back from CO!) Which actually made me jump up and down! We met several years ago while taking the same Italian class together, and became fast friends, so I've missed him terribly when he moved away...And fast on his heels was my friend Jen! We're planning on dinner tomorrow night...And then Kate called to say she was coming up to a party at some good friends house tonight...As my escort and special surprise! Kate and her fabulous daughter...Who I haven't seen in ages and ages! (unfortunately without her husband...Who I miss as well, but doesn't seem to want to come back to Prescott unless he has to! hmmmm)

So...first,Friday night, Steven and I enjoyed some Sushi...And then some fabulous frozen yogurt and a short walk around the square!

The Blu
egrass Festival is this weekend, so the square was beginning to gear up for the crowds, and there were a few groups of people jamming on the square together!

We then went back to my house for a movie...And watched The Producers...Totally funny...And I loved it! I think I remember seeing the original, but I don't remember it being that funny! Meena was very happy to see Steven again, and lounged around in his lap...panting a bit as it was quite hot!

Tonight, we went to Megan and Matt's for a wonderful summertime party, reconnecting with friends, chasing after a sweet little toddler (so Kate got to eat a hot meal!) and having a general fabulous time. I can't remember not having a wonderful time everytime I've been at their house...I took Megan one of my totes as a little hostess gift (the turquoise one with the birds on it) it was a bit rainy in parts of town, and it had cooled off quite a bit this evening, so it was just perfect!

AND...Since this was such a busy week,
I figured what the heck...And found some time to make quite a few totes to take into the shop. You can see...as promised, I worked up a floating fruit salad group...and I really like the way it turned out...which leads me to wonder which bag is my favorite?

Plus, I have still been doing my 21 day challenge walking and yoga (the new skirt I made last week is a little bigger that I thought I made it, so perhaps I am losing some inches?) Rhonna has also been taking a break...And I haven't gotten my journal pages completed for the last couple of days...But I will do them tomorrow as one of my projects for Creative Sunday...And post them then.

Phew...I certainly need my rest tonight...What a week!!!

22 June 2006

Day 11

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and for keeping me in your thoughts! Yesterday's ceremony went off without a hitch. It was a very powerful right of passage for me, with all sorts of amazing symbolism, meaning and support from my part of the universe. I did not follow a script of any sort, but included things in the ceremony that would make it more meaningful and individual for me.

And it was...
at the end as I sat in a chair placed in the direction of where I think my future lays, a blue jay skimmed my head before he flew into the same direction. And this morning after my walk, I was going to dump out the ashes of the fire pit...And there was a heart shape made by all the darker ashes, surrounded by white ashes...As I said, this was a powerful and moving ceremony for me (thank you to my sister Thais for giving me the idea and some direction...Before she had a fire of rose petals for herself yesterday...And my Mother who without...None of this would have been possible! And for letting me cry on her shoulder...that's been happening a lot lately!) And the I took the pictures of the above trees after I was all done...

Day 11

Today was incredible...I was able to get right out of bed and jump into my walk. I am so happy and proud of myself that I have made this commitment and that I am sticking with it! I am feeling more grounded and clear after my ceremony last night...And since Rhonna didn't post a quote yet today, I decided to do something to mark this occasion.

Let go...of the past...of the things that hold you back...

And then I wrote some of the things that I was letting go of last night underneath the flying Phoenix Heart...The things that I was burning:

Old thoughts...attitudes... postures...pictures...letters...

Plus, I left some space for things that I haven't thought of yet...But could still let go of, so I can move forward into my future!

21 June 2006

Happy Solstice...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful solstice...This is an anniversary of mine, and my way of celebrating it for myself will be with a burning ceremony. It is time that I get rid of some things in my life...Some ties that need to be cut, and let go of. No, I will not be dancing around a bonfire naked (I try to reserve that for Beltane, Tee-Hee) But, I will be burning a few things that were once meaningful, at sunset tonight...And having a feast for myself afterwards. I've never done one of these ceremonies for something so large...And am excited. After I got over the initial fear that I would not do something right, I am looking forward to see what the results will be in my life...I'll keep you posted!

My mom and Rozzie gave me this great haul for Solstice today! There are a few wonderful paper cookbooks...Which I am currently fascinated with. I am "collecting" these vintage beauties, I'll have to post some more...They're just so wonderful! There's the Calumet cookbook, one from Baker's Chocolate...And one from Sears about their new wringer washing machines! Plus, a hardback one that we both liked the cover of...Betty Crocker's Dinner in a Dish! A blank Banana paper journal (woohoo...I seem to be going through journals quite fast around here) and, 2 cards and a little button pin, from inside a black apple...And all on a wonderful full length floral apron! I gave them gifts too...I forgot to take pictures though!

And, today is day 10 of the 21 day challenge! And I managed to drag my tooshie out of bed...And walk in the already heated day at 6:30am! Actually, I had a wonderful time out there...And this quote, once again, is just perfect. Rhonna, can you read my mind?

The quotes lately have really been speaking to me!

I'm not totally in love with this page...Maybe it's my state of mind. I wrote a little more today than just the normal quote and drawing, I just needed to get some stuff out on paper...Today's been a paper kind of day for me. (I wrote a 4 page letter to burn tonight as well) I figured I could re-do it, but I want to respect my state of mind and the space that I'm in...See how I create when I'm feeling a little bit extra in my life. I'm just super happy that I've been doing this everyday...But to tell you the truth, It's no longer a chore, but something I'm looking forward to everyday!

20 June 2006

Day 9

Wow, what a great quote for today, and I certainly need it! It was really hard for me to get out of bed this morning and go on my walk...And I did it anyway! I feel good because, as I said yesterday, it's part of the commitment I've made to myself! Plus, it's really nice to have something to get me out of bed in the morning...And nothing like the challenge to remind me of that!

In leau of what has been going on in my life, I was feeling sad that the memories I'm having are going to be a part of "My Story"...The one that I review from time to time in my life...The one that I've lived. And then I thought that there is so much more to My Story than what is happening right now...And a lot of it is paling in comparison because it's not happening anymore...So
guess what? Time helps...And helps and helps more. Time to start and finish this challenge, time to feel and heal.

And this reminder of looking at what is right in my life...It is just coming at a perfect time for me! It switches the focus to the areas that I've succeeded in. I was telling my sister and my mother both yesterday..."Oh what if I can't do this?" and they reminded me that I am doing it...And I started to notice that I really think it's all a fluke. Like, well, I'm doing it right now...But it won't last! Of course it will, it may change, but I can do this...And I am doing this...And it's all OK and right for me! I can see what's working in my life as well as what's not...What's not does not need to be the focus anymore, especially when so much is working!

19 June 2006

Sunday June 18th...

  • Susan
  • Rozzilyn
  • ME

Wow another creative Sunday done! These 2 days off I get every week seem to fly by quite rapidly. On Saturday night, we went to Tsunami on the Square, a wonderful all ages art performance show that is held every summer on the lawn of our town square. As always, it was a good show, and we stayed till' the end for Flam-Chen, a Tucson based, fire spinning/twirling, stilt walking performance group! They were amazing as always and such a treat...After I watch them perform, I really want to do something myself. Maybe not with fire per SE...

But, the energy of the performance carried me over until the next day...For Creative Sunday! My mom, Rozzilyn and I were all a little tired after staying up so late...And we did manage to have a Creative Sunday meltdown. Which was more to do with my life than anyone else's. Rozzilyn drew all day...And left this sweet mermaid tail picture for me! Wouldn't this make a great logo for a seafood restaurant?

And, my mom helped me sew a new skirt for myself! We had a bit of a side closure problem with some seams and snaps...But I really love the way it turned out, I especially love the yellow and orange plaid fabric with all of the colorful butterflies on it. It is a really light cotton print and feels good in the extreme heat we've been experiencing!

And...I'm still doing the 21 day challenge on top of everything else!

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bit of a meltdown this creative Sunday due to some personal stuff going on. This relates to my divorce...And more directly to my feelings surrounding that situation, and the life I am living now. It's really more opportunity to learn about where I am at, and even more than that...Where I am going. And a great opportunity to look around the house to see what I've been holding on to, even though those things make me uncomfortable to even look at, and things I can no longer use and wear because of the memories attatched to them...and clean them out of my house! Break those ties...move forward!

My day 7

I notice how when I am going through this kind of stress and become this upset...That I cry quite a bit, and want to shut down. It was really challenging for me to keep walking...And wanting to do anything related to my "normal" life. (I was amazed that I even made my skirt!) And I pushed myself to walk and do yoga both yesterday and today! Because I'm really wanting to stay committed to myself and to follow through on my agreements with me, no matter what the situation may be. I know that I will have a certain amount of things going on in my life, and sometimes I don't deal with them perfectly...So, this is really good practice for those times. And, if I can see myself following through...Then I know I can count on me!

My day 8

And...Still doing and completing my journal pages are another accomplishment! It just seems like whenever there is any little thing to do during times like these...For me...It is a little too much! So, this is a good exercise also, for being gentle and patient with myself. So much I've been doing over the past year is such new territory for me to navigate...And sometimes I feel impatient when I don't know what I'm doing...And I keep looking for some sort of road map for this part of my life, yet, realize that I am drawing it every day in this journal...And creating it every day with my walking and yoga! Which is really great, because I see myself supporting me and having a process seems to be an important part of this journey! It gets the focus off things I tend to obsess about, and this helps me to move through that...So, I am really thankful that I've found this challenge...It's just at the right time!

And, as it is my day off today as well...There was errands for me to run, and things for me to get in order...So, I'm a little tired and unsure of myself, but I seem to be pulling through...So, I might go take a nap!

18 June 2006

Happy Fathers Day...

Happy Father's Day


Thank you for being my dad...

I Love you!

17 June 2006

Day 6...

First of all...Thank you Rhonna for mentioning me on your blog...And for all those who've found me...Welcome to Foolsewoode! Rhonna was right, this is the time for me to change...And I am so grateful that there is such a fun way for me to do it (because let's face it...We can all use a little more fun in our lives!)...and creative (I mean, look at the artwork she posts every day for this challenge...I am so inspired!) I was catching myself already wondering about the next challenge...ohhh...What else can I change and create in my life?!! Although, I am safetly staying with this one...for the rest of the challenge!

Open my eyes to the beauty around me...You'd think that would be easy to do, considering that I live in such an amazing part of the country. Yes, I know that we are going through a 10 year drought (how they predict the times for these things, I'll never know) In my part of Arizona, we are a mile high, which means we have pine trees and snow...And small "seasonal" creeks and a few lakes...And monsoons (with the most amazing thunder and lightning you've ever been in). A little over and hour north there is a ski area, and then a little over an hour south...One of the only natural occurring saguaro "forest" (that's fancy talk for a desert) And yet, I forget sometimes to actually open my eyes to the beauty, whether it be my business (mostly created by me) of my days, or the stress (again created by me) it's wonderful to have a reminder that I need to stop and look around me at the miracle that is in the moment NOW. And if I actually can stop and observe, then I think it would be easy to open my heart up...And notice to, those who love me...Especially myself (sometimes the one person I forget really loves me). Listening to that little voice that is me...And trusting that ME...And then being true to that? Sounds easy doesn't it? I will work on that more every day...I was up and out early today, so I didn't get this quote until the late afternoon (I'm finding myself wanting these quotes first thing in the morning, so I have something to carry through the rest of the day!)

And, I forgot to mention the other day...I was floundering around not being inspired to do the journal pages. Hemming and Hawwing and not wanting to do anything that I would be responsible for publishing on the blog every day. And I realized that if I really want to participate that not only do I have to set the goal, and take the action steps to reach it...But I really needed to participate fully...Which meant doing the journaling as well. I once loved to draw, and gave it up for various silly reasons (marriage, age...Not having enough time...You know, the usual!) So, I was schlepping around the house looking for something to draw with and in, and came across my Berol Prismacolors...Now, these are amazing soft color pencil sets that one should never be without! SO...I have a set! I threw it into my bag along with a sketch diary and took it to the shop with me, and when I got there, I pulled out the pencils and noticed that out of the 36 in the box, I maybe had sharpened 10.

Yes 10.

Now, I've had these pencils since I graduated from college (oh...Maybe, well...Let's say it's been about 10 years...Hey, that's a pencil a year!) So, I sat down and sharpened all of them right then. I think I have a block about using things and saving them for a "special" occasion (I know this because my mom moved out of our childhood home, and found some figural soaps in the shape of Snow White, which of course I never used...And we may have sold them to a collector on eBay) So...No more saving, my special occasions are all the time now! And I am loving using them and creating these pages. It's more drawing than I've done in years!

16 June 2006

Day 5 AND red


I have so much red in my house...Mostly because I have old red Formica countertops (which I love! See them here in this post with the monkey in the apron) OH...And my favorite color is red! It was funny because when I bought this house...I thought to myself...red countertops? Oh my...Especially with the white walls with grey trim that were in every room of the house (not so anymore!) and then, I remembered that I love to decorate kitchens with yellow and red...So it worked out very well indeed! (in fact, I have a secret worry that they will wear out...And then I don't know what I will do!) I have a small eating area in the kitchen that I painted the walls red too...And along with the yellow...It is yummy! I also have an amazing collection of Red Kitchen Aid things all around...That started with this Red Kitchen Aid mixer my ex-mother in law gave me for Christmas once (she was always an amazing gift giver...And I feel very lucky to have had her in my life...And to have been a part of her life for 12 years) so, looking at the mixer always gives me a good feeling...That and it's red...So what's not to love??? With all the red things I have that abound in the house...This is the one thing I always think of when I think of RED!
(and those are the 3 muses that dance behind it!)

Well...Day 5 already! Does anyone else think this is going fast? I certainly do! I took an entirely different route today during my walk...More hills...More challenging!

And today I need to do one thing that scares me ...I once thought that was just waking up and getting out of bed (har-har-har)...I did challenge myself again, by completing my journal page...And doing it in a renaissance style. I have never attempted this type of drawing before, so it was a challenge for me...I am now wanting to look through my pictures from Italy...And all other Italian stationary I have laying around and do some more swirlies...Maybe freezer paper stencil them...Or hand paint them onto a t-shirt? OH...That sounds fun and scary...Now I need to find a blank tee (which is getting harder and harder to do around here!)

And farewell to My Pal Amy, who is actually probably on a plane right at this very moment...Off to her latest adventure...6 weeks, I might add...Have funsies Amy!

15 June 2006

Day 4

Today's quote for the 21 day challenge (and can I stop a moment to say...what an amazing job Rhonna does on these images? I like doing this challenge just for the simple fact that I get to check her blog every day!) OK...the quote made me stop and really think. About how hard it has been, in my life to really trust myself (which may lend itself to not trusting other people as much as I could) I have a lot of "ideas" or "feelings"...And a lot of the times in my life, I have chosen not to follow them. I have been learning, however, to trust those feelings more...But you would not believe how much I question what I'm doing in my life. Is this right? Or this? And looking outside myself for answers to those questions. And yet telling myself that I know what is "right" for me...And also being told that I KNOW what is right for me...It's been a little confusing.

My life has been confusing.

For some time now.

And realizing that during this 21 day challenge I once again...Have a chance...And I am being reminded that if I really want different things in my life...And new "habits" that I am responsible for creating that! (Man...This responsibility thing is something isn't it?)

So, after I came home from my walk this morning...I was feeling a little low...And when I feel low, it's easy to sink back into old behaviors (like when you feel tired?) So, I decided to spend some time today getting caught up on.... (drum roll please)

My Creative Journal Pages

I am all caught up thank you! It was fun to do them...And I was laughing at myself because I was feeling uncomfortable about posting them on the blog...Although, they're not really that private, but I was feeling like they wouldn't be "artistic" enough (rolling my eyes) Which brings me to the point of who am I trying to impress anyway? So, after I got over that thought...I was able to have a lot more fun with the pages! And, I notice that I am feeling more apprehensive about thinking of doing the pages, than when I actually sit down and do them...Then I feel absolutely fine! I'm guessing this is a really good lesson in living in the moment for me.

So...I'm off to bed (early night for me tonight) since I took 4 loads of books downstairs earlier (2 sets of shelves empty and clean!)...And watered everything...All I need to do is YOGA then I'm off, for a little treat of reading in bed (one of my vary favorite things to do)


Blue Blue Blue
When I was out walking this morning, I was noticing how beautifully blue the sky is up here in Northern Arizona...puncutated with little fluffy clouds. No rain clouds that I could see, and no rain on the horizon, but I am eagerly awaiting monsoon season...So in between all the blue we have heavy wet grey clouds, and thunder and lightning!
(Rhonna hasn't published this morning...so, we'll all have to wait for the quote for today!)

14 June 2006


As promised...Something black...And actually around the house too...I was surprised to
find them, and excited at the same time, as these two things often blend into the background of my space...Yet, I love them!

The Amy's and I also went out and celebrated Amy Mc's birthday...aka My Pal. She is off to Mexico for weeks (sigh) to learn to speak spanish...and also, to have a lot of fun and new experiences as well, I would imagine! I will miss her, but wish her the bestest! We went to one of our favorite restaurants
Bin 239 here in town, for some wine and dinner...And no, that's not a drink in Amy Mc's hand...but a cherry trifle they gave us for our celebration. This is such a great little place...Wonderful food, and a really cozy atmosphere...Which usually lends itself to us chatting the night away!

So, here is her finished birthday present...(filled with 2 books and a gift certificate to my store as well! As I filled each pocket with something!)

This is a bag pattern I made up myself, with a knitted front pocket with a floral crochet (one of my grandma's flowers) and swirly stem embellishment and a vintage button/loop closure. The bag material is from the Tracy Porter collection. The bag is 2 different complementary, striped and floral patterns! The outside is mostly the floral with the striped pattern running on the bottom and the sides...With a reversible floral and striped handle. And actually, I think the entire bag could be reversible!

The inside is the stripes with a floral pocket, and my logo name "I know about me." hand painted on it. I made a matching knitted cell phone holder (with a contemporary kitty button closure).

She loved it...And the other Amy said she wanted to commission me to do one for her! I feel really excited about everyone's reactions...Because...Well, you just never know!
I had so much fun making this bag...And I must confess that I am now making myself one, because I love the colors and the material patterns so much. I am calling it "Amy's In Town Bag"

Now, I must be off...As I need to do my yoga before bed, while still getting to bed at a decent enough time, so I can get up and walk. I made it home in time to water...blog...And carry 2 loads of books downstairs (part of the library relocation project!) But no journal pages yet...What is that all about???


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