29 September 2006


Is it the end of the week yet?
Seriously...is it?
I am quite exhausted, only because I haven't been sleeping well lately. I would like to think it's this sweet little kitty girl who, as you can see, is taking up half the bed. I was thinking that now that I am single, I would get to stretch out in my own bed (I mean, that's a perk isn't it?) but how wrong I was. It's worth it though, to roll over at any time of the night and get a snort full of hair! But, it's me really. I haven't been walking daily, so no tiring out my body, and I thought I'd been feeling well enough to take myself off the daily doses of Kava (oh...that would be a good name for a blog wouldn't it be?) so, I decided to "wean" myself off. HA. Now I am having really exhausting disturbing dreams, plus waking up at all sorts of odd hours...I am coming to realize what people mean when their loved ones need to take a medication and then they "feel" well enough to go off...and...oops, oh that's why I needed that! So, lets just say for now that there will indeed be more Kava in my future, as well as daily walks! And lucky for me, my bestie pal Amy called for a dinner invitation for tomorrow night...so I suppose I could hang around one more day at least.

And with all the nervous energy, I took on what I thought would be a daunting task, but once I started...it was easy and fun! I cleared out all my purses...and this large laundry basket is indeed full. I did keep my special Paul Frank, and Emily The Strange bags, as well as a few other special bags...but I thought since I've been making and usually carrying only the bags I've made lately, I thought why the heck do I need all these designer bags for anyway?! So, into the shop they went...Where they can find new homes. I ran this basket and another really large full bag down to the shop in the car and then drove home so I could walk to work (see, I really am serious...and this was after a long walk in the a.m.)

On a little side note, my mother's good friend here in town made all of the shoes for Jay's runway show at Olympus Fashion Week. Can you stand it?! I guess it was a real tight squeeze time-wise (as in, there was only a half hour to show time) and it was pouring rain, so when he went to drop off the 40 pairs of shoes...he actually parked on the sidewalk! He watched the entire show from the audience after delivering said shoes, and then moved his car! How can you not love New York? I wonder if this means that I will get to meet Jay?

OK...I'm off to a dinner of salmon with capers and rosemary potatoes. I hardly ever cook a real dinner for myself since there's just me...because I feel a little pathetic doing that (something to take into therapy with me next week) and watch a little What Not To Wear before heading off to dreamland, where I hopefully will stay asleep later than 11:30 pm (yes, last night I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 11:30 thinking it was morning already...sigh)

28 September 2006

What'd You Got?

So...The post you've all been waiting for (he he he)

First off...The tall tin, the one in back...The one that matches the tin that I use for my buttons?! My mother found that...(I can hardly believe it matches, it made me do a little happy dance at the sale...luckily we knew the ladies that were having the sale, so they weren't too freaked out) The tin has a little hole in the lid and apparently it is for yarn. The yarn is held in the tin, and you thread the working end out the top, and that way, the yarn doesn't get tangled up. I don't usually have a problem with my yarn tangling up...but it matches!


Then, these lovely rolls of heavy-weight fabric. Perfect for upholstery I'm sure...I don't know exactly what I will use it for, but that's the challenge isn't it? When I asked how much it was, the lady at the sale said, "I"ll tell you what I paid for it" and I replied, "No, don't tell me that, just tell me what you want for it" I can only imagine what it cost new...yikes!

Then, this lovely little pile of fabric at the same sale...I am really liking the diamond patterns, and am thinking about making a winter kitchen rug for in front of my sink...And will probably have enough left over for one under the kitchen table.
$5 for the pile

The tall table...Well, I'm not sure the word table is exactly accurate as it looks more like a table leg with little circles screwed onto the end of it, but it is the perfect size for glasses of water or tea, and fits right in between my chairs in the living room. And sice they're in the middle of the floor, I never have anywhere to put my drinks...

The lovely vintage twin size bed spread....the one with the blue sort of palm tree/spray pattern on one side, and then the green pattern on the other...a lovely monogrammed linen pillowcase with "HB" on it, in pink (I have quite a collection of vintage monogrammed pieces) and some random weird blue and green vintage fabric...

And finally...a little footed silver tray for Ms. Meena's foodie. She digs around in there with her little nose, and the food tends to end up all over the floor (as you can see, sheesh, I guess I could have cleaned that up a bit before I took the picture) and this will catch it before it drops onto the floor!
Ms. Meena puts up with a lot around here...Constant piles of things, and things coming and going...

And in answer to Dina's comment the other day...It will be interesting for me to see what I do with the bark cloth fabric as well. Usually, I fold it up and keep it all in the same place, among all the other bark cloth fabric I have stashed, and stare lovingly at it. Hmmmm, I seem to do that with a lot of my things, well, at least I'm surrounded by things that I love!

27 September 2006

Monkeys for a friend...

Ok, I know I promised you even more "scores" today, but I finished this special little bag last night. My good friend Amy commissioned this bag...I excitedly agreed to make it for her in exchange for her purchasing all the fabric, and then me keeping all the left over fabric (because I have yet to make myself a sock monkey purse...I know, hard to believe but true!)

So, I bought the material here...Part of the Funky Monkey line...The sock monkey portraits for the outside of the bag, with the polka-dot fabric on the top of the straps (because she really liked the one I made for Rozzie) with a green banana print for the lining...And 2 inside pockets (polka-dot and portrait fabrics)...
...And is that a hand painted red banana print button you see?

Why yes, it certainly is! That was me you saw in the shop today with a tiny paint brush painting my heart out. It was really fun, as I've never painted a button before. I picked up a rather large wooden button at Wal-Mart, and it worked perfect for this purpose!

I delivered the bag this evening after work (was this the longest day in the world or what? I swear, it went really slow here in Prescott! Just the kind of day that rambled and meandered along with no real end in sight) and, I made this little card just for Amy...

Amy nicely took me out to dinner for a little treat and thank you. I thought the good conversation, plus the fresh chocolate macaroons she'd just baked (have I mentioned that her special talent is cooking?), and just being able to give her something I made that I knew she would love was enough...But really, if you want to feed me Mexican food as well, who am I to disagree?

So, tomorrow, I will post more thrifty goodness...Right now, I am eagerly awaiting Project Runway (no repeat tonight) and trying to breathe. The forest service is doing some sort of prescribed burning, and it's so smoky here, it's like living in a fireplace. I could barely see any of the mountains this morning when I woke up...And the smoke is making me a little snurflie!

26 September 2006

Thrift magic...

Have you ever had one of those days at the thrift? Well, yesterday was one of those days! After investigating a nasty rumor that the local Goodwill is closing on Mondays (Salvation Army is for whatever reason) I've been driving by on my way to CostCo to pick up organic salad mix (which there was this week...You know, after that nasty spinach scare we were worried...not really) and I keep seeing cars in their parking lot, so I chanced it...Good thing too, because it was certainly open!

The Goodwill has color tag sales, of which I usually never find anything...But today was different! First off was these lovely vintage flannel PJ's! I absolutely love men's vintage PJ's, boxers included...I love the patterns on them, and actually have been known to wear the tops around town (well, I did in high school anyway...(come to think of it, so did my parents in the 60's, it must be genetic)...to a Thompson Twins concert...OMD opened for them, and my friends and I were trying to look all cool and Mod because a group of friends and I were going down to Phoenix for the concert, which was a stretch, because living up here, it was a little hard to find cool clothes! It's funny to me what we do to try to fit in and not look different, I wish I had the picture we took of ourselves to post. I remember we did the part in my short hair as a zig-zag, and we were almost speechless with our creativity!) So, my little friend Paul Jones must have gotten rid of his old PJ's because there they were, sitting there, in the thrift, waiting for me...And with a 50% off tag on them to boot! I was a little worried about paying the $5.99 price, but justified it because I never see vintage PJ's in good condition anymore, and was giddy when I discovered they were half off! Then I made my way to the fabric section, and there was an amazing piece of mid-century bark cloth...Pink, turquoise, black...And yes...Metallic gold! $1.99 (which is amazing because at this particular place, the single sheets are $7.99...?!?!?!) I was so happy I almost started skipping through the store. It's silly because when I find this stuff, I look all around me, like I'm some kind of secret agent and I'm sneaking around trying to get this stuff out of the store before someone discovers what I'm carrying and takes it away from me.
And, the fun was not quite over because someone must have just put out clothes...And in the sleeveless top section was this amazing salmon and pink polka-dot Vera tank! Whoo-boy, and in my size. Not that I love Vera (and yes, it certainly says Vera all over it) but, you can bet I'm wearing it today...With a denim skirt and a little white corduroy fitted jacket...What an amazing thrifting day! It was also a good weekend for yard sailing...But more on that tomorrow!

25 September 2006

Sunday September 24th...

  • Rozzilyn
  • Sadira
  • Susan

The first official Creative Sunday of Fall...whoopie!

I personally got started right in (after making the muffins for the baby shower) by making a runner to drape over my "mantle". I say "mantle" because the one thing this house doesn't have that I wish it did, is a fireplace. Which I think is a little odd because the house was built in 1926, and it's a bit on the chilly side up here in Northern AZ...Usually these older homes have fireplaces (then again my first home, a 1914 craftsman didn't have one either, of course, it was only 700 sq. Ft. So there really wasn't too much room for one) so, I kind of "built" myself a little fireplace...And I now joyfully decorate the mantle each season, or really for every holiday!

I made this runner with a little pumpkin design on one side, for Halloween, and then a little Snoopy and Woodstock Thanksgiving material on the other side, so I can flip it over after next month...Not that I'm a huge Peanuts fan, but it just caught my eye. I attatched two little green and cream tassels to the end as well. I got the snoopy material at JoAnn's and was able to buy the reminant piece (almost a yard) for 86 cents ( I love it when that happens!) and the pumpkin material for $1/yard. I have a bit left over as well...If anyone wants anything made out of it, let me know.

The completion of the runner inspired me to then drag out all the Halloween decorations, and decorate the mantle and the outside of the house! (pictures of that later)

I then whipped up this little table cloth for the kitchen as well. It has silly witches on it flying around and says "punch it broomzelda!" I got the material a long time ago at a thrift and have never finished the edges...So, today was the day! I had enough material left over to make a small runner for my mom's entry way/alter for her home too...

Rozzilyn's project:
Mama picked up a Clickit at a yard sale, so she jumped in and created a really cute bag and jewelry...

These are little kits made by Legos, super cute and fun too!

This is the back of the bag...With a sneaky Rozz behind it!

My mother embroidered her new pillowcase project...no pictures yet, but it's going to be an interesting project as the pillowcase is on a bit of material that is about 6 feet long. We're guessing that it's that long so that you can cut it and adjust it to whatever size pillow you happen to be covering?

And...If I may show you my wonderful Equinox gifts?
(I thought so)

An amazing apron with little round jumping and flying birds...My Gosh this thing it cute...I giggle (and drool) over it everytime I look at it! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head to create these little guys in 3-D...Maybe some sort of fall garland? With felt? Oh boy...I'll tell you, I am excited!
And a great book called Simple Knits With a Twist...Which I am anxious to get started on...Boy, I need to sleep less...Or get some more hours and squeeze them into the day!

Here's a bit of a close up of these darling little guys.

Now, off to a bit of an afternoon rest before I get started on anymore projects (like finding a home for all the stuff that's sitting around the living room!)

24 September 2006

The Second Song...

Well, as promised...I am putting the second song of yesterday's recital up for your enjoyment! It seems a little weird for me to be blogging during the weekend, as I usually take it off...But I've done so much this weekend! I don't exactly know why the sound is off, maybe I need to learn how to edit these clips (oh joy...a new skill!)Until then, close your eyes or mute it or something!

Last night I went "out on the town" (he he he) with my good friend Dina. We went to see a band called The High Rollers...a rockabilly good time! Although, we usually have a wonderful time together, and if I remember correctly, we've been friends for about 25 years and have been friends longer than we haven't. In fact, I once attended a birthday party for her that had a Cabbage Patch theme. Our mother's were partners in an antique business in town, and while we are not exactly the same age we're pretty close...And have shared a lot of fun life experiences together. We spent most of the evening walking around town scoping out what was up...Good exercise, and a great way to find out that a wonderful female rockabilly band is playing in Oct. Lil' Bit and the Cusotmatics that we want to see as well. Yay...Getting out of the house is fun thanks squirrelfriend!

I did attend the baby shower this morning as well, and had a wonderful time (that huge box is filled with baby clothes I found at a wonderful yard sale...I hand sewed the little card on the top, and as my potluck dish to share...I made pumpkin muffins! Ah yes, fall has officially arrived. I live for this time of year and my pumpkin muffins. Especially when I get out my muffin tins...Ones that are so vintage they have a cute design in them...I have two that I've collected from different yard sales (no more than 50 cents a piece I might add) Even Rozzilyn tried a muffin during Creative Sunday today (more projects posted tomorrow) and said that it was the best thing I'd ever made. Which I will certainly take as a compliment seeing as she usually doesn't try anything without icing on it...And looks at us as if we're trying to poison her whenever we suggest it...Which usually means even more chocolate and fun stuff for the rest of us! (darn)

Here is Rozzie's second song...

Recital 09/23...song two on Vimeo

I'm off...I've got a hair appointment as 7:15 tomorrow. Sometime I may actually sleep in on a day off, but I hate to waste any time sleeping when I could be running errands or cleaning the house (ha!)

23 September 2006

The First Song...

This is the very first song at the Musicians In The Making recital that Rozzilyn was performing in today...It was such an insane and bizarre day at the shop, that the hour I got to sneak away was a welcome relief!
Rozzie, of course, did amazing...I am always so proud and a little choked up whenever I see her perform. My mom, true to form, sat and cried throughout the recital...It could've been the violins in the beginning playing Pachelbel's Canonette in D, which I think is certainly a tear jerker (as I was having a hard time not sniffling myself) but, she was always a crier during any of my performances. She would sit and sob during the half time at the football games when I was in high school as I was performing as a flag girl with the band. Kind of silly, and I did used to take it personally like, "gheeze mom, didn't you think I could do anything?" but, now I understand that you can just be so proud of your children, or the children in your family, that it's hard not to just cry with joy!
The recital was really inspiring because there seemed to be such a showcase of very talented kids involved in this recital...And quite a few homeschoolers! ow...In between the baby shower I'm attending and Creative Sunday...I will upload the second song!

The Recital September 23 on Vimeo

I am sooo sorry, but I can not get the sound and the video to cue up together...you'll have to watch this and imagine what it would be like if it was all cued up (grumble grumble!)

22 September 2006

Out With The Old...

...In With The Fall

Yes, a strange image, but one that was speaking to me this morning. That is a small pile of apples, the rest off the tree in the back of my house (well, at least the ones I can reach...My kingdom for a ladder and level ground...I think a lot of people say that around here. In Northern Arizona there doesn't seem to be much level ground!) A bit of flannel from the sheets that are being put on the bed tonight (it's supposed to be 34) so Ms. Meena and I can be super snugly together (along with changing the comforter and blankets around) And, if you look very carefully, you can see my silver anklet...You know it's time for fall when the anklet comes off...It just doesn't sit well under socks! There's also been a list of other things to do to get ready for fall that is swirling around in my head including, washing the windows, filling up all the "channels" in the driveway the rain water made with dirt, changing the heater filter, doing some ultra scrubbing about the house, and re-doing the mantle for Halloween!

So, Happy Autumnal Equinox to all tomorrow, and have a beautiful weekend. Rozzie has a piano recital tomorrow afternoon, and I am planning on ducking out of the shop for about an hour to video it...Look for that soon!

21 September 2006


Ah yes...a lovely day...Long, but with a good ending. A good friend called me up for a fun after work drink, and girl talk...long in coming, but well worth the wait. Megan and I decided that it was actually our first "one on one", and what fun we had. The kind of discussions that don't necessarily solve anything, but are wonderful to have! Thank you Megan, it's certainly just what I needed, after a couple of intense weeks, to sit outside and really enjoy being in the fall weather...not heading anywhere in particular, but ending up in a really good place. I was planning on walking the trail after work, but as this came up on the spur of the moment, I decided to seize it...And I'm glad I did...If this is any indication of the rest of my fall...How happy I will be!
(we left just before it got really chilly!)

20 September 2006

Sweetie Tiny iPod...

(that's the official name of the Nano in the iTunes on ye' ole' computer)
So, last night after a rousing eveining of Oh Knit (where we actually watched Daddy Day Care, because both Mama and Rozzie had not seen it...)
I came home and made something else for the little Sweetie thing, a project that had been roaming around in my head for some time now...

yes, a new cover...With the sock monkey and bananna fabric. I happened to have some little squares left over from the quilt that were just begging to be used.

as you can see, it is fully reversable, depending of course, on what mood I happen to be in. I also made little tabs so I could attatch the cover to the hard plastic case, rather than slipping it over the top...that way it would be both easier to change, and if I needed to adjust the volume or see something on the screen I could do that much easier as well!

I know, these particular pictures make it look like I belong to some kind of bizarre sock monkey religion...

which I suppose could be a little true, if you saw the amount of sock monkeys that live in my home!
It's like sock monkey heaven...

19 September 2006

Skirt #2...Fall Collection

Wa-Hoo! New Skirt...
This is a close-up of all the material that I used for this particular skirt. The bulk is a lovely cotton vintage material that I rescued from a rather large and ugly dress, paired with a vintage plaid wool, from a little skirt (that I washed and it did not felt)...Joined together with a lovely dark grey/silver ribbon. And for a little fun, I dug around in the small box that I keep the crochet circles that my grandmother has made for me and found a red one and a white one with silver running through it!
(I love last minute inspiration)

I sewed little pleats all around the waist band to make it fit my waist better, although I must admit that it doesn't fit exactly perfect...But it will do! (I need to take a class to learn how to fit clothing better) I made the waist band out of the same plaid material as the bottom trim...

And don't you think it goes well with my vintage red heels?
(Like I need and excuse to wear those!)

I would love to wear it today, but it is apparently going to be 83 degrees (yes, it was 39 last night)...I also bought some black leggings this weekend to wear under it so I can wear it throughout the winter. I am also working on some plaid wool elbow patches for a oversized grey cashmere sweater I have to wear with it as well...
toasty warm, yet stylish, don't you think?

18 September 2006

Sunday September 18th...


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  • (aka. the regulars)
This was the Sunday of our...Let's take a bit of a creative break and get some running around done! But first, mama and I snooped around at the Olympus Fashion Week site for some further clothing inspiration! Looks like a lot of black and white for spring...Check out:
Betsy Johnson
Custo Barcelona
I love these 3 (along with Jay...But I think we've established that) for all their use of colors and fun stuff, these designers are really having fun and I love that!...And while you're there, you may as well snoop around and find your favorites as well.

So, after everyone left, and in between a good friend coming over for some material selection for a bag I'm making her, and a bite to eat, I whipped up this little bag for Rozzie.

I used some material that Grampa John sent her...All little lucky cats, paired with some material that mama had just laying around the house. I didn't have a long enough piece of the lucky cats for the straps, so I paired it with some other material to extend them. And, I am really happy with the results!

Here is more detail of the inside as well...I used a little strip of lucky cats and sewed it on the inside pocket to, for some more fun detailing...Since we all know that it's all in the details! The button is a huge flower made out of a coconut...a little special package of buttons that grampa John sent me.

I think it's really the perfect little bag for the fall, and Rozzie seemed to enjoy it as well, she immediately put all of her stuff in it and modeled it for me. I also started and finished the second skirt in my fall collection, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

16 September 2006


Isn't it the weekend?
And didn't I already wish you a happy weekend?

If you answered yes to either of those...You would certainly be right, but I just had to show you the skirt I made last night to wear today...It's for my new "fall line" !

I wore it today with a little black knit shrug...Which I would like to say I made myself, but I did not (thank you Gap) and a huge Davis and Whighting silver bracelet (which I adore) The skirt was reconstructed from a vintage dress, that was, well...a little curtainy. I do have the top of the dress left over (which has black glass buttons on it) and was thinking of making a short shrug out of it...But didn't want to be too matchy-matchy, so I may just make a Halloween banner...I'm not too sure yet, I suppose I could wear the shrug with a totally different outfit...
what to do,
what to do.

And last but not least...Two more apple pies. One for Keith and one for tomorrow's Creative Sunday!
I also had a wonderful time with Amy and her family tonight as we went out for Mexican and a little stroll around the mall. Amy was taking a much deserved break from her current statistics class (which I offered to help, but didn't figure curling up on her living room floor in a fetal position helpful...I hated statistics!) Thank goodness it's only for about one more week, then we'll be able to see each other more!

OK...I will see you on Monday!

15 September 2006

What's In the Package?

Part One...

Well, I know you've all been sitting on pins and needles wanting to know exactly what was in that huge package from my wonderful father. So, I've decided to do it in installments because the box was sooo big and there was a lot of wonderful material in it!

All these gorgeous silks, cottons and rayons...Vintage kimonos and obes...Lots of uber wonderful things! I am super excited to get started on some projects using these fabrics, and my mother has a wonderful craft book utilizing Japanese craft techniques...So they may just be in order soon!

And...these fabulous Guatemalan bags (which I am assuming are fair game to sell in the shop...As there are so many of them...And I really don't go out that often and need a new purse!)

Look at all those wonderful colors...

Have a great weekend...I will be working on making 2 more apple pies (I know I said last pie last week, but there are just so many apples!) and 2 skirts for my "fall collection"...Now that it feels like fall is finally here, I need some new skirts to celebrate!

And for everyone following Project Runway...Jay McCarroll , the winner of Season One, just showed his ready to wear spring line in the Olympus Fashion Week...It is super fun, and you can view the video here.

14 September 2006

A View From My Lap...

It's starting to cool down at nights...In the higher elevation of Arizona it's often in the 80's during the day, and then in the 40's or 50's at night. Yes a bit of a difference, and with all the rain we've been getting it feels even chillier! When it starts to get cold, Meena wants to get warm, and since there is only the one lap in the house...I am the chosen one. (believe me, if there is anyone else here...I am not her first choice)...But, it is still very sweet to look down and see her little sleeping kitty-ness.

Since it's been getting so chilly at night...I dug out all the winter PJ's. Certainly a sign that fall is here, and winter is coming. It will soon be time to switch to flannel sheets and double up on the feather comforters...And get out all my sweaters and long pants. I have some ideas for some fall skirts that I'd like to get done this week too...I was just waiting for the right plaid material, and finally found it at a thrift today! Plus all the decorating for Halloween...

I do enjoy the fall...And winter
(and I am anticipating even more sewing and knitting this year!)

13 September 2006

What Do You Think?

here I am...

in my new face fashion accessory. Which I will now mention here, that I am getting many compliments on (thank you Donatella...Or whoever is in charge of the Versace eyewear department!) I was remarking to my mother last night during Oh Knit, that the sales lady at the optical shop said, "oh, you'll love these, you'll find so much to wear them with" And I was thinking to myself "Damned Skippy! This is my only pair of glasses right now" I then went on to ponder the actual reality that some people may have enough $ to buy more than one frame to go with their wardrobes...hmmm...

Not much new here...I have been feeling a little unmotivated, just really wanting to sit and not do much of anything but read. I haven't even done my walking lately.


I'm wondering if it's the change of season, or all the water trauma last week (I was processing a lot of my emotions that came up during that, does that count as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?)

I am hoping tonight's episode of Project Runway will inspire me to start creating again, until then, I will try to enjoy this little break!

12 September 2006

New Glasses...

Guess what came in this last Saturday?
That's right...

My wonderful new Versace glasses...And while this is more money than I've ever spent on glasses they were actually only about $30 more for the frame then most of the other ones in the store...So, why not?

They have the signature Mercury head on the end of the frames (pink, because the frames are a metallic pink) and Mercury is surrounded by tiny rhinestones all in a square! I am sorry that I don't have more detailed photos, but my camera isn't that good.

I do love my new glasses so, they are light and fit really well, the frames are a more interesting shape then I usually get (mostly I go for the big fun plastic retro frames) and look wonderful on me (if I must say so myself!) You see, I made this decision without anyone else's input...

And the bestest part, which is the one reason I always wanted Versace glasses, is the ultra-cool glasses case they come with, plus a wonderful geometric lens polishing cloth (which came as a surprise because I didn't know about that until I opened the case to take them out and get fitted at the store.)

I promise I will take pictures of myself in the glasses soon and post them!


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