29 February 2008

Happy Leap Year...

We got up before this sun this morning to do our hike in Palm Canyon, although as Rich reminded me last night...it wasn't as early as all that because California is actually 1 hour behind us, so we were totally going to have enough sleep. Sneaky eh?

Why is it, whenever I go on vacation I spend most of my time getting up early and trying to cram everything into the day?! Oh yeah...
Because I'm having fun!

We met up with Bill, and we went up the canyon...Rich filmed a lot of our journey and will be making a pod cast when we get back home. The canyon is amazing right now, and we beat the sun rise almost the whole way up. Since there has been so much rain in this area lately (I know you can't tell, and it looks just like a desert...it's quite green actually, and there are a million little wild flowers out and about,) Like these:

There is also
a lot of water that abounds throughout the canyon. We did not actually see any big horned sheep, so we decided we'd have to go back up there again and hang out for longer.


The canyon trail had a lot of twists and turns that took us right through the middle of the two large mountains, and then all of a sudden, around one rock we came upon the view of the Palm Oasis right in the middle of the canyon. It was sudden, and a bit far off, which made me want to hurry up and get there...but, it was hard to do such a thing, as it was still so beautiful the whole way through. But, we eventually made it, and got to relax and have a nice hike breakfast in the middle of the cool water and shade of the giant palms...Apparently there was a rather large flood at some point that took out a lot of the palms that spent years growing here, and these are all that are left.

We left the canyon
a little early to come back to the Airstream to prepare to see...

Ready for it???


My sister and my father! My sister lives in SanDiego, and my dad is up the coast a bit, and both took a road trip to come and meet Rich and to see me. I haven't actually seen my father in about 2 years, or my sister in about a year (It's totally crazy because they only live one state over...and I am making a point to take a few more days off and try to come out and see them) We spent some time visiting (my father brought me an enormous box of buttons...which I can hardly wait to plow through when I get home...and Thais brought something for Rozz to open as well!!) We visited a little bit here, and then ran up to Julian, a little mountain town about 30 miles from here...it is quaint and known for it's apple festival (which is obviously not happening at this time of year) where we strolled around...visiting an outrageous candy shop, having lunch and then getting a little apple turnover for dessert tonight. You see, we are going over to Bill and Larry's for a wonderful dinner...

It's been a heck of a wonderful trip so far...

I wonder what tomorrow will bring??

28 February 2008

The Airstream Has Landed...

And here we are...

Anza Borrego State Park.

After a few hours of driving last night, we pulled into Quartzite, had a late dinner and flopped into bed. We both woke up this morning (some of us earlier than others...Mr. 4:30 am...ahem) and then woke up at a more appropriate time to get a good early start.

After a few more hours of driving, we made it to our final destination. It is really amazing and beautiful here, and certainly different than home (which is why one vacations isn't it?) and we're both excited to see all sorts of hints of wildflowers in bloom, and are looking forward to a hike up a canyon to really get the full extent of the spring-time here...

We quickly pulled in and unhitched...well, Rich did, I mostly ran around flapping my arms, wishing I could do something, and finally made my way down to the ranger/check-in spot to let them know where we'd landed, only to find that she had walked away for a moment. So, I shlepped back to the Airstream in the warm warm heat of this desert to at least organize my stuff in the cupboards so that we wouldn't be tripping over it for the duration of our visit.

Since we couldn't get the full weekend reserved here, we also needed to jump away to the non hook up sites to see what we could pull into there for a night in between hooking up...as it's nice to have electricity and water most of the time.

Well, I'm off to nap a little bit before some other friends of Rich's get here, I had a bit of a hectic start to this trip, as I put a bag of last minute clothes and a book and the power cord to my MacBook up on the counter at the shop, and the last customer of the day picked up all the bags on the counter and walked off with them...including the one with my clothes and power cord in it.


I am not happy about that, although Rich has sweetly offered to share his power cord with me for the trip (and has looked over and patted my leg several times on the drive to reassure me that a trip isn't really a trip unless there is some pre-trip drama, and that the last time he was on his way out here, he accidentally threw away his cell phone, and that was a lot more expensive to replace than the power cord is...deep breath) and unit I can get a new power cord just in case this person doesn't realize their mistake and bring my bag of stuff in it back to the shop (which I hope she does...please oh please oh please) I'm trying to let it go and enjoy myself without worrying about it.

Oh, and I also have a little surprise visit on my end tomorrow if all works out perfectly (keep your fingers crossed)

27 February 2008

I am Totally Ready...

After running around relentlessly and accomplishing a hundred tiny things...and then attending further to any last minute details...I am totally ready for the Anza Borrego road trip. This is my Valentine's Day present from Rich you know...this trip. And, I am so excited to get a breather from regular life. It's been 2 years (in April) since I've had any kind of extended vacation (the Italy/Prague birthday trip 2006 ) I'm due. I may be due for a longer trip, but this is a great way to get my vacation/traveling feet wet again. There are several guest stars that will be gracing us with their presence on this trip as well...And, this will also be the first time I've ever traveled by Airstream...so, there is a totally different more detailed check list with this:

Food (and snacks for several days) - check
beverages (water and juice) - check
hiking backpack (as there will be many hikes and day trips involved) - check
camera (with charged battery and battery charger) - check
cell phone (and charger) - check
heck...all computers, and electronic gadgets and their various chargers - check
any bills that will come due during trip, paid - check
someone to house sit and cat sit - check
someone to cover all shifts at the shop - check
make-up, hair and hygiene items packed - check
clothes/shoes for the duration (for hiking and lounging and sleeping...and since it's much warmer there, I've had to dig deep for summer things) - check
All purpose panties that I can wear indefinitely - check


Oh yes. I have discovered ExOfficio underwear...and you read right up there. 17 countries, 6 weeks...one pair of underwear. Apparently they are made out of some sort of great wicking material that helps with sweat and whatnot. I'm actually personally excited because you can wash them, and they dry in under 2 hours (lilac is not my favorite color...Oh, and you can bet that I looked just like the model when I tried them on...so, they're like magic panties really...) Plus? When I'm hiking I'm looking for the non creeper panties...there's nothing more embarrassing than rounding a corner, picking a wedgie and surprising various wildlife. That's why they're so scared of humans you know...


it's the wedgie factor.

(The next time you read this, I'll be blogging from the road)

26 February 2008

Mail Love...

Last week I received some wonderful mail love in the form of a Pay It Forward prize all the way from this stupendous blogger...

It couldn't have come at at better time really seeing as the trip is sneaking up rather fast now...and there are so many lovely tiny sized Burt's Bees goodies here, which makes them even easier to pack and travel (I have to confess that I spread the love to Mom and Rozz as well, and gave them some of the fun little yummies)

I actually met Burt at the local health food store a few years ago...he looks just like his cool drawn picture on the packages (he's the bearded man, not the cows or the bees) He is an extremely inspiring person who donates a lot of his money to the Sierra Club...prompting me to think while I was in the store, "I wish I was a business owner that could donate money to a great charity" and then I realized that I am a business owner than could do just that...and it didn't even matter if it was as much as Burt or not. So, I started saving all of my change, and now by the end of each year, I have a little money to give away to whom I really want to...

It's a wonderful feeling. And, it was also wonderful that Geggie at the blog where I won this wonderful gift also donated money to a charity of our choice as well...

(there was also a package of chocolate that I am currently inhaling the scent of before I dive in that I received as well...for an entirely different yet equally important reason...for that I bow deeply in gratitude and leap for joy at the same time)

Now, I'm going to have to come up with a wonderful Pay It Forward contest for Foolsewoode...


25 February 2008

Knitting Through...

The Oscars

Last night was spent with my favorite Mom and Rozz at their home watching the Oscars and knitting...

Now, Rozzie is a huge Oscar's fan...


She gets very excited and emotional when we're watching (which is super fun, even though she only saw 2 of the movies that had nominations...it never stops her from sitting mesmerized for the whole show) She's been planning on watching the show for the entire week before, and kept asking me who I was watching the Oscars with...I took that to mean that she would like me to come over and watch with them...which is exactly what I did after spending the entire afternoon celebrating Snap Snap with a lunch out...and then celebrating the fact that we were going to try to make it through the afternoon and then the late night with the Oscars with coffee (Rozzie of course, never needs coffee...her natural enthusiasm carries her through...the rest of us yawn) She's always been a big Oscars fan (actually we all are, but my excitement has waned a bit, you know, seeing as I've finally realized that I will probably not be a 6 foot tall famous and beautiful actress...but, with Rozz, there may be hope yet for someone from the family making it into the Oscars...) (although, I'm telling you, I'd love to be a costume and/or set designer...I'm the person in the theater who is always going gooey over the outfits and the antiques they've used in movies)

So, I wasn't terribly impressed
with this year's show, wishing Whoopie, Ellen or Billy Crystal was hosting...but, that gave me quite a bit of time to concentrate on finishing my latest knit project, which was yet another set of leg warmers for myself...these one's striped, and totally different colors than the other two...and with winter lingering on, I'm sure I'll still have a chance to wear them...

Now, I can move on to the next project...a tank top. But, I may have to wait until after the little upcoming road trip to really get into that one...Right now I'm dashing around taking care of the millions of little details that come with stepping out of my life for a few days, to do something totally different.

22 February 2008

Corners Of My Home...

Love is
Love Does...

(one of my favorite necklaces of mine)

I am finding that I am enjoying decorating with my necklaces...
hanging them over knobs and picture frames in various places in the house
almost more than I enjoy wearing them.

Either way, I still totally get to appreciate the sparkles...

Have a beautiful weekend...

I will be both dreaming and preparing for an upcoming trip...


My heavens...I will also be spending the day happily celebrating the 13 year anniversary of starting and owning
Snap Snap...

I would have totally forgotten if it wasn't for my sweet mother who was waiting here for me this morning when I came in with a wonderful little congratulations gift. I am absolutely astounded of this huge accomplishment in my life, and not only am I deeply proud of myself...but extend my heartfelt thanks to the many people over the years who have helped make such a success of this wonderful resale life...

I Thank you...
From the bottom of my heart.

21 February 2008

Hello Snow...

Last night there was a storm of large proportions. After watching the skies all day, here was rain...here was lightning...here was thunder.

Then, last night when I drove home from the Airstream, I found myself in a snow storm as well...I haven't driven in snow like this since living in Flagstaff...it comes down out of the sky straight at you, and is totally hypnotic if you look directly up into it, yet it's almost hard not to...

Waking up to a winter wonderland was fun. The colors today outside were all black, white and gray...but the skies were totally blue in select places...So it was like stepping out of the house into one of those vintage hand colored postcards...

And, now looking outside, the gray cloudy skies remain, yet the snow has all melted away and the roads are dry, and it hardly looks like it snowed at all last night...

Which makes it even easier to appreciate all this winter...

20 February 2008

No Scurvy Here...

Thanks to a good friend who happens to have connections down in The Valley...where apparently a lot of the elderly can not eat grapefruits due to the fact that something in the grapefruit makes their medication metabolize oddly, and then well...grapefruit kills.

Or at least puts one in the proverbial grapefruit coma.

Not here however...
here, we are treating the grapefruit and various other citrusness as pure food gold with a special little citrus happy dance I have made up on the fly (not getting too wild, of course, so as to not knock myself out on any sharp corners or surfaces...thus putting myself in a whole different league of the proverbial grapefruit coma) Imagine if you will however that perhaps the citrus is being used in strategic places on the body...much like a more sexy version of Carmen Miranda...

Then again...

Perhaps not.
(I must leave something to the imagination)
(which is why the citrus dance video will not be posted to YouTube)

Vitamin C overdose...here I come...

19 February 2008

I Heart President's Day!

Ever the non holiday, eh? I mean, yay for past presidents, but let's get a little honest here...

I've been noticing that most holidays in the good ole' USA are another opportunity to get together have a bar-b-q and drink copious amounts of the alcoholic beverage of your choice...or maybe that's just what we do here in the Wild Wild West (come to think of it, we did a lot of that in high school on Friday and Saturday nights, perhaps I'm just in a rut.) Instead of celebrating some holidays with some sort of traditional ritual...we just get excited to have an extra day off during the week (honestly, someone at the bank totally flipped out on me one year whining that it was not fair that they didn't get a 3 day weekend because Christmas fell during the middle of the week..."and I HATE it when it does that" Well...that's certainly getting in the spirit of the thing...and good will towards men and all of that sort of stuff)

Since President's Day falls in the middle of February, it's a bit too cold to have Bar-b-q's up here...so, most people just shop instead. Which, of course is nice for me...because then I'm enjoying people's company in Snap Snap. But, other than coming to work, I don't celebrate President's Day in any other way...heck, I'm racking my brain to even come up with some sort of celebration we even participated in when I was in school...That's totally unacceptable in my book...I mean, without the great president's that we've had...where would we be as a nation?


Things I did to celebrate President's Day 2008:
  • I looked down at some point and realized that I had totally subconsciously worn red white and blue (it was a dress, and I did not have a powdered wig on...but all the same)
  • I met Rich up at the mall to help him shop for a new tempur-pedic foam mattress topper for his not so comfortable bed in the Airstream...and 2 new pillows (gotta' be comfy for that Anza Borrego trip)
  • Ate French Fries (or Freedom Fries...whichever you prefer...I mean, those are mostly American right? I also had a Caesar salad...but the lettuce was grown in the USA)
  • Came home to a lovely surprise of Cherry and chocolate chip muffins made by my mother and Rozzie (clever with the cherries...you know, cause' of the George Washington/cherry tree/lie thing?) and heard how they spent some time in homeschool doing various activities including a Presidents Hang Man game...

I had a lovely day...and did not drink any alcohol at all, nor attend Bar-b-q one or may not have decorated my mantle...But any holiday that finds me coming home to a plate of home made muffins is a good one in my book.

18 February 2008

I Would Like To Tell You...

That this was a super productive weekend and that I got a million things done and show you the pictures to prove it.

I would like to tell you that, but it would not be true. OK, that's a little harsh...But, this picture may explain how I felt this weekend...one side being the productive me...the other side being relaxation...So, I'm not sure what I did this weekend, but I apparently spent it recovering from last week. Here's what the weekend looked like:

  • Giving Ms. Meena 2 daily doses of antibiotics due to either bronchitis or pneumonia...she's acting like she's feeling better...although? Pina-Colada flavored medication? Don't they have tuna flavored?
  • Washing and folding and putting away all laundry in the house.
  • Watching several movies.
  • Reading my book.
  • Shopping for groceries and stocking up the pantry. (eeek...that's getting expensive)
  • Meeting a friend for an early morning yoga class and rediscovering yoga (cause I know it was just waiting for me to do that) And then realizing that I need a little change in my exercise...something different needs to be done.
  • Hiking the small Aker Trail in town.
  • An afternoon Bowen session...ultimate relaxation and realignment...
  • Pedicures and an afternoon spent with Rozzilyn.
  • Adding 15 minute yoga routines back into my mornings and evenings.
  • Folding and refolding supplies for my current WIP...something that I wanted to knock out yesterday, but couldn't seem to get to it...it may have had something to do with the fact that any spare time I had was spent staring off into space...

Well...who knows?
Apparently I needed the rest. Then again, I just bullet pointed the few things I "accomplished" this weekend...sigh. For some odd reason though, I usually find myself feeling really guilty when I don't accomplish a million things during the weekends...like I'm wasting time or opportunities somehow. I feel a little badly kicking my feet back and resting...I won't even let myself nap after 3 pm, unless I'm sick. I am getting a little better about allowing myself the time to sit and be (both my mother and Rich feel strongly about the flop factor) But, I think I may need to readjust how I feel about relaxation...because sometimes I feel like I need to earn it or justify it somehow...and if there's nothing particularly horrifying in my life is going on, then I don't feel like I have a reason, what with just my daily and weekly life routine. Is it the crazy pace we live at now? Is it a martyr syndrome? Hmmm...I feel a therapy session coming on.

How do you justify relaxation?

15 February 2008

Love Fallout...

Ahhh...the day after the most romantic day of the year. Now we can all get back to our horrible unromantic/unloving lives. Oh wait...Every day can really be the most romantic day right? I've decided to not limit myself to just one romantic day of the year after all...and I hope you're all with me!

Highlights of this year's Valentine's Day included:

Rozzie with a new Vintage member of the ever expanding Barbie family...Scooter! Who happens to come with her very own Barbie doll thankyouverymuch!!

For me...
(you ask?)

A beautiful handmade Valentine's Day card from my mother...along with an equally wonderful felt heart garland for my mantle (with pink felt hearts stuffed with lavender...you can believe that I will be keeping this up for longer than Valentine's Day)

And another wonderful handmade card from a lovely blog reader...which includes a Sock Monkey For President button inside...which I will proudly wear
(because I think Sock Monkey might actually be the best candidate after all)

Oh...it just kills me!!


I was also treated to dinner, the movie Stardust and a great snuggle...and after wearing the beautiful necklace given to my by my father all day, I felt like a princess indeed...

Oh but wait...I get to feel like a princess today as well...and tomorrow...and tomorrow...and tomorrow...

14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day...

Little Piles of These:

Quickly turned into a threesome set of Valentines cards:
(Romantic card stock attached to playing cards
Because in life as in love, you never know what hand you're going to be dealt.)

Some to be accompanied by dark chocolate peanut butter cups...

Happy Valentines Day All!

I hope Cupid's arrows aim is straight and true...

(my Sweet DadCupid gave me a beautiful piece of Valentine's Day jewelry...)

Thank you Dad&PattiCupid!!

13 February 2008

Conversations With Rozz...

A couple of weeks ago when we were sitting in my mother's kitchen knitting Rozzilyn walked in talking about her fiance':

Rozz: Well, you should meet my fiance, Dan...

::blink blink::

Me: Rozz, aren't you a little um, young to have a fiance'?

::stop, turn and look at me::

Rozz: Wellll Aunt Sadie...in my imaginary world...I'm 23!

::exhasperated sigh::

::flounces out of room::

Mom: (not missing a beat) Well...funny...In my imaginary world I'm 23 too!

How old are you in your imaginary world?

(fun little outfit...top, pants, leg warmers and socks, knitted by Rozz)

12 February 2008

Mine Body Doth Protest...

As promised from yesterday...an entire post about what I did Sunday with both old friends and new...and why I am now limping around like Igor (only I'm confused as to which leg I should be dragging behind me, as I keep switching...oh, and I don't have a hump. yet.) So, let's get started shall we?

Rich called me early on Sunday, well it would have been early if I hadn't been awake since 6 already (this was after my "good night" phone call from the night before where he promised to make me call him by 8 if I hadn't heard from him) He called me 2 minutes till...I'm usually hovering over the phone just waiting to call him, and he beats me to it, with a couple of minutes to spare thus scaring the bejezus out of me. We were planning on going back out to Sycamore Canyon, but shelved that idea for another time when it probably won't be so muddy on those backroads, and he had the brilliant idea of boulder hopping in The Dells (since both of us where wheezing and heavy breathing like nobodies business from the night before) (that would be from the walk up the rocks to photo thankyouverymuch) He thought it would be a nice reintroduction to kicking my ass...I mean, hiking. I thought it sounded a little on the easy side.


First though, we were meeting 2 new friends at The Raven Cafe...Tom and his fiance DaNece. Since all four of us are brilliant conversationalists and all around fabulous people, we immediately hit it off (of course) and a little tea drinking and breakfast quickly became a foursome of bouldering in The Dells. Well, actually they brought their wonderful dog Scrappy along so in all truth, there were 4.5 of us.

I absolutely love hiking with Rich, as he is never in any hurry to get anywhere, and makes frequent stops along the way to take pictures...and never reminds me that he can hike better than me and that I'm slow and I'm a girl. So, hiking in a 4.5some was different for me and a lot of fun as well, and since there was another girl along we happened to instantly bond over shoes, handbags and the fact that both of us happen to carry compacts with us when we're out hiking.


We do...no use not being prepared...in case, say...someone's throwing an impromptu gala out on the trail...plus? The boys both take so many pictures, it just won't do to look too shiny.

So, I also love
boulder hopping out in The Dells as well (yes, a statement that I may not have been as comfortable making a year ago) because it's not like hiking per se...as there is tons to see and all sorts of things to keep you occupied, and you tend to use a lot more of your body than on a straight trail (evidenced by my wrists hurting from hauling myself up onto rocks, and my palms being a little tender from all that granite)

Oh, and did I mention the part where I couldn't figure out how to get up on a rock so I could continue hiking? No? Well, that's a lovely ditty, and I'm terribly sad that no one took a picture of that, as I'm sure I looked like a beached whale at one point.

We were going to the Dam at Watson Lake, which immediately make me start calling Rich the Dam Guide...because he was out in front and because it's so funny...No? Well, read on, it's about to get worse.

We'd gotten to this point where Rich lept up this rock formation, and I came to a dead stop. I was like, "um...where do I go?" and Rich pointed at a rock...and then I was like, "What!?!? " desperately trying to buy myself time to see if I could ferret out an easier route for myself. So, he kindly came back down and showed me how to do it. Now, we must remember that Rich has a backpack on, and he carries a really large Canon camera case...Me? I just have a backpack and my tiny ladybug camera bag around my neck.

Now, I know that I haven't been walking regularly, but I also know how flexible I usually happen to be at any given time (and there's been no yoga in my past lately as well to help with that...that I know of anyway) and there was absolutely no way I was going to get my leg up that high..you know, without a stirrup? And, I didn't happen to see any horses standing around either...cause you know I was looking (since Rich is a rock climber, he'll take any chance to tell you that he used to be able to do full splits on the rocks, which always makes me wonder what that has to do with me, along with wondering the exact year I stopped being able to do full splits myself...I know I wore a pink tu-tu while doing them, so it was probably a while ago) and I had totally forgotten to bring my ultra light tripod/walking pole/ step stool or pink tu-tu with me. But, I thought I'd suck it up and give it the ole' college try anyway (which for me means waiting until the last possible minute and then passing with flying colors) But, unfortunately today meant whipping my leg about 2 feet of the ground, just enough to put my foot on the mostly smooth rock and give the illusion that I was going to make it...but that only really thrust me forward so that I was now laying face down on the rock with my legs sticking out and my hands scrabbling for something to pull myself up with...and ended up with me wriggling around on my belly and using my shins and knees to help...and poor Rich was standing there with his hand out trying to help, but I was terrified that if I reached up, I'd loose all the ground I'd been making (all 4 inches at this point) Even the dog was able to leap up better than me.

After that though, it was smooth sailing...well, except for when I started to notice that my legs and arms were feeling a little shakey...and I was thinking, "hmmmm...that's strange" We made it to the dam...a place I'd never been before. Apparently over the years, 2 separate areas have broken away, making for some wonderful and impressive waterfalls...

After arriving
at the destination, we went down for a closer look and the opportunity to take more pictures, and a little rest in the sun...and a bit of a snack. I had brought along a LaRa Bar...and if you haven't tried one of these you should! There's no dairy, wheat, or gluten in them, and they're Kosher (in case you need that...) they're mostly nuts and berries...totally raw and great for a little energy boost. They come in some amazing flavors as well, and I haven't actually had one that I didn't like, and I feel a little like I'm cheating because they're so sweet...although, I have to admit that the cashew one is a little rich for me to finish all in one sitting.

I was astounded already at the amount of water in the lake...and the various waterfalls were quite loud...although not loud enough to drown out DaNece's and I's spirited conversation.

Proving once again, you can't keep a good woman down.

There was an area of totally wonderful ice to the left of it all...that seemed to be created by some sort of valve that was stuck in the on position...it was gently misting out..and although it was lovely temperatures, the shade is still cold enough to create ice.

We started the long trek back shortly after our rest at the falls...and I noticed I was feeling a little more tired and shakey...

Of course this was
nothing compared to how I felt that evening, or how I feel today. Good grief...so much for easing myself into hiking again. Not only are my shins all bruised up from kicking myself up rocks, but the muscles in my arms, shoulders, legs and calves are quite sore. To the point of me taking quick little breaths when going up and down stairs or having to lift my legs further than a foot off the ground.

It was totally worth it
though. I am very excited to be outside hiking around again (remind me of this during my 4 mile walk after work today please) and the chance for the 4.5 of us to get out and around...I am looking forward to more group hiking, and the day we take Sycamore Canyon back off the shelf...

11 February 2008

Beer and Brawts...

I know!
Stop the presses, the girl has gotten off her butt and has gone and done some exercising this weekend. I knew it was going to happen as soon as the weather turned nice...plus, with the added excitement of Anza Borrego coming up (and the promises from a wonderful source that we will be doing some good 10 mile hikes) I thought I may need to get in shape.

My worst suspicions
about what shape I am in were confirmed when I met Rich on Saturday night to go do some good night time photos (It wasn't planned, and I didn't have my new headlamp. sigh. Of course, this did not keep him from blinding me with his...) and I was seriously winded about half way up the trail through the boulders...the very same ones that I was flying up mere months ago without hardly breathing extra. Rich admitted that he was having the same problem.

What? It got cold. It's haaaard to hike in the cold.

I had actually just done 4 miles on The Peavine that day as well...so, I figured I was going to be OK.


I still woke up
Saturday night after all of this walking about in the middle of the night...and my hips hurt.


Apparently, I need to get back to my daily 8 miles...I mean, I knew my pants were getting tighter and other things were getting jigglier...but, I was just hoping I was hallucinating.

Anyway...There have been a few changes to The Peavine since I was out last. Someone has paved the whole parking lot, which is nice, because it always turned into a bit of a mud bog when it was wet...and there were a ton of cars in the parking lot when I showed up Saturday as well...I had waited until the afternoon to walk as it was warmer then (and I had a million errands to run in the morning as well) Along with all the cars, there were a lot of people enjoying the ton's of water that is in Watson Lake right now by participating in various water vehicles...and there's a ton of water both in the lake and in all sorts of other places there isn't usually water.

Oh, and ducks...more ducks than I've ever seen out there...with bunches of their little butts up in the air as they were eating things only to be found under the water.

And um...

Well, I'm not sure how to put this, so I think I'll just say it right out. As I was pulling into the parking lot, there was a large sign for German Brawts and Beer. I thought it was a little odd seeing as the only real attractions on this road besides The Peavine Trail are the Humane Society (where they let you go get a dog if you want to walk it on the trail for them) and the dump. Yet, as I pulled into the new parking lot for the trail...there was a large silver hot dog cart set up...with a man...

He was wearing one of those German Green hats with a feather in it...and apparently he was serving Brawts and Beer...

Um yeah...on one of the busier trails here in Prescott, with walkers, runners, photographers, horse back riders, and bikers...I can not think of a more horrible thing I'd want to do to my body after I knocked out my 4 miles of the day...

The weird thing was...

He was doing a very brisk business.

Tune it for tomorrows edition where there as we explore my Sunday. Let's just say there was a lot of huffing and puffins and friends both old and new...

09 February 2008

And The Winner Is...

Because I know you've been on the edge of your seat to see who my special Valentine is going to be...

She's usually my special Valentine anyway...
but, it's even more fun to win it isn't it?!?!

Congratulations Rozzie!!

Now, I'm off to enjoy the amazing weather and have a little hike...

Happy Saturday!


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