27 April 2006

Rozzilyn's First Recital!

I'm taking a small break from blogging the trip to tell you about Rozzie's first recital! It was titled:

A Night of Music

"nothing is better than music; when it takes us out of time, it has done more for us than we have the right to hope for." - Nadia Boulanger, 1919

It started at 7 pm and ended around 8:30, and was an extremely enjoyable evening. Rozzilyn performed both a song entitled Omm Pa Pa, solo, and one with the entire group entitled Flower of Edinburgh. Now, she hasn't been playing all that long...And I wish I could attach my video clips because she was amazing! Her solo was great, and her timing was right on during the group song even though they only played it once together before they performed it for us, and there was a lot of noise she wasn't use to! I'm telling you, she was not even nervous, and when she sat down she said, "well, how was the movie???" and "did I sound alright?"

She was playing beside my friend Steve's little boy Nick...they were both really good.
Did I mention that already?

And kudos to Ellen, her teacher and my best pal's mother and my other mother...she was stellar with all the instruments she played along side her students...the piano, flute and harp...and really if she'd pulled out her piccolo the evening would've been complete
(weird but still...)

And thanks to Erin, Taylor and Kate my mom and Rozzie's neighbors, who came and gave Rozzilyn a beautiful bouquet of roses. I know we all appreciate the support and love being able to share our family! Plus, Kate is just 2 and was quite entertaining...And she did really well for such a long program.

Congratulations Rozzilyn...You were wonderful!

The Trip-Day 4


One would think we should have quit while we were ahead...Considering this was the day that my sister got pick-pocketed on the subway during a busy stuffed rush hour of some sort, and I later discovered my passport was missing (the man at the bank in Selci accidentaly kept it when I changed my money earlier that day...but still didn't keep me from having a mini heart attack) But, back in Rome we were. Today saw us at the Borghese, a beautiful palace/home/museum...which we couldn't get into because we didn't have reservations, (you can see it here) so we were limited to looking around the grounds...

The above is a bird aviary!

AND the colosseum and the Forum, both amazing and historical as well, what a combo! It's hard to explain the feeling you get wandering around these ancient sights...knowing who proceeded you in these locations. There is the site where they cremated Caesar, and people pay homage by leaving boquets of flowers...it is truly amazing.

You could spend hours there...we certainly did! We then wandered down to a piazza that I can't remember the name of off hand and saw three wonderful fountains at sunset...

We went on to have a wonderful dinner at a different piazza...one of the things I love about Italy is the fact that everyone is out strolling at night...including all sorts of performers from mimes and magicians to single and groups of musicians...the music and the people in the piazzas makes it almost unreal, and helps to lend a festive atmosphere to the whole experience! OH...and we went for gellato (twice!!)

26 April 2006

The Trip-Day 3


Well, this day...with our luggage intact, thanks to my father who drove us into Rome the night before to pick up our luggage, as we couldn't take the train (trains seem to shut down absurdly early in Italy)...found us in Rome! It is a huge chaotic bustling city, of who's metro system I didn't even remotley understand the entire time I was there, so I just followed everyone else around! Today we got to go to the Vatican! I was extremely excited as I have been wanting to see the Sistine Chapel in person for a very long time...Which continued as we entered the Vatican. Man, the chapel is way at the end of a huge amount of other exhibits, that I wound through for hours!

Not to even mention all the painted decorations on the ceilings! I always feel that by my second or third day in Italy, my neck is sore and tired from constantly looking up...It is truly amazing and fantastic, the amount of painting and decoration that is on every surface...and that you can take pictures if you don't use a flash! (you can click on the pictures to enlarge)

And, if you get tired of looking up, you can look down and notice the many marble mosaics you're walking on, and large slabs of marble everywhere...it is a true feast for the eyes!

Or...any of the walls...

We were lucky to see the Egypt exhibit. I guess there are so many rooms the afternoon and morning exhibits are very different...(I did restrain from taking picures of the two mummies!)

And as we slowly wound our way through all the rooms, including one by Raphael...through an amazing tapestry room and a map room, depicting all the things they'd discovered up until that time...we were lead into this hall...

And I did respect all the postings while in the actual chapel, and did not take any pictures of the ceiling...although there were a lot of people who were, and the officials were not stopping them. I just felt honored to be where Michelangelo was once...creating beauty! So, you can see it here. I did want to go to St. Peter's square...and the Piata', but we were hungry...and strolled down the ramp to the exit...

We ate and then went for gellato at a fabulous place called Giollati...where you have to pay first then take your ticket to elbow through the crowd and shout out your order from the 30+ flavors they have (I had coconut and pistachio) And in case you're wondering Pistachio is better in Florence! We did not have trouble eating here twice more in our two days in Rome! And on to the Panthenon...sorry, my pictures did not survive this but you can see it here. And the spanish steps...no picture here either! So here it is. But I did take pictures at the Trivoli fountain!

I didn't have any pictures of me taken because I was toatlly overwhelmed and grupmy by this point...It was a little overstimulating for me to be around these many people on not much sleep, trying to recall what little I know of the Italian language..but there are some pictures of me coming up!

24 April 2006

Sleep Sweet Old Friend...

I lost a dear friend today...my sweet kitty boy Sweetie left this world this afternoon, very peacfully and softly purring...a lot like he lived his life. He found his way into my life via my front porch about 9 years ago...and was scared, but gentle, and warmed up to us and became a wonderful fixture in my life. I was remembering the time I bought all 3 cats we had at the time organic flea collars, the other cats thought I was crazy and he just light up visably that someone would care for him so much as to give him a collar and seemed to dance around the room proudly showing off his collar. We thought he was a girl because he was so sweet, hence the name Sweetie...So, we started calling him "buddy" after realizing our mistake, as I imagined the first 5 years of his life with us he was pulling on our sleeves and saying, "ummm...I'm a boy."

He lived through a move, various other kitties coming and going and my divorce, all with his gentle grace and calming presence, and he always seemed to try to adjust to whatever was thrown his way going along with so much in his life with ease. This last year was rough for him and his failing health and all of the changes that were happening in the house...it was hard to watch him loose his chubby body, and beautiful shiny black fur...(and develop his stinky breath!) his little tounge sticking out of his mouth...seeking a warm lap or spot on his heating pad. Our time together will never be long enough...

I love you sweetie boy...

Sleep gentle...

The Trip-Day 2

Day 2 saw us up and out to the medieval village of Orvieto...situated high on top of a mountain...we had to take a tram up, which was fun as it is better than trying to drive around these small streets...at top speed, because in Italy that's how people tend to drive! Although, the cars are quite a bit smaller...It's still confusing! We walked around a bit and explored the little streets. I bought both some white and black truffle oil and 3 little faces with fruits and one with nuts...Made of Italian clay in the village of Deruta!

Every village has their own church...and the one in Orvieto is quite impressive...

Yes, those are stripes of black and white marble going down the sides...Quite geometric!

With gold paint and other multi colors depicting various religious themes!

With all sorts of great statues and carvings all around the doors and windows and arches...The churches are quite amazing in parts of Italy...Huge and impressive indeed.

My dad treated us all to an amazing lunch...at a place called Zeppelins where we just sat back and let them bring us course after course of food...including freshly made gnoshi with truffles (wahoo!!) This was my birthday lunch, as everything would be closed on Sunday...for Easter! We had a 3 hour lunch...we didn't eat straight through...and it was enough to make it through the siesta!
Here's a picture of a statue we found (haha) and one of my father after the bit of rain we walked through!

The day ended with a beautiful rainbow!


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