31 May 2009

I'm Back...

After a five day vacation at Zion National Park in Utah.

I am currently completely overwhelmed at the feelings I have about this trip and everything I got to see and do...I suppose that some integration of the experience is necessary before I can sit and write about it. I am still stuggling to find the words within myself to make it come alive again...and right now? I'm tired. I don't quite think I can do it justice.

Right now I am sitting in Foolsewoode and keeping Zion private and holding it close to my heart for the moment. I am surrounded by some serious Meena love, camping gear that needs to be packed away until the next time...listening to the washer and dryer doing their thing, and being totally overwhelmed at something so simple as a hot fragrant bubble bath after no showering (unless you count a couple of hair washes and using Sensitive baby wipes as a bath) electricity at the flip of a switch, being totally alone with no one around...and the thought of sleeping in a real bed. I love camping and everything that goes along with it, and I am finding it truly hard to be in this space again...inside a home, but feeling truly grateful for the things that this home gives me. But I am finding myself with one foot out the door so that I can listen to the crickets chirping...instead of watching TV. Trading artificial sound for natural sounds instead.

I am back home. Hitting the ground running...and a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of dropping back into the life I've created here...So much so, that when I took my long hot bubble bath this afternoon...I think I may have forgotten to rinse the conditoner out of my hair.

It's that kind of overwhelmed.

Then again,
perhaps it's just the actions of a very happy, tired girl who just spent the last five days with wonderful friends...camping, hiking, splashing in water, and living in complete awe of this beautiful world...and a girl who is totally out of practice bathing.

Until I find the words of my story...I will leave you with some pictures of the trip.

26 May 2009

**A Blogging Break**

There are a lot of things to be excited about these days around Foolsewoode (usually resulting in having to vacuum the house)

My wonderful friend Gretchen in down from her home in Alaska visiting those in her family who remain here...which means I am lucky enough to get to see her as well! I am searching my brain for the exact last time we saw each other...and the only thing I can come up with is a picture in my head of the two of us in the kitchen of my old house, standing in front of the refrigerator. My kitchen was very small in that house (the total square feet only being 695) so usually if you were in the kitchen you were in close proximity of the refrigerator. Whatever the case...I'm sure there will be lots of catching up today as well.

Currently there is a shipment of fabric for a project I have been commissioned to do, for Ms. Megan Dean on the way. The creative wheels have been indeed been turning...and there are a lot of fabrics in my stash that I could use for said project...but I needed some more (uh-huh...but really...I did. I may have ordered just a little bit more of one of the designs for myself. ahem.) There is still some more creative glitches that need to be worked out...but that won't come until I sit down and really start assembling the project.

There's also been a lot of packing, organizing, and baking at Foolsewoode as well...which means that the blog is going to be very quiet for a while. To give myself some time...please check back for an update on Monday June 1st...I'll be spending the rest of May doing other things...away from the computer. I will miss you all, but I will have a lot of pictures when I'm back in this space...cause' I'm going to get the iPhoto up and running.

Have a wonderful rest of your May...

25 May 2009

Remember The...Wha??


Happy Memorial day...

I am currently celebrating Memorial Day by searching my memory and trying to figure out if I've ever opened Snap Snap for Memorial Day.

I'm also currently at Snap Snap...

just in case.

There's so much activity downtown, I decided that I would join in...Usually, I don't open if there are not too many businesses on my street open, but there are this year...and the Chamber of Commerce has a craft show (and by craft show I mean, weird plastic crap you can get at WalMart for half the price...except for the person selling live plants...those aren't plastic) across the street...which is killing parking, but that I remember happening every year.

I'm also taking notes about the various holidays and writing them down so that I can remember if I've opened...you know? For next year, when I'm sitting at home totally stymied and trying to figure out if I should get downtown and open the shop or not...Because my personal memory is shot.


I wish it wasn't, but it is (and I'm young yet. Rats.)

I figure after 14 years at this...I should know when I'm open.

22 May 2009

Pictureless Update...

Hi y'all...I'm on strike because I have all these photos to post and no way to get at them.


Actually, I just didn't turn on the MacBook for more than 24 hours. How do you like them apples, Apple? It's nothing against the computer per say it's this list:

7:00am - Dentist (filling/sandblasting/sealing teeth)
9:30 am - Hair Cut
10:00am - Cuppers (to see Megan and treat myself to coffee out and magazine reading)
11:00am - Group
1:00pm - Work
5:45pm - Yoga

There was also running to the gallery to spy on the upcoming show for tonight's Art Walk, pricing clothes, marking down clothes, cleaning, speaking on the phone, and squeezing in various stops to markets an other places to prepare for an upcoming vacation (I'll tell you about that next week)

But really? I have pictures to show...things to brag about and no iPhoto. This will be remedied, I'm sure...at some point. Until then...I hope you all have a glorious weekend! I will be working. The whole time. But, it is raining...so that's a total plus.

19 May 2009

This Cheating Heart...


I'm cheating.

On my hairdresser.

Yes...I'm doing it.

I'm committing hairdultery.

I am a hairdulteress...I wonder if I should wear a scarlet H on my chest now?

That being said,
a few months back after getting a chance to participate in a very cost effective (cheap) set of spa treatments (which I purchased for Ms. Dina and I) one of which was getting a hair cut...I found myself dubiously and very nervously sitting in the chair of a very nice young lady while she chopped a whole lot of hair off of my head. I don't wear my glasses during a cut and I can't really see what's going on...and it certainly didn't look like what I had requested...which made my heart beat even faster (not realizing that this would be one of the best haircuts I'd ever gotten)

You have to understand, my previous stylist and I were together for many years, and a really good stylist is a rare and wonderful find...our relationship actually began before my marriage and has lasted well after...he saved me when my previous stylist ran out of town leaving me high and dry (and this was right before Ms. Dina's wedding, and I needed to look my very besteset, as I was to don a purple velvet gown and march down the aisle before her on her big day...and I knew all eyes would be on me. Well, until Dina walked down the aisle...obviously.) He knew my situation, after being my mother's stylist as well for years...and fit me in at a 6 am slot he created just for me. He is a wonderful stylist, and I've never hated a cut I received in all our years together...

But the gal I went to for my promotional spa deal? Well...she is very very good. I mean fantastically good. To say that I love my current hair cut would be an understatement...it fits me perfectly. It is easy to do in the morning, looks great all day...and stays up and out of my way during work-outs and hiking. I feel fantastic in it, and it's gotten a lot of attention. I am so in love with this haircut that I didn't even realize that it was time to get it cut again...it seems so fresh and so new. LeSigh. It's been six weeks. Six whole weeks of this glorious cut.

Me + Haircut
True Lurve

The only problem is...the cuts at her salon are $20 more expensive than my previous salon. I know $20 isn't much...but in this economy (and with me saving for a new goal) I was really thinking this through.

Being both conflicted and in need of a cut, I turned to Dina during our jaunt to the Farmer's Market and blurted out my entire story:

Dina: "Oh. Just pay the extra money...that is a fantastic hair cut, you don't know if your guy can do it the same way...Wait. Do you even need a hair cut already?!"

Me: "Well, it will be six weeks this week..."

Dina: "hmmm...well, the only thing I notice is your bangs look a little long."

And then we were off hunting for radishes and butter lettuce. Because I suppose picking between two very talented hair dressers is a blessing, not a curse.

Needing to get my hair cut before I visit with an old friend and leave town next week, I called the new salon to double check the price and was surprised to learn that having a "wet cut" which means she cuts it and then I leave and style it myself...is the same price as I was paying at my old salon. If I go all in for the style as well? Well...only then does the extra $20 rear it's head (she's the only person I've ever had style my hair where it actually looked good afterwards, but $20 is $20) Of course, already having made the decision to splurge on my head and pay the extra money made it all that much sweeter when I was able to set my appointment for tomorrow morning at a very discounted rate.

I am happy...but still feeling very guilty about my other stylist. My mother still goes to him, so does Amy...heck so do most of the people I know...but for now?

I'm going somewhere different

Like the start of many new relationships there is a lot of excitement, and also a lot of worries. Will she understand me? That I am the kind of person that works and works to grow my hair into a certain style, only to cut it like that once, and then chop it all off? That I am somewhat fickle about my hair color...and that I still believe that a hairstylist can make me look like a celebrity? And most importantly...can she replicate her own brilliance of 6 weeks ago? Can she make my hair look and feel this good again?

Perhaps I will find myself at my other stylist again someday...it was nothing he did. He is talented, talkative, wonderful...And in the end of this relationship like the end of a lot of people's relationships I find myself thinking of uttering out loud...

It's not you. It's me.

A horrible way to end a relationship for sure, but one that in it's simplicity is the total truth.

18 May 2009

Unplugging the Wrong USB Cord...

Wreaks havoc to your iPhoto.


But really?
I should know that by now as I've already done it a couple of times.

I happen to have all of my photos on an external drive (sweetly put there by my personal tech boy...kind of like a pool boy, but with less Speedo and more Airstream) to free up space on my MacBook (cause my aforementioned tech boy almost fainted one day when he saw most all of my memory was eaten up...he originally thought it must be my vast picture library, when in all reality it was my vast iTunes...which according to him, took him 3 years to get as much as I currently have. What can I say? Me likey music and movies...) So, everything went onto an external hard drive or two. Yay! I guess...While I know some about the computer and it's wily ways...I don't feel totally confident all the time of my computer skills. I know, it's a personal thing. (I'm also one of those people who said, when tech boy noticed that my memory was all gone, "Wha!?!? Why?? Why is my memory all gone? What do you mean I have to get an external hard drive? And that will wear out in 10 years...that is ridiculous!! And it's going to cost me how much?!?!" Tech boy is a good sport during these outbursts and deserves a pizza or a cookie or something...)

Now...what the heck am I talking about?

Who knows?

Kidding...I do. (mostly)

Sometimes I take the MacBook to Snap Snap with me to be my work companion. It's easy to do...it's a laptop and I just pack it into it's special Brenthaven MacBag and off I go. Well...when I do such a thing, I unplug my external hard drive because it's too big to lug all around town...and jam down here MacBook Al Fresco. Well, when I get home, I plug the drive back in, it updates and backs up (or whatever they do) and I'm off and running again (well, sort of. I try not to run too much with the drive plugged in, becuase it's taken some nasty falls and the cover kind of needs to be popped into place here and there...which is something not to tell the tech boy that took you shopping for such a thing and then sweetly set it up for you) And, I plug the hard drive into the USB port farthest away from where I sit (there are 2 total, and it's just a habit of mine to leave the one closest to me open so I can put more mobile USB things in it...it's easier to reach...creature of habit...blah blah blah)

So. The other morning, I plugged in the USB cable to a port (I was standing on the other side of the machine and was too lazy to check which port I plugged it in...I just felt around and jammed it into the first place it fit. You can imagine what a whiz I was at those shape games when I was little...round peg, square hole...) and then took some pictures of the goods I got from the Farmer's Market...put them into the card reader, off loaded them and then unplugged the reader.

Or so I thought.

(this is the dramatic part)

Upon unplugging
what I thought was the USB to the card reader...I got one of those pop up windows telling me that I unplugged something illegally or some such things, and horrible things would happen to me or my computer or the thing I just unplugged...I don't know exactly what it said, I usually ignore and then close those windows because they're kind of like an overprotective parent and are yelling and waving their arms around for no reason. Usually those windows don't scare me, but this time? Horrible things happened (just like that one time your over protective parents were right? In this case, it was a big ole, "I told you so") And the next time I looked, all of my pictures had departed from iPhoto and gone on vacation in my hard drive. (which usually would have been the part that I wept over, but as I said...I've already done this before, so I'm kind of old hat...which does certainly bring up the point that I should probably pay attention to either where I'm plugging my cords or how to fix this problem myself...but we're not going to mention that are we?)

It seems I had unplugged my drive instead of my reader.


All because I plugged the drive into the front USB port when I usually plug it into the one behind the closest one to me...and I'm such a creature of habit, I ejected the reader successfully...and then pulled the wrong plug. Of course, I know that all the pictures are backed up and are still living in my external drive, but I personally don't know how to get them from the drive into iPhoto and all formatted or organized or what have you...and make them all pretty like my tech boy can...and we've both had busy busy days. So. I'm totally stuck for pictures right now.


(cause you know how much I hate to post without pictures!)

15 May 2009

A Mixed-Up Guacamole Weekend...

Which I guess is to say...a weekend with a lot of different kind of plans, and a lot of variety. Now that I'm having the weekends off? I'm floundering. I'm having a very difficult time enjoying myself. I don't know if it's because I'm having a hard time finding things to do, or if I'm so tired I'm having a hard time relaxing...or if it's just what's going to happen for a while? This is not to say that I haven't found fantastic moments during these weekends...Last weekend's spur of the moment and totally unplanned late afternoon margaritas with Amy set the stage for a week where crazy things happened, but while these seemed to hold importance for a time they then faded away...Only to be replaced by even more craziness that then faded away yet again. Perhaps this is the way of life as of late. Last night during yoga, I found myself totally relaxing during savasana...breathing deeply and being present...right up until the moment I woke myself up snoring.

To say that I am out of practice having the same weekend off as most Americans would be an understatement.

(And I feel like I should say here, I am oscillating between total confidence and a bumbling idiot)

I don't know whether to relax and enjoy (which usually makes me feel like I'm not doing enough) or whether I should plan a million things to do (which usually makes me feel like I'm doing too much and I weep when I realize that it's time to start the work week again) I hope this is the weekend I find a healthier balance.

Maybe I should put myself on a schedule like you do with a baby...

Baby Steps.

(maybe I should watch What About Bob... ?)


*The First Farmer's Market of the season
*Spending time with an Airstream Group that is having a rally in Prescott
*Doing research and making patterns for a creative project that has been mulling in the creative space in my being for quite a while now.


*Going to the various groceries and Costco's to stock up on life ingredients.
*Making my famous guacamole...
*Taking such food and sundries over to Megan's for an afternoon party.

(*these are just suggestions and loose outlines. We can not guarantee the outcome of the weekend.)

14 May 2009

Mug Shot...

I am currently enjoying a cuppa in my new mug. A mug that was imprinted with one of Rich's famous photographs (such things happen when you know the artist) (and can you see that little bit of dried coffee on the rim? Oh yes...this mug is being enjoyed!) I was presented with the mug yesterday after work as I was headed out to dinner with a good friend. I feel privileged as it was one of the firsts off the press...complete with a spelling mistake on the back (it's in the title...) which just proves Rich's theory that he's darned tired.

Now, I have to say...this is not my most favoritest images he's taken, and I know that I'm in the minority. That's not to say that I don't like it...I do. I just happened to personally grow up in this town and it actually is my hometown. I just think that the little banners that are put up all over town on our street lamps are bit too over the top. It's Prescott. We have problems like everyone else. We also have unique things like everyone else as well...we're not Everybody's Hometown.

This is not Mayberry.

It's still a lovely shot though...because it really does showcase the beauty of the downtown and portrays the feeling of standing on a street in Prescott. And with the printing mistake on the back? Well, that takes the seriousness of the sappy sentimental words of the sign and balances it right out for me. It makes me deliriously happy and giggle...which is exactly the way I'd like to start every day (even if the mistake was pointed out by the artist himself...it's in the title which reads, "Everbody's Hometown...HA! It absolutely kills me...specially when you say it with an accent...also, is everybody's even a word?)

I am already planning on purchasing several of these mugs for family and friends. I'd also like to have Rich print out several of these mugs with this little mistake so I could give them as gifts to the select few that grew up here...

And I have another simple request...

Rich, could you also make the mug say,

"It's Prescott Like Biscuit!"

(only because this is one of the best worst sayings of Everybody's Home Town...)

13 May 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

...and the aroma Foolsewoode has been surrounded in all week...

Well, mostly wordless anyway...

These heirloom Victorian roses are growing like crazy on the West 40. I did not plant them, but I do water them when they need it. They are a delight every year both for the color and the amazing fragrance (seeing as they've about bred the smell out of roses...it's just dreamy to stand out in the yard and inhale. Well mostly...the pollen is a little much. Just sayin') and wouldn't you know that they grow like weeds under the pine trees, with all the little hens and chicks tiptoeing in between them...

Almost nothing grows under pine trees.

11 May 2009

Mornings At Foolsewoode...

*Enjoying starting the mornings after coming home from the gym in the warming weather with a cuppa and the MacBook.

*Watching the light dance through the leaves and experiencing the small changes from morning to morning.

*Noticing how many times I think of inviting friends over for summer soirees.

*Being serenaded by song courtesy of the local birds...putting out lots of seeds just so they'll come and stay a while...and noticing this weekend a rather well-fed squirrel and a small chipmunk visiting for some seeds as well...they're using different feeders of course, but their antics are adorable, so I find myself wanting to welcome them too.

*Remembering to dip into my collection of vintage linens, and enjoying spreading the crispness and designs over the table...smiling at the bit of thoughtful fanciness just for me.

*Taking such small steps to the outside to start my day in appreciation for the beautiful setting of my life and interested to see what big impacts that will make.

08 May 2009

Weather's Great...

Wish You Were Here...

It's been practically perfect in every way...heating up during the day and then cooling beautifully at night. It's wonderful to be able to take a cuppa outside and sit at the patio table first thing in the morning...and then finish the day with a cool beverage in the same place.

Just sitting and watching the world go by.

Yesterday after work, I jumped over to the spa for a salt scrub for my back...this is just one treatment in a list of treatments in a package that I grabbed Dina and I (cause there's nothing like sharing the spa with one of your girls) As I was laying there being scrubbed, oiled, hot toweled, lotioned and massaged I kept thinking about how much I love body work and how necessary I think it is...not only to relax, but really for your well being and the release of toxins in a way that you can't quite to alone.

Then I remembered how much it costs to usually have a treatment, but I keep thinking that the benefit may outweigh the costs? I used to receive regular massages and go to the chiropractor weekly (I'm noticing my shoulder can certainly use it right about now after all the gym time I'm putting in) but a lot of that happened when I was married and splitting my life bills with someone else...

That is probably a lousy excuse, because we all deserve to relax and be treated to something so fantastic...

I'll have to ponder how to make this happen.

07 May 2009

Biscuits Anyone?

Oh My...

Especially when they're imported biscuits from Liverpool England in such a festive tin...Look at this adorable girl with her dog in her pedal car.

Doesn't she just look delirious?!

I'm thinking it must be because she knows the biscuits in this tin are so darned good...

Or that perhaps it's her birthday?

I mean look at all those cute balloons decorating the sides of the tin...not to mention the one decorating her car...flying behind her and her little auto companion...

Then again, maybe she's just one of those pushy kids that show up at parties that want to help open all the gifts (which I absolutely can't stand...including the kids that do that at adult parties...if the gifts aren't for you, you don't get to open them...besides, adults have a lot more experience with opening gifts, and if I spend money on a gift you'd better darn well know that I want the actual recipient to open it...oh, excuse me...ahem.) and then throw a fit until they get to play with all the new toys...

Perhaps her happiness is mistaken here for pure hysteria and the dog isn't so much a willing participant as a kidnapped canine.

06 May 2009


Just received this week in a rather large package from my father...which was full of beautifully wrapped belated birthday gifts (they were out of the country, so I was warned this would happen...which is fine by me, because really? When is getting a package filled with gifts a bad thing?)

Upon opening said package...I remember thinking, "man...I hope there's some jewelry in here!" which, in itself is an odd think for me to think. As far as my family goes, I may be the one least likely to actually wear jewelry...my mother and sister being far more into doing such things than I...In fact, after receiving my engagement and wedding rings I remember feeling relief because not only did I have jewelry to wear, I wouldn't have to think about what to wear...it was already picked out for me.

Since I am no longer married, those carefully picked out and most beautiful pieces of jewelry are in a box instead, and now I spend part of my mornings wrestling with what exactly to wear.

I am finding that lately though...that doesn't seem to be as big of a chore as it once was. I can say with confidence that I enjoy looking for the perfect thing to wear with my daily outfits...and when I don't? Well, I just walk out of the house as before only without all the marriage bling.

My father knew exactly what to send this year (which is fantastic as I didn't even know myself what it was that I wanted) I clapped eagerly as I unwrapped a lovely Victorian bracelet with purple stones, Vintage Venetian glass beads (red and in a strand), a fantastic deco belt with the mostly lovely belt buckle (with rhinestones...which I thought was quite unusual), and this blue and gold large...well, I'm not quite sure what it is. It does not have any backing that I can see...although, I think perhaps it was a brooch in its past life, and maybe dropped its pin somewhere in its travels?

Whatever the case may be...these are such lovely beauties, much appreciated and also much worn already...

05 May 2009

What Were YOU Doing Two Years Ago...

I was walking into a local blogger meet-up and meeting someone who would continue to delight, surprise and enhance my life these two years later...

Who knew?

That life would creep in when I least expected it and alter what I knew so drastically.

I still giggle on a daily basis during conversations, road trips or anytime we spend time together...(Like when I found out he had a plan to take a photo of his new Keen shoes for his blog? How much do I love that in another person?) (a lot if you've seen all the shoes I have)

I still consider myself a very lucky girl...

Being in the right place at the right time...

Amazed continually at how life unfolds...

And amazed still at the power that one person has to effect our whole being.

04 May 2009

My Life is in Ruins...

(clever play on words, eh? It's not true though...mostly)

...Overwhelming would be a better word, and one in which I think I have used in this space before. Lately though, I have been watching my to do list mount up and yet even when I dive in to tackle things...I turn around and the list grows (as well as the piles of things to deal with unfortunately) and I am crossing things off as fast and as well as I can...and finding myself feeling very frustrated when I don't get things done or fixed on the first try (like my increasingly s l o w internet problem at home...which is making me want to throw a tantrum) and leaving me with the thoughts that I need to escape (that and why does it seem like I'm hemorrhaging money right now...and not only are my problems not going away, but I'm not feeling rested and relaxed...like say, something a vacation would give me?)

(though, to be entirely honest...I did come to Snap Snap today and fix the vacuum that I broke last week...so I'm feeling a lot of relief and somewhat thrilled about that)

And then when I do have time to get things accomplished...sometimes all I can do is sit and stare at the wall...

Which made it all that more fun when Rich invited me to come along to Sunset Crater this weekend. This amazing spot also houses lava fields (a direct result of the volcano erupting) and more than its share of Anasazi ruins (the tribe of Indians that just up and disappeared for no reason that we know of...)

Unfortunately out of shape guy without his shirt on showed up to a lot of the same places we went to (I spared you a picture of him...you may thank me in the comments)

We had beautiful weather...which mostly means, that I for once, dressed with the thought that Flagstaff is a mighty chilly place (long sleeves, thick cotton pants and wool socks...) and almost died of heat stroke.

Go Team Arizona Springtime!

I don't care what anyone says.

Wool doesn't totally match your body temperature and then back off...

Nor do most sport socks gently wick away moisture from your feet leaving them cool and dry...

But, Keen sandals don't require you wear socks with them all day...

So, there was that.


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