30 June 2008

A Photo Show...

My part of the photo show festivities on Saturday stared at Ms. Dina's lovely home...hours before the opening, the girls were primping and making beauty happen indeed...

We had lemon glaze coffee cake and a bit of coffee amids the getting ready giggle fest...all while Dina applied my make-up and did my hair...making me feel like quite the doted over gal. I'll tell you, I could get used to that...Plus? I realize that I didn't even do this elaborateness before I got married...so, it was a lovely treat.

Seeing as Dina was doing my hair she was able to curl every single last piece...which seems next to impossible for me to do for myself...making my hair look like a wig (I have scads of thick hair) OK...it hardly looked like a wig, but it was more curly and pretty than I'm use to in real life (and several people actually didn't know if it was my real hair or not, which was a little silly...because the curling took long enough, I can't imagine when we would have started if Dina was going to do extensions) She also made it "bigger" than I normally wear, and decided that I should wear it down instead of up since I was going strapless (and no, I'm not in love with any of the pictures of myself...I'm rethinking white as a clothing option..seeing as I thought I looked a little larger than I thought I normally look...sigh. I swear this working out better start paying off...or I am going on a complete hunger strike)

There was also a lot of hair spray flying about at Ms. Dina's house...making it feel a little like the 1980's...but damn. My hair held that curl all. night. long (I may have to reinvest in Aqua Net's Extra Super Hold) Thank you Dina...I don't think you've entirely missed your calling...because I would think that with your natural talent, you could certainly do make-up and hair in your spare time! (you know...if the perfect wife/mother/graphic artist thing doesn't work out?) Dina is the kind of woman who truly inspires the women around her to look and feel their best...she both amazing and glamorous. (and who can kick up her heel like a pro...while I wobble and try not to fall over...although, you can see my tattoo...so there is that.)

Dina had a flawless vision for smoky eyes and dewy skin (with practically no pores because she used a wonderful make-up primer...which I'm now going to have to invest in asap...seriously? No. Pores. None. I felt like a teenager) In the end, it was somewhat like finding myself switched with a fairy princess (or we all decided Gidget) while posing for pictures before I whisked myself off to the ball.

I was loving the minimalist black and white with a small splash of red...you know, most photographers take themselves quite seriously dressing in black, so I thought I'd support that whole serious art scene...

I was off to the gallery early in my Honey Pumpkin Coach, to arrive before the opening...Rich and his BFF Tom were already there. Tom flew in from Florida for the opening, and I've heard so many wonderful stories about him and what a good friend he has been to Rich so, it was great to finally meet him in person! He was a day late because of the airlines, and was only able to stay until Sunday, so it was unfortunately a short trip...but I think we wowed him with all that is AZ...so, he'll be back (I hope...he's a really great guy!)

This was the wall of Rich's photography before the show. It about took my breath away when I first saw all the photos matted framed and hung together...the blues and greens are so very vibrant...and it made me think that I may need to dedicate an entire wall to Charpentier originals at Foolsewoode. By the time the show was over, there were lots of open spaces where the prints had flown off the wall and into their new owners hands...not to mention all the special orders that were placed for bigger limited edition prints. Ian and Rich certainly have their work cut out for them in the days that come...and Rich is going to have to decide on some more limited edition prints to run because Ian is wanting more large prints for the wall at the gallery as well...

I can hardly express how proud I am of Rich and his amazing success...Because of the kind of person I've come to know Rich is, I never doubted for one single minute that he could do something this incredible. I am so excited to see people sit up and take notice of his personal vision. Taking photos professionally has been a dream of Rich's for a long time, and I knew he would find a way to make this dream come true. Seeing the happy and amazed faces on the people that have walked into the gallery...as well, as Rich's natural excitement and passion for his photography shine through in the conversations and interactions he has with people who want to talk to him about his art...well, I just can't help but smile. Observing how Rich interacted on Saturday night proves to me that Rich could be both successful and comfortable in any kind of gallery setting...he loves to talk to people (as do I) and it's so fun to see him this happy. I think this is only the beginning for him in this particular arena of his life, and I am so honored to have been a part of it. Thank you for including me Rich (just in case you're reading this) and Congratulations! I just can't wait to see what's next in this part of the journey.

I think Ian was doing well during this one year anniversary celebration as well...I saw several blank spaces throughout the evening all over the gallery as well. Ian unveiled a Howard Stern series that he's been working on that just blew me away! I've known Ian since high school, and have eagerly watched his progress as a talented artist for years. As a matter of fact, years ago, my mother bought several of his pieces (I have yet to own one, but I think I shall remedy that soon) It also seemed like every time Ian walked by me he said, "...it's going really well" So...there was that tip off as well.

It was a wonderful evening, with a great turn out of old and new friends...

And, I totally got home before anything turned into a pumpkin...You see, I had to get up bright and early Sunday morning to go to Sedona and Jerome with Rich and Tom for Tom's last day in AZ send off...

27 June 2008

Just The Two of Us...

Yesterday morning at the thrift this set of glasses jumped out at me...

Not in the most perfect of condition, but the most perfect for a little juice and romance in the morning perhaps?

Although, they seem a little bigger than traditional juice glasses, but I can still picture myself winking at that special someone over the rim...a perfect way to start the day.

Well, at $1.00 for the set...I'm sure they'll be perfect for anything I choose to do with them.

Have a wonderful weekend...
we're gearing up for Rich's Photo Opening at Ian's Anniversary celebration tomorrow night from 5-9...if you're in the area, stop by (although, the photos will remain in the gallery after Saturday night) I will be taking pictures though, so I'll share them on Monday for all of our long distance friends and family!

26 June 2008


I know there are those of you out there that wait for me to decorate the mantle here at Foolsewoode for the holidays...

Well, I've been a bit preoccupied with some things in my life lately (namely my personal sanity) and I actually woke up feeling more like myself this morning than I have in quite a while (it's amazing what a good night's sleep will do) So, I decided instead of worrying that this bit of feel good won't last, I would take advantage of the little burst of energy and decorate for The Fourth of July instead (I'm hoping I have this burst while at Snap Snap as well...It's time to celebrate the World's Oldest Rodeo by putting shiny sparkle red white and blues in the windows downtown, after all)

Usually when I decorate the mantle...I walk around the house and peek about trying to find just the perfect things that will make for a celebratory mantle. I don't have a ton of patriotic things lying about...so, I look for mostly red white and blues.

This would explain why I put up my Prescott Farms vintage milk (and orange juice) containers...because of the colors. I don't necessarily think that the USA has the corner of the market on dairy products...nor do I celebrate Dairy.

Mostly because I'm lactose intolerant...

I've also saved these vintage Dolly Dingle paper dolls (which I also framed) for just the occasion...So, they're making their once a year debut.

And that little weird pop metal statue was one that I found on my journeys somewhere...

He was in sorry shape,
so I decided to paint him white, and make him some sort of patriot. He's holding an apple...so who knows? Perhaps he's related to George Washington? I mean, he is wearing that nice fancy long coat, ruffled shirt, and cool hat...

Finishing up here on the mantle is my little soldier pull-toy...Isn't he cute? I can vaguely remember playing with him as a young tyke...

I am a little worried though, that when I think of decorating to celebrate our fine country I'm thinking of soldiers...

Then again...I guess that's what all the fireworks are for right?

The bombs bursting in air...

Well, I'm happy the mantle is decorated before the Fourth...and in keeping with my apparent theme this year (see late Easter decorating) I'll have a few days to enjoy my festiveness before I take it all down again...

25 June 2008

BOSU You...


Have you ever seen one of these BOSU balls? Well, I don't suppose they'd really qualify as a ball seeing as they're only half a ball resting on a flat plastic base. I swear, I'd never seen one either, and there's been about 30 stacked in the aerobics room at the gym...apparently when I'm all Pumping Iron and whatnot...I'm too busy concentrating on not passing out to notice the simple things around me.

Last night at Pumping Iron this is what the bulk of our crazy aerobic weight training took place on (oh Meg. you may want to thank yourself that you weren't there...I'd like to say that it was tonsoffun, but then...I may be stretching the truth a bit)

Our trainer and fearless leader is one of my favorite instructors at the YMCA...she's absolutely adorable, with a killer body, and kind of looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. And, she's really good at what she does. She asked who had never used a BOSU ball before and a few of us raised our hands and she got all clappy and goody! - like.

I should have known then that I was in trouble...

I'm under the distinct impression
that I don't have the best balance in the world, and as I placed a non skid mat under my BOSU so that it wouldn't move (WHA?!?! Although, I'd be the first to laugh at myself if I went skating across the room on this thing) climbed up and determined that I would be fine as long as I didn't move.

She said it was harder if you don't move.


She also said that the more pumped up they were, the harder they were to use...she pointed at me as she said this seeing as I was precariously perched on top of a ball that hardly made any indents when I climbed up there (and with my weight this was not a good sign) and me...madly flapping my arms around like some sort of deranged bird that had flown into the room...so, I had to switch BOSU's. I contemplated standing at the BOSU stack rack tapping my chin for the rest of the class so that I could choose my BOSU, rather than get back up on the BOSU and try to exercise...but, there's an exercise Drill Sergeant that lives in my head that told me to walk it off and get up on this thing...

Which I did. I walked it off. I marched it off...and at one point, I jumped it up and off. But, I most of all, I just tried to modify my movements enough to keep from falling off completely (because, of course, you can do all the same things you do in a Step class on this ball, only you have to, "...keep your core tight to help your balance!!! And for godssake, stop flapping your arms...you're not a bird, and you're scaring everyone!!" [Ok, that last part was only in my head...]) Including the part where I was lifting weights while resting on my knees on the top of the BOSU ball "...without feet touching the floor, if you can because it's harder!!"she cheerily yells out (yeah, cause' I'm all about the hard in this class...which has been aptly named "The More Than One Nalgine Class" by Megan) all while lifting weights all over the place...when I noticed that I was starting to get a lot lower towards this thing, with my legs starting to spread out in a very indecent sort of way. I quickly determined it was the ridiculous amount of sweat pouring off of me that was now running down my legs and making my knees all slippery...so there was the added fun of balancing, lifting weights, and moving my knees around...because now I was apparently on a BOSU Slip-and-Slide. It was at this point that I was silently cursing the thought of, "why didn't I think to bring some sort of knee pads? Or better yet, Knee Suction cups?" (along with the thought, "why do I feel the need to humiliate myself in front of other people...or worse yet, A mirror?") I quickly looked around the room to see if anyone else was having that problem.

And of course, they weren't.

How could this be?

My therapist says there's only 2 reasons that we compare ourselves to someone else.

To either feel better or feel worse.

She totally forgot to mention the BOSU reason.

24 June 2008

Belly Laughing...

This is not to point any fingers at any random body parts...it's to describe what last evening under the stars out on a deck evolved into...(yes, the picture is from last year, but it's honestly one of my favorites of Ms. Dina)

Surrounded by wine,
cookies and cheese...Dina and I played a bit of catch-up and plan. Catch-up on all the happenings and plan for Rich's big photo show opening on Saturday...All those important things like:

  • what are you wearing?
  • what shoes are you wearing?
  • will you pluck my eyebrows?
  • will you do my make-up?
  • and how do you do a chignon anyway?

It looks as if
we've got Saturday afternoon in reserve for the getting ready of the whole thing. The evening was going along swimmingly until I pronounced the word Crudités like crew-dites...and Dina stopped for a minute, got very serious and said, "...you mean, Crudités (pronounced crew-dee-tay)?"

oh yes.


That set us off to then speak in a twangy sort of way from then on...talking about all them fancy type parties we're going to throw...specifically with this china. Only at $1200. for the entire set (and the entire set only being for dessert and tea) we decided that if we did indeed invest in that set, we would lovingly set it up on a table and then carefully steer all of our friends over to the card table in the back of the room where the paper plates they would be eating off of were...the table set with this? Why it would only be a picture for the blog of course. But really, are dishes more important than friendships?

When they cost $1200...

Yes. Yes they are.

BUT, never fear...
we came up with the ultimate plan...we would create a stencil of the poodle and woman silhouette and then color them onto the paper plates with Sharpie markers.

Crisis averted...Problem solved.

Because Dina likes to surround herself with a kick-ass creative team...because that's how we roll...Which also had us rolling around on the floor...

Belly Laughing

23 June 2008

Weekend Of Discovery...

Two days off with no set plans leaves quite a bit of time to discover new things about my world:

I absolutely mostly spent the weekend dramatically poised on the couch melting in the heat...both the cat and I did (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images) I did get up and tame the nature in my yard (well, the front and one of the sides) on both Saturday morning and Saturday evening...I have one garbage can full of the left overs...and probably enough for 3 more. Drat. I'm now reduced to stepping around piles of decomposing yard clippings until I can get this all hauled away. I still have to do the back and the other side, and I swear I don't have a decent weed whacker. Can someone tell me why you can use those devices two times and then they hardly ever work again? It's almost like they're disposable...and I already have enough blisters on my hands that I don't want to try to cut my weeds with clippers. I am using the excuse that Rich's BFF is coming into town for the Photo Opening, and when they come over to my house (because they'd better now that the yard is mostly done...) I want to make a good impression on the BFF (even though we already had a phone chat last week) and I'm sure the only way I can really get people to like me is if I have a tidy and neat yard. Perhaps I should move to the golf course for the weekend instead? It looks as if they may have a working weed whacker (But, Rich is expecting more family visits later this year...and renting a whole other house could be expensive...see? this is why I'm forced to get on the gardening gloves [of which I don't have hence all the blisters] and do yard work myself)

A clothing tagger at JCrew is apparently on some form of crack/cocaine. I got in a cute JCrew dress...size 8. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. So I wore it to Megan's Solstice party on Friday night...because it was a size 8, although I was suspect...but don't you think a full length satin dress is just perfect for a cook-out? (just kidding...It was cotton paisley that the straps kept falling down on, so that was classy)

I've lost 1% body fat.
Apparently this is good enough news to have my trainer jumping around the room for joy, pumping his fists and cheering in his southern accent at me "...You've gained weight!! You're loosing body fat!! You're on the right track!!" (and he's not even gay) Well...if you say so. I wonder what will happen when I loose more than 1%? I mean, all this working out and only 1%? sigh. Chris then grabbed my arm and ran with me into the weight room eager to show me all new methods of pain...um, I mean, new machines and free weights that are going to pump me up! Or...slim me down, whatever the reasons are I'm going into the gym. It didn't even matter that I was wearing my street clothes and strappy wedges...

When someone shows me a new cardio machine that is supposed to work the tushie more, by strategically letting you set it manually (so that in my not so distant future I can set the controls as if I were hiking UP a mountain with a 40lb backpack on...oh joy!) I literally jump out of bed on a Sunday, get dressed and run to the gym...teamed with new work out music...and sweat dripped of my nose. Yes. Off. My. Nose. How cool is that? And I had so many endorphins running through my body, I almost whooped, "yeah...Come on!!" no less than 4 times during my stint on this thing...

A Monday morning after being so jazzed about the new machine...not so much speed and not so much resistance set...oh yeah, I forgot...one gets awfully tired when switching their work-out routine. Pant pant...sweat sweat...

A quick trip to Hastings electronic music section (because I am a hard core techno junkie) leads me to a CD that is boasting on the sticker that graces the front, "...the number ONE DJ in the world!!" Oh yeah? That's a pretty big claim my friend. But, I have a lot of standing credit at Hastings, so I think, why not? After all, the cover looks good...I wrestle the CD out of the plastic in the car (it was 100 this weekend...and don't give me any cute, "but it's a dry heat" because I will throw a shoe at you and break your computer...yes, the heat makes me a bit cranky) pop it in the CD player, turn up the volume and think...hmmmm, maybe Rich would like this instead...then about a quarter of the way through the first song, this boy drops a beat and it's all over. Oh yeah...he's the number one DJ in the world, who knew? Luckily, like a good author I've just discovered, he's all about cranking out the CD's...so, I have a lot to catch up on...joy!

I excitedly tell Rich about my latest music discovery and he's on board before ever hearing anything...picking up 2 of the CD's I don't have, at his work (he's going back to get the rest I believe) don't you just love a guy who will take your word about music? Lord, I do. After jetting around listening to some awesome tunes in the car, I go home and cruise around iTunes and find some more of his collections...one of the reviews for an album says it's the best work-out music...So, you'd better believe that's now on the iPod for the gym. So far, my musical investments in Tiesto have been: In search of Sunrise, vol 7 and Elements of Life - Remixed. They're both fun boppy techno/trance music...but, in the upbeatest sorts of ways. You can visit that cutie over at YouTube...As for me, I'm jammin right now at Snap Snap to his beat...

Also, while at Hastings, I picked up the Jennifer Lancaster's book, "Bitter is the New Black : Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass,Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office..." This girl is too funny...I have decided that I would love to meet her, and we would become fast friends. Then again, that kind of sounds like a stalker...As it ws, I giggled at the book every time I had a spare moment to pick up and read this weekend. Needless to say, the other two are coming to me from Amazon.com.

Apparently, when I have spare moments, I like to shop on the Internet.

I have a huge dilemma about this next Saturday's Art Opening for Rich over at Ian Russells Gallery of Fine Art (and yes, I've put a link in the sidebar over there Ian...go say HI everyone) I know exactly what I'm going to wear...I even completed a rather long black sash to tie up (and that's all the preview of my party togs you're getting for now) I also bought new shoes (who can say no to a brand new pair of $15 red patent leather mules? Damn...I've given away too much) BUT, I am seriously lacking in hair. Ok, I have hair...lots of hair, hair that was just recently cut, layered, thinned a bit, and new straight thick bangs added...but, I do not do hair styles, because I missed that class "how to be the ultimate woman" and I've never played catch up. Mostly I just walk around with my hair down or in a pony-tail. It's shameful. For the amount of money I've invested in sparkly lip gloss from Victoria's Secret...plus, nail polishes, and various make-up selections...not to mention all the hair accoutrement's that pile up everywhere...I do not know how to do this thing called hair. Short of going to get my hair done on Saturday (which I didn't even do for my wedding day...which could explain why my hair looks not so great in all of those pictures, and I'm sure led to the demise of said relationship...) I googled...then I YouTubed. (Lord, I love YouTube...) I found this outstanding girl who does her hair and shows you how...I LURVE her. I can not tell you how excited I was to find this: pursebuzz.com So...after a venture to the store today to pick up a comb to back comb my hair with, and some bobby pins, I went home, washed/moussed/sprayed/curled and fixed that cute do! Damn. I am so happy, I could...well...I texted Dina. She was happy too. OK, now I don't quite look as cute as pursebuzz does (cause' I'm not Asian and I'm not that young...or thin...or...well, you get the picture) But, this do is so easy, and cool for the summer! I was so inspired by watching all of her cute ideas, and what's the point of having a wonderful head of long hair if you just do the 2 things you know how to do with it? It's Pointless...Now, if I can pull off a chignon for the art opening, I will be in hair heaven.

So, mostly I think
this post is mostly about me trying not to feel guilty for laying around on the couch watching movies, reading, and surfing the internet this weekend...you know?

Instead of solving all of the worlds problems or making another skirt or hand bag...

20 June 2008

Pictures to Questions...

Earlier this week, I discovered this wonderful meme over at Sticking to the Point, and just had to try it...mostly because, I'm a visual person, and that picture mosaic is damned cool...

Here’s how you play:

  • type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search.
  • using only the first page, choose an image.
  • copy and paste each of the URL’s into the mosaic maker over at FD’s image maker.

The questions:

  1. What is your first name?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. What high school did you attend?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
  6. Favorite drink?
  7. Dream vacation?
  8. Favorite dessert?
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  10. What do you love most in life?
  11. One word to describe you.
  12. Your Flickr name.

1. Scarlett, 2. My version of a magic peapod :), 3. Chevelon Canyon Bridge, Arizona, 4. Nocturne, 5. Incendiary, 6. Summer Sweetness..., 7. Traveling Gnome: Hanging with new friends..., 8. oui!, 9. a memory of our former selves..., 10. Eskimo Kisses are the Sweetest, 11. corridor, 12. Window...

Let me know if you participate...I'd love to see what your mosaic looks like!

Have a most beautiful weekend...And a very happy Solstice...

19 June 2008


This weekend during our hike into West Fork, I was joined by two photographers. One of them I happen to be quite smitten with (and I'd go as far as saying that he feels the same way) and he often, while taking pictures, will snap a few of me as well...sometimes I know about it, sometimes I don't.

It doesn't bother me as much as it once did, although if I know he's taking the pictures, I often can't help but smile some goofy way, so it's a bit better for me to try to ignore him while he's shooting...except...

Except that while going through pictures upon our return, I was thinking YIKES. Or more accurately, "Lord, I'm fat/I have bad posture/I'm not a sex symbol...I wish I could just look at a picture of myself without cringing" I'm often sitting next to Rich while he goes through his pictures and I just cringe and cringe when pictures of me come up, I get embarrassed, look away or get up and move across the Airstream...and here I was, doing it yet again.

You want to know what I was honestly thinking?

With all the time I spend at the gym during the week...how is it that I still look like that?!?! Why aren't my clothes falling off of me? How off am I with my true body image (like...how out of shape was I when I stared all of this? I honestly didn't think I was that bad...) And then that really deteriorated into a whole landslide of other horrible things I ended up saying to myself...both out loud and using my inside the head voice (and you don't even want to know what I say in there...I'm not proud)

So, I started thinking of my progress at the gym, while there is a small part feeling proud that I am noticing muscles in places there were none visible before (like when I'm in the shower washing my hair and I see my biceps pop up to say howdy...or I notice that my thighs and tushie are looking much tighter, even if they don't look smaller) watching my body change...seeing the fat get even more pronounced and visible before it turns to muscle...Even though, I feel like sometimes it's a struggle to stay in the size that I am in right now without going up, I'm maintaining it.

Then I did a very bad thing. I stepped on a scale.

Oh crap.

I wasn't going to do it, because I thought I believed that weight is not as important as how my body looks and feels, but apparently I was wrong, and I was feeling adventurous (just sure I was probably sooo much lighter than when I started) Looking back, stepping on a scale is not something I should have done.


Now, I know what you're going to say, "muscle weighs more than fat..." and you know what? You just better be right, because if you're not...I'm in trouble. I should find my trainer so she can measure my body fat instead as that may be more accurate. (when talking to a fellow gym-er she said that she never weighs herself because the last time she did, she was heavier than she's ever been, but looks better/thinner/firmer than she ever has)

I also know that
I am probably being very unrealistic with myself as far as the sex symbol thing goes, as I've only been going to the gym since the last week of February (since it just occurred to me as I was trashing myself...it hasn't even been 6 months yet) and I've spent a lot of the time I've been there getting to a good plateau where I feel comfortable that I can really work out hard and make a difference that I can see in a faster way. I'm starting to remind myself of all those people we saw in the canyon on Sunday that wanted to know if they were there yet...Yes, I seem to be a product of my own society. I want to look how I want to look NOW (and after weighing over 200 lbs. at one point, I can sometimes get a bit freaked out if I think I may be going towards that weight again) But, on the other hand, after all of this I've actually felt more motivated to get my butt into the gym and do something about the way I look rather than shrink back and eat chocolate (I also occurred to me at some point that I was wearing shorts 2 sizes larger than I need to while we were hiking and Rich was snapping pictures...so, that doesn't often make one look their slimmest)

Yes, I do feel better (and as Rich kindly pointed out, I was not one bit sore after the 8 miles...just tired...but not a bit sore, so that's a huge step forward...and no one is putting pressure on me to do this, I am the one to blame for the pressure...everyone else is immensely supportive) I just hate that I can still get so easily discouraged and then bombard myself with the same horrible things I've been telling myself for years...that it is so easy for me to slip into that place...but, thankfully it's getting easier to recognize what I'm doing, and try to stop going down that road, and I've recognized that I've been working quite hard while at the gym and am now not only going longer and faster on the cross-training machine, Megan and I have added a crazy aerobics/weight lifting class to our regime, and I am still lifting weights and doing yoga. It's really just a matter of time. That and I'm a bit, um...older that I was when I used to do this...it's probably going to be different.

So, what have we learned here?

  • Feeling better and looking better often doesn't happen overnight
  • I probably should start wearing clothes that fit if I want to look OK
  • I'm old (ok, older than I was when I was 18 and 100lbs. and working out...but, I still had those awful things going through my head)
  • The old patterns of trashing myself are still alive and well, and may need to be changed into something more positive...I am still very hard on myself
  • Loosing weight and gaining muscle thus tightening up the body...are two totally different things.
  • I probably have a very skewed image of what I actually look like

I am not, by any means, trying to vie for your sympathy here...I just wanted to let you know how discouraged I've been, just in case there's anyone else out there feeling the same way.

And wouldn't you know it?
As soon as I started admitting how discouraged I have been out loud to the people in my life...two totally random people I know at the gym approached me and told me how great I look and how much progress I've made since I've been coming, on the same day, totally independent of each other.

So. Perhaps, like the litany of bad things that often go through my head about my body and myself in general...me believing that I don't look good or that I'm not making progress, is somehow twisted up there...perhaps I'm just seeing a skewed image of myself. Just perhaps they're right...

I'll tell you one thing. I feel more relaxed about all of it after those two people had their say...I went home, really looked at myself in the mirror, put on some clothes that fit...and decided to give myself some more time to get where I want to be...

I may not be there yet, but I'll let you know when I arrive.

18 June 2008

Ahhh...The Blog...

(I want to state up front that if I owe you a phone call, I'm sorry...I am too busy being a single mom to my inner child, enjoy these pink flowers instead please...it seems as if I'm a day late and $1 short with budgeting my time lately)

Since it seems as if I've been going non-stop for quite some time now, I'm thinking of sending out a monthly newsletter to my friends about whats up in my life (you know? Kind of like one of those catch up Christmas letters people send out?)

Oh wait, I kind of do that on mostly a daily basis already anyway don't I?

Ahhh...the blog.

Is it too much to expect more than a 15 minute time stretch in which to make phone calls to people? Apparently so, for I can't seem to find one...it's annoying. And when I do get more than 15 minutes, my brain seems to switch off to what it is that I need to get caught up on, either that or some version of my childhood self jumps into the middle of the room with arms crossed and foot tapping and whining in a voice I always hate to hear a child use, "I want to watch TV!" or eat some form of candy, or have a glass of wine. (this is not to say that I encourage underage drinking...I just take her hand, and put some M&M Peanut Butter in them instead...there's no need to break into the pile of dusty wine bottles that are littering the kitchen floor...I mean, "wine rack")

(you know, someone told me how clever I was by using the red planter turned snack holder into a wine rack not too long ago...I didn't have the heart to tell them I needed a place to lay down all the wine I insist on buying [damned CostPlus wine sales] yet hardly ever drink [I am apparently an ADD alcoholic...I just get distracted when it comes to drinking it] plus, I think my friend had been drinking and who am I to throw such compliment back into someone's face anyway...I hate to burst people's bubbles about my creativity in the home)

(Plus? Now I always have a bottle of wine to take to someone's house when I go over there...not that I remember to do that, but it is a wonderful idea...one that helps me sleep at night...which I haven't been doing in a deep sort of way for a while now, maybe I should break open a bottle...)

See? See all that parenthesis talking up there? I'm like a giant aside to my whole life right now. I would never in a million years complain about having my amazing life...never in a million years want to give up one ounce of fun or the incredible people I get to be with on a daily basis, but lordy...there's this part of me that wants to not feel so darned guilty for pushing the ignore button on the phone because I know the person on the other end of the line is going to want to catch up, and by catch up I mean, let's have a 2 hour phone conversation.

There isn't anything in my life that is going on that I even want to repeat anymore...sometimes I feel like I'm just a stuck record until I can figure out what comes next. For instance, my high school reunion is coming up next month, and I don't think I'm going to make it (nevermind it's being held right down the street from my house) I've been going back and forth since I realized that it's this year, and I got the paperwork in the mail, and frankly? I think it's too expensive. I wouldn't go out to dinner for that price (even for food I could eat, and I'm sure that there won't be any on reunion night) and I keep thinking that I could stay at a nice hotel, or pay for a tank of gas and travel outside of the town...and have a "get-away" or have another of the cat's teeth pulled (I also recently had a high school friend admonish me because I haven't put my sordid personal details/pictures on Classmates.com. I was like, "dude [cause I'm all 80's and whanot] Dude...Google me...I have a blog, if you want to know anything that's happened to me and what I think about it, and the pictures I take to express it...I've been blogging about my personal life for more than 2 years" there just isn't space to do that on Classmates) and besides, here I am a business owner in the same town I grew up in...

If you want
to reunite with me, come in to Snap Snap...better yet,

sign up for the monthly catch-up email newsletter I've got going...


I mean, read the blog.

17 June 2008

Look Ma! I'm Using My Degree...

After being out all day Sunday enjoying the beginning of another amazing Arizona summer, Rich and I rushed home to design a very special invitation (OK, there may have been a little rushing to eat dinner as well...) This is the invitation to his very first Photography show...and if I don't have your email or your person here in physical proximity to me...consider yourself officially invited.

This was a quick
design job I hammered out onto about 6 pieces of paper before I was satisfied with the wording...easy huh? Well...the basic layout had been in my head for quite a few days...when I realized that we should probably make some extra invitations, so it was pretty easy for me to make it real.

You know what I realized as I was all scrunched up on the couch of the Airstream in a fit of creativity?
  • gawd, I love layout and design
  • I am creative (I've felt a bit stunted lately)
  • I adore making invitations
  • Rich and I make a great team
We really do. Here I was working everything out on paper...and he actually stood up, walked over to me and said, "look at us...working at our creative things...we make a good team"

That's a relief.

A huge relief as I don't know the layout design program for the Mac (or any computer, as I'm terribly old school and when I got my degree, we used a lot different methods, that didn't involve computers at all, but more things like Xacto knives and glue and light tables [lord, I wish I had a light table.] I mean, computers were invented, sure...but we didn't use them for layout and design...which is probably why I still adore cutting up pieces of paper to make art) So, after hammering out a rough mock up and basic design, I sat next to Rich at the computer table pointing with a pen (he looked a little nervous that I was going to mark up the Mac screen, which I would never do...but, he may want to invest in a laser pointer for future projects...oh, could you just imagine what I could do with a laser pointer?!?) and waving my arms around and saying things like, "...I want this to look like that" - "put this here" - "Take that away" - "make this smaller/bigger more red..."

Drunk with power.
(I was like a creative director...dreamy sigh)

Oh wait...there's no I in team is there?


Sorry Rich...I guess I'll have to learn that program (thank goodness he's such a good sport and so easy to work with) The final result was certainly worth it...you should see the invitations all printed out on paper...

Oh yes, I love layout and design.

16 June 2008

Destination Unknown...

Sunday found Rich and I off to Sedona once again...

We were going back to West Fork, which is the first out of town hike we ever took together back when we met (when we were still new at knowing each other...) that very first week. Unfortunately then, Rich wasn't feeling well, and we only went a little way in, and I've been dying to get back there...With the advent of his first Photography Show coming up, Rich has been chomping at the bit to take more photos, so this was the weekend to finally go back...We were lucky enough to be joined by a friend of Rich's from work who is also a photographer...

The day was near perfect...temperatures were quite warm (in the 90's) but there were some lovely fluffy clouds, and some fantastic breezes...Plus, most of the trail leads you through the canyon near Oak Creek, so the temperatures within the shade and water are much more cool than in town.

Towards the beginning of the trail there are some old ruins that prove that someone out there was lucky enough to live in this amazing area at some point...

When one finds themselves in the middle of a couple of serious photographer, one happens to get a lot of down time, while they set up their shots and take their shots...which means one (meaning me) often gets to strike off on my own and fins new and different things to explore, all while enjoying my own company...

Which also leads the mind to wandering. Which also means, if you have a mind like mine, you either make up stories about the people who lived here before, or maybe a little pretend about living here myself...It is pure magic...

Where does this path lead to...

What is through that ivy covered door way?

Walking on these shady paths, dappled with the sunlight, the shadows dancing in time with the gentle breezes...peeking around the corners, listening to the water bubbling along in the creek...I decided 2 things.

I could either:

  1. be quite happy living here and re-doing the apple orchard and gardens and rebuilding the house.
  2. be quite happy getting married here.

I don't know why the marriage idea pops into my head every time I'm in a beautiful place, but it always has...always, even when I was married. Maybe it's because I find myself more enamored with the outdoors than inside a church when doing something sacred?

Or maybe, in this case it was the built in arch way...leading down towards the water...all the elements readily represented in this beautiful area...

Whatever it is...I swoon.

While hiking along the trail deeper into the canyon, you find yourself crossing back and forth across the creek, dodging in and out of canyons...trails breaking off, leading to other places. There was something so different about this hike though...it seemed as if almost every person or groups of people we encountered who stopped to talk to us asked if, "...are we there yet?"

I have absolutely
no idea where this there is though. I have been in this canyon several times, hike to a certain point, thoroughly enjoying my time...and I don't know where there is. What? The end...There's an infinite number of canyons and paths...Or what about deciding you're tired and can hike back the way you came?

I was half tempted to tell one couple who were visiting the area (but apparently had hiked in Chile...although the wife looked pissed and too tired to be there, was horribly out of shape, and sighed heavily while talking about her current hike situation...and acquiesced by saying, "...It's still pretty though, I guess..." Gosh. Thanks.) That they would know when they were done with the hike because of the Taco Stand...or the Starbucks. This led me to think more about how uncomfortable we've seemingly become in the wilderness...why are we so scared? And more importantly...why are we so goal oriented? When did we learn that it's not OK to just relax and enjoy ourselves, for no reason other than it's what we most want and need to do? Must we buy a tee-shirt every time we seemingly accomplish something? Just to prove that we've done it? What has happened to the question, what would bring me the most joy to do today?

It was a good reminder to look up and appreciate where I was...to BE there in that canyon and love it and notice it...and thank it for being there.

While stopping to rest and eat, while the guys were off shooting, I lie back on the rocks and took out Eat, Pray, Love. I've decided to reread that gem, and I was reading and half dozing and half looking around to totally appreciate my amazing surroundings while lying on the rock...(which means I re-read the same sentances several times)

That couple walked back by (I guess they were done? Only, I saw no tacos or coffee drinks in their hands) and I decided to bury my nose in my book instead...I didn't want to converse...I didn't want to even know how they knew they were done.

Instead, I wanted to breathe...breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun's rays...smile to myself and thank my lucky stars that I am healthy enough to be enjoying myself this much.

Oh, and try my hardest to memorize Italian curse words...

(what? She totally talks about that in the book...and if I couldn't live to find the proverbial taco stand...I'll just enjoy myself in my own way...)

13 June 2008

All The News That's Fit...

Tuesday at Oh Knit found me looking at 2 rolled up newspapers...

They were made by Rozzilyn, resident reporter and creative genius extraordinaire.

Apparently (as the story goes) my mother was in the kitchen making breakfast one morning, and heard something hit the ground behind her and a voice say, "...Paper's here!" And, laying rolled up behind her was a paper...

The Daily Star

Now, I don't know how I came to see the paper, but I seriously love them...she knows it, so she had not one, but two waiting for me last Tuesday (she was supposed to bring one of them over to my house the previous week, but in all the rush to get out of the house and see my stoned kitty, she forgot...luckily, this was the week their kitty had his teeth done...wow 2 stoned kitties in a row!) Rozzilyn's paper is so much better than the local one we have in town...I wonder how much she charges for a subscription?

The Daily Star has all the day's headlines, comics, movies and movie reviews comics and sometimes a whole jumble page...depending.

I wish I had one of the stories here because they are wonderful! Let's see...Father Cedric was found dead (although Rozz informed me that he and his wife were faking, although, I have no idea why) there are robbers, and dog shows...and there was something involving a rope ball...but, I've forgotten the rope ball's name.

Shame really.

I wish our town had a rope ball...


Well, at least I get to read about it in the paper.

11 June 2008

The Phone Call That Changed My Life...

(ok...perhaps that's a bit dramatic...but...)

Yesterday morning,
while on the phone with my sweetie (who is in the pre-throwes of becoming a famous photographer...even as we speak here on this blog) I got a beepy-thing...or more of a "blerply-eep" kind of all quiet and sneaky-like.

It made me raise my eyebrow...

I was confused as to if it was something that was trying to interrupt my current phone call with my artist-boy...because it was kind of a week sounding beep, if it was one at all. So, I quickly said an, "un-huh..." only to throw off said artist-boy, and let him know that I was still listening to him, but really I had the phone about a foot away from my face, while madly punching buttons to get the screen to light up, and see if there was something on the screen or not.

There was.

A text alert from Dina.

So, I pushed the "view it later" button and "un-huh"-ed my way back into the animated discussion still going on via cell, it was like I never left...but, I couldn't let the text drop from the back of my mind because it was 7:30 am...and the fact that I had received a text from Dina that early might constitute an emergency. This made me barely able to participate in the conversation that was still going on (which I hate to do, because talking to the photographer is one of my favorite morning activities) So, I let him know what was going on, begged a moment's pause and viewed the text which read:

R U up?


And then sat on my hands and acted all jittery until Rich said, "why don't I go get a little more ready for my day, you call Dina, and I'll call you back.." (the fact that he knows me so well, is yet another reason I thank my lucky stars he's in my life)

Phone Conversation:

Dina: Hi...are you up?

Me: Yes...gawds, I had the most awful day yesterday (insert random personal things here)

Dina: It must be going around, because I....(insert other random personal things here)

Me: So, what's up?

Dina: I'm booking the Hotel...we're going on our weekend together, we're making it an annual thing, I need a break...

Me: Yeah. I'm in.

Of course, with all the time we have left until we get to depart from Prescott to Scottsdale...we get to take part in one of our funnest rituals of planning a trip...The what will we do when we get there? scenario...This takes place with conversations on the phone and in person and rapid fire emails and texts...and of course, making some kind of count-down banner for my side-bar...

Come on August.

10 June 2008

Order In The Court...

You're using too much salt on your food!

OK...I don't know if that's true (although, it's not too healthy if it is) but that's what I saw when I spied these little red gavel Salt & Pepper shakers at the thrift the other day.

Apparently someone decided to rid themselves of their Salt & Pepper shaker collection. Most of the shakers were tiny...for instance, I got my mother a set that were the tiniest barrels with inlaid wood on the top of them. We were giggling because if you had people over to dinner and asked them to pass the salt or pepper...they may be on a hunt for quite a while to even find the shakers, much less pass them to you. Big hands? See you later tiny barrels of seasoning...

I'm not too sure why one would need gavel S & P's, but they're pretty cute, and they would probably be pretty easy to use with those handles on them, don't you think?

I almost passed them up because I don't collect S & P's, but the red just had me walking back to them again and again...

Caus'e you know I have red highlights all over the kitchen...they just needed to come home with me. As you can see, they certainly bring my Over The Stove Shelf right together now, don't they? Sitting there tucked into the vintage shot and measuring glasses...

I also found these teeny little rose ones as well...they went on the kitchen table however...

(So I don't accidentally loose them)

None of the sets
I bought were over $1.50, and the only real problem came when I carried my teeny treasures to the counter to pay, and the gal decided to announce to me, "...you should have seen the figural Mr. Peanut ones!"

*blink blink*

They were sold already (um, yeah...of course) It was hard both not to think either of the value of a set of figural Mr. Peanut Salt & Pepper shakers...or how cute they would have looked in my kitchen.

09 June 2008

The Movie...

Girls meet up, with lunch beforehand (no cosmos for some reason) buy tickets and then take a look at some RV's.

The RV's happened to be sitting in an empty dirt parking lot next to the theater. Huge RV's...huge huge huge...one was about $100,000. more than I paid for my actual house (although, I can't drive my house around. That I know of) It was lovely to dream...although, I didn't see any Airstreams...which I think are a bit classier. And when anticipating an afternoon with the cast of Sex and the City...I would rather save my money for clothes, shoes and handbags...

And then we finally made our way into the theater for the movie.

What can I say? I laughed, I cried...it was more than I was even expecting (I'm so out of the loop, I didn't even know they were making a movie, and when I found out, I almost didn't want to see it...but, I'm so glad I did) Since I'm mostly close to the characters ages, they are usually dealing with some of the same issues I am, so every once in a while something really hit home (which is why I brought tissue with me...my sister warned me that I needed to...and may have been why I was weepy when I got home as well, I was planning on making some phone calls when I got home, and just didn't have it in me and snuck into bed earlier than I planned)

As an avid watcher of the Sex and the City series, I honestly didn't think there were any loose ends to tie up, so sitting at the movies was actually like having a fun afternoon with 4 good friends I haven't seen in a while...it was lovely to catch up with them...and I'd love to do it again in another 4 years as well.

I, like other people I've read...totally got into the movie so much (after I told myself that I would try to really see all the clothes and wonderfulness that is...although Dina and I would lean towards each other and point out something...and that red floral dress Carrie is wearing? Oh...swoon-a-roo! I think I was pointing at it and whispering, "I want that!" at the same time her mother was whispering, "I can totally see Sadie in that" I mean...Carrie and I have the same Mac...although, I noticed for this movie she upgraded to a MacBook Pro...hmmmm...I wonder...?) that I think I may see the movie again. Not that it's a bad thing. My only "complaint" is that every once in a while in the movie, the girls were sooo excited to see each other they squealed...which I thought was not very authentic, and it seemed a little contrived...I mean, they didn't spend that much time apart, so it was a little weird they would be that exited to see each other every time. All in all, it was wonderful to see these 4 friends still supporting and loving each other throughout their lives.

and the clothes! The shoes! The handbags! They were magnificent...

Of Course.

And another weird side effect of the movie besides wanting to go out and shop high fashion, or make high fashion is: Damn Sara Jessica Parker looks great! I eagerly hopped out of bed this morning and high-tailed it to the gym...I mean, she's older than I am...there's hope to look that good right? I mean, if she's like Madonna, she works out 4 hours a day...I could shoot for mostly that tone right?

06 June 2008

I'm Found...

If you've ever chosen to scroll down to the bottom of my blogpage...you may have noticed that I have a stat counter. This is so I know how many people visit, and who they are...it also comes with such handy things as visitor paths, popular pages...and my favorite...Keyword Search.

Keyword Search is basically the words some one's used to find their way to you...although, you probably know all this. But, what you don't know is the keywords people are using to find Foolsewoode.

Here are some of the more popular ways people find me:

Shower Dude - I have no idea what this could mean. All I can think of is either a guy shaped soap on a rope...or some sort of mannequin that you put in your shower...you know, kind of like one of those one's that people put in their cars so that no one knows they're alone?

i would walk 500 miles and i would walk through your door - OK...now I admit, if I walked 500, I probably would end up walking through the door to get right to a glass of water, a hot shower, and a bed, but sadly, those are not the words...They're "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked a 1000 miles to fall down at your door" Romantic for sure, but no one's walking through anything spunky... (and yes, that is the capitalization that the person used)

Butt Bling - HA! That was one of my favorite posts...and I would still love to design a whole line of butt bling for people, only I can't stand to look at that part of any one's body anymore...butt crack is just so passe (it's also 2 separate words people...)

Women's Buttcrack - OK...this is getting icky isn't it? Knock it off buttcrack people...if you want to see women's butt crack, go outside and glance around at any typical American city...there's a lot at hand, and will be until low-rise jeans go out of style (again, it's 2 separate words)

And...my very favorite...the one that keeps coming up again and again:

Viewmaster Porn - Something Dina and I pondered one night and it was decided that it would indeed be a lucrative business. I am still thinking that, as those words keep popping up again and again...

Maybe we could include Butt Crack & Bling in it too?

Look-out world!

Have an amazing weekend all...

05 June 2008

The Spoils...

Yes, yes...

Souvenirs for ME!

From Bookman's way up in Flagstaff...acquired with some long standing credit I happen to have just laying around waiting to be used...I grabbed these 2 new vintage books.

A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband

With Bettina's Best Recipes


Chock full of wonderful and fun stories about a newly married couple, in all of their bliss. From what exactly to have in your pantry handy (6 cans of pimentos, and a box of pickled herring...who knew?) How to by a refrigerator or Washington's Birthday Plans...Plus? The pictures are just priceless, and include all sorts of cute dancing little kitchen cherubs (along with the happily married newlyweds of course)

The Universal Cook Book
Bridge How To Play
What To Serve

*With Advice To Housewives


Also with wonderful recipes, and directions on how best to plant things by region, the most economical way to use meat, the best way to can and serve vegetables...and of course, how to play bridge, and what to serve while doing it. Rich actually found this book to be fascinating, as he'd never seen a universal cook book, so I told him I would grab it and he could borrow it at any time.

Maybe we'll have a bridge party over at the Airstream?

As you know, I totally love vintage cook books...and just apparently swoon at any housewiferly advise. You know, just in case I get married again, and really want to please my husband? I'm sure having 6 jars of dried beef and 12 cans of peas and 3 pkg. marshmallows on my emergency shelf is certainly going to do it...well, that and being able to make creamed tuna on toast to serve while we play bridge...

Areas I most certainly went wrong in previously.

Found at Rollies Camera in Sedona, possibly the best camera bag ever invented. Oh yes...The Mighty Crumpler outdid themselves this time:

  • Mustard and Red exterior with black highlights
  • An amazing graphic bird design inside
  • A matching bird graphic velcro cover-up (for those who are worried about making a bunch of noise while out photographing...I will now be attempting to make some of these for Rich's Crumplers so he can be his stealth self and true to his Indian name...walks quietly with camera shooting many HDR pictures of nature and such)
  • An embroidered bird watcher on the side (as the inventor of this bag and company, I believe is an avid bird photographer)
  • A larger inside storage compartment
  • A larger front storage compartment
  • Limited Edition

I know I just bought the other one, and Love it dearly...but I also know Rich has had his eye on it for a while yet, and proposed an interesting idea once we reached the Titan...which resulted in him purchasing the bag from me so that he has both a smaller style and one that matches his other bag perfectly...

So, in case you're keeping track, we now own the 4 million $ home, the 5 million $ home, and the 6 million $ home...and what looks like the start of a great camera/baby bag collection Because I'm totally standing by my statement that these bags would indeed make the perfect baby bag...

Or a good bag to keep both your drugged out cat and her syringe pain medication in...she'd just adore watching the birds fly around

(damn hallucinations)

(pictures of TheWhistler were taken from Crumpler's website...thanks guys!)

04 June 2008

That Stoned Cat...

Wanna' know what a kitty who's had not one, but two tooth extractions...and has been wandering around the house smelling familiar everyday things with a newfound interest (that is when she's not staring off into space or hallucinating...) looks like?

Poor Fuzz Monkey...

With the dialated pupils...

Poor Stoned Fuzz Monkey.

Ms. Meena made it
through her teeth cleaning and surgery with flying colors. When I went to pick her up, I wasn't doing so well...I'm not sure if it was the ending total I payed...or the baggie of medication and thorough details they gave me of her visit they gave me (in fact, they sent me home with 4 oral pain meds in syringes and said that they need to be applied to the gums...okaaay... you do realize that this is on a cat? They said usually the pets like it because it does things to them...I'll say. She's been watching goodnessknowswhat flying all around the house for quite some time now...and true to form, has been taking her medication with no problems) But, I almost fainted. Since they are currently remodeling the Vet office, there was no place for me to sit and put my head between my legs...so, I had to take a deep breath and talk myself through my panic attack/near fainting episode, all while trying not to let anyone know that I may drop to the floor at any moment...both of which leave me shaky and in need of both a good hug and a good cry. But, when I saw my girl (with her little shaved leg and rather large pupils) that she was both alive and wanting to go home, I felt better. She came right into the house, and looked around for her food, had a little smackrel...and then proceeded to thoroughly entertain us with her baked kitty antics while my mother and Rozz were here.

I woke up several times last night to check on her...and I swear she was just sitting in the dark staring off into space. Honestly...what's in these things?

When I woke up
to go to the gym she was curled up sleeping...

It was time for me to give her another round of pain meds...

Let the hallucinations begin.


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