31 December 2006

Happy New Year!

In sitting here reflecting over on my past year (which I certainly can do, as I now have documented it in the blog) I'm not sure what to think (although, I may be able to do some odd thinking after one of these tiny Austi's Dina got for tonight)

This indeed was one of the hardest years I've had the pleasure to live through...and I say pleasure, because, well...I'm still here. Still getting up, still living.

It's also been one of the sweetest years, for growth and realizations, creativity and expansion. This year is currently ending on an amazing note, one that I had not anticipated in the least, as the sweet super hero (I've mentioned of late...and who has wondered when in fact, his picture would be posted) has popped back in, out of the blue. (there is quite a back story to this man, and if you want me to share, I will) And, I'm hopeful that I will carry that energy into the new year.

...the anticipation and excitement, laughter and smiles, dreams and hopes, and love...
I wish them all to you, my dear readers...
Happy New Year!

(now I gotta' figure out what I'm going to wear)

29 December 2006

Christmas Baking...

...Ah yes, the Friday before Christmas, I sat up in the shop and declared "I want to bake!" Much to the concern of the people shopping there...perhaps they were expecting "I want to rock!"?

At any rate, I was able to coordinate my ingredients list with the one my mother was running to the store for (and got entirely out of shopping) and welcomed everyone to the house that night, for:

Chocolate pecan cookies
sugar cookies
rice crispie treats

With no dairy, wheat or refined sugar...being respectful of allergies in the family. Unfortunately, it took so long to do everything, there was no time to ice the sugar cookies...but at least they were in fact baked, and they are still delicious! I also have piles of the things laying about, forcing me to grab handfuls every time I run out the door...and giving them out to everyone I know. I just don't have the sweet tooth I once did.

(which isn't bad because I'm having to reevaluate my pants...moving down to a smaller size I'm happy to report!)

28 December 2006

A Sprinkling...

A Smattering...

A Dusting...

A Smackrel...

I'm not sure exactly what the perfect term is...but there is an itty-bitty bit of snow hanging around...finally

Not like a Robert Frost poem, as there may not be any sledding to anyone's house, but it has been trying...and that is certainly what counts.

I am of the ilk that wants it to snow, no matter how inconvenient for the people living here...who've mostly retired from somewhere snowier...but still don't seem to know how to drive in this stuff (as they hop immediately into their ultra light cars and speed like demons, to stock up on canned foodstuff at the grocery...people it's N. AZ...it won't stick around like it used to) But, for the sake of saving the forests and having water to drink and whatnot...that's what I'm in it for...

And, it's coming down at the moment...sparsely, but beautifully...silver and white and sparkling...

27 December 2006

My Sister...

Has been here for the past week visiting. Her birthday is on Christmas, and we celebrated it after the big holiday hoopla. And while I love this girl in so many ways...I have to admit that it wasn't always that way.

We are 7 years apart...and when I found out my mother was pregnant, I remember saying, "...no, I'm not excited...and it better be a boy" You see, I had a huge problem sharing.

And then on Christmas those many years ago we had to leave my cousins and grandmother's house early so my mom could go home and have a baby (her only home birth...9 and a half pounds is a great way to experience that one!!)

There were many years of tension (putting it nicely...no one would take us together on vacations, except my mom because we fought so much) And then it stopped.

...And I see my sister as the most amazing person. I am constantly in awe at her courage and intelligence in the face of the journey that she's been on in this life. She is creative...making and putting together clothes and her home...and I always look forward to her coming home and cleaning out my closet...sometimes in a not so gentle way ("we all make fun of you behind your back when you wear that") Not only does that make me get rid of stuff...but it makes me laugh!

She's so funny...and beautiful, I had such a hard time choosing among the pictures for this post...because I see her glow in a different way than I ever have before. She's like this rock in my life somewhere that reminds me that we're all a little crazy...and that I need to remember to have fun...because I'm that serious person sometimes.

And, I know you can't live here anymore Thais...and you're happy with where you're at, but I want you to know how much I miss you every day now, and how much I love and appreciate having you in my life...you're the best sister in the world...I can't imagine going through life without you...your strength and boldness...light and laughter...your extreme creativity...inspires me.

I love you

25 December 2006

Merry Christmas...

Are we having fun yet?

We had a great time...and I have the pictures to prove it:

A Pixel Chick

Amazing Allyson


Another Pixel Chick

A Nintendo DS

Which all inevitably leads to the opening and attempted freeing of all these dolls...their clothes, accessories, batteries, directions, stickers, assembly...(plastic for days)


And the frustration that came along with not being able to wake the Amazing Allysen (interactive doll) up from her slumber...which means that this long awaited and much anticipated new member of the family will need to be packed up and taken back to the store for an exchange.

Luckily the girl got plenty more toys to play with and was able to be OK with the doll sitting quietly in the corner...

...While my grandmother looked through Rozzie's new vintage bag of Barbie clothes (because you just don't get as many toys as you once did when you're 93)

All in all it was a lovely day, punctuated by much eating and merry making...plus a wonderful walk in the afternoon...and the celebration of my sister's birthday (more on that tomorrow)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of joy and light and happiness and much chocolate and presents...I know this has been one of the most surprising Christmases I've had in years...and although I did not post any of my gifts here (yet) I got more than I could have ever asked for...thank you so much everyone!

Happy Christmas !

21 December 2006

X-mas Party...

Last night I had a lovely date with Dina...she was polite and sweet and beautiful as always...really a perfect date! Plus, owning my own business with only my mother working for me makes for a non-company holiday party...because we see each other all the time anyway, and well...it would just be quite silly to have a party, and get dressed up...then again, maybe it would be fun.

We dined at a local Italian restaurant in town, and I had Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms and artichokes...yum...a salad and tirimisu for dessert (which was actually good...you see, my sister rocks the tirimisu boat pretty hard...and I've never had better, so sometimes I am sorely disappointed when I put a forkful of other peoples tirimisu in my mouth...making it a little hard to swallow as you might imagine) They also had an ornament exchange...I walked away with a sweet little glass spade ornament, and Dina got a lovely Elvis one...because nothing says Merry Christmas more than the thin Elvis in gold sparkly pants...which will really go perfect on her vintage silver aluminum tree!

My sister arrived in town, and I saw her ever so briefly...I plan on taking lots of pictures (even though I keep forgetting my camera...maybe I should just wear it on a strap around my neck...or put a post-it with the words don't forget your camera! on the front door...the holidays are turning my brain to mush)

20 December 2006

Random Going Ons...

What? No Picture? Again? (don't hate me because I'm a space cadet...and the holidays have thrown me...a girl, out into the world with a camera, and the ability to not remember she has it to document her immediate life...it's like a superpower)

We're gearing up for my sister's arrival today...she'll be here for an entire week...will it be enough?

Will I live to get my holiday shopping done? On time?

Albertson's has those wonderful new white chocolate and peppermint pieces Kisses on sale. Also the peanut butter filled ones. I am no longer allowed to go to the store by myself...I am not to be trusted in the presence of these Kisses.

Late night dates with superheroes lead to ultimate hilarity and silliness...finally, I'm not too worried that I'm too silly...And did you know that another superhero power is to read out loud from books? And sing? And play guitar? You know, other that being thoughtful and gentlemanly and the flying thing. And superheroes sometimes say things like, "you know, I always thought it would be fun to fix up a house" (what?!? Well...I do have this one thing...wink wink)

It finally snowed...no accumulation, yet it was swirling down from the sky in such an amazing and beautiful way...I sometimes forget how amazing and magical it is to have weather...although, I may be able to sneak away for a little hike on Christmas day due to the no weather thing...but still...

I'm off my little monkeys...for another wonderful day...a little last minute running around...a special date with Dina (ahh...Company Christmas parties rock) And perhaps, just perhaps, I will remember to pull out the camera and start some documentation of said random life...

19 December 2006

A Girl Walks Into A...

...Early Christmas with her other family...the one that I spent most of my time with when I was not with my own family...Said girl had camera with her, did she take it out of her purse to capture all the:

  • Gift opening (resulting in a stack of gift cards and new Ginko bubble bath...for my memory?)
  • An entire turkey dinner
  • Fun games with the family and friends
  • Hysterical laughing...music

No, she did not actually. Said girl keeps forgetting about the camera in her possession and there it sits nestled and snuggled in the bottom of her purse.


Thank you everyone...I had an amazing time!
(and I promise to take pictures soon...promise)

17 December 2006

Creative Sunday Hiatus...

...Only to catch up on and finish Holiday shopping and wrapping...as I will be attending an early Christmas Monday at My Pal Amy's house before she jets off to parts unknown (actually, I know where she's going...) So, Dina and I went out a little early and did some shopping and I wrapped gifts in the afternoon...

The Holiday Party at my home on Saturday evening was a success...and imagine if you will, those lovely girls without the red demon eyes...hahaha (silly camera) That's My Pal Amy on the right, and Lovely Dina on the left. Me in the middle...with a little scrunchy look on my face...but no mind that...Dina, apparently has been collecting vintage cocktail dresses for some time now...something I'm wondering why I haven't collected yet? Although, she's generous in lending them out.

I am in a lovely vintage velvet with embroidered pansies...that I actually bought for Dina in San Francisco (for $8) years ago! I think it fits me better now than it did when I used to borrow it then (yay)

And here is a silly picture of my friend Steven and I...which I think looks like a prom picture, and since I don't actually have any of my prom pictures...I'll take it!

And can you believe, that we stopped taking pictures right after that...so, I didn't get my other 3 guests (one of which is the afore metnioned superhero...sans cape (but came in a lovely jacket and tie!)

So...that's that...I hope you all are ready for the impending holiday. I am getting ready for my sister to come into town this week, plus I am Dina's date for her work party on Wed. and gearing up for Solstice on the 21st...it's going to be a busy one...but I'll certainly try to check in...

15 December 2006


Is it really 10 days until Christmas?

Is my holiday party really tomorrow night?

I honestly don't know whether to wrap presents or vacuum.


Sock monkey tree topper and red garland...as good as it's going to get this year...

14 December 2006

Holly Flat Tire Batman...


  • Was alerted to the fact that I had a nail in one of my tires Sunday.
  • Forgot to take care of it.
  • Walked out to put up the outside Xmas lights (yeah I know, finally...well, I'm having the party on Sat. and am trying to look like I have it all together!)
  • Noticed totally different tire flat.
  • Called my superhero...
  • Thought the spare was flat.
  • Not so...
  • Said superhero came and changed out the tire, so I could go play with Niko and Dina
  • Found screw in tire...trying not to go with the conspiracy theory that someone is out to get me, but that there is just a lot of construction in this town.
  • Got up early to go beat the rush at the tire store...
(Thank you Superhero, I know I could have taken care of this myself, but I appreciate the help!)

13 December 2006

OH Knit!

Well...rats no pictures for this post...and I don't quite have the time this morning, as I need to rush off for early appointments. But, I do have a date tonight with my artist and his mother, so I will be sure to bring the camera along to document all of our fun!

Last night at my mum's, I helped Rozzie learn how to use her digital camera and download pictures, and then put them on her blog...her blog now looks better than mine, and she's getting more comments...jealous? NO...Proud? Oh yes! She's decorated her own mini tree, much to my mothers eye rolling, as my mother usually waits to decorate for the holidays closer to the actual holiday itself...nice to see Rozzie is like me...and wants to decorate early (with lights on the tree too...although, I must confess, I did not put ornaments on the tree this year, but I did indeed put a garland on the tree...and the sock monkey tree topper...I'll show you later) She also used tinsel, which I don't normally use, and it looks beautiful!

My mother completed one whole adult sized sock, and let me try it on. What a tease...this thing feels so amazingly wonderful, and better than any over the counter sock I've ever felt! I am too impressed, it looks perfect...and feels great, did I mention that already? I continued knitting my little roses, as I contemplate exactly what to put them on...and we watched Jingle All The Way...one of my favorite holiday movies.

I popped home and enjoyed a surprise visit from another wonderful friend (after much text flirting) where we talked and solved all the worlds problems...sitting in front of my little electric fireplace, eating Jr. Mints and reading excerpts from the latest Cosmo...one of my favorite silly indulgences. I can't say that we learned a lot, but we laughed quite a bit...

12 December 2006

A tiny little road trip...

Last Friday...right after work...I hopped into the car of my wonderful friend Kate's mother and took a little trip. We had a lovely time conversing on the journey...and were quite excited to get to our destination. Where we giggled into the night with the group and did a bit of knitting as well...Kate is the one who taught me how to knit in the round, and we usually do a bit of something like that whenever we get together!

But, the real reason for the visit, was for Ms. Z's big birthday blowout! She was excited to see me, which is wonderful because I'm just happy she remembers who I am (we don't get to see each other that often)

Kate had the brilliant idea of letting her open her presents whenever she discovered them...and mine was first that morning! A super fabulous red metal shopping basket and groceries...Apparently she'd just seen one, and wanted it badly...I did not know that, but had bought it for her some time ago...
It went over really well! She put one of her sweet little babies in it, and away she went. We sat for quite some time while she asked me exactly what everything was...and then carefully repeated each item back to me...

My favorite moment was when she spontaneously looked up at me and said, "thank you Sadie" melt...

As you can see, this gift fits into what is fast becoming her own little kitchen area in the house!

Kate worked really hard hiding little plastic toys in the sand box for all the kids to dig and find...and there was a small jumping castle (that I dearly wanted to get in, but had worn a skirt...so that idea was out) But everyone else looked like they had a blast!

And, for the grand finale...a fabulous no sugar carrot cake! Raven made this special, as Ms. Z has never had cake before...and she had quite a few bites after blowing out her big #2 candle.

I had a wonderful time, and am reminded exactly why I need to get a new car...so I can go visit more often, and maybe for a little longer...a one day trip is just never enough...

Happy Birthday Big 2 Year Old Girl!!

11 December 2006

Sunday December 10th...


  • Mama
  • Marshall
  • Me
  • Rozzilyn

Wahoo...I'm still continuing with my 3-day weekend! Part of this was lived out yesterday during Creative Sunday...We regulars were joined by my good friend Marshall...who brought his guitar and played music for all of us...and then played CD's as well (mostly a trip down the 80's memory lane...I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but then again, certain people will bring that out in you!) Marshall was also writing in his notebook, although, I forgot to pry into what that was all about...

I made this bag from a thrifted felted sweater...added a layered pocket on the front, and then stepped back and said hmmm...I finished the strap with a vintage floral belt, lined it with the floral material peeking out there...and put a little flannel owl patterned pocket on the inside...I finished the strap with a vintage floral belt buckle, and added a little shoe pin that I dearly love.

I'm not so sure about the shape of the bag with the pocket on the front...and am loving the simplicity of the back and it's plainness...however, I haven't put anything in it yet to see what the shape will do...and I figure that I can always turn it around if I don't want to see the pockets! And, as Marshall pointed out, I will not be able to see the bag so well when I'm wearing it...but did he take into account that other people would be seeing it???

I helped Rozzie format and set up her blog...you can check it out here:

Blue-Eyed-Daisy...bookmark it, I think it's going to be a good one...this Tuesday, we're going to work on learning how to post pictures as well...

My mother worked on a stocking garland from the velvet material left over from the quilt we rescued...I didn't take any pictures as it was a little crazy around here...

After I got home from my teeny road trip, I was informed that there was a tiny dog that showed up at my grandmother's house...in need of help. So, said little dog is here in my house now. She's super sweet, and little, and seems to be getting along with the cat pretty well...It was Wild Kingdom last night with a dog sleeping at my back...and a cat sleeping on my pillow, a little claustrophobic, but in a good way.

I am not sure the reality of having a dog has quite sunk in, and I am still checking the Humane Society to see if a lost dog has been reported...Until then, she's getting a lot of love...and a little toy there, that I made out of that felted sweater.

I'll post a little more later about the tiny road trip...that included one of my favorite families...and a special 2-year old birthday party...

08 December 2006

...I'm dancing...

...is exactly what I said to dear Dina when she called me last night.

"Why? You are? Who else is there?"

"No one, just me..."

dancing. alone. to my 80's CD.

I was singing too...I failed to mention that (I swear this is the best $8 Target investment I've ever made) Mostly because I am a goofball...and also because I'm celebrating being alive. Go figure...something must have shaken loose going to the game Wed. night, I tell you, if you spend enough time alone, you may dance and sing too...Is this a good thing?

I wonder if this feeling will translate into me decorating the Christmas tree? Probably not...and there is a nasty rumor going around that I will be having a Christmas party at the house next Saturday night. Which means I may have to clean up around here too...So...a few slices of cheese, some crackers and a couple bottles of wine too?


Which may lead to even more dancing and singing...of course, this may be with actual people in the house...although don't get too excited, I won't be performing...I'll be expecting my guests to join in. So:

  • wine
  • cheese
  • crackers
  • disco ball

And...onto my little secret...an actual three day weekend...starting right after work (and you can believe that I need this one!) I anticipate fun with friends from the new space I find myself in...and here's a shout out to all in town...Don't forget about Creative Sunday...I would love to see you here...I'm planning on starting at 11...

(and did anyone else notice the poor candy cane reindeer? What happened to his eye??? Does no one get through the holiday season without being unscathed?)

07 December 2006


There was a hockey game last night...I had 2 tickets (thanks to Dina)

I had no date.

Did I go alone?

Yes I did...

Was I lonely? A bit. And by a bit means, I was way out of my comfort zone (and not just because the girl behind me was a screamer!)

Perhaps sporting events are not the best things to attend alone, yet not only did I not want to waste the tickets, but I wanted to go. So, go I did. Which I suppose should make me reflect on my bravery or boldness or something...but, I just really wanted to go, and I don't think that me being slightly uncomfortable should stop me from doing anything (and I'll have you know, I stayed almost to the end...then came home and treated myself with a bubble bath and a cuppa' tea) I've been spending quite a bit of my time lately reflecting and thinking about things in my life (I do that quite a bit actually...you know, in between everything else) And yesterday, I had a couple of epiphanies:

1. I sometimes am so busy in my head, trying to figure things out...how to do them, or how they should be or look...that I forget to enjoy things. Really enjoy them, and be in the moment. I'm drawing all these things to me that I really want in life...and then I worry about how they appear, and it's OK for me to slow down and enjoy them...silly girl.

2. This really goes along with the other one...In looking at how things appear in my life, I get uncomfortable if they are not the way they were in the past, and don't know how to act...yet, I have been really working at changing things in my life, and that means doing things differently because I am not always happy with the results of my past...then yesterday (perfect timing) I found this quote in a book that summed it up really well for me:

"Sometimes it is only in retrospect that we can see that we were given another chance at life, a new relationship or whatever, but because we were too busy reacting to the past, we missed the opportunity at something radically new."

Oh yeah...that made me laugh out loud at myself! To actually change something or do something different than you've done in the past...you have to do it a totally different way...no matter how uncomfortable or unfamiliar it feels...or how different it looks to everyone else, without using the shadow of the past to predict the future.

So, armed with this new information...it was perfectly fine for me to attend the hockey game alone...perfectly radically new (even with a little last minute panic phone call) Life seems to be a series of leaps of faiths doesn't it?

And...thank you everyone for the sweet comments of the past few days...as always, I feel honored that you visit me...and the winner of a set of softie trees is...

(go figure girl...you won it!)
I feel like I want to make a set for everyone though...sigh.
I will do the presentation of the trees tonight...if we're still on for soup and fun?! (call me)

06 December 2006

...What a Party...

Well, the evening started off interestingly enough...

Mama and I running around taking furniture pieces downtown to sell after I got off of work...then a mad dash to the heath-food store for a little bit of food for the big shin-dig...guess what? No guacamole...on to Safeway, where we were greeted by Santa Claus...and were immediately wary, then he shouted "Free Starbucks!" at us as we passed by...whoa, that stopped us in our tracks...we looked back, and veered into the Starbucks counter where indeed, we were treated to free coffee! And if that wasn't enough, I found a quarter on the floor later on...

Mama made the above cake (absolutely delicious...and is helping me use up all of my pecans) The flowers were sent by the Up North family members...

We ate a bit of guac. and chips, followed by cake...opened presents, took pictures...

And I spent the rest of the night feeling like I was going to cry...

I tell you...I don't know if I'm up to the excitement of coffee, chocolate and no dinner anymore (I hate to think it's an age thing...maybe it's the holidays?)

Maybe it's that I look like a fat drunk person with red demon eyes in the pictures we took...it's so very hard to say...(I swear I don't really look like this in person, do I?)

Don't forget that I am going to do a drawing tonight for a set of little trees...so keep the comments coming...

05 December 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma...

It is my grandmother's 93rd. birthday today...amazing isn't it? We will be celebrating later by eating cake and opening presents...I know, what does one get someone who has seen almost everything...and probably has had almost everything as well? I'm getting her a little gnome and a new top...

My grandmother has always been a huge part of my life...after all, I've known her all my life (hahaha) Sometimes we haven't had the easiest relationship, yet she's always been there...with her support and stories.

She is an amazingly strong female role model...living so many stories during the various stages of her life...a child growing up in rural Kentucky, getting married and moving to California during the depression...living through that as a mother and wife...then later, after her divorce, as an extremely successful real estate agent, grandmother, and great grandmother. She shares the stories of her life so freely, and has been through some amazing adventures. Not to mention that she was 5'9" with black hair and blue eyes...a beauty, and still is.

She's also been an incredible creative force in my life, as she does amazing things with her hands...cooking, fashion design and crochet included...and I consider myself so lucky to have grown up watching both her and my mother do so many things. She believes in fairies and gnomes, and always encouraged my imagination as a child in these magical realms as well...We've spent some wonderful times together...and, one of my favorite memories is when I used to go to her house to spend the night...we would head out into the back yard and have a bar-b-q...Now, you have to understand that she lived in this HUGE ritzy house (and had a gardener) in Southern California...and we would sit by her back fence, gather up all the eucalyptus (pronounced u-cala-pew-tus by these Kentuckians) leaves...set them on fire, and then roast hot dogs on wire coat hangers. This was so wonderful, because of the smell of the leaves burning...plus, the taste of the dogs was enhanced by the leaves as well! (her neighbors used to peek over the fence and roll their eyes at us...that would make us both giggle! Grandparents always do the most magical things don't they?) That was back when she was trying to get me to gain weight...and feed me tons of food, and then wring her hands over the fact that I'd weighed 62 for 3 years (not such a huge problem right now)

Happy Birthday Grandma...Thank you for all these years, the laughter and the tears...the stories and the memories...
I love you so much!

04 December 2006

Sunday December 2nd...


  • Mama
  • Me
  • Rozzie
This little pom-pom animal showed up on Sunday too...he's not quite as blurry in person (however, we've already had the discussion about the close-up pictures my camera takes)...he's made from 2 little pom-pom's, and shaped with scissors...you can see the start of a red pom-pom that my mother made for me for the sock monkey hat on her lap. She also worked on a special knit project for a holiday gift...and has almost finished it up...but in the spirit of not ruining any surprises...I'm refraining from showing it right now...

Rozzie entertained us with suggestions for pom-pom animals which included one for a candle (hmmmm) but decided she would watch rather than jump in with the scissors...so she snacked on chips and danced around to music...generally being her little fairy self.

....And you can't see the forest around here for the trees...

Trees Trees everywhere...all shapes and sizes, were the theme this weekend. I did finally put up a Christmas tree...a lovely skinny tall tree, that fits in the window still...because I have such a beautiful picture window, and I love the tree in the window of a home...yet in front of the window currently lives the HUGE chest/kitty bed...so there was no way the tree was going to be centered this year...this one is just perfect, as it fits to the side (yay) The jury is still out about decorating it however...I'll keep you posted on that one. As you can see...Meena seems to be enjoying the tree next to her bed...and I think she's beyond the age of scaling the tree, so I can rest easy on that account.

And...I am loving all the little trees that are showing up everywhere...and as my mother constantly reminds me when I re-do my mantle "you need height" So, height I have...in the shape of 3 graduating trees...

red: felted wool sweater
white: vintage wool blanket
turquoise: felted wool blanket

And...in the spirit of giving...

I made 5 of these little sets...2 for me, 1 for mom and Rozzie, 1 for My Pal Amy and her family...and 1 extra...for someone out there...

I know I have all sorts of visitors (stat counter) and having a blog has meant so much to me for the past year (yes, it's been an entire year) AND...I would love to hear from you in person...please leave me a comment with your email address, and I will put everyones name in a hat, and do a little drawing on Wed. night...whoever gets drawn will get a little package from me containing a set of these sweet trees...

So...I'll be hearing from you soon!

03 December 2006

Confessions of a Deranged Rodeo Queen...

OK...to be totally completely honest...I never was a rodeo queen, or even tried to be...I just put on the belt the other day. I could have, you see, tried out for this position, I live in the town that boasts The World's Oldest Rodeo (it's in Trivial Pursuit even) The belt is not an official Rodeo Queen belt, but it sure is sparkly with a lot of rhinestones (and you know me and sparkles) Every once in a while, the thought crosses my mind, "can I pull this off?" then I mosey out of the house and try it. I lasted the whole day...no one said anything rude, so I suppose it did work.

Rodeo queens remind me of parades (you see, this is where she would do most of her queenly duties) and we did have the Christmas parade this last Saturday. Lovely, as always, making me a bit sentimental, as I have been in every version of a Prescott parade (except the light parade) You see, I may not have been a R.Q. but I was a flag girl in high school...marching with the Pride Of Prescott...the local high school band (yes, I lettered 2 years in band...I have the Letterman's sweater to prove it...and I did indeed go to band camp...) Parades are fun

super fun.

And the Courthouse lighting was Saturday night...I sang in the choir for that in grade school...that's what happens when you've lived in a place as long as I have, you tend to have done so many things associated with the history of the town. I do long for the time when there were not many spectators in the crowds because it seemed like the whole town was in the parade...and there were not people bussed in to observe the AZ Christmas City spectacle...but the square is beautiful this year. It's always a little different, and I was thinking that I remember the year the big neon candles were donated to the effort as well.

My Pal Amy and I were walking around downtown observing the light spectacle, and pushing our way through the crowds...trying to beat the rush to a dinner place. We made it, and had a lovely time, ending our evening around 11pm...when she stepped out of my house, and we noticed a loud bunch of music blaring from the downtown area...Someone somewhere has decided that really loud Christmas music would enhance someones enjoyment of the holiday season...and I am a little overwhelmed, because this music is very loud, and I can hear it in my house with all the doors and windows closed...As I said, every year it's a little different around here for the holidays...

As Amy whisked off into the night, she was heard to declare, "have a maniacal Christmas!"

Oh Dear.

01 December 2006

What'd You Got?

Well...as promised, I thought I'd show you a little close-up or two of the vintage candle collection...

As I explained before, I grew up with these types of little candles in my home during the holiday season, as my mother had grown up with them...and I am slowly convincing myself that I am trying to replace a lot of the things I have, with things I remember from my past. I'm not exactly sure what era they are from, but I'm guessing the 50's...so, I'll go with that unless someone corrects me.

I have noticed just this year that the collection has grown to rather um enormous proportions. hmmmm...I wonder how that keeps happening?

So, I'm having to divide all the candles up into groups...or themes, as I prefer...and I'm also trying to make it all come out even. Coupled together makes for a really neurotic me...which means that I rush about with all these candles switching them from place to place (and you wonder why I haven't gotten the tree up?) All the Santas, most of the small choir boys, trees, reindeer, musicians and snowmen are together, because putting them with Jesus and his family was just plain freaking me out.

Every year it's a little challenge to get more of these candles (which could explain why there are so many) and earlier last week I was walking by an antique store window and caught sight of this box out of the corner of my eye...
Yes, an entire holy family with lambies (the ones my mother has and I have been coveting) mint in box (wrapped in their little waxed paper still) You can bet I ran right in there...and yes, they were an affordable decoration for this year at only $10. My mother didn't even realize that they came in boxes...and they're from her childhood.

So, Jesus and the family, lambs, larger choir boys and all angels are hanging out on the entry table...Oh I just love these little guys! Notice the lovely little potted plant behind them all (you know for a little palm greenery?)

Oh...and the HUGE SCORE for today:
An incredible vintage signed Weiss rhinestone Christmas tree pin. Oh, I tell you...did that make my day! Now, I love anything that sparkles (I'm like a raven that way) and love to collect rhinestone jewelry, but don't usually allow myself the luxury of keeping the signed pieces because they're worth so much...but, it's been a long time since I've found a pin...and Christmas one's are super hard to find! And I'm worth it don't you think? (enough justification?) Oh, and sorry about the picture...my camera sucks the biggie when it comes to close-ups...

And now, I'm off to Stitch and Bitch with the girls, I can't even tell you how much I have been looking forward to this (since we had to postpone last week because of the holiday) and I'm feeling a little panicked because I finished the hat project...maybe I'll just whip up a few roses instead.

Oh, the heat keeps coming on every 15 minutes, and the cat is just itching to get outside...doesn't matter if it's freezing. I'm half tempted to leave her out there and turn her into a kittysicle...that'd teach her.


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