31 July 2006

Sunday July 30th...

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  • Sadira
  • Steven
Well...This Creative Sunday started with my mom calling to say she had a headache...And Rozzilyn and I would have to fend for ourselves. So...We went both to JoAnn's and Wal Mart to look for fabrics. I needed fabric for the linings of my ever popular City Slouch bags that have been flying out of the shop! And Rozzie needed fabric for the little "paper doll" she's been making clothes for (I forgot to bring my camera...Silly me, so I don't have a picture of her fabric)

After dropping Rozz of so she could eat her lunch, I came home and met my friend Steven here. We had an afternoon planned of watching Robin Williams Live on Broadway (which I've never seen, and is extremely funny) and relaxation. We both agreed that it did indeed feel like a Sunday...All lazy and fun!
And...As Promised...a tutorial for his blended coffee drink

The Hazelnut Romance:

First, make some espresso. I used Illy brand from Italy, because I "smuggled" 2 cans of this powdered bliss back from my trip in April. Yes, you can buy it in the USA, but it is quite expensive. Or, you can use your own coffee too...I got some organic decaf beans and ground them to the espresso grind on the machine at the store (you know, for those late afternoon or evening espresso cravings?)

Then, measure out the half and half...Or I used Silk Soy Cream (a slightly different flavor, but less allergic problems, and I thought it was quite yummy!), fill the glass you're using with ice (we had this ginormous ice from the grocery...And it was a little big, as my blender isn't that gifted, so it may be nicer to use smaller ice cubes if you want it really frothy!) and then pour from 1/2 to 3/4 glass of cream/milk into the glass, and then dump into the blender.

Measure out 2 shots of espresso (we used a tiny creamer I have, because I don't have any shot glasses...Just not my thing I guess) and pour it into the blender along with cream and ice.

Then, pour in the Hazelnut syrup to taste. I would suggest pouring it in and then blending it and having a little spoonful to taste it. I absolutely love Hazelnuts, so I like it a little strong...enough anyway, that I can really taste it. We used DaVinci's Hazelnut syrup instead of Torani, as I wasn't someplace that had Torani, and it worked well. They had sugar-free, but I figured a little sugar wouldn't kill me, I mean, I was already having 2 shots of espresso for crying out loud!

Then, blend that thang...grind it up! (Steven held the lid down and kept adding ice hoping that my blender would chop it all up, a bit of a futile exercise really...I didn't really care as long as it was cold!) So, keep adding ice to make it as frothy as you want. Remember to taste it to make sure you have the Hazelnut syrup to coffee ratio just right...

then drink and enjoy!


(thank you Steven)

28 July 2006

Friends this week...

Well...This week, Angie and I tried the new lunch place in town Pasquales...And this is a picture of our lunch carnage! Our friend Steven works there as the barista from hell...Or heaven, as I'd like to think...After tasting his Hazelnut Romance Frappuccino! (his very own creation)

My goodness is that an amazing drink, as a matter of fact, I am hoping when he buzzes by he
re to play on Sunday...he'll do a little Creative Sunday tutorial for us! He also ran one by the shop for me yesterday, and saved my hot little life. Not only was I hot and drooping from all the humidity with no rain, but I needed a bit of a pick me up...and I felt very loved! Thank you Steven!

And, in hopes this happens for all of us over here, I've got my
Hazelnut syrup and espresso all ready...all I need is ice!

The food is also good at Pasquales...I had the Caesar salad, with their home made dressing. And as a Caesar salad connoisseur, I know what I'm talking about. Just the right amount and a really fair price...I think I will probably be willing to go back again. The atmosphere is nice...And there is an outside patio, which is by a really busy street, but with a few trees, this may be nice too. And the upshot is, the restaurant was opened by a family who's been in town for quite some time now, and is being run by some of their son's...One of which I was in school with since 5th grade! So, it was wonderful to see David...And the rest of his family, and I wish him really good luck!

27 July 2006


Well, after watching my very first episodes (yes all 3 of this new season were on last night) of Project Runway...And becoming thoroughly addicted, I was inspired to finish my bedroom project...

I've been under the impression my whole life, that I do not like what I call "girlie bedrooms". Well, I'm here to tell you, that this leopard is changing her spots. At least it looks as if I am.

I've needed a new dust ruffle for some time, as a little kitty I once knew ripped a huge hole in my other one! I found a gargantuan red and white gingham checked curtain, and 2 down stuffed pillows at the thrift (which I got for free because I have a frequent buyer card, and it was all full!)...So, I cut it up and hemmed a bit here and there...And pinned the dust ruffle patterns to my mattress. I know, a sly and slightly lazy way to dust ruffle this thing, but since I'm the only one here, and my mattress is ridiculously heavy (it's one of those Tempur-pedic type things) I don't really want to try to move it to get a traditional dust ruffle on...And I may say that it worked really well! Easy to get on and off for cleaning too!

AND I made an extra pillow, because just 2 up there was looking mighty awkward. So, now I've got a billion pillows up there...One that is embroidered and says "remember me" one that is a craftsman style in red and black applique, and 2 are just plain down with their original vintage ticking covers! Plus the myriad of stuffed things...And owl and a little dressed up monkey...And the toille blanket, and patchwork toille duvet cover I made recently!

So, girlie it is becoming...But I love it...

I made it myself!

26 July 2006


Today was the day that I apparently get gifties for myself...Because, usually, I figure that I am indeed doing something to deserve gifties...and I'm the only one in the house with opposable thumbs (and a job) So I'm the gift buyer!

and in the future, this date (but not necessarily limited to this date only) will be known as:

Sadira Giftie Day!

please mark your calendar accordingly
(and not to worry, late gifties will be accepted)
(wink wink)

First, in the maill, came this neatly wrapped package. And even though I was practically fainting from hunger...I had to open it straight away!

These came from here (in her Etsy shop) and with a sweet handwritten card from Grace! I love doughnuts, and wish I could eat them all the time, but we don't have any donut shops here anymore...And they give me a headache anyway...So these are just perfect!

And earlier in the day, I got this special little inspiration...(who has been taunting me for some time, I'll have you know!)...

Which is interesting because I now see that the donuts were not for me like I originally thought, but for him... Doesn't he look so surprised?


"up until this morning, I was living in a little shop, and now I will be a muse...Living in a studio/craft room, dining on donuts!"

25 July 2006

Creative Sunday July 23...


  • Mama
  • Myself
  • Rozzilyn

So, with the extreme heat and humidity (yes, it about kills us here in AZ because we've all been lead to believe that "...It's a dry heat") we've been searching out cool places to create! As you can see, Meena got the best spot in the house...She slept almost all day cornered in the studio, on the floor, amidst all the material and supplies...The laughing, jumping and sewing didn't seem to even phase her.
(good thing too...Because we were a little wild!)

I spent the day working on making 3 more bags...2 to sell and 1 for me. Since I fell in love with the pirate bandanna pattern, I just couldn't resist!

I figured it takes me about a half hour to make each bag...So, not too bad. It took me a bit longer because I had to stop and share the sewing machine and help pin my mother into her project...And well, just generally run around and have fun!

This is a clasp of the buttons I used on 2 of the bags...on the other bag (the "fineshed" one in the picture) I used a large black button. I am keeping the one with the anchor button...Which should be the perfect size for "smuggling" Junior Mints into the theatre to see the Pirates of the Caribbean later on...aaarrgghh!

Rozzilyn worked on a neat kit. This kit consists of a little doll...Like a paper doll, you make her clothes. Unlike a paper doll, you make her clothes out of fabric! The kit included all of the patterns and fabric, plus jewels, trim and glitter!

She spread everything out on the floor first of all, to get perspective...And to view all of her working supplies...

Then got to it...Cutting and tracing and glittering (is that a word?) and made this beautiful outfit. She was then taken-over with the heat and had to lie down for a bit.

...But popped up later to create a magazine!

And the creme' de la...of the day was...

(drum roll)

a reconstructed tee...

made by my mother...

It was ugly...The colors and the patterns...One of the tees had stains and dried soap chunks
all over it.
(Not to worry though, it is a prototype, and she didn't want to waste any good fabric until she figured out how exactly to do this thang)

So...umm, it's a little bra strap revealing...and tight in the arms...and the sides aren't exactly symmetrical, but I really do like the pattern and I can envision it as perfect and done
(only because the pattern is right here)

"And the good news is...!!"
the woman shouted as she grabbed her coffee cup and ran from the room...

"I saved the collar and the sleeves!!!"

clearly this is some sort of good new to her? Hmmmm...The coffee had maybe a bit too much of the caffeinated part mixed in, and not quite enough decaf? Whatever the reason, we all doubled over in absolute hilarity as she put on the collar and sleeves piece...Slipped this on as a jacket, buttoned the remaining collar button and tied the strings around her middle. We decided that this would indeed fit anyone in the family with some creative tying! I think we should send this to my sister...He.

She declared at this point, that we were indeed going for quantity of crafting this Creative Sunday...

...Not quality!

Mama also made this little piece of crochet (soon to be a loverly flower)...Following the instructions from the Adorn craft magazine laying below it. We picked up this magazine from JoAnn's on Saturday, it is the premier issue and full of wonderful ideas.

We then broke for lunch which was also made by my mother...

A grape and Mellon salad, and sunflower pate stuffed cabbage leaves, with Nasturshum blossoms. Not only was everything beautiful, but it taste wonderful as well...Including the flower blossoms!

and as a PS...my mother and I went on a movie date to see the Pirate Movie...And can I just say that the 3 hours flew by? My goodness, I wonder if I could get Johnny Depp as a pocket pirate?


24 July 2006

Bags SOLD!

Well, I'm posting this short quick post before I launch into a more in depth Creative Sunday post to let you know that I took these 3 bags into the shop on Saturday...

And 2 of them sold that day!

(yes, applause are welcome here!)
The vintage yellow bow and check bag, and the floral bag with the more plaid type design.

I am so excited that these bags sold.

One of my customers that bought one is a good past customer and bought the bag for a gift, and the other person didn't know that I made the bag. I am feeling the need to write up some sort of tag explaining what and who "I know about me." is...my goodness, my own clothing line, I never even expected this!

I had visited JoAnn's Saturday morning as well (before I knew what a hit I would be that day) and picked up this material to make some more bags with...


A bit of pirate bandana material...with white and black polka-dot's for the lining!

21 July 2006

Work in Progress...

Well, I sufficiently recovered from my headache last night rather quickly after just sitting here and resting, and having a bit of dinner...Which is odd because I've been watching what I'm eating and trying to be balanced with my food intake (even though I've been craving chocolate like no body's business, I haven't been going overboard!)...And I've been trying to drink enough fluids. hmmmm...

Well, no matter, because I was able to put in a couple of hours on the above pile of fabric, which are going to be bags for my shop. I have almost finished 2 out of 3...I just need to attatch the buttons and I will be done with those 2.

So, by the end of the weekend, I should be able to show you more finished pictures (I hope). Have an amazing weekend!

20 July 2006

Corners of my world...

Because of all the rain...

we have water in Granite Creek...

When you live in Arizona, during the middle of a drought (or really, any time) it's amazing to see water anywhere, but especially just right down the street. I think people seem to be amazed by my reaction to water. I love water in any form, but after living here most of my life, I've learned to really LOVE water. Water stops me in my tracks and usually I have to just admire it. When visiting Washington state, I noticed that it just pours out of the side of...well...everywhere, like water just falls out of the sky there or something.

amazing isn't it?

I'm gonna go rest now, I was eager to craft tonight, as I have some sewing to do...But I am nursing another headache (yes mom...Another one) I guess it's been a record headache year for me, I tend to not remember having them at all because, usually I don't have them...But my mom reminded me during my last one that I have been having them a lot this year...hmmmm

19 July 2006


It's warm...

warm and humid...

The kind of weather that makes me just want to melt about and not do anything! So, that's what I've been doing. I still walk in the morning and manage to make it in to work, but no yoga...and last night at Oh Knit! we sat and chatted...
and tried to find a cool place to be.

Rozzie Wrote

With a light up pen!

We layed on the bottom bunk of her bed and had a small slumber party...I was comfortable and somewhat cool as well, although a little shiny! hehehe

...and looked at the Peanuts art she'd drawn and put up there next to her pillow...how sweet is that? AND soooo tallented,

I wonder where she gets that from?

17 July 2006

Sunday July 7th..

So, we deviated a bit this Sunday (we do that from time to time)...


  • Rozzie-roo
  • Susan
  • MEEEE!!!

We decided to clean and straighten and mark-down things in one of my mom's antique booths! The antique dust just wasn't cutting it for us! (hehehe) Changing the energy in there was extremely creative...It felt so different when we were done...And re-arranging and re-doing the little vignettes she's made in there was also pretty creative as well!

Then we jetted to my mom's estate and organized and divided some fabulous Thrift finds we got this weekend! There is a Veteran's Thrift store (or "Trift store" as the sign says) that lets you fill up an entire shopping cart with whatever you can cram into it, and then charges you only $10!

Did I mention that they had put out an entire extra table and section of material and craft items?

What is my favorite? The map of the US fabric? The "jeweled" vintage purse hardware? The figural baby diaper pins? The wonderful flocked spool of red Christmas ribbon? The vintage floral table cloth? The ticking? ohhh...It's hard to say!

And, I thought that this deserved special mention! This is some sort of snap attatchment "designed specially for women" it was originally $1 but was only 87 cents at a place called Unimart...And I also found the snaps! Apparently you use that brown thing to apply the snaps, and beat the heck out of it with a hammer...And that puts the snaps in...And also must get your crafting frustrations out!

Then we went to see Cars in the afternoon, because Rozzie's really been wanting to see it, and I have to admit, I wasn't too hep on going to see it, but I am really glad I did. It was super cute, and funny (I know Disney always is!)

AND, last Saturday evening I went to my friend Cathy's house along with 9 other friends (some old and some new) for a manifestation/collage party...

The idea of this project was to search through various magazines for words and pictures that symbolize things that you want to bring into your life and arrange them into a collage on some poster board...

Here's Ang with her amazing creation...I loved to see all the different interpretations and manifestation ideas! I was really noticing how mine was more "wordy" than using tons of pictures...

this is my finished collage/manifestation poster...

I mentioned to Cathy that we should probably do this every 6 months...to fine tune some things (I know that I change my ideas of what I want in my life) and to let each other know what has happened in that time!

I'll also try to keep you posted about the things that are coming into my life!

14 July 2006

Long lost family...

Actually, this part of the family is not that lost...we just don't get together all that often, more of keeping in touch through my grandmother.

So, this is (clockwise from the top) Rozzie, my cousin Esther, her husband Oliver, my mom's sister (and my aunt) Judy and mom...

They are in town until Saturday and last night we went out to dinner, sans my grandmother, who doesn't go out after dark (hehehe) she is 92 after all! So, we went out to dinner at the local brewing company...which is usually a lovely treat!

It's fun to connect with the family now that I'm older...and hear everyone's stories. It helps to put some of my own patterns and "learned" behaviours in place for me. Plus, it gives me the chance to hear everyone's side of the stories! So, I'm hoping that we get to spend more time together before they leave town.

Rozzie didn't join us in actually eating any food, because she really likes to have her dinner at home, but she kept herself quite occupied drawing on napkins...


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