29 September 2010



I just signed up for NoMoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month.


Stop laughing.


I can totally hear you.

I know that the blog has been rather, ummm...quiet lately?  But you'll remember that before all this quiet there was a whole slew of wordy pontification (Bear with me, I have to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November...I'm gonna have to start bringing out the big words.)  Like years and years of wordy.  It's only been recently that it's been more quiet around these parts.

And that's only because I lost my point and shoot...or rather, misplaced it.  I hate to think I lost it.  I know it's going to show up somewhere, and if I was a teenager I'd start by looking under the bed...which is exactly where I found a missing and errant purse years ago (after a week of searching.  What?  There was a lot of mess under my bed.)  (Wait.)  (I totally haven't looked under the bed OR the couch at home) And besides, did it occur to you that perhaps I am going through a whole lot of weird emotional baggage stuff that I've been carrying around for many years now?  Well.  It occurred to me when I burst into tears 3 times in as many days.  I'm still hip deep wading through this particular set of stuffed emotions of my life...but, I'm getting used to the tension.

Perhaps getting used to is too strong of a phrase.  I'm cried out  practicing fake it till I make it  running away   giving up feeling happy 100% of the time  Regrouping...taking a deep breath and getting on with it in spite of feeling uncomfortable (I also scheduled a massage in about a week to help my battered sore body.)  I'm also realizing that no matter what...it's never too late to run a line through things that have happened in my life and replace them with something else.

A better story


At some point up there did I say that I just signed up for a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in November?

Ahhh.  I thought so.

50,000 words, eh?

No problem.

23 September 2010

New Art...

Created especially for me by one fantastic C. S. Fritz.

I had originally seen his work at a show at The Raven Cafe quite a bit ago and had totally fallen in love with his whimsical style, fantastic colors, and totally incredible robots.

The idea of "Robot Meets Sock Monkey"  popped into my mind almost immediately as I stood in The Raven and looked at all of his pieces (which were all sold the minute they were hung)  and has stuck in there until I could find him and ask when he could put this vision onto canvas.

Mr. Fritz has an upcoming show at The Ian Russell Gallery tomorrow night for our Prescott Fourth Friday Art Walk...and I have had the privilege to see his new pieces hung in the gallery this week.  I am planning to head down to the gallery during my Tour De Fourth Friday tomorrow night as well.

I was able to talk to him about this piece about a month ago, right before I left for Seattle.  I really had no preconceived notions about what I wanted other than a robot and a sock monkey.

He came up with the rest and I absolutely adore it.

Adore it.
(perhaps more so than this seasons ruffled clothing)

I've had to reorganize my art once again at Foolsewoode so I could feature this wonderful robot who is running through the forest, kicking up the trees as a sock monkey flies along behind him...

Absolutely perfect.

The pieces featured on each side of this new canvas are vintage windows I've saved for quite some time...they've been sitting waiting for the perfect opportunity to be displayed.  I really needed something more to balance out the canvas on the large wall and I came up with the idea of using them as a place to display other art, sayings, stickers...other things I love and don't have a place for (I will photograph them soon)  I figured that I could change out my little art collages for each season...or whatever whim comes along.


Totally perfect.

22 September 2010

A Well Placed Ruffle...

There seem to be a multitude of ruffles everywhere you look this season.  It's as if someone has sampled the fabled potato chips and you know, no one can eat just one (sorry for putting that jingle into your head, you may lambaste me in the comments) Apparently you can neither eat just one, or put just one on a top.  Or pants, jackets, shoes, pants...or like the special frock I'm wearing today...a dress.

I would love to show myself off, but darned if I can find my little point and shoot.  She is indeed lost at the moment, and I am scouring around thinking that she'll pop back in or is staring at me from somewhere, honestly I am at a total loss here.

As it is, picture this in your mind:  A black cotton knee lenght dress with a high pleated stand up collar cascading into ruffles down the front on either side of a buttoned front.  Pleated skirt with a tie belt around the waistline.  It is pretty awesome.  Pretty classic.  And looks great with my straight hair.  I am also wearing it in honor of Arthur's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sweet Arthur...

But really, this seasons obsessions with ruffles is sweet...if it wasn't so, well...ruffly.  I tried on many a top this weekend (and mostly all at Anthropologie) and while they were cut lovely with some of the most fantastic patterned fabric...there were these crazy ruffles, and ones that were usually placed right at the chest area.  Which is cute as a bugs ear on the hanger, but makes one look a little boobalicious when you put them on and they stand straight out, launching themselves off the girls and arriving a full minute before the rest of you does.

We all laughed a bit.

I mean, I have been known to take a fashion risk or two in my day, but seriously?


I quickly realized that need to be pleated just so, and not too many inches thick or you've got problems.

Serious problems.

A small cluster of ruffles is feminine and fun...a large one makes you look like Austin Powers.  In a bad way, not the shagadellic way you want to look.  (If that is what one is after...)  I saw garments with huge ruffles on the chest of course, but what got me was the ones down by the stomach and hips.  Unless you are a serious stick insect, ruffles on your tummy or sticking out from your hips is not a flattering look.  Nor is the whole other style we noticed of weird scraps of fabric just sewn willy nilly to the front of a tee-shirt...all crazy like.  I kept thinking they were just large pieces of lint that had attached themselves to these garments by mistake and kept trying to pick them off.

Although now I think all of us who sew now have ideas of what to do with our scrap bags.

21 September 2010

Testing...1 2 3

Is this thing on??

Oh dear.

I've neglected this space something fierce haven't I?  I'm so very sorry...I have been thinking of the blog fondly as I run full speed around in my life though, and I'm sure that has to count for something.

Although, maybe not.

Probably not.

I have actually been very busy.  There has been truckloads coming into the shop which takes up a lot of the time I reserve to write in this space...but more importantly?  I haven't felt very chatty.  In fact, I have been saying to myself, "Self?  This is not even that interesting to write about...and besides, what would it be like to just jump ship for a bit?"  Which is a very odd thought indeed.  I have had just enough energy to wake up before the sun, go to the gym, get ready for my day, work my tail off, come home and vibrate in a chair for a while...call it relaxation, and then do errands (in my off moments).  It was in fact, the other day whilst driving home from CostCo that I thought to myself, "Self?  We could totally go away...somewhere tropical.  We could do that you know.  There's not much other than the obvious responsibilities that is holding us back"

Then I realized I was probably being dramatic and mostly sounded a little like Stella, and perhaps all I need to do is try to get my groove back.

So here I am...groovin' away.

I did have a bit of an opportunity for an escape this last weekend however which entailed getting in DaNece's car and riding down the mountain and into The Valley of the Sun...and participating in some long time coming boot shopping.  We went to Last Chance and oddly enough, boots were 40% off...so I nabbed a couple of pairs (seeing as that was my focus after all)  Needless to say they were both lovely and quite a steal at less than $24.00 a piece (Steve Madden short red cowboy boots and Michael Kors tall dark brown suede boots)  I also found a wool cream colored pea coat (which I totally didn't need because I adore jackets and I honestly don't have room in my jacket closet, but it looked so lovely on me...and into the basket it went) and a Michael Kors long black over-sweater thing...oh, and the most fantastic black dress with a stand up collar and ruffles running down the front of it.


I just got my hair cut with a lot more choppy layers in it last week, and I have been doing it straight for a total change so these things look fantastic with my new hair.

Isn't that just the way of it?

Well that and I'm not enamored of anything in my closet and drawers at the moment.  I think it's about time to invite my sister home for a once over...she's so good about going through my stuff and making me part with things I think I can't live without (mostly she makes fun of me, but it seems to do the trick quite well)

But, in all actuality I owe her a trip and she's right by the seaside...so maybe I should just scrap it and get my groove back after all...

08 September 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

Last Friday night marked the anniversary of 100 years of football at Prescott High School.

I went to the game with Dina...

Someone managed to bring along a very old football player who was in his 80's to be honored on the field before the game started.

I wore my letterman's sweater that I received while attending PHS after lettering in band for two years.

I was a flag girl.

While I'm not actually in my 80's, I did attend PHS in the 80's and thought it was rather bold of me to wear a sweater that if you did some quick subtraction, you could pretty much pin point my age after reading my left front pocket.

(which also happens to house a pin that says "I survived the graduation party of 1988")


I still treasure my letterman's sweater and felt a whole lot nostalgic after I dug it out of the cedar chest, and blew the layer of dust off of it.

(well, nostalgic for the parts of High School I could remember anyway...hee-hee!)

It feels all sorts of special to be a part of Prescott's history...that doesn't include a mug shot or nasty write-up in the local paper.

Dina's lovely and talented niece is in the band as well, and she did an outstanding job marching all over the field.

(they played songs from Wicked...which I thought was very cool)

Of course, I had to critique the current flag line...who was wearing some pretty crazy make-up and hair colors.  Dina's mother leaned over at one point and said, "Wouldn't you have loved to do your face up like that?" and I looked at her horrified and said, "Um.  NO!  I was much too cool to do that ThankYouVeryMuch!"

Although, with age I may be remembering that all wrong too.

07 September 2010

Seattle :: Day 4 AND 5 :: Because It's Taken Me Longer To Re-Cap The Vacation Than Actually Take The Vacation...

You've been so good.

Hanging in there with me, as I recap this vacation (to be truthful, I've lost a bit of interest myself, but I'm not sleeping well lately so that could be contributing to my sudden apathy...)  At any rate, I thought I'd reward you with this double rainbow.

We happened to see it when we went to the waterfall on our fourth trip day, who's name escapes me at the moment.

Isn't that horrible?

(the fact I can't remember the name, not the falls...they're quite lovely)

It was very misty from all the falling water, so we got wet...which made me wonder why I'd taken so long to do my hair.  Only it takes me about 10 minutes to do my hair, so I wasn't that put out.

There's a very cool lodge up on the left side of the falls that's been there since the 30's or 40's or something like that.  I couldn't get as good of shot with the Elph that Claudine got with her Droid...go figure, but I think it's the lodge in Twin Peaks.  There was going to be a wedding there that day, which made me a bit jealous because we don't have any waterfalls in Prescott to get married next to.

Then again, I think I read somewhere that Washington has more waterfalls than any other state.

I have no idea if this is true or not...

If I sound a bit confused it sets us up perfectly for what happened next on our trip.

We got lost.

We were trying to get to the Japanese Gardens and we ended up in the most lovely residential neighborhood on the water instead...which is exactly where I posted on facebook that I was looking for my new dream house and scared a few people.


I can't imagine I could afford to buy, much less rent something in this zip-code.

And if I did, I would most likely get lost...because our GPS told us our destination was 100 feet on the right and Claudine grabbed my arm as I lept out to knock on the big mansions door and ask if we could see their backyard.


They may have Japanese plants.

We lucked out though because not only was I not arrested for trespassing, but the neighborhood mail carrier was out and he pointed over our heads towards the right direction.

We took the scenic route back by the water and passed the place where Niles moved out when he divorced his wife on Frasier.

I know.

The GPS wanted us to see that so much more than the Japanese Gardens.

Which we found eventually after only getting lost once more.

They are lovely gardens...built around a large center pond, in which lives a whole lot of Koi, and a turtle.  In fact, there was a little boy shrieking at the top of his lungs "Turtle!!" the entire time he was there.  He's lucky he didn't get pushed in by anyone.


There was no railing on the little bridges.  That could be dangerous.

There was also a very cool Heron.

Who was very itchy.

He actually stood there most of the time itching himself.

Poor guy.

All in all it was mostly serene when I couldn't hear the constant shrieking or worry about the poor itchy bird, because I'm not sure how stressed out I was supposed to be walking around this property.

The bird did stop itching about the time we decided to meander on our way.

Thank heavens.

That was one less thing I needed to worry about as we kept getting lost all day.

It was then off to The Smith Tower for a little tour and quick zip up to the top of the tower, and the observation deck.

We've already covered my fear of heights, I know...but there was something special I was after at the top floor of this building.

The Wishing Chair.

After boarding the Otis elevator (and only a few of those are in operation anymore) complete with an elevator operator...and a totally see through door (behind the ornate brass designs) which meant you could see all the office floors we were passing...we were at the top in a very Oriental decorated room.

We spied the chair first thing...

The lore of the chair is that it's a wishing chair...so your wishes come true if you sit in it, and if you're single and you sit in it, you should be married within the year.  So we both plunked down in the chair and sat there wondering if there was any sort of chanting or sayings we were supposed to repeat.

Mostly I just sat there and drank my coffee.

And I wished.
You'll be happy to know that I walked along the entire observation sidewalk on the outside of the building, which Claudine informed me was much scarier than the Space Needle.

Oh well.

Maybe it's the age of the building I was in?  I just happen to feel a lot more comfortable in old buildings.

And then it was on to Theo Chocolate for a tour I'd set up.  They are a very popular place and tours need to be booked in advance.  Luckily I scored the last two openings on Saturday the week before and we jumped in for our tour.

(after missing our turn on the freeway and almost making us late)

It was awesome.

(the tour, not the 9 point turn that would take us down the shady alley to get onto the freeway...that was just confusing)

They talk to you all about their Organic Fair Trade beans and let you sample chocolate.

For an entire hour.

They are also certified as Fair Trade, so their business practices are watched carefully too.

We toured their whole facility...

I know...it would be more interesting if I remembered what everything did.

I had eaten a whole lot of chocolate by that point.

Those are large bins of chocolate hulls, or nibs, or seeds...


It smelled divine!

It was somewhat hard to concentrate because there was this German guy who kept asking the most detailed and scientific questions of our tour guide.  She did a lovely job answering him, even though it must have been hard because we were all rolling our eyes at this point.

That's him on the right side of the frame.

We also got to sample some confections...which they don't usually ship too far from their factory as they only have a 2.5 week shelf life.

(I brought some home for my mother:  Green Tea and Ginger, Chai and Pumpkin Spice, A Salted Lavender Caramel, and my favorite...Dark chocolate with a Chocolate and Basil Ganache.  Which I have vowed to recreate because it was so of the hook delicious.)


I think that was a chocolate Buddha head, but Mr. German Guy had taken up all of our question time, so I didn't get to ask.

In their front room, they have all their chocolates out for sale and sample.

We won't go into the specific amount I spent, but let's just say...

I have some great chocolate at home.

That night we went to the Microsoft building in Bellevue and went bowling.  I know...I'm a horrible bowler, but the whole place mostly up and turned into a dance club, so I was pretty much in heaven after that.

And I've decided to wind it up and let you know that we went out to the wine country before leaving on the plane the next day.

To go on the Red Hook Brewery Tour.

$1, 1 hour, 8 beers.

In a small tasting glass, but still...

Very good.

And oddly enough, the original Red Hook Brewery is now the Theo Chocolate building.

It is indeed a very small world.

 After all.

And people are seriously in to riding their bikes all around, which made me panic about not being able to ride a bike.  I mean, if I moved there I would obviously have to learn how to ride a bike.

Not that I have any plans to move, but I had to feel panicked nonetheless.

(it could have been all the beer I had just recently drank as well)

Then I noticed all these bikers were sitting around drinking pitchers of beer.


Now there's something I can get behind.

Drunk people on bikes.

That way no one would notice if I couldn't ride or not, they'd just think I was pushing my bike because I was too tipsy to ride.

One of the great things about eating at the brewery was not only did they hand pull from the kegs before the beer was bottled, but they had organic locally raised pumpkin seeds on the appetizer menu.
Which were lovely.


That's pretty much it and I would think it's going to be back to mostly normal around here now.

Phew, eh?

02 September 2010

Seattle :: Day 3 :: Driving...

Day three found us hopping a ferry in search of vampires and werewolves on the Olympic Peninsula.

Not really...but we were close to Forks, so it totally could have happened.  Then again, I suppose I was about as close to Forks that day as I'm as close to SanDiego when I'm home...I mean yes, I can drive there in a day...but do I have the time?

After landing in Kingston, we drove for miles until we hit Port Townsend.  Which was actually a 21 mile detour out of our way, but Port Townsend is one of my most favorite places in Washington and Claudine drove me all the way there so I could have a cuppa at my third most favorite coffee house in the world (that and I kept going on and on about it...so it could have been a defense mechanism...)

(My first favorite coffee house being Macys in Flagstaff, followed by The Caffe Florian...the oldest coffee house in the world who is situated in Venice Italy)

Port Townsend happens to be an epically wonderful Victorian town right on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula...which means you have forest all around you and then Canada right across the water.

Fabulous, no?

A 30 minute pit stop just for a cuppa.

Cause' that's how we roll.

Also?  The local architecture is off the hook.

Look at that pretty heart design (you can sort of see it) it's proof they love me too.

And then it was on to Hurricane Ridge.

Claudine had a few stops planned to make, but I think the guide she saw these places on was overestimating the amount of time we had...or underestimating the time it takes to drive between each of these locations.  You see, Washington while things are often close together in miles...are on very curvy roads so it takes twice as long to get where you're going.

Which is fine.

Unless you want to go to the Polar Ice Caps, The Rain Forest, and The Beach all in one day (while making a coffee detour and a stop to have lavender sorbet in Sequim...oh, and there's totally a road there called "Kitchen-Dick"  Um...yeah.  I would LOVE to have my address on that road!)

But we made it at least to Hurricane Ridge...and I just know that all those vampires and werewolves were just over the other side (that's where Forks is actually.)  Heck...we could have used a couple of vampires or werewolves and we could have climbed on their backs and they could have run us around to all the places we were trying to get to lickety split.

Maybe the guidebook should have mentioned that?!


And we saw some awesome wildlife...

A mommy and baby deer.

Actually there were deer all over the place once you started really looking...

This is a picture of a mommy deer teaching a baby deer to lick the pavement:

I was all, "Hey!!  I got a great deer tongue in action shot!!  Oh gosh.  I hope that's not antifreeze!"

This is most likely why people look at me weird and move in a far different direction when I'm at a national park.

Well, except for The Grand Canyon...the Germans just try to push me in when I'm there.

After our 12 mile hike, and by 12 mile hike I mean 2 mile stroll...we went into the gift shop and browsed around.  There I found a book about a lady they found in a lake who met with foul play like a million years ago, but her body had been perfectly preserved in its cool Victorian clothing.  And now looking back, I wish I wouldn't have picked the book up because I can't get the whole thing out of my head.


The only links I can find look like this:  http://www.ladyofthelake.com/  And they're all cheery and pretty and you can have weddings out there, and all I can remember is all these horrible pictures of this poor woman they found all frozen.

I'm not sure what they're doing up there, but I may reserve my marriage for somewhere else thank you.

Why DO I do things like this to myself?

At any rate...as we were leaving we saw a sign posted on the door that announced there was an especially aggressive mountain goat in the area and if you saw it that you should yell and throw rocks at it.

Well good grief.

I hate to throw rocks at wildlife, and if it's particularly aggressive and it saw me throwing rocks at it and it heard me yelling, I would think that it would then know exactly whom it should express its aggression towards.

Although, it was cold up there due to all the glaciers so I'm sure that the run would have warmed me up, but I would have probably tripped over a deer or something.

The Pacific Northwest can sometimes be dangerous.


To be continued...

01 September 2010

Seatte :: Day Two :: OR :: When The Girl Really Starts Eating

Hello Pikes Market...also known as one of the longest running farmers markets in our fabulous country!

Only one of the many interesting facts I learned on our 2 hour culinary tour of the Marketplace.  I mean, let's all collectively ask ourselves what could be better than strolling around a fantastic gourmet, fresh, and amazing food market for 2 hours learning and sampling the whole time?


I thought so.

This is where I learned of Beechers Cheese and the hands down the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had.  They're into the slow food movement, but I have a feeling they've always been into it as it takes time and dedication to make a superior cheese.

Thanks a lot Beechers, because now I'm dreaming constantly of your cheese.
And I'm lactose intolerant...

Yes, that's a dungeness Crab sandwich...which we went back and sampled later.

We tasted smoked salmon from the flying fish portion of the market...which I would have jumped at the chance to bring home, but it was a little pricey to ship.

The Piroshkys from Piroshky-Piroshky were divine.

Not to mention the mini donuts, 2 kinds of chowders, Chukar Cherries, all the fresh organic fruits, and the crab cakes (which is where we learned about the coconut cream pie.  More on that later...), the herbal tea, and the shots of espresso.

I seriously recommend this tour whenever you're in Seattle.

We then hopped right on the monorail and rode over to The Space Needle.  I tell you, if a city has a monorail, one should ride it...

They're very fun.

We then spent the afternoon visiting the Music Experience Museum...which had a pretty awesome instrument tower.  Not to mention the great interactive guitar exhibits, music exhibits, radio exhibits...The Jimmy Hendrix Experiene:

Complete with a smashed up guitar.

And a whole costume exhibit featuring the costumes designed and worn by The Supremes.  I have one thing to say:  These gals were Tiny.

And sparkly.


That's two things...but both of them are very true.  It was awesome to see these fabulous garments up close and personal.

And inspiring.

In case I get a bedazzler in the future.

You can bet I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head now!

Next to the Music was The Science Fiction Museum.

I love me some Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Claudine wandered around not really recognizing much...but it was still great fun to see all the exhibits that started out with the Pulp Science Fiction and ran through to the most recent goodies.

And they had some great Planet of the Apes memorabilia which I usually find lacking in most museums I visit.
Then it was outside to find the Science Museum...via a stop at the directory to laugh hysterically at the Space Needle arrow pointing to the Space Needle...which was within spitting distance

(although, I don't think they encourage you to do that when you're on the observation deck)

But, I suppose it's nice to have arrows so you don't get lost.

While on vacation.

Or you have no observational powers whatsoever.

(this is coming from a woman who was once in downtown SanAntonio looking for The Alamo and stopped at the most beautiful garden and remarked on it's loveliness and the historical building sitting behind it.  Which happened to be, on closer inspection...The Alamo.)

(she could probably have used an arrow or two)


The Science Museum was hands on...and a bit grimy due to this fact, but interesting nevertheless.

We toured the butterfly room, which was wonderful.  Especially after you walked through the other insect exhibit trying to avoid the people who wanted you to hold the cockroaches.

Um, ick.

And we also saw a laser show that was choreographed to Bob Marley music...not my favorite due to a stuck tape in a tape player in Kim's car when we were younger, but it was still nice to sit and take a breather at this point.

Then it was back to the Space Needle.  Which I spectacularly chickened out of going to the top of the minute we stood under it.

I'm fine with this.

I have a heights thing...and it's easier for me to do things like this in the dark because my depth perception is then so thrown off by the dark I can't tell how high up I am.

Then it was on to Serious Pie for dinner.

Serious Pie is one of a series of restaurants owned by Iron Chef Tom Douglas.  We happened to read about it on our Taste of Seattle Tour brochure, and we were given a discount card to use at thier affiliates...so I absolutely insisted that it would be totally irresponsible if we did not run down and try it.

And by insist I mean, I asked nicely with almost no whining involved.

It was packed busy when we got there, so we left our cell number and walked down to Lolas, another of his fine dining establishments and partook of the grape drink (which was an insanely tasty mixture of reds) with Bacchus whom sits atop the lovely bar.  It was a fantastic wait...made better by already seeing Serious Pie's menu, so I could anticipate.

When we were called back, we sat at a long communal table (much like those in Europe) and I ordered a lovely Italian red (since I was kind of on a red kick at this point)  I also ordered my pizza right then and there

I had a Chantalle mushroom pizza with truffle cheese.

Oh yes I did.


And mostly with my eyes closed...savoring every moment.


We had also heard that it would be most likely a crime if we were to leave Seattle without having some of his Coconut Creme Pie...which was not actually on the menu, but I ordered it and they assured me that they would have someone run down around the corner to The Dahlia Bakery just for me.

Cause' that's how they roll at their restaurants.

Lola's is right on the corner down there, and those are Dhalias red awnings.  The bakery is right next door.

I also savored this insane desert concoction with mostly closed eyes.  Cream pies, I have found, are not that easy to create so light and fluffy.  Also?  I've noticed that most people flavor them far too much...and other than the banana creme pie that they used to make for a restaurant that was once right down the street from Snap! Snap! I honestly haven't had a creme pie that has been this good.

Which was sadly, years ago.

I have decided that I will most likely be adding creme pies to my pie making repertoire.

Which may mean that I either need to double my visits to the gym or buy pants with elastic waists.

Maybe this is why stretch pants are back in style?

To Be Continued...


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