30 April 2009

Is It...

...Totally nuts that when I don't have a picture to post, I then don't really want to blog?

...Fair to say that yesterday was such an off day that I didn't know if I was coming or going?

...Amazing to anyone that while I was talking on the phone to a friend today...I am so long winded, that my phone battery died and proceeded to shut the phone off?
(which is kind of funny, because I've been threatening to run away to somewhere without cell coverage...but it's an idle threat. Much like the one my mother use to make that she was going to move and leave no forwarding address...
(Was that idle?)

...Odd that I'm noticing more and more that people tell me what to do. I'm not sure if this is because I ask, if I look directionless, act directionless, or because they don't trust me to do the right thing...I'm now worried that I tell people to do things all the time and this is their way of getting back at me.

...Obvious that people who ignore their children while shopping and going about their daily lives probably shouldn't breed...

...Strange that last night I had a dream where all my gums were inflamed and this morning I had to go to the dentist? Luckily no gum problems...but a bit of decay going on.

...Fair to say that this is the busy time of year at the shop because every time I work my way through a pile of clothes...lo and behold there is another one walking through the door!
(I haven't seen my chair in over a week)

...weird that I feel so worried and guilty about certain emails I "owe" people...or if I'm a good enough friend...or if I'm good enough
(and when I'll be comfortable replacing that statement with something else?)

...Surprising that a surprise trip to the spa
(only a surprise because I forgot to write it on my calendar and then someone called to see if I wanted to come in earlier...thank heavens, because I would have missed my appointment entirely...)
changed a bad day, into a good one? Who knew paraffin wax, good conversation, and the willingness to slow down had such healing powers...

I guess, ,often things really do happen at just the perfect time...

(thank you for the image)

28 April 2009

Shiny Happy Cookies...

In my big plans for this last weekend were one's to get out of town and change my scenery for a bit of time. After taking Honey in for a routine oil change Thursday and getting back a bill for $400+ (due to needing a new serpentine belt, and a new water pump because the old one had a crack in it...which by the way, would have ruined the engine (which makes me still go into the what if place) and a colony of mice/rats made a nest in my cabin air filter...oh yes Virginia. They did. I am now worried that the car repair is going to be a lot more due to the fact that I may have the Hantavirus because all the "fresh" air was being infused with mouse droppings...and may I apologize to anyone who rode in Honey with me the last few months? And hey...at least we know what that funky smell has been...) (oh, and there was also a nail in the left rear tire...which is nothing new if you've ever driven in Prescott, you know there are nails and screws all over the roads here...actually, I once got a metal fork stuck in my tire. Then again, I've always been totally scared that was intentional...) I decided to wing it at home instead...close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere other than there.

Instead, a good friend came over on Sunday for pedis and lunch, so I decided that I would have a special treat when she got there. I almost ran out for mini two-bite pupcakes, but decided it was Sunday after all, and the lure to sit on the couch and drink coffee was to strong, so I thought I would make some oatmeal cookies instead. I happened to have an Organic cookie mix I picked up somewhere in the pantry and I thought I'd put some dark chocolate chips and pecans in and really do it up...Now, normally I'm not a cookie from a box sort of gal, but waste not want not...and besides, they were organic...

What could possibly go wrong?

Possibly, some kind of misprint in the directions on what ingredients to add on the box? Because I thought the first batch of cookies looked a little crumbly going in...but decided that I would try to bake them anyway cause you never know, and ended up with something resembling chocolate chip pecan granola instead.


So, I thought about what to add to to the crumbly mix to make it more moist? I put in another egg instead. I'm not sure if that was necessarily a wise choice...

While it did hold the cookies together, it made them shiny.

Kind of like big shiny chocolate chip pecan omeletts...

(not the greatest cookies...but it makes for a darned nice picture!)

27 April 2009

The Overland Journal Expo...

...Came to Prescott this last weekend for a stop...which means it was out to the fairgrounds for a very very blustery day of staggering around in the blowing dust and sand and seeing the most astounding sights!

This is a whole group of people that either live, or vacation, or just get out for the weekends in their fantastically rigged cars, vans, Unimogs, motorcycles, and other wonderful vehicle transports...all outfitted to the nines with fantastic gadgets and gear (which make a gadget junkie like me drool a bit...I also swoon over things being tucked into small places and love organization and storage, which makes sense as to why I adore airplane bathrooms and whatnot...it's odd, I know)

I saw a refrigerator/freezer combos, mounted lap tops, and gear out the wazoo...including, but not limited to several styles of tents that are mounted to the top of your car (either popping up like a pop up book, or going up with the ease of a turning handle) which also included one that would fit comfortably on top of Honey (because they're that light!) In between all the lure of gadgets, gear, tents, and travel I was in Seventh Heaven...except for the ridiculous winds and blowing sand (but that's what they get for moving the Fairgrounds to the windiest place on the planet...)

I am absolutely
in love with the idea of chucking it all and leaving solid stable and unmoving society for one that is on the go...with the purpose of exploring the back roads of this country (well, and others...there are quite a few people who are internationally traveling with themselves...because like everything, there are a lot of different ways in which to travel like this and many different reasons as well...there looked to be a few people who are interested in training other people to go into less developed countries and give a hand up to the indigenous people living there) I am also just fascinated with the many ways people choose to live their lives (Since I was a little tyke my parent's said I always wanted and Airstream, which kind of confused them because no one in our family had a trailer or RV...but this Expo took the whole idea one step further, introducing ways to get into and live in remote areas of the world...which is a little harder to do with a trailer in tow) I'm not sure what the traveling life would look like for me, but it's gotten me questioning the idea of planting down roots vs. being a nomad...which kind of throws me into questioning and thinking of who I would have been when everyone was either traveling to this country and leaving their homelands or, when everyone was traveling out west and leaving their homes behind?

Cause' it's looking to be a lot easier to chuck it all now than it was when you had livestock to contend with...it's like the modern day covered wagon.

23 April 2009

...And, It's Thursday...

Thank heavens.

I've been waiting for it to be Thursday since...well, since last Thursday. Good things happen on Thursdays:

*I finish my weekly work-out and get 3 days off from early running to the gym

*I get to go to Yoga to totally stretch and recenter myself...focusing on where to place my energy and generally celebrate my body (along with Rozzilyn and Megan...although, I don't actually celebrate their bodies per se, because I think that might be a little inappropriate)

*I get to go to Megan's house for vice night (which usually includes a couple of spritzers and some wicked good food, as Megan is a master chef!)

And while last
Thursday was my birthday, and I was out spending it with my family and generally enjoying myself...I missed my normal Thursday routine...and have been looking forward to today ever since (even going as far as to think, "...gosh I wish it was Thurs night already!!" several times in the past week) I love looking forward to things in my life...When I was a child I would think to myself in a very serious voice, "self? I hope you don't die before you get to _______ (insert thing here)" I mean, it was like...could I possibly survive until I got to the particular day? (then again, I always thought my life was being lived out on a stage, and there was always an audience...Apparently I'm quite imaginative.) Never even thinking about what might happen the days after that...

Now that I'm a grown-up (mostly) I look forward to things differently. I am excited to count down the days, but I also realize there's about 101-million little things that need to be done before now and then...and I also don't have many sleepless nights wondering about things. I'm usually so danged tired at the end of the day, I can fall asleep quite easily (although, I often wake up at 3am to mull weird things over in my head) But, after celebrating a few birthdays and generally getting older, I find myself getting excited only at the last minute. Yes, I look forward to doing things, but the anticipation is somewhat gone...which is OK, because I still have to get through today, and yoga...then I get to go enjoy my Thursday celebration...and this is all before I even begin to think about all the fun things I have planned for this weekend! (did I tell you, I'm starting to take Saturday's off again? Only 2 more days...)

But now?

It's only if I can just live until I get to Megan's tonight...

22 April 2009

Hanging-Up on the old Phone...

I have, in my possession, a new cell phone (which you would know if you followed me over on facebook...because I am such a nerd that I have been obsessive about the updates over there)

But wait! (you say) Didn't you just get a new cell phone recently?

To which I would reply:

Well. Not really.
I'm sorry, but you're quite wrong...

I was very excited, about the old cell phone I got...but it's been over a year and a half, and I'm telling you, although the red shininess still made my heart sing...the fact that the Krazor was shutting itself off periodically and then starting itself just to lie to me about the time of day...or shutting off entirely when I picked it up to answer it? Too much for me to handle (it was really putting a cramp in my love life)

I said good-bye to the little red Krazer yesterday morning, and said a big cheery Hello to the LG Chocolate 3...

Which actually means, I was running back and forth from the shop to the house to put notes on my screen door for Fed Ex to leave the package without signature confirmation and then obsessively checking the computer to see if it had indeed been delivered so that I could run up and get it...which made me very happy indeed that I live so close to work. But, unhappy that someone at Verizon misunderstood me when I said, "ship it to Snap Snap...because there's someone always there..."

Which is me.

But, alas...it showed up at the house instead.

Thank goodness they were footing the bill for the overnight express shipping.

And, it still doesn't make me love Verizon any less...because as far as cell phone companies go, I think they're peachy...

Which brings me back to the phone. Which is not peachy...but black (leaving me no choice but to say that I have the dark Chocolate phone...guffaw) and is so fantastic that I have just fallen in love with my cell phone all over again. New tech sometimes does that to me...makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Specially when I can customize it with my own pictures...

And super specially when I am loving all the new ringtones...

Kind of makes you want to dance...

20 April 2009

It's An Honor To Be Nominated...

And a celebration to win...or at least be included!

I happen to have a super special secret I want to share with you...

Not too long ago, I got a request from an Schmap! which is an online map company that had come across a picture I had taken of SanXavier Del Bac posted on my Flickr page, and sent along a nice email asking if I would like to be considered when they published their next online map. They explained that they don't pay for submissions but they do give picture credit...


How nice really.

And it was a lovely picture of the mission to be sure...

So, I decided that this would indeed be an honor for me if I got chosen...

Last week I got a message that my photo had indeed been chosen as one of the photos that they would be including for this particular location. Complete with my name under the photo, a link to my flickr page and everything...

This information has made me smile a lot lately...

But, what's a super special secret if you can't share it with anyone? Other than making you a grinning idiot...then not much.

And in honor of this super special secret...my mother found and gave me a vintage Italian charm of San Xavier Del Bac (complete with cool dead saint...) and I have been wearing it, and looking at it every once in a while, and smiling a super secret smile of delight.

17 April 2009

The Other Side of 39...

Pretty good so far, this side of 39...I think I'll stay and play for a while. Actually, I've always enjoyed getting older, there's so many good things about leaving youth behind...of course, that doesn't explain the outburst of, "I'm not 40 yet!!" when my Grandma called to tell me that I've just begun to blossom...and the 40's are the best years...


Moving on...

It was a spectacular day, made even more special by birthday wishes near and far...from old friends and new, family...you name it! I started the day with my special coffee at Cuppers lovingly made for me by Megan (who makes everything with a dash of love no matter who you are) a half day at Snap Snap, an over the top beautiful and tasty sushi dinner at Esoji (which I vow that I will be visiting more often...perhaps having a Bento box for lunch in the future...) and cake and gifts at GG's.

The loot was also very good this year...including a myriad useful things to totally indulge and pamper myself (including part of a share of wool from a Sheep CSA, which I am just giddy to receive. It's from the Spring shorn, so we're not exactly sure when it will arrive...but, I will keep you posted) for the last year of my 30's. My sister was also out visiting...we giggled, laughed, sang and ate very well the whole week. I leave you with a little taste of Birthday number 39...

16 April 2009

39 Years Down...

New Picture...

New Haircut...

New Age...

New adventure the last year before 40.

I am feeling optimistic and excited about what this year holds... I am celebrating with family and friends, both quietly and loudly...I will be sure to take lots of pictures today...

15 April 2009

There's a Disgruntled Monkey in my House...

And it's not just the cat...acting out in all sorts of freaky ways due to the gale force winds.

Maybe this is what it's meant by having a monkey on your back?

Although, I wouldn't want this particular monkey on my back...

I mean, look at this guy's expression...it's seriously disgruntled.

He showed up in my Easter basket this year, and mom and I decided perhaps he was hung over. She said that she and Rozzilyn tried in vain to reshape his mouth into something resembling a smile...but alas.

He's not a happy monkey.

We also marveled at the fact that all the sock monkey's in the world...how is it that they all have such different expressions?

It's truly a miracle.

...and sitting in his lap happens to be a tiny Chickie. He's all the way from Italy from my father and reminds me of childhood Easter's gone by. As a matter of fact, I almost missed this little guy when I was opening my package from Italy...but, I don't know how I could have missed him in his little pink nest.

Oh. With all that pink...Maybe he's a she?

Just sayin.

I also had to show you the fantastic candy that my father sent me as well! I was actually in Italy for Easter and my birthday (they were on the same day...which has happened a couple of times in my life) with my family...and they really go all out for the holiday.

Not to mention that their candy is so cute!

Perhaps it's because it's not like any candy that we have in America?

But...it's super cute anyway!

14 April 2009

And The Word of The Day is...

Heavens. I missed a day didn't I?

It was too much Easter partying indeed on my part (perhaps a chocolate egg hangover...or the fact that I was just a bit busy taking a long hard and somewhat painful hike in anticipation of a upcoming hiking vacation, getting my hair cut and hanging out with Rozz...see? I was busy!) we had a lovely day on Sunday though...some people not here, other's here...it was a good small crowd, and all was enjoyed. Isn't that just the way with holidays sometimes? People, come, people go...

Food is eaten...

The word of the day was Strawberries.

I have to say, it usually is strawberries for this particular holiday...I always consider Easter my first chance to celebrate the season of Spring, and I often love to do it while stuffing my face while enjoying the first of the batches of strawberries. We picked these up from Costco...but thought they were a little on the tart side.

We used the large batch of berries to make both a fresh strawberry pie (complete with home made lemon curd...courtesy of the imported lemons from Bill and Larry...which by the way, are SO large, that the recipe I was following called for 4 lemons to make 1/3 C of lemon juice, and I only needed to use 2 of theirs!) All the sweets and tart is just a fantastic marriage of flavors. We also had fresh strawberry shortcake with spelt shortcake and real whipped cream (I just finished the last of that this morning for breakfast...dairy allergy be damned!)

And due to various food allergies (again, not appreciating the dairy one on Sunday) and diet choices, I decided to attempt my hand at making avocado rolls, which were loosely modeled on the ones we enjoy eating at the New Frontiers in Flagstaff. And when I say loose, I mean it...I need some more practice using these thai wraps to get everything wrapped up tight enough...but, boy was I happy to finally find these wraps (no eggs or other weird ingredients) and the result was lovely...made better by a small bit of peanut sauce I whipped up on a whim as well.

We also opened Easter baskets, had an Easter egg hunt and took a lovely walk (so we could indulge in all the strawberry goodness) in the Spring weather (which we were not expecting seeing as we had snow the day before!)

10 April 2009

How Did She Know...

On Thursday night after yoga (with both Megan and Rozzilyn) I usually end up at Megan's house for a couple of spritzers and dinner...well, and talkies. Well, yesterday I was informed that when I got to her house, there was an extra special secret surprise...

Don't worry, it wasn't my birthday present...so it was totally OK for me to open it.

How did she know?

How did she know that the minute I saw these new laser cut pieces she got at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show that I immediately swooned over this bird? (perhaps it was the fact that she had to pry it out of my hand and wipe the drool off the corner my mouth?) I have already been envisioning a necklace made with this bird and have seen myself wearing it...

How did she know that I had already pictured a design for this necklace in my head and it involved the bird with a chain on each side? I was hesitant in mentioning this because I thought the chain may be a little different that Megan's designs, and I would hate to demand a certain thing from such a creative jewelry maker...And yet, here is this beautiful necklace sitting on the table waiting for my neck...better than I pictured it (I didn't even think about the addition of beads) I am truly humbled by the gift of this necklace and so giddy that I own it.

How did she know that I am now swooning even more...

and that I am now redesigning outfits in my wardrobe to wear with the necklace...

because I want to wear it every day, from now on.

Please feel free to pop over and visit Megan's shop...it never disappoints!

09 April 2009

Easter Weekend...

Plans for Easter are in full swing here at Foolsewoode...that is, once I realized that it was Easter weekend and we usually have all Easter celebrations here. Oh yeah. Right. So, I have dug things out of hiding, straightened up...decorated. Now all that's left is food preparation...which will happen on Easter morning before everyone arrives (well, that and a couple of things I need to make)

I also received an Easter package a couple of weeks ago all the way from Italy. It's from my father...this was pre-the big earthquake. They're OK though, other than being woken up early in the morning and shaken from their bed, probably making them wonder why they left California (although, my father and I may agree it's for the truffles and gellato...) But all is well. My sister and Rozz also received a package as well...Rozz and I are waiting to open them until Easter...my sister? She never could wait for surprises...which makes me shake my head a little bit.

I'm such a waiter (or is it a waitress) when it comes to gifts. You could actually put an unwrapped gift in the middle of my living room, and as long as I knew where it was, I would not look at it until I was supposed to open it (this drives Rich batty...who has already tried to talk me into letting him give me my birthday present...it also drives my sister batty) I hate to ruin surprises. As a matter of fact, Rich and I were giggling the other day when he said, "your presence is your presents" and I said, "...um no. Your present is that which you wrap specifically to give me..."

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend...

08 April 2009

Working Out With a Walker...

My mother is an ex-gym aficionado, and was once a body builder. We used to attend aerobics together (a fun family activity that resulted in bonding through pain and sweat) and she has fond memories of going to the gym and is a wealth of information about body building and toning muscles...although she doesn't go to the gym any more, she eats an all raw diet (this is after being a vegetarian for years and a following a macrobiotic diet as well) and is in fantastic shape...not only for her age, but she's just in great shape period.

This is an excerpt from the conversation I had with my her last night in the car that made us both howl with laughter. We were all a bit loopy after running errands, eating dark chocolate, and shopping for Easter loot:

Me: Well, I have to say...I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself, but I must be getting a hotter body because I'm at the gym all the danged time...lately all the old guys who work out at the same time as me are starting to make eye contact and say, "good morning!"

It's kind of nice.

Mom: That is nice...

Me: Then again, maybe they finally recognize me and seeing as I've been going for over a year, I have passed some kind of endurance test, and they know I'm there to stay, so it's OK to become attached via the morning greeting.

Mom: Oh yeah, even after all these years...all the people I used to go to they gym with are still excited to see me and say hello whenever we see each other too...


Yeah...Now that they're all using walkers and I'm old and fat...

07 April 2009

In the Land of Hoo-Do...

Yesterday I was a bit away from the computer...in the form of One Who Hikes With Rich in and among the Hoo-Doo's (that is, if we were to put a Native American name to the whole thing) Yeah. that's right, I said Hoo Doo. Which was nearly impossible for me to remember leading up to the hike and shall probably be banished from my brain once again as I hit the publish button on this post. I kept walking around town before said hike saying things like, "Rich and I are going hiking somewhere...um, that has to do with volcanoes up in Flagstaff...but not the lava tubes (which are these big underground tubes that you can go climb around in that were created by lava...) it's something else...but, I have no idea what it is" Apparently I'm not paying attention very well...and by not paying attention very well, I usually make up a bunch of inaccurate things instead:


as in who do'd that?

then there was:






which all about brought me to my knees...making me want to get a big horn, don my lederhosen, plant myself on the side of the petrified lava flow and exclaim:



But alas, I had forgotten both my large horn and my lederhosen (not to mention my flock of sheep) But, according to Rich...I still shredded up the trail. I honestly don't know if it's because I spend a majority of my mornings at the gym and it's finally paying off...or if it's because I am so excited to get out on a trail. Well, whatever it is, I enjoyed myself at the Red Mountain Geological Preserve (home of the Hoo-Do...which are actually those pointy rock formations, I think anywat, likt they have on the Thunder Mountain Railway at Disneyland...which is a lot of fun. Almost as fun as hiking a trail and without all the annoying long lines...but, without a fast run away train, so there's that...)

It was a pretty easy hike in, with a very cool ladder/stairway thing leading to the real Hoo-Dooie part of the canyon (that I climbed and then immediately put in the back of my mind to stress out about until we went back down. I honestly do that kind of nonsense a lot...which is why I am currently reading The Power of Now...) (I am also loving how there is a sign on the post that says trail...with an arrow pointing straight up...they got that right!) and it is honestly fantastic in this area. It was cool enough not to get too hot (and windy as well) which probably also explains why there's a lot of snow still sitting on the ground.

Totally awesome
back in the canyon though. Everything is very large...which prompted me to call Rich "little man" and take pictures to try and illustrate how BIG and impressive it all is...

We stopped for
a bit to explore and have some snacky treats...and I stopped to throw my arms around a big pine tree (must be the endorphins from all the hiking) to thank it for being in this fantastic place...while Rich snapped a picture (it's on his site) which immediately made me think I had an enormous rump and the gym is NOT paying off (then again, I think I have a wardrobe of ill fitting hiking things...often things that fit on my waist are ginormous everywhere else...so that leads me to believe that there needs to be more ab work...otherwise I look as if I have wrinkle butt) and I had a chance to snap a pay-back picture of him using the mountain of dried lava as a slip and slide (all while saving the new camera from utter destruction) but, I didn't have my camera out fast enough. I don't know how Rich finds all these great places, but I'm glad he does!

I think it's also fair to say, even though I lived in Flagstaff for 5 years, I never saw this great location...but, also we must remember that Sadira is rather new to liking the hiking thing as well. By the way? The new Keen's totally rocked! Paired with a pair of Fox River cross training socks, I had no foot fatigue, blisters or soreness...

Go Keen Go!!

After hiking out, we ended the day in Flagstaff at the Life is Good store, where life is indeed good, but a bit overpriced. And then on to New Frontiers where we picked up some yummy lunch, which included these fantastic rolls with avocado and a lot of other good veggies that we both love. I thought to ask the nice Sushi chef (yes, they have a sushi chef in the market) if they sold these rolls in the store (because with Rich's egg allergy it's very hard to find wraps without egg in them, if you can believe that) and lo and behold...they had them! I'm not saying our New Frontiers will have them here, but it's a lead at least!

All of this may prompt me to make good rolls for Easter and call them Hoo-Do rolls...

05 April 2009

It Would Make Me Happy...Right Now...

What would make you happy right now?

This is the question I posed to a good friend of mine who is going over a shaky bridge at the moment. Learning to fill up the time. Learning what makes her tick. Learning how to make friends with who she is right now...at this moment. Bringing the past forward, dealing with life as it is now...with all the baggage in tow. I remember having to do this so many times in my life...but most often within the last 3 years. I told her that I sometimes felt as if I was a small lonely child...just starting out the process, taking very tiny steps all alone. I told her that I had to stop a lot and ask myself the question often in a very tiny voice...

What would make me happy right now?

Sometimes it was ice cream. Sometimes it was going to the park to swing...just for 15 minutes, or watching a favorite movie. Most often, it was taking a walk or a hike...and learning how to be with myself again.

Usually whatever
came into my mind wasn't expensive, or time consuming, and every time I stopped to listen to that little voice within...whenever I took time to pause, I was deliriously happy with following through with such small requests...it's almost like you have a little secret and only you know about it...a special reward for the child within. It was often with amazement that I realized that it didn't take a lot to make me happy, just a few small things here and there. I think this was instrumental in getting to know myself again after my divorce, and sometimes adding a little touch of trust to a relationship I often didn't take time to nurture.

In the past.

I'm much better at it now than I once was though. I've learned that I love to hike and take walks, I love to feel the sun on my face and see how far I can stretch my body...and how good that feels. I have learned new ways of being creative...most of all, I have learned how to pause.

That is...when I remember.

::blink blink::

Maybe all the practice of asking myself has almost become second nature, and I can really fulfill my desires without even asking the question now...Then again, maybe I've become a bit complacent and forgetful. After getting off the phone call with my friend, trying to impart some coping mechanisms that work for me (I mean, what's the point of going through everything in life if you can't help people?) ...and during the walk I was on, I stopped to ask myself when the last time I really stopped to ask myself What would make you really happy right now?

A Pedicure.

And a slow smile spread across my face. I turned to go home, and stopped myself because I'd only been on my walk for about 10 minutes, and that's what made me happy a few moments ago (sometimes my inner child has ADD) and I needed to complete this one task first (completing these tasks are very important) I came home, got out the foot soaker basin, collected my trio of Plum and mint products (foot soak, foot scrub, foot lotion) with tea tree (for tired tootsies) and Shea butter (for softness) and took the time to do the works. Soak, scrub, lotion, massage, heat, bubble, clip, file and finally, paint each toenail with a light pearlized springtime polish (the people I do yoga with will no doubt thank me) All while drinking a hot steaming cup of Sleepytime tea in my most specialist Italian tea mug. It was heaven...topped off with my official striped flopping socks and wrapped up in the feather comforter on the couch totally relaxed, renewed, and pamperd, wearing a special smile on my face...

So, What would make you happy right now?

03 April 2009

Did I Forget to Mention...

A couple of weeks ago (or was it last week? I tell you, time has gotten away from me...perhaps it's blown away in the lovely gale force winds Springtime gusts gentle Springtime breezes that are visiting our sweet town...at the moment. Word on the street is it's going to get worse this afternoon. I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but if you don't hear from me it could be because the cat and I are huddled together on the bed while the house is spiraling to OZ...) My old friend (she's not actually old per se, we've just known each other since Junior High, or middle school, or whatever those young kids are calling it now days...we'll refer to it as that awkward stage in which to make matters worse, they made you undress and take showers in front of your peers after gym class, all while standing there watching you to make sure that you actually did it...ahem) Suzie ...That's who stopped by...in case you got totally confused by my tangents (I'm looking to snag an attention span while in OZ. Oh, and one of those cool flying monkeys...because come on...how great would it be to have a flying monkey to do your bidding? Of course, I'll have to wear that weird cap, and people here stare at you strange if you wear a hat...but I will smite them with my monkey and then fly away! I'm not suggesting that I can actually fly because of the hat, but I think that I could ride on the monkeys back...which may lead to all sorts of jokes centering around, "...You've got a human on your back")

Um Suzie. Right.

Only that's not
really her name anymore. It's actually Suzanne. Cause' somewhere between now and that awkward stage aforementioned, we all grew up and decided that our given names weren't so bad. Which is great, only now a lot, we stand around and say things like, "Hey...um, ah, well...you! Have you met _____ (damn) ?" Although, I think there might be an unspoken rule that if someone knew you as a previous name we are all getting to the age where we can't remember anything but that, so the previous name kind of grandfathered in.

Only I like the name Sadira now...I'd much rather be called by that name, rather than Sadie.

But, even my mom's confused sometimes...so we just kind of go with whatever pops out of anyones mouth at any given time.

Which is why people are now calling me Sam.


So. Suzie...Suzanne, stopped by with her adorable son (and husband) on the way to The Grand Canyon...and it was such a great surprise. They don't live in some far reaches of the universe, it's just that with a baby Suz (ha. totally different derivative of the name there...) doesn't get out of her neck of the woods very often...and I have no excuse other than I don't get out of my neck of the woods often (maybe I'll be able to once I get my monkey...we'll see) and I hadn't met Soren up until that point. Other than through her blog. Well, and when she was pregnant, but that hardly counts. I will now take a moment to say what a cutie!

What a cutie!

And, he looks just like himself.

Which he should be happy to know...so we can only infer that there is no baby identity theft ring going on in their neck of the woods, and that Suzanne's blog is indeed accurate.

I'm just anxious to know exactly what he's going to change his name to...

02 April 2009

Keen For Hiking...

The first thought I had today when I exited the gym after my hard morning work-out...and on the last day of the week I work out (I lift weights/do cardio Mon-Thurs...with yoga mixed in for extra fun on a couple of days as well) was, "I want to go hiking!!"

You know when you are already hot and sweaty and tired that if those are the first words that come out of your mouth when you're supposed to be going home for a quick bite and a cuppa...well, it may be time to escape town and go exploring...

During my morning phone call with my partner in crime...I said those words and plans have magically begun to form out of the ether of the hiking world. We will indeed go hiking soon enough...or not soon enough, depending on how you look at it.

Thank goodness
a package arrived this week that will make a rather large difference in my hiking experience as well. It is actually a birthday present (from me to me...I'm very good to myself, but I'm thinking that after the impractical (rhinestone necklace) and the practical (new boots, because I believe in very good footwear for oneself) that this may be all I get myself for my birthday...although, there's still a couple of weeks until the day...) and something I've been needing as well. A new pair of waterproof mid-ankle hiking boots made by Keen. I love Keen shoes! I'm Keen for them (hardy har har) I have several pairs, including a couple of pairs of sandals (both the same...one pair was bought used for when the other pair runs out...it never hurts to be prepared forheavensake) and Keen, like Chaco...perform extremely well when hiking around rocks...their soles cling like no other, and are mostly non-slip, and they are darned comfortable to boot. The difference between Chaco's and Keen besides the style, is the little toe guard on the Keens...which comes in handy if there's a bunch of slippery rocks or dirt around...extra toe protection...Chaco's straps are totally adjustable though.

But, I heartily recommend either or both
(so you can choose between them when you're out having fun, you know...whatever matches your outfit the best? I love to hike and get active, but I like to match as well...yeah, I'm a girl about it...)

I haven't actually had a pair of hiking boots in quite some time. I like to think it's because I haven't been hiking a lot until the last 3 years, but really it's because I'm not that comfortable having something around my ankles. But, all the serious hikers have good boots...and I want to be taken seriously for sure... Having something around your ankles also is a little extra support so you don't roll them, which is not comfortable at all...And, one of my home girls and I have some plans for some serious hiking coming up soon!

Luckily, these have come just in time...

01 April 2009

What the Duck...?

Or maybe more accurately...what the goose?

Due to a crazy miscalculation on my part (see: Rich putting my iPhoto on a rather large external drive for me so that it wouldn't take up valuable memory room on the Mac...awwww, how nice...cause' I don't really know how to do it myself, but I probably could if I tried?) Yesterday I was all ready to blog on location at Snap Snap, and I had my SD card from the camera and my card reader (and was patting myself on the back, because who's a clever girl then?) ...and much to my dismay, I realized I had no way to put the photos on the computer because I'm not really wanting to carry around my external hard drive along with everything else (even though I made an extra large bag...it's just a little nuts to drag everything around...in my opinion anyway, so I'm now having to remember to load pictures at Foolsewoode and then transfer them to the superspecial folder on the Mac that is just for these sorts of things) thus making me forfeit blogging on Tuesday, because for some reason I have an aversion to blogging without a picture.

It bores me.

So I'm back. On a Wednesday. Blogging about a Monday.

This was the
Monday we went on a walk and saw ducks and other water fowl at Watson Lake (it was also the Monday we flopped around the Airstream, which also included my official comfy flop socks...the pink stripey thick ones my mom gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago?) I noticed that after pulling up to park near the boat ramp, I was off and running towards the long dock...reminding me that I am indeed a water person, because I was having a long internal dialogue with myself about not jumping into the lake because
a) it was cold
b) it's apparently a very dirty lake... (which makes me feel bad for the ducks and whatnot that live in and around this lake)

So, I ran out on the dock and sat down instead.

And then the ducks came rushing over. And then the geese. They all clustered around making me labour under the delusion that they were so excited to see me, because I have some special connection with nature. But between you and me? I think they were looking for some food.

Because after Rich
walked up, the geese got very upset and gave him dirty looks out of the corner of their eyes all while honking at him menacingly. I interpreted this to mean that they weren't angry at me, because I wasn't afraid of them (see above delusion about goose whispering) seeing as I sat right down on the dock and talked to them quite readily and encouraging them to swim over (mostly it's the fact that I'm probably one of the last persons on the planet not to be attacked by a goose so they don't scare me at all, and whenever they're floating around together in pairs, they make hearts with their necks and it makes me think that they're terribly in love and I get all misty eyed and romantic) and because I think it was pretty obvious to everyone at this point that I was only a passenger in the car...so I wasn't in charge of remembering food for the animals and such.

I was a little worried though when they all decided to exit the lake en mass and started walking towards us as we were off to hike down another trail (they can walk pretty fast on their short little legs) Worried because we discussed the possibility of them all waiting for us on the trail, tapping their little orange webbed feets with their wings all crossed over their chests and not letting us pass without some sort of food bribe and guilty because we thoughtlessly had not thought to bring food in which to feed them...

Which makes me think that geese are not romantic in the least...no matter what shape their necks make.


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