30 April 2008

File This Under...

Fun Things To Do When You're Sick.

I suppose though, this may only work if you're in a place where the elderly and the retiree's outnumber the sane...um, I mean, those who are not.

Yesterday in an effort to stroll back into my life in a graceful way, I opted to park the car downtown a little early to give myself time to run, or walk, as the case was, to a few of my morning errands.

You see, I needed to go to both the bank and the Post Office.

I went to the bank first, and then the PO as it is close to Snap Snap, and it just made more sense that way...trust me. I was accompanied by my ole' trusty iPod, and was enjoying listening to my new Weepies CD (this CD rocks by the way, they are very good though, so this doesn't surprise me...I can't wait to play them during an outside porch party some summer evening)

I walked up the steps
to our historical downtown PO and went in and noticed a small line of 2 people waiting to be helped, with an additional 3 people already being helped at the windows, which was no big deal as I was only after stamps, I had plenty of time, and I was as previously mentioned, listening to some good tunes.

Enter: SomeOldGuy, um...elderly gentleman.

Now, I have noticed, living in this town most of my life that the elderly here will practically run you over to get ahead of you...it's like living in a town full of cats or small children...They're silently waiting around every corner to try to jet ahead of you and trip you. They pull out in front of you at the last minute in traffic, in an aisle at the grocery store,swerve in front of you to get a parking place (heaven help you if there is someone giving out samples or something else free away) and this is all before they give you a dirty look and then inevitably slow way down...This always makes me do several things at once:

  • Slam on my brakes/stop dead in my tracks/swerve/hold my fist up while silently cursing
  • Wonder why I'm getting a dirty look
  • Wonder when it became OK to be very rude...I mean, these people are our elders...
  • Question my validity to be here on this planet with these people who are obviously so much more important than I am...
  • Wonder, what the hell they're in such a hurry for?

Really...why the rush? What do you have to do today that you need to be in front of me for? Go home and watch TV? Read a newspaper? Clip Coupons? Get in front of that guy over there? Or are these people just in a hurry to live the rest of their lives, because they may have finally realized that they are now hurtling towards death at a rapid rate totally unstoppable? Are these people then harassing DEATH making him want to use the scythe before the last sand bounces down the hour glass of their life? Do they run, moving towards the light, eagerly pushing other souls out of their way to get to...whatever?

Anyway...this OldGuy came in behind me, and started doing some major sighing...breathing down my neck in an impatient manner, and started tapping his foot, crossing and uncrossing his arms, checking his watch and trying to push past me in line to give everyone that was either in front of him a dirty look...or trying to catch the eyes of the PO clerks to give them dirty looks (is this why these people eventually go postal?) He was invading not only my personal space, but the personal space of at least 8 other people...

Before this was all over he came just short of climbing onto my back...

Then I coughed.

Because I have this allergy thing going on still. I am still healing from the infections in my body, and all the extra walking around makes me breathe differently and made my lungs work a little harder...they needed to be cleared out. I am not, nor ever was, contagious with this latest malady, and I am super careful to not cough on anyone in my general vicinity and I always cover my mouth. I just needed to cough. The one thing you need to know: My cough sounds really bad still.

And I noticed something out of the corner of my eye...

He stepped back.

Way back.

So, I did what any normal
young woman who is tired of being pushed around by the "feeble" elderly does...I turned my head and coughed in his general direction for good measure. And, for the rest of the minutes I was in line he stayed out of my personal space...

Of course, he had jumped into the arms of the young man behind him...but it was not my concern.

29 April 2008

How Do You...

Good Morning?

I saw this little idea while I was popping over to visit Lois. It seems to be a bit of a meme (Most folks drink some sort of a morning beverage, be it coffee or tea, and most likely from a mug. Please share a photo of your favorite mug(s) and tell a story about how it became your favorite. Include what you drink with this mug) and I thought it was a fun one indeed...I thought in leau of having you over for a morning cuppa (and you know I would if you were closer...and if you're ever in town, do give a call, because I have plenty of coffee cups) I thought I would invite you to sit down and take a sip with me...

Until very recently,
I actually drank my morning cuppa, which is usually an organic dark decaf (did you know that the dark coffee has less caffeine in it?) from a coffee cup given to me by a good friend...it said "good morning" in all different languages all over it. I loved it because it was like waking up with someone who wanted to tell me something...in any way they could. She gave it to me after the divorce and since I had been waking up to more of a Miaow than a Good Morning, I really appreciated this (now I usually wake up to a Good Morning call from Rich) Unfortunately, while talking on the phone one morning, I dropped the mug in the sink and shattered it (then again, maybe since meeting Rich I don't need a mug to tell me good morning)

So, I was without a morning mug for a few days. After going up to Sedona one weekend with Bert, Janie and Rich...Janie and I found our way into the Life is Good store. Did you know life is good makes mugs? Well, they do, and they are quite wonderful. Not only because they have their best logo's on them, but because they are heavy...like old restaurant mugs. I love old restaurant mugs, in fact, I think those are the best ones to have and I am usually drawn to buying them in droves (I have calmed down a bit over the years) The simple reasons being:
  • They are the right weight and feel good when you hold them with or without coffee in them
  • They are often thick so that warm beverages stay warmer longer
  • They are the right shape as they are usually skinnier mugs and are shaped so that there is less surface space for your coffee to get cold
Anyway, back to Janie and I and the Life is Good store...I was drawn to the mugs and found the perfect one in a pink color...I liked this one because it has a heart on it, and I am big into hearts around here. On the other side it has the words:

Do what you like.
Like what you do.

I usually start my days with coffee. I love the taste of coffee, we're all kind of like that in my family. I take mine with creme. Silk brand soy cream to be a little more specific (for those of you that worry that since I am lactose intolerant, that I may suffer in any way...I don't, this is darned good cream) Sometimes I will have Chai with vanilla soy milk and Agave syrup instead...but mostly it's coffee for me.

During my old age, after 3...otherwise it's hard for me to sleep (except for Tuesdays, Tuesdays we drink home made ahem...I noticed that it's a little better for me to try to stay away from coffee caffeine, as I can take it too far quite quickly and either become very shaky and buzzy or very helpful and chatty...The tea caffeine doesn't seem as bad for me. And, I try to stay away from anything that is caffieinatedChai at my mom's house.)

When I drink my afternoon and evening tea, I drink it out of a special tea cup that I bought in Deruta Italy. It was hand painted and created there (Deruta happens to be the pottery capital of Italy) and has a very cool dragon on it, and some lovely scrolly designs on it. It has a much bigger opening, as you can plainly see...which actually means that my tea gets a little chilled before I have a chance to drink it all, but I must confess...I am more of a room temperature kind of gal. I like Luke-warm chocolate (with or without marshmallows) and sometimes luke-warm beer (perhaps this is why the idea of wine appeals to me? Most often you can get away with it not being chilled) I do like my iced tea however. So...

And, may I say that I am absolutely swooning over the quality of the pictures the 10D is taking? Yes, I realize that they are of coffee mugs and such (look, you're talking to a woman who didn't hardly set foot outside of her own home this weekend...just pressing the shutter down on the camera made me practically burst into tears I was so excited to be taking pictures again) Just look at all that shiny! The reflection of the tree outside in the face of my toaster? Phuleeze. And other than that nasty little coffee drip on my pink mug, that is one clean looking cup. I wonder if I can just run around the house and take pictures rather than cleaning from now on?

No, you're right. Probably not.

So...How do you Good Morning?

28 April 2008

Comfort Food...

This is what I participated in mostly this weekend...comfort


You caught me. I wasn't up to snuff enough to even make much comfort food, and relied on pre-made soups and extra pulpy OJ for any comfort goodness...But, I absolutely can't stand to post without a picture, and usually I have some weird random picture in my blog file stash...so, I thought I'd try to tie in a big pot of potatoes to this post. I mean, really, I do consider potatoes to be a big comfort food in my world...and honestly? I suppose you wouldn't have know any of this and I could have fooled you if I hadn't come clean. But, I figure our bloggy relationship is one based on trust, and I want you to trust me...but to an extent, I also want you to humor me...so let's pretend none of this ever happened.

As it was...
I did take my own advice (and several other of yours advice and rest...although, the comment from Wende got me a bit excited...not about the tushie kicking part, but about the resting at the coast part, I have been seriously wanting to see the ocean as of late.) But, I cut out all extra activity so that I would heal...well, that and anytime I even attempted to do anything extra (which extended to extra conversation on Saturday...or lying down...I actually had to prop myself up on pillows and be near sitting to not cough almost every breath, even while sleeping) I started a coughing fit like you wouldn't believe...and it was hard to breathe, and it made my eyes watter...so, I avoided any extra activities...and just drank a ton of fluid and watched movies...No matter how the spring tempted me with her luscious and beautiful weather. I sat and viewed it from my chair instead.

I felt much better by Sunday (and even better today still, I actually slept through most of the night with no coughing fits...well, one's that didn't last more than a couple of good coughs anyway) good enough to go over to the Airstream and say good-bye to Terry and Greg (Rich and I both backed out of the Art Gallery opening and dinner on Friday night...I really enjoyed meeting Terry and Greg, and was both equal parts sad that I didn't feel well and relieved that I could rent movies and go home and collapse) and Hello to Rich...Rich made us lunch, we ran one little errand and then sat and watched movies all day...we're both a bit exhausted...but feeling better today for sure. I think I can safely assume that I am on the mend, and may resume more normal activities soon, which may not involve insane amounts of pulpy OJ and soup. I mean, I must be getting better because my head cleared up so much that I actually started sneezing again (Rich figures that the pollen is once again getting through now that I"m cleared up) which has put me into a state of worry because that's what started this entire episode in the first place.

Here's the list of movies this weekend:

Dan in Real Life
Margot at the Wedding
13 Going on 30
The Holiday
Austin Powers
Flushed Away

25 April 2008

A Study In Kitty Portraiture...

(because the new 10D apparently takes some mighty fine pictures...no matter what kind of weird sinus thing you may be battling...and with hardly any effort at all from said photographer...like maybe even while sitting on her tushie in her favorite chair...)

Weekend Fun including:

  • Art gallery opening Friday night and dinner afterwards with these fine people (we did go for a little picture taking hike last night out on the Rocks at Granite Dells...I know, I pushed myself a little hard last night, but in my defense, I had just eaten some Thai Crack (TomKa soup and spring rolls) so I was feeling all mighty)
  • Picking up some movies at Hasting's...things I've been wanting to see for a while now
  • Rest. Putting on the ole' organic PJ's my mother got me for Christmas, and putting my feet up. Resting. Drinking lot's of fluids. Catching up on my digital photography reading. Resting. Watching movies (maybe journeying out to the Airstream to rest and watch movies?) Whatever I do, I'm going to try doing it in PJ's...
I certainly don't want to miss any fun next week...

24 April 2008

OK, I admit...

That I may have pushed myself too far without the adequate amount of rest for the last few weeks...I am, human, no matter how much I want to think that I have boundless energy and I am invincible. Sometimes a girl's gotta take a little break and put her feet up (no matter how much fun she is having...why is it so hard for me to say "let me rest a bit"? I hate the feeling like I may miss out on something)

That whatever is in the sky/air is affecting me more that I have previously wanted to admit...that my allergies are a real condition...and trying to sweetly ignore them, pretend they're not there, or bully them into submission never works...

That I now have
what looks to be a sinus and bronchial infection (a small one) due to the over tiredness of my sinuses and being hit continually with airborne allergens (and I know this is a fact because, if I hide away in the Airstream, all stretched out under a blankie...man, what a great house guest I am...in the 200 sq ft space of HEPA~ized air...I'm able to stop sneezing and enjoy eating food without having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes...I know, tmi...but the HEPA seems to help immensely) Although, after finally admitting that I may be a bit ill to myself, I could finally do something extra to help support my immune system...again, I'm realizing I'm human here, and need a little help here and there with remaining healthy. And short of leaving AZ for a month every year...I need to remember all this (then again, airborne allergies are different strengths every year)

That this may be
a rest and movie weekend instead of a get out and pack in tonsoffun during the days off...There's a nagging part of me that wants to clean and organize (I mean, if I'm going to be at home...) Rest girl.

this is a deep rooted pattern I have...No rest if a lot of fun happens my way...until I'm forced to...

I'm powerless over this...

I'm realizing I have a problem...

I'm saying it outloud...

I admitted it...Now can all the sniffles and coughing go away so that I may resume my fun?

(And, not just for me, because Terry and Greg are here for a visit...and they are superfun!!)

23 April 2008


I had the amazing luck of this tiny bottle of sweet fluorescent green goodness to hop off of a shelf at the thrift and hit me in the head last week...

OK, it didn't so much as hit me in the head, as it was just plucked off of it's resting place and was immediately hoarded into my hot little hands. But, for a dollar what do you expect?

Plus, this little bottle of Lime Ricky totally matches my kitchen.


It's also French. Well...French Canadian anyways...as much as I can deduce (or as far as my horrible rudimentary French will take me anyway...You see, I've only taken Spanish and Italian...it was my mother who took French, and we grew up giggling at the few sentences she told us: "votre chapeau est une saucisse frite" and "vos cheveux sont à la bibliothèque" "your hat is a fried sausage" and "your hair is at the library" respectively) seeing as the back of the bottle says something in English and then French, and has the word Canada written on it as well (good detective work eh?)

Rich hails from
the French Canadian also (although, I've not noticed any French writings on him or the word Canada, for that matter) and he speaks French. Apparently...I've heard a few phrases here and there come out of his mouth. It always makes me melt a bit. The French language is melt worthy...so much more than Spanish, in my opinion anyway. I think we only really had the choice of learning Spanish while in school. To learn any other language you had to do it on your own time (I took Italian years later before my first Italy trip. I like to be able to say hello, thank you, and where's the bathroom? in multiple languages) I think that Rich is fluent in French but seems to feel bashful to speak it, as some French girl from the past told him that he had a horrible accent or some such nonsense, so he chooses not to speak it very much (Then again, I had a boyfriend once tell me that I was a horrible driver, and that's stuck in my head and continues to pop up, even after all these years...even though I wouldn't respect his opinion now. So, I understand...)

Rich happened to walk in to Snap Snap shortly after I'd acquired this new treasure, although he didn't act as if he'd seen a Pop Shoppe soda before. He looked at it and said,

"Tonic...that's what my meme used to call soda...Tonic"

This got me to thinking...(it's so often the $1 purchases that get the wheels turning) not only how sorry I am that I will never be able to meet either his Meme or his mother (two very influential women in his life that he speaks very fondly of) but of words. Specifically, the words are spoken by family members...quite often those wise one's that have come before us. My GG who is 94 (and who Rich has gotten to meet) has wonderful words for things, and I remember giggling about them when I was smaller. (She was from Kentucky...they have a lot of great everything for the English language) Often though, these fore-family members came from a different place. Either geographically, or time-line related...and as the world finds itself getting smaller from generation to generation, I wonder how many words are lost? How many words find themselves out of date, or no longer in fashion as we globally agree to call something by one word, so we are not confused? I think it makes for a very boring language...this loss of regional nick-names.

So, Tonic it is...and tonic I shall experiment with from now on...that word rolling off my tongue in a more festive way, an easier way than Soda, Pop, Soft Drink, Carbonated Beverage, Cola, or my current word of choice...Sody. I love the use of the word Tonic in this instance as I think of a tonic as something one must have in order to be OK, kind of like medicine...Although, according to Wiki, Tonic seems to be a regional name for a soft drink, common in New England...which makes sense as this is where Rich personally hails from...

and here I thought it was some wonderful French Canadian way of saying Sody...(you gotta love Wiki)

I'm not relinquishing this that easy, as Tonic is too good of a word to loose...

What regional names do you have for things?

22 April 2008

The $4 Million Home...

Rich and I ran up to Sedona on Sunday.

There were things to do...lists, accomplishments, agendas, preconceived notions...things that needed to be checked off and crossed through with a pen...

There were puff balls of Cottonwood that were collecting in every corner that would stand still. It was some kind of a crazy windy day, and either there is a lot of pollen/dust in the air...or we're getting smog in Northern Arizona.

Crab Nots...


We decided to push through anyway and start on our list.

We were hopeful.

We ended up going home early with sneezing, watery and itchy eyes and throats...and headaches...It was decided that it was more of an inside day instead...We did manage to get some things accomplished...

First stop: Public restroom (what? We both like to stay hydrated...we're in AZ you know)

Second stop:
The Life is Good store...I actually went last time I was there, and picked up some fun stuff, including a sticker for the back of Honey...today I got a yoga tank with an ohm sign on it...it was very cute and very on sale.

Third stop:
Rollies camera...we had some pretty specific things to do here...

Rich: Buy a new comfy camera strap. Drool over anything and everything camera. Chat with the photo shop guys.

Me: Buy a new comfy camera strap and a bag for my camera...

Ohhhh...accessories, something that I absolutely love. I believe most everything in life lies in the details...those little things that you would almost overlook if you weren't careful, yet they are often the most wonderful surprises. Little things that tie together a room, a home, or an outfit...accessories are like one of life's special little gifts, and finding yourself on the hunt is a very fun thing indeed.

Rich left me at the wall of camera bags after pointing out the bags that he's used and went on his own quest. They were...nice, quite functional, but not quite what I was looking for. I've often found that in the outdoor world, and some parts of the tech world...the pickings for messenger bags, camera bags and even backpacks (not to mention hiking boots and outdoor clothing) well, are a little on the slim side if you want something that is stylish or pleasing to the eye. I don't know if it's because this has been considered a more male dominated area? (to be fair though, companies are slowly starting to come around)

And then my eye was drawn toward something entirely different, something stylish...colorful...fun. The Crumpler. (their website is great, and you could spend a lot of time refreshing the homepage to see what weird character is going to hop by next, or what each of the fun buttons may do. Rich and I have been giggling uncontrollably about the site all night...prompting several phone calls...oh, about every 5 minutes!)

I picked up The $4 Million Home for the new DSLR...and this bag is exceptional. It is 2 different colors of tan canvas on the outside and a fun green on the inside. It will easily carry the 10D and another lens in the main compartment, and it has a front pocket that would be big enough for my cell, a small wallet, and keys (if I don't run and buy the cell holder and matching wallet) and there is a mesh pocket that runs along the top for whatever extras you may need to carry...SD cards or lens cleaning equipment? What I really love about the bag is the way it looks. There is a ton of room for my camera and it's accessories, yet the bag is wonderfully stylish and streamlined. The adjustable strap is quite long and can be worn across my shoulder rather than just on my shoulder or around my neck...camera equipment is quite heavy after a while and the weight is distributed perfectly. The best thing about this bag? Since it is so wonderfully stylish it actually happens to look nothing like a camera bag, so I can comfortably carry around expensive equipment and not feel conspicuous.

Because, apparently along with being horribly worried that the camera is going to spontaneously explode...I'm also worried that Ninjas are going to try to steal it...

Luckily, there's a Throwing Star pocket somewhere on the bag as well, and I think I can probably hang my nunchucks from the extra straps on the sides of this little beauty.

Rich was also very impressed
with the whole line of bags and would have grabbed one as well, only they didn't have the same color...we both agreed that this was the better color scheme. We popped onto the site as soon as we got home, and found some other wonderful things to choose from, which may make the decision on exactly what to get quite hard in the end!

And we can all, once again, breathe a sigh of relief because I have once again proven to be a very good accessories chooser.

21 April 2008

Saturday Party...

In the tradition of drawing one's birthday out for as longs as possible (Megan's mother has actually suggested a birthday month...and has read a book where there was made mention of a birthday season...could you imagine?!) We had a little birthday party this weekend with a great gathering of the most wonderful people...

It was terribly windy as Megan and Matthew had planned on the ceremonial first lighting of the fire pit for the summertime...

It was not to be however, as the howling winds reminded us more of being in an episode of Scooby-Doo (it was all the howling around corners and almost knocking Megan's amazing art off the walls that really did it...I didn't actually see any ghosts or crotchety old caretakers skulking about) And, it ended up being a bit freezy instead...As you can see...Rich ended up borrowing my what we now are referring to as a "plum" jacket...and we all though he rocked the color.

I brought the new DSLR with me...and have actually been scared to death to carry it around seeing as I don't have a camera case for it (although, I may have remedied that) and I am paranoid that it's going to explode for no good reason...and to prove my point, as I was headed down the driveway carrying the cake, the camera and talking on the cell...(what? I'm an Aries woman...I totally multi-task) the lens cap popped off and fell into the dirt.

For absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

See? Total and utter camera explosion!

But, it really only resulted in me using it the one time for the picture above...and I had to use the flash (which I'm not too thrilled about) As you can probably tell, the camera would most likely take a great picture even if I wasn't around to supervise it...

Along with the fabulous food spread...there were some wonderful gifts as well. I received an amazing bracelet from Megan...who, in my opinion makes some of the most fabulous jewelry. She made this delicate and beautiful bracelet for me with some pretty special beads from her stash (I totally envy someone that can use their stash pieces) and the sweetest silver Thai charm that hangs of the bracelet...matching the Tiffany one that I usually wear daily...I may never take this off! There were also some red passionate magnetic poetry, Burts Bees, a Happy book, a soap shaped like a rock of Lapis, a Joanne's GC, and the most wonderful hand drawn card from Megan's father...

I am still considering myself a very lucky girl. I am so thankful for such a great gathering of friends and feel deeply touched with all the outpouring of appreciation...then again, it was just like every gathering Megan has at her house...only more presents! Thank you everyone...

This was such a great and memorable birthday this year...and the best parts included the gathering of my loving family, incredible friends and the most special man in my life...

And, now I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing into this old age...

18 April 2008

Weekend Recap?

I say Virginia...this week has quite gotten past me hasn't it?

  • No video editing scrunching of Rozzie's recital to make it small enough to view right here on this blog (certainly a goal for next week though)
  • Several phone calls still not returned
  • House not totally organized and clean (not that both of those usually happen at the same time)
  • New camera accessories not purchased
  • The Sedona trip from last Sunday not documented...
But...let us not concentrate on all the things I haven't accomplished, let us concentrate on the things I have accomplished:

  • I aged one year in mere moments
  • I opened presents and ate many mini pupcakes
  • I documented most of the things we did last weekend
  • I finally cracked open and started reading no less than 3 digital camera books and learned how to turn on one new camera (this is a big step towards taking pictures...believe me.)
  • I assembled and used one new vacuum cleaner (and have fallen in love with all things vacuumy)
  • I completed my 600th blog post here at Foolsewoode (that was yesterday)
(wait...all the things on that list look fun...yes, I think that would about describe this week)

And...while I would like to wrap up the recap of last weekend, I think we're just a little too far away now from all of that...So, what do we need to know really about last Sunday? Rich, Bert, Janie and I all headed to Sedona for the day for shopping, hiking and photos (Berta and Janie are officially pulling out today...and will be sorely missed, that's for sure) It was beautiful. It always is, after all, it's Sedona...the skies in the distance were hazy (like they have been so often this year in Arizona)

These are my two favorite photos from the day...I love the beauty of the empty seed pods with the red rocks in the background, a kind of left-over tribute of the wildflowers from last spring...I love the little spider web you can see stretched between them...I was sorting through all the photos from last weekend and I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot of pictures of the red rocks (what can I say? I live in Northern Arizona, not only is everything quite close, it's usually quite beautiful as well) and since acquiring the new camera...I'm now all of a sudden not too sure if they're good enough.

Plus? Rich and I are thinking about heading up to Sedona again on Sunday (we must go to Rollies camera and get some things you know...giggle...so the camera accessorizing begins) and if we head up on Sunday...I'm sure there will be even more pictures of Sedona...Only, with the new camera in hand...maybe they'll be that much better?

17 April 2008

Birthday Spoils...

Or should it be Spoiled Birthday?

Because that's what it is...really.

It just occurred to me yesterday as I was receiving many birthday wishes and presents how lucky I am. I am surrounded with the most thoughtful of people...

Friends and family, people I've know forever, or met through the blogosphere quite recently, and so many people that are both near and far found a way to reach out and make me feel so loved. Thank you so much...every last one of you!

And the crazy thing is...it's not quite over yet...as Ms. Megan and Matthew are having a party for me this weekend as well.

My birthday started on Tuesday night. Rich was quite excited (and had been for about a week) about giving me my birthday present. I don't usually ever open presents early, unless there's a good reason (my father sent mine early and it's been sitting wrapped and ready since before Easter) But, Rich's excited tone finally convinced me that I should jet over to the Airstream (plus he said I would be very happy if I did) Well...Boy am I happy that I went over there! (I usually am though...gift or no gift...I'm smitten with the boy) When I got there, he said, "just a minuuuute!" and came to the door with a battery charger...he quickly lifted up the couch pillows (because apparently he wraps quite badly...but pillows are just as good aren't they? I mean, very Eco conscious cause' when you're done with them, you just put them back on the couch) And what was underneath all nestled among the cushions? (I was jumping up and down at this one clapping my hands and giving lots of smooches...well, inside I was...I was mostly speechless and jumpy around on the outside...I know...hard to believe isn't it?!) Let's just say that the pictures around these parts will be improving immensely in the days to come (well...when I learn how to focus and shoot better...don't look too closely at that pupcake picture..oh, and keep the auto flash from firing as well...ugh!) And, there is also a new digital touch photo frame that will be gracing the halls of Foolsewoode as well...to display all my wonderful photos as well...I feel like a very legitimate photo taker now (although still a little confused with the new buttons and beeps) ...happy happy happy me!

I went over to my
mother's yesterday and celebrated with her, GG, and Rozz...we had loads of good foods, and I had just acquired a mini pupcake tin. Well, my mother ran with the idea of mini pupcakes (I wanted vanilla with vanilla icing...boring, I know, but I like pupcakes boring apparently) She decorated some as a reverse red and white mushrooms (you know? White with red dots as opposed to the other way around?) taking care of that pesky Red Hot obsession I've been having lately (not that she knew about that, but we're just connected that way) They were good. Which was also good as she made fifty (that's right 50) before she got fed up and threw the rest of the batter away. Damn. Usually you're scraping the side of the bowl to make sure there's enough batter to make a good cake...

I received a copy
of the book The Creative Family (which I all of a sudden decided to covet when I saw my mother's copy) plus 2 books with illustrations by Lois Lenski (one of my favorite illustrators) an extremely early edition of Romeo and Juliet with amazing illustrations, the book Green Chic, a new watch, a Sephora gift certificate, a new yoga top, a hand crochet book mark (from Rozz) my annual "make me break down and sob" touching card from my mother and wonderful bits and pieces gifts...and something that will help me buy a new camera strap and new camera bag (for my new baby mentioned above)

It was an amazing day for sure...Thank you again to everyone who was so sweet and sought me out...I am, as always very humbled...

Oh...and Very Happy as well! (if not just a teeny bit older too...)

16 April 2008

It's A Girl...

Born April 16 1970
10:17 PM
6 lbs 3 oz
20.5 inches

(Thanks Mom and Dad)

She's a little bigger now, and older...but very very happy.

15 April 2008

Saturday at Camp...

Kendal Camp to be more precise...way up in the Groom Creek area. And, no I didn't actually camp as much as Tom and I enjoyed a hike together. You see, our regular hiking companions were otherwise engaged (DaNece was throwing a baby shower and Rich was working) So, it was up to the two of us to take Tom's dogs out and tire them out for the evening...

Or maybe it was the other way around...

After the intense elevation change it was hard to remember.

Tom said he remembers reading it is anywhere from a 1,200 - 1,800 foot elevation change in a mile and a half of hiking.

That would lead one to believe that the trail is straight up.

And it was.
(kindly refer to picture of UP trail to your left)

Ok...it wasn't that bad, but there were a few places we had to stop and catch our breath (much to the annoyance of the dogs, to be fair though...they have 4 legs) but Tom started this hike out a very smart man, and didn't tell me until after we got to the top what the exact elevation change would be...

Then I was like, "Oh, it wasn't that bad..."

(pant pant...wheeze)

We never got to the perfect view spot either, which was a bit strange...so we had to trek off trail, and had a bit of corner-itis

(which, for those of you who don't know what this is...was coined by Tom as, "I wonder what's around the next corner?") and we trekked down to a great patch of trees...

They were fluffy...

They were beautiful...

They were brightly colored...

They were...oh wait, an entire grove of Juniper's that were in bloom and practically dripping with pollen.

Crab Nuts!

My arch enemy.

I moved slowly so as not to attract attention to my presence so the trees would not notice me and shake their pollen all over me and make my eyes swell up and itch and my nose run...

As we were slipping and sliding our way back down the trail...we started noticing some really great trees and other wonderful things we hadn't seen on our way up. I attributed it to the fact that we were at a part of the trail that we were not actually going UP, so we were so excited, we didn't even look around us.

We spotted a lizard and a Horned Toad who seemed totally nonplussed to even see us, and didn't move...no matter how close we got.

perhaps they had just hiked up the trail too, and were too tired to be scared?

Even the excited dogs jumping around did little to make them hurry on their way...Nor did Tom sticking his camera into their respective faces do the trick.

(they were to alive! We saw them move...)

Maybe they were just hoping to hitch a ride back down the mountain with us?

Which would have been fine...

Except Tom fell into an underground cave...

Yes, another thing we totally missed on the hike up

(note to self: Bring other people when hiking in Moose territory)

This was actually a big enough opening for Tom to crawl through and take some amazing pictures. He highly recommended that I crawl in when he was done and do the same...

I asked him to toss me the car keys.

He did get some great pictures...there was a lot of water in there, you could hear it dripping from the ceiling...and he wants to go back and explore further. I think Rich wants to go with him...I think I shall ask DaNece if she wants to go shopping and for a lite lunch...

We did have a great time...all in all we were out for about 4 hours when everything was said and done. No matter how UP the trail got, it wasn't too bad (Though there were some seriously muddy footprints on the floor of my tub when I got home and took off the layer of dirt that I brought back with me) and I wasn't too sore to go to Sedona the next day to do a few more hikes as well...

(Hiking the next day too??)

Did I mention it's finally spring hiking weather and it's starting to warm up here in Northern Arizona?

14 April 2008

Rozzilyn's Piano Recital...

As an official kick off to this incredible weekend, Rozzilyn had a piano recital on Friday night. Her solo piece was Vivace from Festive Sonatina by N. Faber...
(True to Rozzie style, her teacher told her to be sure she was comfortable before she started playing, so I was totally loving how she walked right up to the piano, kicked off her shoes, and settles right in!)

Her second piece was a duet, and the piece was When the Saints Go Rockin' In by D. Alaxander...I promise I will post the video I took, but I have no idea how to do that at the moment, and I am so tired, I don't know if I can sit here and figure it out at the moment...I will probably contact my tech support and ask him...

(my personal tech support said he would love to help me, and he will have to show me in person...how great is that kind of tech help? I'm all about the one on one when I have to learn something new...it makes it easier for me, and Rich is a great teacher to boot...Until then, you'll have to hang out with the photos I took instead)

Rozzie, of course was wonderful, and as always...has blown me away with her talent...she's never nervous, and is a great performer...the kid has great timing, rhythm, and stage presence. The last musical piece of the evening was performed together as a group, and she and the other piano players were thrown in the middle of the group where they had to play the maracas...Now, this is not her first instrument of choice, but she totally rocked it (even though she looked around quite a bit when she was playing)

Good Job Rozzie!

I will work on getting the video up of your performance this week...

11 April 2008

A Day Late...

And a Dollar...


Upon scoring a parking place in front of the busy down town bank I use for my banking for Snap Snap, I happened to glance down at the clock in my car.

It told me that I was an hour early.

An hour.

I didn't believe it, worried that it was lying to me, and did a quick check on the cell phone clock as well.

Yup. A whole hour early.

Good grief.

Which can only mean one thing:

  1. I have no idea how to read a clock and I left my house earlier than I should have. By a whole hour (in case you were confused about all that blabber up there)


Scratching my head,
I pondered what to do. I don't live too far from down town, so I could have gone home, but for some reason, once I leave...it's like, well...I'm already starting my day. Only I have all this extra time (besides, I think the cat psyches herself up for when I'm gone...I've actually come home early, and she will barely look at me...preferring, I would guess, to think of me as invisible until I'm supposed to be there) And here I find myself with an entire extra hour in which to do something.

A good 10 minutes of it was eaten up by me checking and rechecking the time, and then resigning myself to the fact I had an extra hour to kill. Short of taking a nap in the car, I figured I should do something.


  • I browsed around an extra long time at the thrift.
  • I went to the library and used their internet to view porn (just kidding...I needed to look up a site that has a problem being viewed on my computer...it is not porn)
  • I arrived early at Snap Snap and did quite a bit of cleaning...it needed it.

In fact, I was so into cleaning and straightening, that I almost opened late.

Which would have been silly, really...as I had just mere minutes early been trying to kill time.

An hour of time is almost to long to do anything and too short to do the other things. Especially when you're in the car, driving around trying to figure out exactly what you should do, turning corners, slowly...pondering. I probably should have just went to The Raven Cafe and had a cup of Chai...or over to visit Megan at Cuppers (only I vaguely remember Friday being her day off)

So, if this time I was early...If I was not a day late and a dollar short...What would that make me?

An hour early and a dollar richer?

On The Menu This Weekend:

  • Rozzy's Piano Recital
  • Megan and Matt's Friday night par-tay (if the recital doesn't go too long)
  • Hiking with Tombo
  • Road Trip to Sedona with Rich to visit, hike and photograph with Bert and Janie...and do some rice chip shopping
Anything exciting where you're at?

10 April 2008

Dreaming In Sushi...


We can all be happy that things are evening out for the better this week.

So far.
(I am the eternal optimist)

I had a bit of extratime last week. It was the morning, and I had an hour before I absolutely had to be anywhere...and a piece of folded up fabric, just taunting me. I got this fabric when I acquired the Monkey Yoga fabric. I love all things sushi...to eat, wear, and decorate with (mostly to eat though) My thoughts when purchasing this fabric was to make both a pair of lounge/PJ pants, and a skirt.

I started with the pants using the Built By Wende pattern that came with the book Sew U. I decided to customize the pattern by making the pants into capris and make an elastic waist instead (I'm wearing them to schlep around in, after all) I further customized by finishing off the bottoms with cuffs made from black Oriental lettering fabric and I put in a waistband to match. This is a super simple pattern, but I am not thrilled with the fit. The are a little um...lower in the last then I usually wear...quite simply, I could have used a little more fabric up towards my waist...but, they are comfortable and I can certainly adjust that when I make more pairs...because all in all, they fit well otherwise...I'm just not too into low-rise PJ's.

I also made a patch out of the California Roll part of the material to customize a store bought black cotton tank top. Now I'm ready for when it get's warm here at night...I don't have enough material to make a skirt exactly like I wanted to, so I am going to have to redesign and re-think this a bit before I delve right in...We'll see what I come up with.

Upon visiting one of my
favorite bloggers over at Ampersander Bound the other day, I noticed that I had been awarded! It is a major award in my book, and I thank you so much...you're very sweet! I am quite honored...

The Rules: By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded.

So...I excitedly present this award to the following bloggers:

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Wende at Evidently
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All excellent bloggers indeed...visit them soon!

In case any of you check your stats and notice that I was visiting your blog yesterday a few more times than usual...it was because Blogger added this new feature whereas it will post your blog, your latest title and the last time you published...Pretty snazzy eh? Now I'm worried about permanently deleting my other blogroll...sigh.

08 April 2008

Random Musings...

From a Strange Mind.

Isn't that what you really wanted to see? Doesn't it just seem natural? The Weird?

Random musings...From a Strange Mind?

I figure most of this blogginess is my random musings. The fact that I have a strange mind, is no surprise to me, as I use to get a lot of "you're weird..." 's growing up. It bothered me then, but I now wear my weirdness (as it were) as a badge of honor. I'd rather be known as me. Different, creative...Weird...tired...

Oh yeah.


The last week has been Odd at best. I think I mentioned that. Earlier. In a post. The upshot being that I have been superbusy (I keep trying for the upshot here don't I?) So superbusy that Meena is starting to look at me, with the, "excuse me? Have we met?" look in her face. She's gotten to the point that she is laying across the room from me reading a book, as she doesn't want to risk the disappointment of making the effort to sit on my lap, for the 3 minutes I check in at the house...only to be hustled out immediately. Rich and I called each other blearily this morning...

Rich: "I'm tired"

Me: "Gheeze me too! I mean, how sad is it that I can't stay up past 9 on a regular basis? I mean, I can do it here and there...but give me too many after 9 nights in a row...up early to dash off to something fun and exciting...and I'm left wishing for my boring, predictable routine"

Rich: "Yup...It'll be an early night for both of us for sure"

(all exchanges being made whilst yawning...it's a good thing we both know yawn speak)

We have been doing so many fun things out and about...the weather is beautiful, friends are popping up all over...I know this won't last forever. I've decided to enjoy it, and remind myself that when my schedule calms down and does become predictable, that I will lament the fact that there's nothing going on.

Cause' I'm weird.

Onto other fronts. I've been going over in my mind how to compile the strangeness that has been visiting me at Snap Snap. Let me start by saying, I've written this in email to a few friends, because I had to try to remember what was going on...and let me finish by saying that these were only random accounts, because I have really amazing customers...They happened in the space of 48 hours however. I kept wanting to say to people, "boy the last 24 hours have been weird" but, it refused to stop at just 24. So, sit down, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the latest story:

I had in the shop: "I refuse to buy jeans that FIT me, so my enormous amount of fat is hanging over the waistband...not to even be covered up by my too short shirt that is saturated with dog hair (making it look somewhat like a fur coat) and watching myself dance suggestively in the mirror because I'm apparently really inspired by the music in this shop" Woman.

(At one point, she was standing here running her hands all over her body and through her hair making me wonder if I was shooting porn that I didn't know about, or perhaps a music video?

She was having a good time with herself.
I was not.)

and her side kick "spaced-out" Girl who "doesn't like the color pink." (we all learned this as she announced it rather loudly to the entire shop

Wait...Girls that giggle and text each other while standing next to each other all while wearing tank tops that are far too small and complain they're cold and also dance suggestively to my music (only this time out on the sidewalk in front of Snap Snap) just came in...


My day is saved.


It is at this point that I wonder if The Putumayo Collections or The Buddha bar music are a little too naughty? I mean, I've never quite seen anything like the gyrating that has been going on both in the shop (and out on the sidewalk as well)

The next day, I rushed home after an early morning appointment to make a fresh strawberry pie, Chrystal called to see if I wanted to meet her and the kids for breakfast. Why not? (you ask?) I can squeeze the rest of the pie making in...after.

My mother called right as I got my food alerting me to the fact that "...Where are you?!?!?! There is a yard sale that this woman has ALL this great stuff, including Louis Vouitton!!!!! Get over here!!!"

I run back into the Dinner Bell, excuse myself (feeling a little like a Doctor on call) ask if Chrystal will put all my food l in a to go box, and drop it off at my house on the way home.

I had a quarter of my cup of coffee up until this point.


I rush over to rummage around in this girl's garage. She had no less than 200 children's outfits hanging up...and 50 pairs of baby shoes (not to mention her stuff) all with tags on them. Her daughter is 20 months old now, and never got a chance to wear them (her age is important later...try to remember this fact) She plied us with random weird facts about both her life and her friends. She had 200 people at her baby shower. She was completely disorganized...she was throwing the name Versace and Louis Vuitton around like they were coming over soon...I was excited.

I was ready to check out.

At the bottom of my box was a Louis Vuitton black bag with the colored monogram on it, and a pair of matching shoes (both real and both my size) Here's what was said:

"oh, I can't get rid of those...they are my daughters. My mother gave them to her for her to play dress up"

The heck you say.

Cause' I'm almost 40 and I don't have either TO PLAY DRESS UP IN.


My mother had kindly come back to the sale to help me. Both of us almost burst into tears...we supported each other while we walked back to our cars.

I am still not recovered.
I'm not sure I ever will be...

but, the cold poached eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns waiting on my front porch sure did help.

The Promised Land...

Doesn't that sound like
the perfect place to spend a Sunday?

In the Promised Land?

There was no sermon, no singing, and certainly no miracles (unless you count the fact that I did not hurt myself too badly scooting tushie first down the side of a mountain...more on that later)

Rich, Bert, Janie and I all piled into the Titan and headed out into the wilderness...I mean, where else would you expect to find the Promised Land?

In your backyard?

Well, I suppose that would be true if you lived in Chino Valley Arizona...

You may remember that Rich and I went out there some time last year together...this is the place where he does a lot of his climbs and he wanted to show it to me. There was a ton of water there then, so we weren't able to hike as far as we did into the canyon this time.

This time we got to the better climbing points...

The weather was incredible and we actually saw three sets of people in the canyon climbing...So the season begins.

I didn't need to climb to feel sore however...as we decided to go explore a cave that Rich has seen each time he goes into the canyon. Now, this particular cave was straight up a canyon wall (because it wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't right?)

It wasn't that bad. Going up (I'm a little nervous about heights you know) but, while going UP something, you're just trying to keep your momentum going so you can make it to the top.

The cave wasn't as deep as we first suspected.

We were thinking that perhaps we would bring the Airstream back, park it and stay a while. As you can see, this may not be a good plan after all.

Rich was quite excited because he noticed that there was a bolted route on the inside of the cave...right on the roof of the thing.

Apparently this is where
you go when you need to solve those nasty upside-down roof climbing problems you may have.

I'm sure I have them...and now I can work them out.

I can imagine they may be horrid indeed.

The view from the top of the canyon wall was awesome!

Can you see Janie way down there??

There was a great lookout shelf...I stood towards the end of it too...I was very brave.

Which may not explain why I spent most of the time sliding on the down trail on my tushie...then again, I'd been doing so well not being injured up until this point. I actually came down unscathed...unless you count the time when I walked through the stickery bush and scratched up my arms...or when I lost my footing (It was very slippery going with loose rocks at some points...hence sliding on the tush) and caught myself by wedging my other foot in between two rocks...No talent there...just an instant reaction. I'm glad I was wearing socks with my Chacos...otherwise it may not have ended well for the ole toes.

There was plenty of wildlife...tiny frogs...large vultures. I've noticed that large circling vultures make you feel a little on edge when you're hiking...

There are also petroglyphs all over the canyon as well. It was a treat to see them, as this part of Arizona is slowly disappearing...being eaten up by gated communities or buried by backhoes...

It was a wonderful day...I am sore just the right amount, I was tired the right amount, and super hungry the right amount. Rich and I grilled up some Boca Burgers for dinner and flopped on the couch...

A perfect way to spend a Sunday indeed...

Thank you to everyone who made it so!!


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