28 April 2008

Comfort Food...

This is what I participated in mostly this weekend...comfort


You caught me. I wasn't up to snuff enough to even make much comfort food, and relied on pre-made soups and extra pulpy OJ for any comfort goodness...But, I absolutely can't stand to post without a picture, and usually I have some weird random picture in my blog file stash...so, I thought I'd try to tie in a big pot of potatoes to this post. I mean, really, I do consider potatoes to be a big comfort food in my world...and honestly? I suppose you wouldn't have know any of this and I could have fooled you if I hadn't come clean. But, I figure our bloggy relationship is one based on trust, and I want you to trust me...but to an extent, I also want you to humor me...so let's pretend none of this ever happened.

As it was...
I did take my own advice (and several other of yours advice and rest...although, the comment from Wende got me a bit excited...not about the tushie kicking part, but about the resting at the coast part, I have been seriously wanting to see the ocean as of late.) But, I cut out all extra activity so that I would heal...well, that and anytime I even attempted to do anything extra (which extended to extra conversation on Saturday...or lying down...I actually had to prop myself up on pillows and be near sitting to not cough almost every breath, even while sleeping) I started a coughing fit like you wouldn't believe...and it was hard to breathe, and it made my eyes watter...so, I avoided any extra activities...and just drank a ton of fluid and watched movies...No matter how the spring tempted me with her luscious and beautiful weather. I sat and viewed it from my chair instead.

I felt much better by Sunday (and even better today still, I actually slept through most of the night with no coughing fits...well, one's that didn't last more than a couple of good coughs anyway) good enough to go over to the Airstream and say good-bye to Terry and Greg (Rich and I both backed out of the Art Gallery opening and dinner on Friday night...I really enjoyed meeting Terry and Greg, and was both equal parts sad that I didn't feel well and relieved that I could rent movies and go home and collapse) and Hello to Rich...Rich made us lunch, we ran one little errand and then sat and watched movies all day...we're both a bit exhausted...but feeling better today for sure. I think I can safely assume that I am on the mend, and may resume more normal activities soon, which may not involve insane amounts of pulpy OJ and soup. I mean, I must be getting better because my head cleared up so much that I actually started sneezing again (Rich figures that the pollen is once again getting through now that I"m cleared up) which has put me into a state of worry because that's what started this entire episode in the first place.

Here's the list of movies this weekend:

Dan in Real Life
Margot at the Wedding
13 Going on 30
The Holiday
Austin Powers
Flushed Away


TomboCheck said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better physically. It's hard to be sick, eh?

I'm afraid I'm running until July. When, I am throwing my sandals into a bag with a good book, and flying to SB. A well earned vaycay. Oy. Until then, run. I'm running.

flutter said...

yum, yes please

hollibobolli said...

I'm glad you're feeling better - yay!!

I loved Dan in Real Life, and I also loved Margot at the Wedding.. but it was so uncomfortably similar to my own relationship with my sister that it was difficult to watch. I wanted to get away the entire time.

As for Juno - heck, although I wasn't a teenager when I had Faith.. I kind of lived both female roles.

And that is my movie commentary for the day!


Mytutorlist.com said...

Wow! So many movies! Did you like them? I watched Dan in Real Life recently and I thought it was quite a sweet movie. And my name was in it! So that made it doubly good, lol.

I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. Hurray!


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