30 May 2008


As promised...here's the first cable project!

And, in all its glory too...

I used the exact same color yarn as the picture at Knitty, because I'm totally loving the green in a big way (As a matter of fact, I can hardly keep anything green in Snap Snap this season) I also went and bought the pale pink that Kate was using for her pair for a second pair for myself...because according to her, the cable pattern shows up much better in lighter colors...

I tend to agree.

Both Kate and I
sat and knitted our first right hand fingerless mitt together, in case we (or more specifically, I) got stuck anywhere. She's been telling me how easy it is to cable knit for quite some time, and I have resisted like crazy. But...she showed me this pattern, and then I sort of got excited. You see...NuttnBunny made me some amazing fingerless mitts, and I've been enjoying wearing them so much during the spring, and hiking...and well, everywhere for that matter...and I've been watching her make several pairs over at her site...wishing that I could make some, so when this opportunity sprouted up, how could I resist?

Incidentally, Kate is very right...cable knitting is not that hard at all...The only problem I had with this pattern was the fact that I ran out of yarn with only a little left to do on the other mitt...Actually, we both did...in the same place.

Crab Nuts.

We shook our heads as we met back at the yarn store on the morning she left...so we could spend more $$ to finish them up (probably only 200 yds too.) I've decided to try knitting the pink ones a bit longer down the arm...because I already know that I'll have extra yarn...and this cashmere/wool/microfiber blend is both easy to knit with and amazing to wear.

It was kind of crazy that we ran out of yarn on Saturday, the day we bought it (only we knitted late into the night and by the time we realized we weren't going to have enough, it was too late to go back to the store) and because of the 3 day weekend, we had to wait several extra days to get said yarn...


Double Drat...

Luckily though...Kate had a wonderful fantasy of me knitting a "matching" pair of fingerless gloves for Rich. Both the yarn (pure wool) and color is different, because we both thought he probably wouldn't appreciate pink or green as much as we did...the pattern is Dashing at Knitty...the men's version. They are bigger and longer, and the cables are really stretched out and much larger...so I had a project to tie me over until I could finish mine.

I was a little nervous making something for someone I adore so much because there's a bit of knit lore that they will then break up with you...but, my mother informed me that it only applies if you knit them a sweater.


Besides, I took them over
to the Airstream, and he tried the one that I've completed, and he really liked it. And, at the rate I'm knitting, the other one will be done today...and then I will start on my pale pink pair...

I heart the cable in a big way.

29 May 2008

12 Weeks...

I've been keeping a little secret from you my bloggy friend. A superspecial project that I've been working on now for 12 weeks.

Remember that hike
I took way back in the middle of February? The one that made me all sore for a while? That rock that was my nemesis...the one that I struggled to climb up?

Well, after the soreness wore off, it got me to thinking. That and a series of events that eventually led me to go to a yoga class at the YMCA here in town with Chrystal.

And, I felt good after going to that class...Really good...thekind of good that lasted well into the time (um 2 days later) that I decided that maybe it was time to step it up (so to speak) and officially join the gym.

Yes. The gym.

I thought it would be nice to go to yoga and lift weights...this turned into me joining the program they have called The First Step, wherein I stated the goals I have for myself...was assigned a personal trainer to check in week to week (with 2 sit down visits and chats) was reintroduced to the weight room, weighed and had my body fat measured (It wasn't as bad as I expected...but, I'm waiting for the final results to share with you...) and committed to working out 3 days a week for 12 weeks.

Last night I graduated. I made it. 12 weeks 3 times a week lifting weights and doing cardio...and I also attended yoga 3 times a week as well, and found another class that I am going to try to commit to going to as well. I worked around the lung and nasal infection and the food poisoning during this 12 week program (and it was really hard not to share this part of my life on the blog because of all the funniness...but, I wanted to make sure that I could do this 12 weeks myself) Last night I got both a certificate and a t-shirt (which is always exciting right?) But most of all, the best gifts I notice are more energy and more muscle, my time went up on the cross training machine as my heart rate eased lower (it was high at first and worried everyone) I have more muscle definition...I am encouraged, which makes me want to work ouy even more. I am excited...

But, most of all, I am really proud of myself.

28 May 2008


...to Kate and Z...

Who, of course wanted to share her cookie with you before she left for good, to go back home.

But, not really.

I think she was probably enjoying it too much herself.

So, they're gone again for a little while...with many promises that we'll shoot for a visit their way soon.


I was feeling quite melancholy on Monday night when I realized that they would be on their way soon, of course...but, we had such a wonderful time visiting while they were here. Now, I'm not saying that there's not enough of my friends in Prescott to satisfy me, it's just that I miss Kate very much when she's not here. But, every little person added or subtracted changes all the dynamics just a little bit doesn't it?

Not always in a bad way either...

It's just that Kate's a damn good knitter, and sitting by her side gave me the confidence (and knowledge...and stimulating conversation) to try something new. You'll be missed at Oh Knit on Tuesday's Kate...and Zora will be missed for her silly antics and quick smile...

Oh, and generous cookie sharing.

Sort of...

(to be fair though, a couple of adults I know may have snuck a cookie and not let her know. Just sayin)

27 May 2008

Whilrwind Vacation...

That describes this weekend.

This weekend, I answered the question:

What do you get when you have 3 full days off, and a whole lot of girlies in town?

(Because, let's face it, inquiring minds want to know, don't they?)

This weekend felt like the perfect weekend vacation getaway...only I wasn't away. There was no ocean, no pool-boy named Pepe...but there was a lot of laughter, good food and fun friends...and as close as I could get away without leaving town.

The weekend started
on Friday Night after work with a lovely girlie party at my house...It was a group of "old friends" gathering again. Dina, Megan, Kate, Tonya, and Chrystal were all there...there were tons of side splitting laughs and trying to talk over one another. Both of those are the signs of a great group of women...

I looked around at one point during the evening and realized how lucky I was to be totally surrounded by this group of intelligent, creative and amazing women...We all have so much to offer the world, so many experiences, stories and talent...(even though not all the women who I could include in that statement were there...) I am a lucky girl indeed...

It was decided that we will be doing this together soon...and taking turns switching houses to mix it all up. (we'll also have to work on kidnapping Kate at regular intervals)

Saturday it was off to the Fiber Shop with Kate and Zora followed by a wonderful lunch...Kate is an amazing knitter, and made me look up a couple of patterns before we went to the shop to look for yarn...She said it was because she needed all the right yarn names and measurements, but I secretly think it was because she knew I would fall in love with the project and she's been dying to teach me how to cable knit. Kate also taught me how to knit in the round for the first time...

We bought the yarn, headed to the restaurant and then decided it would be wonderful to call Megan to bring over her beading and then all sit and create for the entire afternoon...

Kate and I sat next to each other all afternoon knitting the same pattern, so that she could help me if I got stuck...but I was surprised about how relatively easy this project was. I completed one mitt, and then was taken home later that evening...where I couldn't wait to get started on the other mitt, and then ran out of yarn (arrrgh! I'm off to the Fiber Shop before work this AM because I want to get these beauties finished) I was forced to start on the project I had planned for Rich instead...

As I live and breathe...cable knitting is not that hard, and I am mightily impressed by myself (I'll be posting pictures as soon as I finish everything all up)

Sunday morning it was up and atom for a breakfast at Matthew and Megan's home...more family and friends...knitting, creating and photoing of Megan's latest jewelry creations.

I spent the rest of the day there until the Bar-B-Q at Dina's for her father's birthday...More family, more friends, more great food...

(Is anyone else picking up on a theme this weekend...starting with lots of laughter and me being well fed?)

And as a bonus? I took Monday off...

The weather was finally more sunny which brought my mother and Rozz over on an impromptu visit/walk. I was able to show off my knitting, have coffee and share the left over pupcakes...Oh, and knit.

I knit a lot this weekend.

After they left, I was bubbling away in the tub just in time to meet Megan and Kate at the mall for lunch and a little Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale...

Lacy panties...here we come!

We also shopped for jeans and then got sucked into the knitting sections of the bookstore...where we drooled over things we want to make in the near future.

A small pit-stop
at the Airstream completed my weekend. Rich had to work all weekend, and we only had phone calls and small snippets of stolen time here and there in which to see each other...I missed him.

I want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who jumped into this weekend with fun.. Honestly, it was like a vacation, only I didn't travel more than 20 miles out of my daily sphere..I feel totally refreshed and renewed.

23 May 2008

In Which She Makes Up Her Mind...


I wouldn't hold me to that...but, there it is at any rate.

I have made up my mind.

While walking to the chiropractor earlier this week, I glanced to my left and noticed them unloading a couch at the thrift. I stopped in my tracks and thought, "hmmm...that is a nice couch if one was inclined to like things such as that..." and then went on my way. You see, I haven't had a couch in the house for years now...even since before. When I was married. I am not thrilled with couches in the least, throwing them by the roadside in favor of chairs (I do want it known, however, that I haven't actually thrown or left a couch by a roadside...I am not the person who is abandoning couches in your town) Preferably large overstuffed chairs...comfortable chairs, chairs you can really sink the bootay into. I think having individual chairs in a space is actually more conducive to conversation. Plus? The most recent couch I had was one of those craftsman style futon ones with all the wood. See: not comfortable. So, one could argue, why on earth would I ever need a couch again?


(Yes, I'm using that voice)

I've been spending a lot of time in a place that does have a couch (only I don't think that me having a couch will replace that) A couch where 2 people regularly stretch out snacking, watching movies, snuggling under blankets, playing footsie, smiling at each other...And, then I realized something more recently...I can not, no matter how I try, comfortably stretch out on my chairs. I can not take a quick nap in front of the TV, I can not rest reclining when I'm sick...This is not to say that I am all of a sudden anticipating falling asleep in front of the TV or being sick as a common and normal part of my life, but I realized something...A comfortable couch affords a place to flop.

Especially one that only needs a thorough vacuum with a Dyson, and some light sponging of it's microfiber covering or a quick run through the washer of it's zip-off cushions...One that happens to be all curvy, overstuffed, and have nail heads (and I love me some nail head furniture) One that I have a feeling will happen to match the living room in which it will be residing perfectly.

One that was only $65 to boot.

I walked back and snatched it up after a quick phone call to mum to see if she wanted my cream silk and down wrapped Henredon chairs (purchased at the same thrift brand new, years ago) I sadly say goodbye to what may be the most expensive chairs I will ever own, not realizing at the time that I was buying some of the more costly furniture in the USA when I acquired them (but mum was very excited after I told her I had bought them) I had just been looking for overstuffed chairs for about a year, patiently biding my time until they came through one of the thrifts...when much to my delight, I coincidentally bought 3 overstuffed chairs and one ottoman that same week, in quick succession of each other and fulfilling my furniture needs for quite some time. Such it is in the world of the thrift...I've often been able to afford things I never thought I could (and buying silk and down wrapped chairs...cream colored ones no less, in a resale situation makes one feel easier about putting one's feet upon the furniture or letting the cat climb around on them) but, these uber shi-shi chairs are only making a quick exit to mum's house...I will probably still be enjoying them for years to come (I meant to try to have her talk me out of buying a couch because of the reasons listed above, and totally forgot...maybe it is time to get a couch?)

I stood in Snap Snap most of the day, sneaking glances at my new couch...flirting with it, picturing it in my living room, mentally trying to work out it's exact placement, and wondering what it will look like when it makes it's way to Foolsewoode, instinctively hating the pillows that come with it and knowing that the ones I currently have at home will be perfect...knowing that the style of the couch will also match the style of the nail head floral chair and matching ottoman that I will be keeping in that same room, the color will match the colors of everything in the room, giggling inside my head because it's like some kind of What Not To Wear for the living room (congratulating myself that the couch is a neutral, and what doesn't match a neutral?) ...and resisting the urge to yell,

"stop touching my couch!!" whenever I see someone walk by it, stopping long enough to casually run their hands along the arms or the back...willing them not to sit on it, or run up and slyly load it into their car and speed away...ultimately kidnapping my latest family member.

It is currently sitting out in the sun (as I write this) waiting to be loaded into the truck that will take it home for me, and I was feeling a little concerned...maybe it would fade?!?! I decided to talk myself down that ledge and realize that probably not in the small amount of time it has been sitting out there, will it fade...and appeasing myself finally with the idea that only good things can come of the couch sitting in the sun...the most important being that it will magically be disinfected by the suns healing rays. I am also hoping that everything will be rearranged and moved in and out by the time the rain gets here this week...cause' you know if I've got upholstered furniture sitting out it will rain...maybe I should wash the car just to double negative the effects of the weather...

I've made up my mind...I'm taking some of the seriously small amount of my stimulus check, and stimulating my neighborhood economy (I will then be sending the rest back to the IRS in time for my quarterly tax payment.)

It's time for me to have a couch again...

A couch fits with the person that I've become.

For now anyway...

22 May 2008

Asking For Help...

I need help.

Or rather, I needed help yesterday.

With something big, heavy and uwieldly...something that I couldn't possibly handle myself.

This is the part about not having a partner living at the house with me that I miss (Rusty blogged about not having someone to heat up a can of soup for her when she's sick...don't get me wrong, I miss that too) I usually ask my mother, but she was busy and couldn't help out...and Rich happily volunteered to come by after work and help.

He said, "I'm always happy to help the Sadira!"

In fact, I quite remember he said that when he called in to check if I needed some ginger ale and soda crackers during the last bout of food poisoning, he's actually offered help a lot during the course of the last year. He's done it willingly and happily...

Sometimes I feel as if I've been trying to do things on my own for so long...and, I'm trying not to take advantage of this helpfulness...because there's this weird voice in my head that is telling me that I need to stand up and be very independent in front of people, "tell him, it's OK, but you can figure it out on your own...you don't want him to think you're helpless" I have no idea where this voice is coming from...I think is it some weird cultural dating standard lodged in the back of my brain...something that got stuck in there after reading a well meaning How To Date Nowdays self-help book.

Lord. When did it become so confusing to just be who you are? I am a woman...which means I'm girlie and strong, Independant and in need of help...I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan...blah blah... It's like we're stuck in the day and age of the ultimate psychology experement, everyone has a smart theroy and if you do it just right...all will be well in your life. Maybe it's because I'm on the backside of divorce...and I keep thinking somewhere deep inside I did something terribly wrong and if I pay attention to every little detail from now on then I'll be OK (even though that kind of vigillance is exhausting) or that there's some kind of magic club I'm not being let in because I have no idea what is required for membership...Only, I'd really like it more if I could just be myself, try to take care of things on my own when I can, and be able to ask for help when I need it and be very appreciative of everyone who comes forth...and not have that voice in my head pipe up with it's 2 cents worth about playing some game...

Only, I'm not playing around here...this thing is heavy and I need the help...

No game.

End of Story...

Because it's going to rain. And it will get ruined if it sits outside getting all wet and whatnot. And the deliverymen brought it to the house while I was in the shower...I got out just in time to sort of throw my robe around me and watch them climb into their truck and drive away (and now I'm scared we're going to get it stuck in the door way half way in and half way out) I just didn't happen to feel like running down the dirt road after them...the dust sticking to my wet skin, my hair flinging droplets of water all over the neighborhood...my robe flapping in the wind.

Rich should be mightily happy I'm not doing that to him...

Because I don't even want to know the name of that game and what you'd win at the end of that...


Said heaviness was indeed moved yesterday...there was a lot of grunting, sweating, cursing silently (and not so silently), nervousness, removing of bun-feet and the eventual removing of the front door...but it eventually fit.


I was indeed intent on getting this in the house (because it has been raining on and off all morning) and realized that maybe this is how child birth is? "Oh, it's coming out...don't you worry about that...I'll figure it out..." Because I heard myself say several times yesterday, "Oh it's going to fit, it's going in...I don't care how we do it...it's going to work! damnit!"

And it did.

And yes, you get to see pictures...


21 May 2008

Oh Knit...

Why yes Virginia, there is still knitting happening over this way...

Um, well...Not so much by me, but certainly by my mom, Rozz and Kate (who joined us last night) Since I accidentally forgot my camera, you'll just have to take my word for what everyone is working on right now. Rozz just finished a really cute bear, My mother has switched to cotton dishrags (the wool socks are just too darned hot to knit during the summer months here) And Kate is working on a swiffer cover for her mop at home (well, and a pair of really great socks as well)

And I made Hair ties after being totally inspired by Susan Over Here last week.

See? Not so much knitting on my part, but still something creative at least...I realized a while ago when scouting around in the studio, that I have about 4 button boxes. Yes 4. A bit of overkill on the vintage button front? Perhaps...and I apologize in advance to anyone who has been looking for vintage buttons, as I seem to be cornering the market. I have decided however, that I am going to go through said buttons and we may have a little give away here soon...someone else needs a chance with the buttons, don't you think?

Until then, I am quite excited that I have found use for some of these vintage beauties. I mean, usually in button boxes, there are only 1 or 2 of the same special knock-out buttons (you know which ones I mean...the rhinestone, glass, or special shaped ones?) So, this is an almost perfect project for those you wish you could use...I get to enjoy them, and if the hair tie finally stretches out, I can take the button off, and I still get to use it in another project again...And this project was so easy to complete...just hair ties, a bevy of vintage buttons, needle nose pliers, some 7mm jump rings, and about 2 minutes a piece to bring it all together.

I am very excited about this.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I've got to go do my hair.

20 May 2008

Meme + More PIctures of the Hike With Z...

I received an invitation for this meme some time ago from Liz...and then yesterday from Dina...so, I thought it would be high time. Plus? I've been all in my head about some things lately, and I'm not sure you want me to be workin' them through on the blog, I'm like semi-weepy, but without the actual water leaking from the eyes part, which is annoying me to no end, really...Oh, and some more pictures of Z on our hike (can you stand her shoes? Seriously, they are KILLING me...they are from Kate's sister, and I want some so very badly...of course, anyone who knows me knows that I would be very happy with a pair of Robeez adult human sized, preferably with the kitty or monkey on them...and these one's totally have no slip soles...good gravy Batman!)


So, here goes:

The rules say you can only type one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? Countertop
2. Your significant other? Wink...
3. Your hair? Long
4. Your Skin? Dry
5. Your mother? Amazing
6. Your favorite thing? Love
7. Your dream last night? Freaky
8. Your favorite drink? Chai
9. Your dream/goal? Travel
10. The room you're in? Shop
11. Your ex? Lost
12. Your fear? Fear
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
14. Where were you last night? Airstream
15. What you're not? Tall
16. Muffins? Blueberry
17. One of your wish list items? Kids
18. Where you grew up? Prescott
19. The last thing you did? Merchandised
20. What are you wearing? Smile
21. Your TV? Hidden
22. Your pet(S)? Cat
23. Your computer? Lovely
24. Your life? Lucky
25. Your mood? Overwhelmed
26. Missing someone? No
27. Your car? Honey
28. Something you're not wearing? Garter
29. Favorite Store? Anthropologie
30. Your summer? Hot
31. Like someone? Tons...
32. Your favorite color? Red
33. When is the last time you laughed? Today
34. Last time you cried? Past
35. Who will/would re-post this? YOU...

19 May 2008

I Could Use Another Weekend...

Because weekends seem to be just as busy as the week around here...I keep thinking that I'm going to be able to sleep in, or rest and relax but to no avail.

Saturday was spent catching up on a million errands (because working during the week is really cutting into my free time to do things like that) and then the afternoon was spent with the D-Man...introducing him to Rich, having a bit of lunch and a hang around...You see, the D-Man is once again off and running, and I'm not exactly sure when he'll be back...soon I hope.

But, right on his heels was a phone call from Kate and Z saying they were in town for their annual visit! Hooray...

You see, Rich was planning on moving to a much larger site on Sunday, and we were planning a fun bar-b-q to welcome him to the better space...

Well, the people that were occupying the space pulled out quite early, which had me packing up all the goodies and hopping over to the Airstream to help with the move.

That usually means I kind of stand around and sort of direct Rich...he's really good at moving and backing the Airstream in places, and doesn't usually seem to need my help...but there I was with flapping arms and all.

I helped sweep up the new outdoor carpet, organize the little rocks that were all around...and organize the outside. I also suggested it might be nice to unpack the flamingos finally...he hasn't unpacked them yet...and I thought it was high time! I mean, we all know that flamingos and Airstreams go hand in hand...besides, I've been dying to see the little guys all set up...

(I also happened to get him some outside lights including flamingo shaped ones that he can put up for the summertime in the trees at the new site)

Almost everyone arrived by 5 (Dina, Charlie and Niko were missed as Dina has been fighting some mighty nasty allergies) we sat down and ate and visited...and then packed it all up a little while later so we could hike up in The Dells and do a little picture taking at sunset as well...

Zora is a whole year older since the last time she was here, and was raring to go hiking in the rocks to find lizards...

I remarked to Kate
how wonderful it is to have digital cameras in this day and age, so that little ones could take pictures and you didn't have to stress out about "wasting" film...Of course, Kate and Lee are both talented photographers (Lee took almost all the pictures at my wedding) And, true to her heredity, Z got some great shots of us as well...

(except it was a bit windy, so my bangs were a bit out of control...Yes, I am forever picking on myself thankyouverymuch)

Z also totally shredded up the mountain! The girl is a rocking hiker...which doesn't surprise me as I've been on a few hikes with her mom and dad, but it seemed like most of the time she was up ahead of us yelling,

"Be Careful!"

Kate said it's because she was always yelling it out to Z, but I think maybe it was because Z happened to be listening to us huff and puff our way up the rocks...

Z did get to see her lizard and, "...a really pretty bug...and an Eagle!!" (which was of the Dove/Eagle variety...but she was excited nonetheless)

There was one point when we left the boys up taking pictures why we leisurely made our way back down, and Z stopped at the base of a rock cliff, looked up pointed with her little hands and said,

"I want to go that way"

"No...I don't think we can..."

(says the adult in us trying to talk some sense into this baby mountain goat)

"I can!"

I don't doubt it for a minute little one...I think this girl needs some rope and a climbing harness...

It was a lovely day, moving, organizing, almost napping...enjoying the large new space for the Airstream, wonderful weather, visiting with friends...eating great food...taking pictures of a beautiful little girl (does this child take a bad picture?!) and some other great people as well...

I think summer has officially arrived!

(more pictures at my Flickr...)

16 May 2008

I've Got Moxie...

I really do...

A huge thank-you goes out to a good friend in town (who happens to be married to someone I used to baby-sit...now they have a little boy of their own...I feel old. Sigh.) who much to my delight, I have just discovered are readers of the blog...Hi guys! Anywho...she came bounding in with this wonderful vintage Moxie bottle last week...which made me giggle immediately...


I've always thought of Moxie as energy or pep...which I have been finally feeling as of the middle of this week...But, I've only been sort of right. Did you know that Moxie is considered by some to be the first mass produced soft drink? (1876) And was bottled for medicinal purposes (tonic) But fell out of favor to Coca-Cola except in New Hampshire (live free or die y'all) yet is now bottled in a plant owned by Coca-Cola...Rich, have you or anyone in your family drunk Moxie? I would love to know what it tastes like...

At any rate, I am happy to be feeling more peppy...believe me, it's like welcoming an old friend back...

Speaking of which...

I did yesterday
over a cup of coffee. Yes, the D-Man is back for a bit of a stay...who knows how long, but it's always good to catch up...

Of course, no Moxie to drink at Cuppers...just some coffee, which I suppose is like tonic to some and does afford pep with caffeine...except those of us whom are now restricted to decaf (believe me, if you've ever seen me on regular coffee you'd understand...)

Have a wonderful and amazing weekend all...among other fun and festive weekend activities, I happen to be helping someone move so it's good I got the Moxie back...

15 May 2008

Got Wood?

I knew that title would get your attention!

Hey now...

Usually while driving by the little abandoned cabin out in Perkensville, we stop to take pictures because abandoned buildings are like Velcro to a photographer (not that I'm counting myself as a huge photographer at the moment...but, you know what I mean) Plus? Abandoned old buildings are just cool to look at...

I'm usually in some weird Western fantasy in my head about the who's, why's and what's of this place. It is in the absolute middle of nowhere...then again, it's so incredibly beautiful out there, well...why not live out there?

Inevitably the times I've been out there (yes, all two of them) I stop to take pictures of the wood on the cabin. It is soooo cool...all knotty, textury and paint peely...

It just draws me in....all that wood.

Then again...I can't help but think it is exactly what my house is going to look like if I don't save up the money to paint it soon...

So, I guess it's sort of a good thing that I'm drawn to it...


14 May 2008


While looking through
my photos from this weekend, I came across this one. I'm not sure exactly what I was trying to accomplish here...maybe a close-up on this group of blooms, yet I ended up focusing the camera on something in the background instead of the petals...but, something about this picture really speaks to me.

It speaks to me in the ways that I have been fuzzy lately, and not really feeling like myself (allergies and general maladies) yet here I am the same colorful me, blooming and dancing around now in a different season in the same familiar way...a bit prolific? Perhaps then.

It speaks to me
in the ways that I sometimes am looking very far ahead and trying to focus on some larger goal or dream, instead of watching what's happening in the immediate foreground, yet I celebrate that I have this willingness to try to look ahead and put things into place, but sometimes I need to be reminded to sit and look right around me at the beauty that is now...the beauty that often lies right at my feet, and yet sometimes I step either right over it or right on it trying to rush to the next thing finding myself questioning what next? and not quite letting myself enjoy all that I've put into place for this exact moment...

It speaks to me that I still have a lot to learn with this new camera, and this is not a bad thing, it's a whole new process...that I have a creative eye, that I see things like no one else does, and having a camera helps me express this in yet another way on this journey.

It speaks to me of the fragility of blooming in general in life...this beauty only lasts for such a short time, and it happens in it's own sweet life cycle...it is brilliant and amazing...and if someone is not there to recognize it, to really see the beauty in those things that are around us...does it still exist? I suppose these flowers bloom for biological cactus/environmental reasons that are specifically genetic to the cacti...yet it is still not any less amazing that this happens somewhere in an isolated and remote location...there is still beauty waiting to be noticed and admired, jumping up and down waving it's hands trying to be discovered...and I saw it, does this make it even more real? Because, these things are still blooming and casting their beauty even if no one ever discovers them.

Maybe, this picture
is just a gentle reminder that I need to put the focus back on what's happening now...that beauty lies and unfolds within each moment...even if no one is there to witness it.

Or perhaps I should just practice more with the camera...

13 May 2008

To Sycamore...

Canyon via Perkensville

We've been wanting to do this trip for quite a while, and finally got a chance on Sunday...and a very happy Mother's Day to all as well...

Yes, I realize that this may have been a bumpy and long road for one such afflicted as myself, but you see...I was feeling much better by Sunday (until the afternoon as we were coming home that is...meaning the worse was not over. sigh.) So, we met Tom and DaNece, Scrappy and Lola in Chino and all headed out to Sycamore.

There was a ton of haze still all over, but we concentrated on the springtime desert flowers instead...there was millions of purples, fuchsias, peach, reds, yellows and whites all around...Probably the most stunning being the fuchsias of the cacti...which was all but killing us as we went bumping by, promising to try to stop and capture some on the way back.

I'm glad we didn't dilly dally much, as it was already heating up (and yes, it's raining and cloudy today with some surrounding mountains getting an inch of snow) and even found ourselves speeding by the cabin we stopped at before trying to get to our final destination in good time, just in time to wave and promise a quick stop off on our way back...

We hiked for about 3 hours all told...and it was quite warm. I kept expecting that this part of the canyon would be like the other part I've hiked and we'd soon be in or near some water. This was not to be, I mean, perhaps it would have if we'd hiked farther in...but it was darned hot which makes for some tired hikers and dogs. I'm not sure how early one would need to show up to really treck in...It was still quite beautiful, Rich remarked it was like hiking in Sedona only without all the people all around. It really is amazing back in there, and every time we drive back it makes me want to stay and camp for a few days and really allow myself to explore the area.

We ended our hike in at a weird old fence enclosure...probably used to contain cattle? That's what these are usually for. Anyway, it was a very cool structure that had looked as if it's about given up the ghost and decided to lay down instead.

With the AZ heat, could you really blame it?

I don't know if it was because I am feeling under the weather that the heat was affecting me so much, or if it's more like Rich said, and we need to reacclimate to it? Whatever the case, it was quite the relief to wake up this morning to rain and cloudy skies...I know it's going to be darned hot soon.

...And we did stop a bit for some pictures of prolific blooming cactus...I got a lot of tease for that phrase...but come on...

With blooms like those how can you not consider them prolific?

I mean, they doth utter wordy protestation in their own cactus language and it is indeed best communicated through the incredible use of fuchsia...and quite prolifically too (I might add)

So there.

12 May 2008

An All Food-Poisoning Weekend...

* Or *

Somebody Give That Girl Some Flowers...

Yes, I got food poisoning once again. In case you're counting that would be the second time this year.


On the heels of the sinus/lung infection, and the ongoing shoulder problems (I haven't told you about that though...left shoulder = lots of pain on and off = shoulder spasm = chiropractor) I am more than a little worn out...

Which irked me to no end as this was a weekend choc-full-o-plans (kind of like the coffee only not so nutty) Instead there was a short trip to the craft show with Rich on Saturday, no shooting of the Livestock Round-up at the rodeo grounds (but Rich kindly brought over ginger ale and soda crackers to help with the icky before he went) I woke up early to do a hike in Sycamore Canyon with Rich, Tom and DaNece on Sunday however...which left me feeling a little off again that afternoon, and I canceled my trip down to The Valley today (for a change of scenery) and am spending my day via remote location at the Airstream instead.

Rich convinced me that it may be better to stay in town since I was still feeling not up to 100%. I know he's right, I know that I want to go down to The Valley when I can not be afraid to eat something for lunch (at Wild Oats) and not be so exhausted that I can really relax and enjoy what I went down there for in the first place...But, I still feel guilty for taking the day off and not going anywhere or doing anything...Why is that? Why do I have such a hard time relaxing when I need to? And more importantly, why do I feel guilty for taking a day off and not having anything planned other than utter relaxation?

Does anyone else have this problem?

09 May 2008

Let There Be...


Yesterday morning, after hopping out of bed bright and early...or groggily rolling over, subjecting the cat to morningbreath and trying to pat her on the head without poking out her eyes, while she raised her eyebrows at me and tried to figure out a way to move out of the way without hurting my feelings (depending on who's telling this story) I fired up the sewing machine.

And/or the iron...measuring tape...pins...and scissors (as the case may be)

I had a sewing purpose. Black out curtains for One Airstream owner who has been woken before 6 am for some time now with the amount of light glaring through his windows. Now, not to say anything against Airstream as a company, but all of their curtains are unlined (I know, gasp) and I have some serious issues with the decor and colors they choose in which to decorate these little beauties...I mean, come on. Surely with all the cuteness that is Airstream, they could employ someone like Todd Oldham (el Swoon-a-Rama La-Z-boy) and get their retro on...and besides, anyone who knows me, knows that were I to personally own an Airstream, it would be tarted up like a 1940's movie star (I have the collection of vintage barkcloth to prove it...and it's practically begging to be used) before you could snap your fingers.

There is a small part of me that thinks Rich may live in a little fear of his Airstream becoming my personal experimental stomping grounds...but, I deeply respect his living space (plus? I love hanging out there with my feet up in my spare time, and I don't want to do anything that would have him pushing me out the door) So, I understand that at this time, he has left the original decor that came with the Airstream intact and I am going to decorate...um, make him what he needs...in spite of, I mean...Well, I'm making him things that will fit right in (until he decides if/when he wants to replace all of the curtains to match the couch cover that I will be executing sometime in the near future...you know? So it will all match each other? I see a field trip to a fabric store in our near future...and I'm just itching to get started, but I've never done furniture coverings and am only a slight bit edgy about it...she says nervously chewing her fingernails)

Until then, I struck out on my own to gather things that would darken the back half of the Airstream, so that Rich could actually sleep in if he wants to. There was a small discussion at the fabric store via phone over the availability of silver black out fabric (not my idea) There was none, well, unless you count the silver quilted fabric you could use for an ironing board cover...But, I found the same black out curtain lining that I used for my own living room curtains (it would seem that we have the same good morning glaring sun problems...welcome to AZ) cut it to fit over the size of the windows I measured plus 1 inch, then cut some cute navy and cream star fabric for the side that would be facing the inside of the Airstream (the side that you can see from the outside is white and says, "If the Airstream's a rockin' don't bother knockin" Just kidding...that's not very classy, and one might just wrap the entire project in tinfoil and call it a day...but, this material does have an r-value for insulating purposes...fancy) and sewed them together (I was psyched because I thought the this material would be the perfect match to the interior, and it has stars on it...for night time. You know? In case Rich looses his mind and forgets what these are for? Joe!!!) Attached Velcro to the back...and...

Velcro, you say?

Yes...Velcro. The wall design of this particular Airstream have a kind of furry cream colored material snaking it's way half way up the interior (which makes it handy to hang pictures up...no nails you know...just Velcro) Now, when we originally discussed blacking out the windows, we were talking about covering cardboard with tinfoil (so he'd look like a true AZ resident...a lot of people do that here to their windows, it's tre-chic) but, in looking at the windows, I happily discovered that you could probably attach window coverings to the walls around the windows, over the windows all by using Velcro...That way you could take them down at will, roll them up for storage, and they wouldn't be cardboard covered with tinfoil...really, it's a win-win situation no matter how you look at it. Plus? I adore solving creative problems...it's a big turn-on with me.

All in all, it look me longer to pick out the supplies than it did for me to complete the project. There are a lot of different kinds of Velcro out there...who knew? Some of it is quite pricey as well for some odd reason...so, in the end, I went with the self stick that you can purchase by the yard and ended up with more than I would have if I bought it in a package. I stood so long in the Velcro aisle, the employees at JoAnn's started to walk people by so they could snicker and point and laugh at me...sigh. But, as far as I can tell, the curtains turned out great (with no tension problems on my sewing machine, which always makes me feel like some kind of stitch goddess, and I predictably ran out of bobbin and had to rewind 9 inches before I finished both shades. Perfect) Now I just hope they work like they're supposed to...

I will, however, be trying to pass off this project as being mightily difficult to elicit the proper amount of sympathy and back rubs...well, except that Rich reads my blog

(Hi Rich)

So, that may not work now...but, I will wish him a sweet night's sleep...and a dark dark morning with no sun...

Sweet Dreams.

08 May 2008

Ladybug! Ladybug!

Ladybug! Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.

Except little Nan,
who sits in a pan,
Weaving gold laces
as fast as she can.

When looking at childhood Nursery Rhymes, do you ever say to yourself...What a strange rhyme...What would make someone want to recite this to a child? Way back in college, I actually took a class that centered around nursery rhymes and other childhood sayings.

Or, thinking more about it, maybe I did a report on the origins of nursery rhymes. Damn. I suppose it's been a while since I attended this particular class, I do remember that the teacher had a degenerative back disease and taught mostly from a recliner he'd set up in the room...and I had to stand up and give a report that was supposed to last a certain amount of time, and I went over by quite a bit (I know you find that hard to believe...) and once, we ate some tortillas that had been made traditionally by a Mexican American woman on her wood fed stove (they were incredible) Perhaps this was a class about traditions of some sort? Sigh. I guess time marches on. Well...Here's the origin of that particular rhyme if one is interested...

I'm just going to sit here and try to recall some more of the hazy parts of college...

I swear
I did not party that much.


07 May 2008

Spoil Me...

Upon arriving home on Monday after a grueling day in the mines (yeah, me and the dwarfs...Hey Ho, Hey ho...gratuitous whistling)

During the feed the cat portion of the afternoon, you know? The one that comes before the Go See Niko in his T-Ball game and the really before the Rich gets off of work and we've got some serious relaxing and footsie play on the couch to do part of the evening? (cause' there's no possible way we could squeeze all that into the rapidly disappearing afternoon)

I spied a little package on the porch.

I decided that I did indeed have just enough time to open it up...Because real mail is kind of worth of that. A little pause to sit down and open time...

The package was from LB, and contained not only a whole slew of sock monkey address labels (that I'm now seriously thinking of getting a sock monkey tattoo that matches that little logo, because it's just killing me) and, I hope she doesn't think that I'll ever be able to use these...or if I do, it will only be selective special mailings, that's for sure. And a magnet. That says Spoil Me...which, if you ask Rich, or anyone who happens to know an Aries, they will tell you that this is indeed our motto (at least we think it is...maybe I should get a tattoo of this instead?) Do you see that monkey laying there all sexy?! This magnet not only combines my love of all things sock monkey...but my love of Pin Ups as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was a sock monkey pin up somewhere out there in the world...and that it would somehow find its way to me.

Thank you LB. I am blowing you a big kiss...I think I shall faint dead away one of these days when opening the mail, because it is just that fabulous (that and all our utilities are getting a lot higher lately)

Spoil Me indeed.


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