12 February 2008

Mine Body Doth Protest...

As promised from yesterday...an entire post about what I did Sunday with both old friends and new...and why I am now limping around like Igor (only I'm confused as to which leg I should be dragging behind me, as I keep switching...oh, and I don't have a hump. yet.) So, let's get started shall we?

Rich called me early on Sunday, well it would have been early if I hadn't been awake since 6 already (this was after my "good night" phone call from the night before where he promised to make me call him by 8 if I hadn't heard from him) He called me 2 minutes till...I'm usually hovering over the phone just waiting to call him, and he beats me to it, with a couple of minutes to spare thus scaring the bejezus out of me. We were planning on going back out to Sycamore Canyon, but shelved that idea for another time when it probably won't be so muddy on those backroads, and he had the brilliant idea of boulder hopping in The Dells (since both of us where wheezing and heavy breathing like nobodies business from the night before) (that would be from the walk up the rocks to photo thankyouverymuch) He thought it would be a nice reintroduction to kicking my ass...I mean, hiking. I thought it sounded a little on the easy side.


First though, we were meeting 2 new friends at The Raven Cafe...Tom and his fiance DaNece. Since all four of us are brilliant conversationalists and all around fabulous people, we immediately hit it off (of course) and a little tea drinking and breakfast quickly became a foursome of bouldering in The Dells. Well, actually they brought their wonderful dog Scrappy along so in all truth, there were 4.5 of us.

I absolutely love hiking with Rich, as he is never in any hurry to get anywhere, and makes frequent stops along the way to take pictures...and never reminds me that he can hike better than me and that I'm slow and I'm a girl. So, hiking in a 4.5some was different for me and a lot of fun as well, and since there was another girl along we happened to instantly bond over shoes, handbags and the fact that both of us happen to carry compacts with us when we're out hiking.


We do...no use not being prepared...in case, say...someone's throwing an impromptu gala out on the trail...plus? The boys both take so many pictures, it just won't do to look too shiny.

So, I also love
boulder hopping out in The Dells as well (yes, a statement that I may not have been as comfortable making a year ago) because it's not like hiking per se...as there is tons to see and all sorts of things to keep you occupied, and you tend to use a lot more of your body than on a straight trail (evidenced by my wrists hurting from hauling myself up onto rocks, and my palms being a little tender from all that granite)

Oh, and did I mention the part where I couldn't figure out how to get up on a rock so I could continue hiking? No? Well, that's a lovely ditty, and I'm terribly sad that no one took a picture of that, as I'm sure I looked like a beached whale at one point.

We were going to the Dam at Watson Lake, which immediately make me start calling Rich the Dam Guide...because he was out in front and because it's so funny...No? Well, read on, it's about to get worse.

We'd gotten to this point where Rich lept up this rock formation, and I came to a dead stop. I was like, "um...where do I go?" and Rich pointed at a rock...and then I was like, "What!?!? " desperately trying to buy myself time to see if I could ferret out an easier route for myself. So, he kindly came back down and showed me how to do it. Now, we must remember that Rich has a backpack on, and he carries a really large Canon camera case...Me? I just have a backpack and my tiny ladybug camera bag around my neck.

Now, I know that I haven't been walking regularly, but I also know how flexible I usually happen to be at any given time (and there's been no yoga in my past lately as well to help with that...that I know of anyway) and there was absolutely no way I was going to get my leg up that high..you know, without a stirrup? And, I didn't happen to see any horses standing around either...cause you know I was looking (since Rich is a rock climber, he'll take any chance to tell you that he used to be able to do full splits on the rocks, which always makes me wonder what that has to do with me, along with wondering the exact year I stopped being able to do full splits myself...I know I wore a pink tu-tu while doing them, so it was probably a while ago) and I had totally forgotten to bring my ultra light tripod/walking pole/ step stool or pink tu-tu with me. But, I thought I'd suck it up and give it the ole' college try anyway (which for me means waiting until the last possible minute and then passing with flying colors) But, unfortunately today meant whipping my leg about 2 feet of the ground, just enough to put my foot on the mostly smooth rock and give the illusion that I was going to make it...but that only really thrust me forward so that I was now laying face down on the rock with my legs sticking out and my hands scrabbling for something to pull myself up with...and ended up with me wriggling around on my belly and using my shins and knees to help...and poor Rich was standing there with his hand out trying to help, but I was terrified that if I reached up, I'd loose all the ground I'd been making (all 4 inches at this point) Even the dog was able to leap up better than me.

After that though, it was smooth sailing...well, except for when I started to notice that my legs and arms were feeling a little shakey...and I was thinking, "hmmmm...that's strange" We made it to the dam...a place I'd never been before. Apparently over the years, 2 separate areas have broken away, making for some wonderful and impressive waterfalls...

After arriving
at the destination, we went down for a closer look and the opportunity to take more pictures, and a little rest in the sun...and a bit of a snack. I had brought along a LaRa Bar...and if you haven't tried one of these you should! There's no dairy, wheat, or gluten in them, and they're Kosher (in case you need that...) they're mostly nuts and berries...totally raw and great for a little energy boost. They come in some amazing flavors as well, and I haven't actually had one that I didn't like, and I feel a little like I'm cheating because they're so sweet...although, I have to admit that the cashew one is a little rich for me to finish all in one sitting.

I was astounded already at the amount of water in the lake...and the various waterfalls were quite loud...although not loud enough to drown out DaNece's and I's spirited conversation.

Proving once again, you can't keep a good woman down.

There was an area of totally wonderful ice to the left of it all...that seemed to be created by some sort of valve that was stuck in the on position...it was gently misting out..and although it was lovely temperatures, the shade is still cold enough to create ice.

We started the long trek back shortly after our rest at the falls...and I noticed I was feeling a little more tired and shakey...

Of course this was
nothing compared to how I felt that evening, or how I feel today. Good grief...so much for easing myself into hiking again. Not only are my shins all bruised up from kicking myself up rocks, but the muscles in my arms, shoulders, legs and calves are quite sore. To the point of me taking quick little breaths when going up and down stairs or having to lift my legs further than a foot off the ground.

It was totally worth it
though. I am very excited to be outside hiking around again (remind me of this during my 4 mile walk after work today please) and the chance for the 4.5 of us to get out and around...I am looking forward to more group hiking, and the day we take Sycamore Canyon back off the shelf...


Anonymous said...

OY VEY! I gotta go take a nap... you're making me tired! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ok, dahling... I figure you're probably reading something interesting, so I tagged you for a book meme... Play along if you wish.


TomboCheck said...

Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about a total body workout! I'm very impressed. And I giggle to think you take a compact with you. :) Here's to getting buff 'n stuff!

nuttnbunny said...

When faced with ((scary)) rock paths I've been known to scooch down on my pahtukassssss! :-)

Almost have a little package ready to send your way!!!

capello said...

love where you went but HOLY SHIT, i can't even get into a truck without someone's hands on each ass cheek helping to shove me in.

i'm impressed.

Wende said...

Oh, geeze... I'm such a slacker. :D But look at those photos... I can see why you like hiking.

velvet brick said...

I"m gonna starting calling you MG


mountain goat

: )


She sure is strange! said...

I am SO coming out there and you are SO taking me to that place!!!! ThankImlyin'?(that's Texan for I am not kidding) I am NOT!!! Maybe in the fall.


Gadget said...

Ya did good.

And you don't have a bloody gash across your shin! :)

Still limping by the way, but I'm good with that stuff! :P

flutter said...

wow I would be in a wheelchair!

Felicia said...

Wow! Thanks for taking us along on your hike!


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