29 February 2008

Happy Leap Year...

We got up before this sun this morning to do our hike in Palm Canyon, although as Rich reminded me last night...it wasn't as early as all that because California is actually 1 hour behind us, so we were totally going to have enough sleep. Sneaky eh?

Why is it, whenever I go on vacation I spend most of my time getting up early and trying to cram everything into the day?! Oh yeah...
Because I'm having fun!

We met up with Bill, and we went up the canyon...Rich filmed a lot of our journey and will be making a pod cast when we get back home. The canyon is amazing right now, and we beat the sun rise almost the whole way up. Since there has been so much rain in this area lately (I know you can't tell, and it looks just like a desert...it's quite green actually, and there are a million little wild flowers out and about,) Like these:

There is also
a lot of water that abounds throughout the canyon. We did not actually see any big horned sheep, so we decided we'd have to go back up there again and hang out for longer.


The canyon trail had a lot of twists and turns that took us right through the middle of the two large mountains, and then all of a sudden, around one rock we came upon the view of the Palm Oasis right in the middle of the canyon. It was sudden, and a bit far off, which made me want to hurry up and get there...but, it was hard to do such a thing, as it was still so beautiful the whole way through. But, we eventually made it, and got to relax and have a nice hike breakfast in the middle of the cool water and shade of the giant palms...Apparently there was a rather large flood at some point that took out a lot of the palms that spent years growing here, and these are all that are left.

We left the canyon
a little early to come back to the Airstream to prepare to see...

Ready for it???


My sister and my father! My sister lives in SanDiego, and my dad is up the coast a bit, and both took a road trip to come and meet Rich and to see me. I haven't actually seen my father in about 2 years, or my sister in about a year (It's totally crazy because they only live one state over...and I am making a point to take a few more days off and try to come out and see them) We spent some time visiting (my father brought me an enormous box of buttons...which I can hardly wait to plow through when I get home...and Thais brought something for Rozz to open as well!!) We visited a little bit here, and then ran up to Julian, a little mountain town about 30 miles from here...it is quaint and known for it's apple festival (which is obviously not happening at this time of year) where we strolled around...visiting an outrageous candy shop, having lunch and then getting a little apple turnover for dessert tonight. You see, we are going over to Bill and Larry's for a wonderful dinner...

It's been a heck of a wonderful trip so far...

I wonder what tomorrow will bring??


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! The palm oasis is really cool. And it must be great to be with your fam, if even just a short visit.

luvmygreenbug said...

sounds like you are having a great time, I'm really enjoying the photos (and on Rich's blog, too)..what an exciting adventure!

flutter said...

What a fantastic trip you are having!

Mamacita Chilena said...

those furry trees are way cool!

sulu-design said...

Oh, it's all sounding so perfect! And you got to see family, too. Wonderful.

velvet brick said...

Oh my dear Sadira! I've been busy this week with play performances, so I'm just now hitching a ride along on your trip! I love, LOVE that you are on a journey with Rich and having amazing new experiences! And the fact that you go to meet up with your dad and sister has me all fuzzy,wuzzy here! I love that picture of the three of you and that sweet, happy smile on your face!! : ) Blessings and happiness on your trip! And yes... that customer WILL return your bag when she realizes that the power cord makes for a horrible belt!!


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