28 February 2008

The Airstream Has Landed...

And here we are...

Anza Borrego State Park.

After a few hours of driving last night, we pulled into Quartzite, had a late dinner and flopped into bed. We both woke up this morning (some of us earlier than others...Mr. 4:30 am...ahem) and then woke up at a more appropriate time to get a good early start.

After a few more hours of driving, we made it to our final destination. It is really amazing and beautiful here, and certainly different than home (which is why one vacations isn't it?) and we're both excited to see all sorts of hints of wildflowers in bloom, and are looking forward to a hike up a canyon to really get the full extent of the spring-time here...

We quickly pulled in and unhitched...well, Rich did, I mostly ran around flapping my arms, wishing I could do something, and finally made my way down to the ranger/check-in spot to let them know where we'd landed, only to find that she had walked away for a moment. So, I shlepped back to the Airstream in the warm warm heat of this desert to at least organize my stuff in the cupboards so that we wouldn't be tripping over it for the duration of our visit.

Since we couldn't get the full weekend reserved here, we also needed to jump away to the non hook up sites to see what we could pull into there for a night in between hooking up...as it's nice to have electricity and water most of the time.

Well, I'm off to nap a little bit before some other friends of Rich's get here, I had a bit of a hectic start to this trip, as I put a bag of last minute clothes and a book and the power cord to my MacBook up on the counter at the shop, and the last customer of the day picked up all the bags on the counter and walked off with them...including the one with my clothes and power cord in it.


I am not happy about that, although Rich has sweetly offered to share his power cord with me for the trip (and has looked over and patted my leg several times on the drive to reassure me that a trip isn't really a trip unless there is some pre-trip drama, and that the last time he was on his way out here, he accidentally threw away his cell phone, and that was a lot more expensive to replace than the power cord is...deep breath) and unit I can get a new power cord just in case this person doesn't realize their mistake and bring my bag of stuff in it back to the shop (which I hope she does...please oh please oh please) I'm trying to let it go and enjoy myself without worrying about it.

Oh, and I also have a little surprise visit on my end tomorrow if all works out perfectly (keep your fingers crossed)


TomboCheck said...

Looks awesome. How is that cold bug hitting you? Sounds like Rich is getting it pretty bad.

Also - I expect a report on the underwear when you get back (ooh that sounded like a dirty old man quote). I've been eye-ballin' the ex-officio stuff for a while but haven't been able to decide between that and patagonia.

Hope you guys have a blast!

Wende said...

OH! Sweetie, I'm so sorry about the cord and your bag. Your customer will return it, I'm sure! But dang, that sounds EXACTLY like something I'd do.

Hope you're having fun in the sunshine. Lovely, lovely warmth. :D

sulu-design said...

What an amazing setting! Hopefully it's gorgeous enough to help you forget about that bag. Enjoy.

She sure is strange! said...

Have fun today on your hike!!! I googled the park and it is quite a ways from Ridgecrest. If you went up to San Bernadino, then up towards Death Valley, you'd be there. Watch out for the rattlesnakes please!!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful surroundings! If it's warm there all ready I can't imagine being there in the dead heat of summer!

I hope your customer brings back your power cord! How frustrating!! At least Rich is willing and able to share with you.

Relax and enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

have a blast.

By the way, it's Sadie Hawkins day....! (wink, wink)

I'm keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, and legs crossed that things go your way...LOL!


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