31 May 2007

In The Red...

...And, with the advent of the Red Kitchen Aid, it began

The matchy - matchy red kitchen.

OK...to be honest and fair, the real red matchy began when I moved into this house. You see, at some point during it's wonderful history, someone somewhere decided it would be a marvelous update to put in red counter tops. When I bought the house, everything was painted white with grey trim...and the red was not too good...I was nervous. Then, I started my own decorating and colors, and the red was perfect (does it help that red is my favorite color also?)

So, last summer out yard saleing, I spied the LeCruset heart shaped casserole dish (and it's been about hearts lately hasn't it?) Plus, I've always had a little secret crush on LeCruset, so I snapped it up. My mother rolled her eyes because I don't make casseroles (too much dairy usually) but, I use it for salads...and since it has a lid, it's perfect to sit on the table outside without collecting bugs.

Then...in a sweet twist of fate (cause' fate totally works that way) I stumbled upon these 2 Red nesting LeCruset mixing bowls.

Let's see...
mixing bowls...check

That about covers 3 of the many obsessions doesn't it? Now, if I could only convince myself to buy this pitcher...Or, these heart shaped ramekins, which wouldn't really be hard to do, because not only do I need a water pitcher and heart shaped ramekins, but I am the queen of justifications...

Happy Blue Moon!

30 May 2007

In The Perfect Place...

I've been thinking a lot lately about where I'm at.

Or more accurately...where I've landed.

At one point in the description of sorts, about myself in this blog...I wrote, "I am not exactly in the place I ever thought I would be in my life..." I'm wondering now if I should erase it? I'm wondering if it sounds whiny? You see, I started this blog sometime after my divorce from a man, whom I was naive enough to think was my soul mate. This is, of course, before I changed my definition of soul mate to include anyone who's ever meant anything to me in my life...or anyone who's brought any illumination to my journey. Cause' honey, if we only get one chance at a soul mate, and that was it...

I'm screwed.

And...it took a while. A while of crossing my arms and stomping around in frustration and anger pursing my lips and pouting mostly because this wasn't how I pictured it turning out.

This was not my life.
No sir.

Only, it was.
And, it is.

I had no choice but to embrace my moment. To stop, in my tracks and change my direction...to finally reinvent myself again. What's the worst that could happen? To me, it already did. Now sometimes, I chuckle. I chuckle because I've landed on another side of this thing called life. Once I stopped struggling and sat down and faced it, stared it down and blew it a raspberry...well, it changed. I've recently slowed down and started to look around at where I've landed.

I've come to realize something,
just because I didn't plan this...I didn't predict this part...heck, I didn't even know it was coming,
doesn't mean it's bad or wrong...
It means I get to experience something I didn't know existed for me.

Last night when I was at my mother's and we were having this conversation (again) there is this part of me that yells, "There must be a reason for all of this...for what has transpired!" (all the while shaking my fist to the heavens) This was supposed to happen, right? Cause' there are no refunds if it doesn't work out...No returns if it doesn't fit right...

And, perhaps
just perhaps,
this is exactly where I am supposed to be in my life...
I just didn't know it.

And, perhaps
just perhaps,
I've landed in the most perfect place of all...
right in the middle of my life.

(and for those of you who know me...and are perceptive, you may have realized something is a little different in my life lately...more lightheartedness and fun...and I've been out and about with someone, but not mentioning names...if you skip over here...since he's "officially" outed us...lol...you'll see who I've been spending a fair amount of time with)

29 May 2007

Memorial Day

Happy Late Memorial Day...

I am usually not one to celebrate this holiday, as I usually associate it with the idea of war, which is not something I wish to celebrate in particular. Yesterday though, I read something over here in evidently the comments that was a little reminder by someone that they use Memorial Day to remember past relatives...So, that was a lovely idea!

I then went down to Snap Snap, and used the morning to remember why sometimes I don't open the shop during these holidays...

I lasted through the morning, then decided to close due to lack of interest...there not only was the Phippen Art Show on the square, but some horrible craft thing right across from the shop in the parking lot...and all the other businesses on the block were closed, so there were not too many shoppers out.

I spent the rest of the day out in the dells hopping around on rocks and enjoying the fabulous weather and views and the chance to move my body around in a different way other than just plain walking (and of course, no camera...so no pictures...rats!) I still get breathless in Arizona from the sheer beauty of the place...and the views, the chance to see for a million miles in all directions.

Then a quick afternoon road trip...although, I have been informed that it's not considered a road trip if you get in the car and travel under 400 miles...it's considered a jaunt. I would like to go on record as saying though, that since I don't get out of town tons...anytime I get in a car and leave here...I consider it a road trip. So, it was down into a different sort of valley to visit some new friends, and had a fabulous time...where it has funally been proven that...yes, if you eat mass quantities of dark chocolate coupled with red wine...you will indeed prevent cancer (stay tuned for the t-shirt on that one) I needed the change of scenery desperately, so it was certainly welcome...I am still dying to take The Honey of a Car out for a Jaunt...but that will have for a couple of weeks yet, and it's back down to The Other Valley to visit an old friend

and hit Wild Oats, Trader Joe's and Asian markets...
Oh my.

UPDATE: Deenie's interview is up on Coyote Radio Theater...

27 May 2007


Sure...that's what I did this weekend.

And what better way to do just that, but finding myself in my new monkey lounging pants? Putting my feet up and utterly enjoying myself?

Well, that's probably what I would have been doing if I was actually putting my feet up and enjoying myself. I did, in fact, start the weekend off early with a jump up out of bed and a quick 6-miles out at Peavine at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning with My Pal Amy (and this was after washing the Honey of a Car) You see, Amy has just finished her first year of assistant teaching and what a better way to celebrate than trudging it out, sweating, baking in the sun and solving all the worlds problems (I ask you?) Then back to her house for a late breakfast...

Running out to the mall, to relax and browse with a quick trip to check out Victoria's Secrets...and true to her word, there were a lot. Maybe. I'm not too sure because the lights had malfunctioned in the store somehow and there were only about 6 floodlights on. Kind of made for a romantic shopping experience...mostly done by feel. Odd at best. Nothing too exciting, but let me say now that it did inspire me to come home and reorganize some of my dresser drawers, getting rid of the old...making room for the new.

A short visit with a friend in pain...

And back to the house for a disorienting afternoon and evening. You see, my house lately seems to be screaming out for reorganization...as I am constantly finding myself gazing about pondering the W's:

Why do I have all this stuff?
Where did all this stuff come from?
Who brought all this stuff into the house?
What does one person need with all this stuff?
When did all this stuff get here?
How do I finally get most of this stuff out of my life?

Which is gearing me up for the big clean out. The organization of a lifetime of hoarding. It's high time...I've been feeling the push for a long while now.

Courage on.
Forge ahead.
Chin up.

And...after a double feature of the two movies that make me sob, Forrest Gump and Somethings Got To Give (how could I be so lucky they were both on TV the same night? One right after another?)I am absolutely spent...so, for now, I will be falling into bed...

trying not to dream of all I need to do, so that I will not do it in my sleep, and tire myself out...
I'll wait until I'm awake, and do it then instead.

25 May 2007


While sitting contemplating what deep and meaningful thing I would end the week with...I've drawn a bit of a blank.

For those who know me well, you will realize that this is a bit of a strange space for me to find myself in...speechless, if you will.

There was talk earlier this morning of compliments...

When people jump out of the woodwork to say thank you...or when you realize that you are too shy to say thank you, and feel a bit bashful about uttering those words (perhaps finding it will uncover a secret weakness inside of you?) Imitation of the things that you do, of things well done, and how you feel when you realize that you've inspired someone to reach for who they are, surprise moments when someone feels the need to tell you that you're beautiful, or there's just something about you...when someone does something for you because they want you around, because they see your value and want to make you happy...Or when someone is totally and utterly speechless...weak in the knees, searching for the next breath in which to say thank you...

again and again and again
(even between the giggles)

And all this thinking about compliments brings to mind gratefulness too. How much there is to be grateful for...the amazing Arizona clouded sky (and if it's anything like last summer, I am apologizing in advance to anyone I may upset for being a smidge bit late because I am compelled to pull over on my way anywhere and take hundreds of pictures of the sky) and thankfulness for good friends, road trips and small vacations...sticking your entire arm out the window to feel the wind rush by and the sun upon your face, dancing with your arms thrown up...spinning in that moment stretching it into eternity, the feeling you get looking deep into someone elses eyes, shared jokes and simple understanding, catching someones eye for a smile across the room, milling around...tiny whistling tea-pots and meat temperature gauges...steak knives and all of the possibility that the future holds...

So, thank you


You're welcome

24 May 2007

Corners of my home...

Look what I got last weekend...

Yard sales were very good to me... actually, these little goodies are the only things I found to keep. And, I know what you're thinking,

good thing, the girl is clearly going to run out of room.

But, these are really not that big, so they won't take up much room (look out, the master justifier has reared her ugly head) Plus, how often do I run across vintage milk containers from Prescott?

Well, not as often as one would think.

They are so sweet...and I do actually have a glass milk bottle from Prescott as well ...so, I'm trying to think of the perfect place in the house for all of these little goodies. And naturally, as I gaze at these, I start thinking of a more simple time, one where you would get milk delivered to your house instead of running out to the store. Fresh milk.

Unfortunately, that also reminds me that I am lactose intolerant, and the delivery of any kind of milk fresh or otherwise, would not be good at all for me, and may crush my simpler life. But, I do feel a bit hopeful as one of those above containers contained Orange Drink

(and one would hope that it did not contain dairy)

Ohhhh...My interview is up at Coyote Radio Theatre...just in case you wanted to know what I sound like when I have my NPR voice on...I haven't listened to it yet, so I'm hoping I sound somewhat intelligent as well...

23 May 2007

15 Things...

If you're anything like me, the words, "I should have said..." runs through the conversations you have with yourself quite regularly. Some time ago, I stumbled across the book Post Secret checked it out from the library and was inspired. The premise is that you write down a secret that you have been keeping on a postcard and send it away...and with that simple act, you are able to let go of that secret. I sat there after I read the book and wondered if I had any secrets?
I filled up an entire page...

So, yesterday before crumpling into a large sleeping heap in bed (I was reminded the reason I was so tired is that I've been staying up late...oh yeah, but you know what? I don't mind) I was reading some of my favorite blogs, popped over to Stiletto Heights, and came across the idea of:

"The assignment is to list 15 things you would like to tell 15 people without naming names. The responses may not make sense to the readers but the therapy is valuable. Give it a try. You don't have to do 15 do 1 or 2; feeling particularly pent up, do 100."

  1. I love our friendship, and I feel so very lucky to have you in my life...
  2. I wish I wasn't so scared to stand up to you.
  3. I am so proud of everything you've done in your life...you are a true inspiration to me.
  4. Thank you for making it safe to be myself, and loving me for who I am.
  5. I don't know how to ask for help, and sometimes I need more help than I ask for.
  6. You were so mean to me, and I wish I had the strength to walk away a lot sooner than I did.
  7. Please leave me alone.
  8. I never could figure out why everyone thought you were so beautiful, and no one ever saw me.
  9. Sometimes when we're talking, I don't hear everything you say because I am worried about what I am going to say next.
  10. I am sorry that I said I wanted you to die...what I meant to say was that I hope you get everything you deserve.
  11. I am so sorry that I yelled at you and tried to make you feel bad. It's only because I felt so bad about myself, I wanted to hurt you.
  12. I hope that I never treat my children the way you've treated yours.
  13. I wish I could have helped you more.
  14. Thank you so much for teaching me that I deserve better and forcing me stand up for myself, and then walking out of my life so that I could start finally living!
  15. I would gladly go through all the painful things in my life...if I knew that I would have the chance to be right here in this moment with you.

Oh my...I feel better...

What do you have to say?

22 May 2007

Sunday May 20th...

I would like to say I'm continuing the proud tradition of Creative Sundays (which came to a halt sometime before the holidays) but, it may be a sporadic venture indeed. My mother and I talked about the very subject recently and decided that it would be OK with both of us if we still did it...only sometimes.

You see, with the ongoing exciting prospect of having weekends off, I want to be able to have 2 days of sometimes not all scheduled up...you know, just in case I want to go away? During this time of year, I have the urge to get in the car and drive...go somewhere, hike, play...enjoy my life away from my regular schedule (and with The Honey of a Car, and all my wonderful peeps...this is becoming more of a reality)

That being said...My mother, Rozzie and I all got together this Sunday for a little errand running, Capri buying (you see, the Rozz is growing so very fast...10 years-old and 5'2", we can't actually keep her in clothes...which is certainly unusual for my family, as we can keep anyone in clothes...it's a gift) eating and general fun...Starting with some lovely burritos. I found these new brown rice (wheat and gluten free) tortillas, and have been dying to try them out. I marinated some yellow and green squash, bell peppers, carrots, olives, fresh garlic and cilantro in olive oil, rice wine vinegar, salt/pepper and a bit of maple syrup (just a smidge to cut the extremeness of the vinegar) and we put that combo, with some adzuki beans...topped with guac. into the tortillas. They were quite good, although we decided that the tortillas may be a little less stiff if they were warmed up a bit. You know how starchy rice can get...and of course, we had some hazelnut frapps. (cause we were going to go shopping for aforementioned Capris, and yard stuff for my mom, and we certainly needed sustenance...uh-huh)

Then, after unloading 8 Cu. Ft. of composted mulch (otherwise known as dragging it out of the car and across to her yard without dropping it on our feet) we came back here for some pedicures...or as we coined it:
The taming of the hooves and talons

It was lovely. This was both my mom and Rozzie's first pedi. and after doing this at Dina's myself some time ago...I became quickly addicted. Living in AZ tends to be a bit of a dry experience for the tootsies...making ones feet and heels susceptible to cracking and splitting with the deadly combination of the lack of moisture and the wearing of sandals. So, it's important to keep the feet smooth and moisturized...

Plus, if I ever walk across something silk, I won't snag it with my heels
(cause that happens so often doesn't it?)

21 May 2007

Pregnant? Not Pregnant?

Now wait a minute...

There will be no hyperventilating...No one is pregnant (that I know of anyway) I just wanted to introduce a term to you...a recent clothing term that Dina and I have coined to refer to that loose style...

You know the one?

When you rush into a store and fall immediately in love with some item of clothing...you try it on and say to yourself, "...self, this has no shape" then you poke your head out of a dressing room before venturing out, looking for your fashion consultant (ie. the person you bring with you in case of fashion emergencies) mosey out of the dressing room and ask the question quite matter of factly,

"does this make me look pregnant?"

Cause nobody wants to look pregnant, not even the pregnant women I know. Now, mostly Ms. Dina and I eye something and say out loud,

"pregnant? not pregnant?"
(saying this the right way means you say it a little fast, tilting your head to the one side, then the other)

The amount of lust after the object in question will then determine whether or not we will try it on. So, I got that sweet little brown cotton sleeveless top in Snap Snap the other day (this is the one I happened to be needing the turquoise Capri pants for?) It happens to have a wide gathered band at the top (that's what helps to keep it on) and then falls loose under the bust area...but, I liked it so much, that I gave it a try...plus, when you see so many people day after day walk in with almost the same top...and it looks cute on them? Well, you start to wonder...This time it worked out OK, and I do not look pregnant in the top...

Of course, those are smores we were eating at Deenies Bar-B-Q this weekend...we both decided if we continue to eat them, we're not going to be asking the question above...but the more horrible one:

"Fat? Not fat?"

19 May 2007

The Friday and Saturday of It...

The weekend begins by finding our sweet heroine yawning...

A lot.

Not only has she been burning her candle at both ends...she's making new ends every moment, and lighting those up as well...Not that she complains mind you...she just yawns instead. It could be though, that there is an amazing amount of pollen from some undetermined plant blowing about (coating The Honey of a car) and making her itch and sneeze as well. But, will that stop her?

Oh no...there is a list after all...

Starting with hopping in The Honey of a car to jet off to Ms. Rozzie's Piano Recital (which I delightfully filmed, and will post soon) Sitting next to the sniffling proud Mama...and enjoying all of the local talent. Rozzilyn shined and was as amazing as always...she is so very talented and musical (singing and dancing included) You did great Rozz! (the beauty on the very left...the 5'2" 10 year old...)

And, to continue the musical evening...I popped by Sundances to see the son of a friend play in his band. I've known this boy since before he was born. He's 16 now...plays the bass guitar, and is amazing. Not only is he adorable, but he has incredible stage presence and passion...and you can tell he really enjoys being up there playing. I've never seen anyone play this well, and if he's this good at this age, I am wondering what will be in store for him? I can honestly say I think there is a future for him in the professional musical world (and I'm not just saying this because I cried when I saw him...he's Really that good!)

Then...back to the house...
SO...when or how do you do your plumbing?

I, wear a strapless Gap dress...stand barefooted on the edge of my tub usually at a ridiculously late hour (midnight) wrench in hand...because I need to replace, update and install a new Water Pick shower head...a detachable one...a low flow one...one that has no less than 5 different water configurations, pulsing, sprinkling, massaging. The thoughts of what kind of showers I will be having in the near future boggles the mind.

oh my.

Then up on Saturday after a bit of sleep to refold and organize the armoire, to make room for the 3 baskets of clean laundry that have been sitting around staring grumpily at me and shouting, "fold me!" just in time to do this weeks laundry...the good news? I weeded out a huge basket of clothing that will be showing up at Snap Snap later this week...and I found the exact pair of turquoise Capri pants (that I did not even know I had...sheesh) I was going to make this weekend to match an amazing little top I just acquired (so now I don't have to sew myself any...cross that off the list!)

A rather largish super hero type man came over...swooping in to fix my plumbing. Now, before we all jump to conclusions (he does not belong to me) AND I have had a leak in the bathtub faucet for longer than I will admit...Let's put it this way, I was pleading with my ex-husband to please fix the drip before he left. The only thing that was stopping me all this time was my lack of strength...you see, I could not loosen the screw and was afraid I was going to strip it before I could get the darned thing out. I love plumbing projects...because in theory, plumbing is easy and straight forward...in real life it takes me 3 times as long as I anticipate, and sometimes I can't fix the problem. This time I fixed most of the problem...I think. Which has put me in a bad mood (only chocolate will help at this point) One of the only things saving me is the memory I have of myself in my little girly-girl outfit at the hardware store trying in the nicest way to let the salesman know that there is indeed a washer where he said there wasn't (I was looking at it before I left the house dude) and then the taking apart of the valves and replacement of various washers...all being my uber-feminine-plumbing self.

And...I planted flowers. Something not on the list at all, but again, since I didn't have to make the Capri's I was planning, I needed to do something creative...There's really nothing like sinking your hands into some dirt to get the blood flowing...

Then popping inside for an ultra-massage shower with a non-leaky faucet...

Pure heaven, I say.

18 May 2007

The List...

So...um yeah, I totally got a stinky text yesterday...I'll work on the deodorant problem ok? sigh.

Oh...it's about the weekend again isn't it?

Why why why must I wait until things pile up around here to monumental proportions?

Why why why would I want to spend my weekend making a list so long that I want to swoon purely under the pressure? To stomp my feet in pure aggravation at my silly procrastination tendencies?

I mean, I work, I deserve a couple of days to relax...

OK, who am I kidding...mostly I do whatever I want whenever I want...
Plus...most of the things on the list are super fun creative projects, so I'm not really complaining!

I have amazing friends, and lately...these amazing days that are running swiftly into one another, so much so, that I wonder exactly what I have done to deserve the happy? I think perhaps I shall enjoy myself...and still get to that long list...

at some point...

this weekend...

Until then...I wish you a Smoochy Friday

(in honor of Dina, and her lovely signature picture pose...although, I have to say, I don't think I pull it off as well as she does, but no matter...I still tried)

Sassy Aren't I?

oh dear.

17 May 2007

Dude, That's Nuts...

As you may or may not know...one of my degrees is in Creative Arts Advertising (I love saying that...makes me feel legitimate, I actually only worked in the industry for about 6 months before I ran away from the big city...oh, ahem...I mean, moved back here and opened Snap Snap) Now, after all the journalism and copy writing classes (where we were told not to ever write anything over a 5th grade reading level, because no one would be able to understand it...great.) perhaps I do look at ads a little closer than the average person.

And these two I just had to share. I don't know whether I think they're funny...or if I'm a little confused?

The first one is for Emerald mixed nuts...now, I don't normally buy mixed nuts of any sorts...because for some reason, I've developed an allergy to raw walnuts...cook 'em (as long as they're organic) and I'm in. But apparently these come in some sort of special packaging with a lid that helps you measure our your daily dose of nuts.

Hmmmm...I wasn't aware that we needed a daily dose of nuts? (perhaps I should pick one up for the aforementioned squirrels) Although, they kind of go along with a silly yard sign Ms. Dina and I found at a store here in town that has a little squirrel painted on it with the words:

"Hand Over The Nuts"

(I had to buy it and immediately display it in the outside plant...right next to the front door...
perhaps we have moved into an obsession with the squirrel thing...
but squirrels will be squirrels...tee-hee)

And the second one was for Old Spice deodorant...in Rolling Stone magazine. The copy on the ad read:

How do you tell someone they really really need to use some Old Spice without embarrassing them in public?

Hmmm. How do you?

It also came with a little tear out postcard with 4 die cut cards on it...business card size, and they read:

Dude, you reek.

You know how in every group there's one guy who everybody likes but he has really bad B.O. but nobody wants to tell him because she's such a nice guy? Dude, you're that guy.

If I stank like you stink, I'd want you to tell me. So, you stink. -A Friend

Time to Apply! Sincerely a friend


I'm not sure I can imagine handing one of these cards out to someone (although, I suppose there could be a few people you could do this to) How about getting one? I mean, it's awfully hot in AZ, so there is a bit of sweaty going on here...plus, there seems to be a lot of Dude calling on these things...I guess if you say the word DUDE a lot, it's then OK for you to hand these out?

But, the best part...because there is a best part to all of this...as I was sitting there alternating between being horrified and giggling and shaking my head, I noticed that on the bottom of the large ad page it said in tiny small print:

Or, text a stink tip to a friend.
Text the word "stinky" and their mobile phone number to 89183

Now, I'm nervous to get texts...


16 May 2007

Squirrel Love...

Is love in the air?
Is it spring time?

If you look and squint...can you see my sweet neighbor squirrel with it's new buddy?

On their love rock?
(OK, I've gone a bit over the edge)

I've loved to sit on my overstuffed chair taking in the view...watching the squirrel cavort (cause that's what they do, you know) on this rock...it sometimes runs into my yard, gathers up a mouthful of bird seed and runs back...Only this year, it's different, because there's two...

(insert the awwww here)

They also remind me of Dina and I...as some years ago, we started substituting the word girl with the word squirrel in most conversations and song lyrics...so, it's been a lot of:

Hey squirrel-friend!

Squirrels on film

Squirrels just want to have fun

Keep goin' squirrel it's your night
(I know he thinks you're fine and stuff...but does he know how to wind you up?)

I'm sure, however, that there are squirrel songs yet to be sung...Can you think of any?

15 May 2007


...As I sit here finishing up the last bite (and um, licking the plate) ahem. I thought that I would share this little lovely cake with you

(but not really, because there's not enough to spare...OK there is, but you still can't have any)

My mother made this Strawberry-Lemon: wheat and gluten and egg - free cake for Mother's Day. Suffice it to say, the woman is clearly a genius...you would never believe that there is nothing "not normal" about this...it's her old applesauce cake recipe, modified a bit more with the onset of even more food allergies in the family. So, none of the above listed ingredients made an appearance...and No Refined Sugar reared it's ugly head either...

Did I mention that it's all organic too?

Plus, with the advance of the warmer summertime weather, I made the first batch of Hazelnut Frappiccinos...No refined sugar or dairy either (and I used the Illy I brought back from Italy...not decaf, but hey, we were spending the day with family, we needed the little extra caffeine help...oh, she justifies well) My mother and I teared up a little upon the first sip...then came the maniacal giggles when we realized that this is only the beginning.


14 May 2007

Wonderful Weekend...

It was all about jumping out of bed early and sneaking off to West Fork in Sedona this Saturday morning for one of my favorite hikes.

I suppose the word hike could be used very loosely here, as there is not too much actual intense hiking per se...but, more of an amazing little trail that winds all through one of the canyons in Oak Creek...which means, a lot of the trail is winding around the creek itself (and they say there's no water here!)

Sedona is one of the most amazing surprises in Arizona, as you are just about meandering along in a normalish Arizona valley, when you turn off on a bitty road...winding all around, until you finally come around a corner and ...


All this amazing red everywhere...dotted with a crazy amount of McMansions, and quite a bit of Vortexes too (so I hear)...quite exclusive really. Let's face it, anywhere that McDonalds has to change their arch colors to turquoise just to open up shop is a place to be reckoned with.

It's really always been like this down there, but some of my favorite childhood memories took place at Slide Rock in Oak Creek...back when you could pull off the side of the road anywhere there was a bit of room for a car, and it was free? Now you have to pay, but I suppose if they actually use the money to help maintain the beauty of the canyon, it's worth it.

The water up this far was nice and cold...and while I only got my tosies wet instead of jumping in, it felt still felt lovely. Oh, this is a wonderful time of year in AZ...right before the heat makes you confine your major activity to the early morning or late evening (and so many variations in temperatures...considering it was snowing exactly one week ago and is now in the 80's) so many road trips to make, and so many places to be seen.

I was also told by a friend that this is the most romantic hike in Az. It's certainly my favorite, but I don't know how romantic it is...it's always a little hot, so I get a bit sweaty...and you're hiking, so it's a little tiring...and it was pointed out to me that there's about a thousand people (ok, I exaggerate...but it's a lot, believe me) milling about down in this canyon, so it may be a bit hard to be totally romantic.

It is always amazing and fun however!

After a few hours of this fun, it was back in the car and up the hill to Flagstaff...for a chai at Macys (of course...my most favoritest coffee house in the world, well...second to the one in Port Townsend and anyplace in Italy) a lovely lunch...and on to Bookmans. Where I got rid of the pile of books that was threatening to take over the downstairs...I love Bookmans and have about $200 credit at all times. I certainly couldn't walk away empty handed, so I loaded up a bag with some gifts for people, and got these 3 gems for myself. A book on the art of the advertising character (love these little guys) and 2 fun little recipe books. Yes, another thing I collect...I will have to dig out the ones I have and blog about them really quick (at least they're small and don't take up much room) Dina and I keep threatening to start making some of the um, more "interesting " meals that are listed in these books and blog about them...

What a lovely dinner party that would be...
nothing like loosing friends

How was your weekend?

13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day...

To my beautiful mother...seen here with a rather cute little girl (don't you think) Circa. Easter 1972...

Blowing Bubbles
(Crazy Wonderful Hippie)

I'm sitting here thinking of some wonderful profound thing I can say to express how much my relationship with my mother has meant to me in my life...How much I look up to her, and value her knowledge and wisdom...how much growing up we've done together (and how much we may still have to do) Thank yous for all the time we've spent together, her involvement in my life, her love and caring...her amazing mothering ability, no matter how scared and worried she was for me ever, she always let me explore my world...holding her breath sometimes, being patient, and laughing with joy to see me succeed...and drying my tears when I've failed...I have this picture in my head of me looking over my shoulder trying to catch her eye...to see if she can see me so I can smile at her...no matter where I am on the path, and no matter where I'm going...

I love you mom
Thank you.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Coyote Radio Theater will be broadcasting their show today at Noon on 89.5 FM...for those people in AZ who want to listen...as a reminder, yes, this is the show that all us bloggers were interviewed for...For anyone not in this area, check for a podcast on their site sometime today (I would think) I believe they have a Listen To Our Show button on the left there, and it will take you to a page where you can then click Prescott Arts Beat and the date of the show will be today (May 13th) so if anyone is interested in hearing what I sound like in person and is either too scared to show up at Snap Snap, or too far away...now's your chance. I swear, I have no idea what I even talked about...so, enjoy!

10 May 2007

It's A Wonderful NIght...

...You Gotta' Take it From Me

I had a great night, which was an end to a equally great day (and what is shaping up to be a most wonderful week as well) And rather than sitting around worried...

when will the other shoe drop?

I figured I'd have a group of my favorite people over to relax, enjoy...and celebrate just a little bit. The weather has been warming up so very much...and it was time to turn on the tunes, and chill on the porch AZ style. We did this by eating an entire bowl of guacamole and chips and two entire plates of fresh veggies (because there's nothing like veggies dipped in guac. you got to try it!)

...All this was followed by toasting with lemon meringue martinis (except for the small boy...he got fizzy lemonade) and the ceremonial first lighting of the candle-lier...and what I expect will only be the beginning of many times this summer (sorry for the blurriness)


Vintage linens, outdoor dishes, twinkle lights and candles, the fire pit, and all the special summertime meals...

oh, I am so ready for this.

Thank you, thank you all...for making this a most amazing week!

Lemon Meringue Martinis

1 part lemon vodka
1 part vanilla vodka
1 T of lemonade concentrate
1 T powdered sugar
top up with Silk soy cream (I like it better than dairy...it's creamier)
pour this all over ice in a shaker...shake it up...pour it out and enjoy!
(these are supposed to be sweet, so adjust the sugar accordingly)

Have an amazing weekend everyone...

Making Good Time...

Yesterday morning I was up early (despite being up late the night before...for enjoyable reasons though, don't panic) So, I surprised myself when I woke up a full half hour before my alarm even reared it's ugly head. I did what any girl would do...

I jumped up, put on my rather loud Puma floral/Hawaiian walking pants, a pink fleece and jumped in the car...Shortly, I found myself at the base of Thumb Butte, sweetie Nano plugged in and hit the trail made good time too...for burning lungs and huffing and puffing my way up this thing (and had the extra dimension of text messaging a couple of times, would I have made better time? Who cares...Can you believe I get cell phone reception at the top of a mountain? You gotta' love Verizon...can you hear me now?)

Can you believe I forgot my camera?

And with the moon out still from the night before, and me zipping up this mountain with all these love songs playing in the background...

Surely you could get a camera surgically implanted somewhere one your body...

09 May 2007

Spring is Springing...

With the ending of the final ( ? ) bit of snow up here...although, I am wondering about that. Living in this area lo these 27 years, I have sometimes seen some crazy weather. In fact the rule of thumb has often been:

Don't do any planting until after Mother's Day

Which is a good rule to follow. I have been known to rush off to one of the various stores in town to purchase flowers and plants, only to find myself scurrying around later bringing outdoor plants in...so they don't freeze.

...But, the annuals and native plants and trees that are already planted in the various yards out and about, don't have that luxury. Well, they would if they were in one of those Disney movies...Like Silly Symphonies?

I don't know how I would feel if I got a knock on the door in the middle of the night and it was a rose bush or an apple tree though.

Luckily...all these photos were taken at my mother's house, so none of these plants will be waking me up...I just have some enormous Juniper and a couple of prickly pyracantha...which would make for some sharp bedfellows indeed.

At any rate...Happy Spring! I think I will kick of the official springtime by kidnapping a fellow blogger and hiker and head up to West Fork in Sedona this weekend for a leisurely walk-about next to Oak Creek...


08 May 2007

You've Got Love Technique...

I got a package yesterday...

From Ms. Fanciful Twist...It was not a surprise per se, because I knew it was coming...but this Trader Joe shopping tote is so much more amazing in person! And included with the bag in the package (which was wrapped in the sweetest polka-dot tissue paper) was the pinkie little silhouette card...

Oh this woman is horribly talented...hmmm...seriously talented (no...whimsical, but not too serious)

wonderfully talented!

I am wondering who they got to design this? I am also noticing (during my recent trip to The Valley especially) that so many things in the stores are mimicking blogs...I was telling my mom after visiting Anthropologie,

"it's like being in some one's blog!"

And really, what's the best side of this bag? The pirate ship with a little diver diving off of it? Or the rooster in the car? Simply divine...

Now, I am really wanting to jet down to grocery shop...

I'm off for the busy day...I know it's going to be a great day, as I danced and sang to the top of the mountain (ok, glorified hill...but I still walk up it twice...) in my neighborhood during my morning walk (I felt like an alley cat on a fence, luckily I have a good voice, although I was a little breathless at that point, poor neighbors) to Spaceaged Lovesong (Flock of Seagulls)

I Have Love Technique...

which brought back many happy memories of the 80's (I'm and 80's girl through and through...most of my friends are, in fact, I have a friend that recently told me she got satellite radio just to listen to the 80's station...right T?) and following that song was The Sensual World (Kate Bush) and am wondering if the universe is trying to tell me something? I had to rush home and decide if I wanted to smoke a cigarette or take a cold shower...

At least I didn't get a boot thrown at me...

06 May 2007

Sneaking In...

For a small update about the weekend.

After the snow (oh, yes it did indeed snow on Saturday) I shuffled on over to the Blogfest, which was wonderful...I met all sorts of interesting people, making any sorts of nervousness I may have had evaporate completely (and were thinking that we'll be getting together in the future) Dina and I even had the opportunity to be interviewed by Coyote Radio Theater (which I immediately took to like a fish to water...because really, lets face it...put me in front of a microphone and give me license to talk about myself...what's not to love and succeed at?) The program will be airing next Sunday I believe, and there will also be a Podcast, so I will keep you posted...and you'll laugh, because I swear my voice got all NPRish when I was being interviewed, and I started to seriously consider why I am not doing radio shows in my real life...more on that later though.

And, on the Sunday front, I started the morning with a wonderful hike/walk with a fellow blogger I met on Saturday on one of my more favorite trails in town...Peavine. We did 3 miles, and the time flew by...between the wonderful conversation and the near sighting of a mountain lion. To which I wondered if we did have a run-in, as you are supposed to throw things at them...rocks and such...or be loud...according to the little poster that is posted at the beginning of the trail (both of which I consider to be rude actions...I mean, I can be loud, but I am a lousy aim with anything thrown as I throw like a girl...and didn't want to knock out my fellow blogger, it's such a bad way to try to impress someone don't you think?)

I then spent the rest of the day with Mom and Rozz...not being creative unless you consider stuffing ourselves with Japanese creative...or running various grocery errands creative either.

We did have a great time though, and I got to drive the car (now that I'm looking for excuses to do that all the time...I washed her too this weekend...giggle)

We found these sweet little black rubber stair welcome mats (yeah, whatever they are) and I offered to buy them for her for an early Mother's Day present...awww...

Don't they look amazing? I like the idea of them on the steps so that we won't be slipping around in the ice and snow...or rain...

She had the Ding Dong...Wizard Of Oz door mat already (it always makes me laugh)

And she bought herself the matching half circle door mat to match the step mats, and since it weighs about 50 lbs. (heavy rubber) we won't have to worry about it blowing away in the springtime winds...She was a little worried about impulse purchasing, but I assured her that I think the impulse rule only applies to things that are super expensive...and well, $13 is not too much to worry about.

I also did the drawing for a special little ephemera thank you card that I promised I would do in the beginning of the week...and the winner is...

Velvet Brick!

So, my dear, I will work on that this week and send it out to you...

04 May 2007

This Blog...

This Life...

Let's pause while I write something profound shall we?



I am trying to gear up for Blogfest 2007...here in Prescott, this weekend at the Raven Cafe...Saturday at 2 in the afternoon. I'm now, at the last minute, trying to rock somebodies world with my amazing prose...

(yeah, why try now? Perhaps I shall just try to be myself)

I actually have known about this for some time now, and just RSVP'd Wednesday (bad blogger!) I was informed that there will be about 12 people attending...excellent...12 local bloggers, and a chance to meet up with the fellow computery peeps up here.

Ms. Dina and I have already discussed this to some length...you know, the usual girlie stuff:
  • what to wear?
  • what shoes to wear?
  • when will we get together to do pedicures to prepare our tosies?
  • do I have time to deep condition my hair and/or give myself a facial?
  • and...does this handbag/lipstick go with my "look"?
  • and more importantly, which one of my "looks" shall I go for?

It's strange, or maybe not so much, that often I have found myself, when presented with any opportunity to step outside my living room, the first question that I ask myself is, What shall I wear? And it's not even dependant upon the actual event...this is the question that pops up at the beginning of any event. And, when you get Dina and I together...well, it becomes a full on closet raid (there's a pile of shoes in her living room that I would absolutely die for...if only we wore the same size...sigh.)

I've been thinking a lot since I received the invitation to the Blogfest, about meeting more bloggers, about what this blog is about, about me...

First of all, I've been lucky enough to meet several bloggers already, and it's been an amazing and wonderful experience each time. Second, I started this blog as a way to document me and help keep me motivated, an online journal of sorts. Third, I've been through so many life transitions since first starting this (and so has the blog) The blog has turned out to be both a transforming and meaningful part of my life...one that I can not imagine not having or doing (although, I'm not naive enough to realize that things change constantly...and who knows what life will bring?) but, I remember being so very inspired by other bloggers out there, reading and then creating...taking part in a whole wide world, laughing...and enjoying everyone's life. I can remember waiting and checking my comments, and the feeling of excitement I would experience when I realized that were people out there reading about my little corner of the world. Then amazed when I would call friends and family and attempt to tell them what's been going on in my life, and them saying, "oh yeah, I read that on the blog" or "oh! I totally saw you making that the other day...I love it!"...and then...

and then...

I realized this Saturday I would be at a place where I would meet local bloggers.
That have probably read my blog.


This may sound weird coming from someone who is in the public eye a lot, as I own a local business. A person that has indeed been blogging and putting herself out in the blog world for over a year, but I'm feeling little nervous, a little vulnerable...and a little excited...

I think I'll go pluck or condition something...
Iron an outfit...
practice walking in heels...

Have an amazing weekend!

03 May 2007

Corners of my Wonderland...

I've been doing a lot of fun little ephemera projects lately. I have piles of paper and supplies scattered around the shop, and home, and stuffed into a large paper shopping bag
(which reminds me, I need a better filing system...I wonder if I should buy one, or make my own?)
I have always loved working with paper, and have always saved all my scraps to glue and re-use and make into a million other projects...

bliss sigh bliss

I just love it...
I also love making things for my home, and like I said to Liz yesterday, I am worried I'm decorating my home within an inch of it's life...and yet, it wasn't until around the holidays, I looked around at my house, and realized that I do not have many of my own art pieces up. I stopped doing "art" that one would hang on the wall quite a long time ago.
Just gave it right up
I guess, in favor of other life things.
When I started tapping into my creativity after my divorce (as a way to connect more with myself and keep me from going totally crazy) I started sewing...which is lovely and fun...
but paper?
2 dimensional art?

Come with me down the Rabbit Hole...

This latest series was inspired by Lewis Carroll's books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.

I found a ugly ratty copy with the original illustrations, and set to work...It was not easy to black out words and phrases, as I love Carrolls writing, and I find it near impossible to cross out anything because it's all so very lovely and poetic and just plain...well, perfectly Alice.

These blocks are each double sided...one lovely Alice bit on each side...with matching paper.

The above one is the Contents with just hearts.

This one says:
Several little nice wild beasts would hold you sooner or later.
What a curious feeling!

One side asked outloud;
and in another moment
Alice remained thoughtfully at the mushroom
and, as it was perfectly round however,
she stretched her arms around it as far as they would go

The cat only grinned
"cheshire puss"
grinned a little wider
pleased so far

(and I made a little sticker in the corner that says "can you stand on your head?" because that was my favorite part from the Disney movie)

because of his great wig he did not look at all comfortable
and it was certainly not becoming
thought Alice,
and she said this two or three times over to herself

Tell him-
"would you tell me"

Alice said timidly,

"why are you painting those roses?"

The same conversation dropped
over all the silence
shaking it every now and then
two days wrong

Shout out
shake a hug
They were dancing round in a ring,
this seemed quite natural,
and she was surprised to hear music,
it seemed to come from the trees,
like fiddles and fiddlesticks.

With a little "Oh" of surprise-
I'm nearly sure
I feel somehow
as if I were invisible-

Squeaking with great curiosity to see,
"It is the voice of my child,
my Lilly,
my imperial kitten!"

And I love these last two, because it's Alice before and then after she steps through the looking glass...

I used many fun patterned papers and stickers...plus three dimensional flower stickers, alphabet and clock stickers, and assembled the whole thing in this amazing hanging frame set I got from Ikea...and realized as soon as I unpacked it, that I do indeed want to do more of these projects. So, next time I go down to The Valley, I must get both more heart rugs, and more of these frames!

I hung the entire piece in a corner of my bedroom near where I sleep...

I love this piece gently swinging and twisting so I can indeed see each individual picture. Plus, I love Alice about as much as I love the Wizard of Oz...

So, there you go!

PS. I just heard a New Order song being used for a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup commercial...now, peanut butter and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations...but New Order?

Oh no...I'm not getting old am I?


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