24 May 2007

Corners of my home...

Look what I got last weekend...

Yard sales were very good to me... actually, these little goodies are the only things I found to keep. And, I know what you're thinking,

good thing, the girl is clearly going to run out of room.

But, these are really not that big, so they won't take up much room (look out, the master justifier has reared her ugly head) Plus, how often do I run across vintage milk containers from Prescott?

Well, not as often as one would think.

They are so sweet...and I do actually have a glass milk bottle from Prescott as well ...so, I'm trying to think of the perfect place in the house for all of these little goodies. And naturally, as I gaze at these, I start thinking of a more simple time, one where you would get milk delivered to your house instead of running out to the store. Fresh milk.

Unfortunately, that also reminds me that I am lactose intolerant, and the delivery of any kind of milk fresh or otherwise, would not be good at all for me, and may crush my simpler life. But, I do feel a bit hopeful as one of those above containers contained Orange Drink

(and one would hope that it did not contain dairy)

Ohhhh...My interview is up at Coyote Radio Theatre...just in case you wanted to know what I sound like when I have my NPR voice on...I haven't listened to it yet, so I'm hoping I sound somewhat intelligent as well...


sulu-design said...

So I'm not the smartest when it comes to computers - I'm having some trouble finding your interview. I'm anxious to hear it! And I LOVE those milk cartons - what a find!

Tonya said...

What a great interview. It's so great to see how amazing your life is and it just keeps getting better. Wonderful things are coming your way and I'm happy to be able to watch what unfolds.
I love the milk cartons-my mom has the orange juice cartons but I've never seen the milk. SCORE! And I love that cherry tablecloth. I just got a catalog for the repo tablecloths. I feel like that's cheating but it's hard to find vintage with no stains. Plus they're cheaper wholesale. You inspire me, I'm glad I know you.
tonya b.


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