31 May 2007

In The Red...

...And, with the advent of the Red Kitchen Aid, it began

The matchy - matchy red kitchen.

OK...to be honest and fair, the real red matchy began when I moved into this house. You see, at some point during it's wonderful history, someone somewhere decided it would be a marvelous update to put in red counter tops. When I bought the house, everything was painted white with grey trim...and the red was not too good...I was nervous. Then, I started my own decorating and colors, and the red was perfect (does it help that red is my favorite color also?)

So, last summer out yard saleing, I spied the LeCruset heart shaped casserole dish (and it's been about hearts lately hasn't it?) Plus, I've always had a little secret crush on LeCruset, so I snapped it up. My mother rolled her eyes because I don't make casseroles (too much dairy usually) but, I use it for salads...and since it has a lid, it's perfect to sit on the table outside without collecting bugs.

Then...in a sweet twist of fate (cause' fate totally works that way) I stumbled upon these 2 Red nesting LeCruset mixing bowls.

Let's see...
mixing bowls...check

That about covers 3 of the many obsessions doesn't it? Now, if I could only convince myself to buy this pitcher...Or, these heart shaped ramekins, which wouldn't really be hard to do, because not only do I need a water pitcher and heart shaped ramekins, but I am the queen of justifications...

Happy Blue Moon!


Mom2fur said...

I'll bet your red kitchen is cute! My counters are white, which was a nice change from the Brady Bunch Orange that was here when we moved in 13 years ago. I've added red wherever I can, in my crocks and spoons, etc. Apples, roosters and lobsters...anything that's red catches my eye! I especially love your red bowls!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the red kitchen. It's too bad yer not into a green kitchen, 'cause then we could find cool things for each other and swap!



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