17 May 2007

Dude, That's Nuts...

As you may or may not know...one of my degrees is in Creative Arts Advertising (I love saying that...makes me feel legitimate, I actually only worked in the industry for about 6 months before I ran away from the big city...oh, ahem...I mean, moved back here and opened Snap Snap) Now, after all the journalism and copy writing classes (where we were told not to ever write anything over a 5th grade reading level, because no one would be able to understand it...great.) perhaps I do look at ads a little closer than the average person.

And these two I just had to share. I don't know whether I think they're funny...or if I'm a little confused?

The first one is for Emerald mixed nuts...now, I don't normally buy mixed nuts of any sorts...because for some reason, I've developed an allergy to raw walnuts...cook 'em (as long as they're organic) and I'm in. But apparently these come in some sort of special packaging with a lid that helps you measure our your daily dose of nuts.

Hmmmm...I wasn't aware that we needed a daily dose of nuts? (perhaps I should pick one up for the aforementioned squirrels) Although, they kind of go along with a silly yard sign Ms. Dina and I found at a store here in town that has a little squirrel painted on it with the words:

"Hand Over The Nuts"

(I had to buy it and immediately display it in the outside plant...right next to the front door...
perhaps we have moved into an obsession with the squirrel thing...
but squirrels will be squirrels...tee-hee)

And the second one was for Old Spice deodorant...in Rolling Stone magazine. The copy on the ad read:

How do you tell someone they really really need to use some Old Spice without embarrassing them in public?

Hmmm. How do you?

It also came with a little tear out postcard with 4 die cut cards on it...business card size, and they read:

Dude, you reek.

You know how in every group there's one guy who everybody likes but he has really bad B.O. but nobody wants to tell him because she's such a nice guy? Dude, you're that guy.

If I stank like you stink, I'd want you to tell me. So, you stink. -A Friend

Time to Apply! Sincerely a friend


I'm not sure I can imagine handing one of these cards out to someone (although, I suppose there could be a few people you could do this to) How about getting one? I mean, it's awfully hot in AZ, so there is a bit of sweaty going on here...plus, there seems to be a lot of Dude calling on these things...I guess if you say the word DUDE a lot, it's then OK for you to hand these out?

But, the best part...because there is a best part to all of this...as I was sitting there alternating between being horrified and giggling and shaking my head, I noticed that on the bottom of the large ad page it said in tiny small print:

Or, text a stink tip to a friend.
Text the word "stinky" and their mobile phone number to 89183

Now, I'm nervous to get texts...



thatgirldina said...

teeheehee. that is all.

Mary said...

I am *so* texting that to my 14yo son, who thinks antiperspirant/deodorant are optional.

Wende said...

OMG, that's hilarious about the Old Spice. Not cool, but funny.

And, I'm guessing here, but I'm thinking you're in the clear on the texting thing. :D

capello said...

dude. seriously. nasty musky smelly deoderants rock. it give you body oder straight out of the shower, dude.

Anonymous said...

The food nerd I am, yes, there is a daily dose of nuts. Actually of almonds. It, like red wine, cranberries, and other goodies have their daily healthy dose!

Those are great ads! And I didn't know that about you!!!!!


Gadget said...

What does it say about you if you dig Arm & Hammer Powder Fresh??? Oh, of course it's Ultra Max, so I guess the powder fresh doesn't completely cut away masculinity......

velvet brick said...

LOL ... girlfriend, I am laughing so hard I can't even right a sensible reply to this post....



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