27 May 2007


Sure...that's what I did this weekend.

And what better way to do just that, but finding myself in my new monkey lounging pants? Putting my feet up and utterly enjoying myself?

Well, that's probably what I would have been doing if I was actually putting my feet up and enjoying myself. I did, in fact, start the weekend off early with a jump up out of bed and a quick 6-miles out at Peavine at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning with My Pal Amy (and this was after washing the Honey of a Car) You see, Amy has just finished her first year of assistant teaching and what a better way to celebrate than trudging it out, sweating, baking in the sun and solving all the worlds problems (I ask you?) Then back to her house for a late breakfast...

Running out to the mall, to relax and browse with a quick trip to check out Victoria's Secrets...and true to her word, there were a lot. Maybe. I'm not too sure because the lights had malfunctioned in the store somehow and there were only about 6 floodlights on. Kind of made for a romantic shopping experience...mostly done by feel. Odd at best. Nothing too exciting, but let me say now that it did inspire me to come home and reorganize some of my dresser drawers, getting rid of the old...making room for the new.

A short visit with a friend in pain...

And back to the house for a disorienting afternoon and evening. You see, my house lately seems to be screaming out for reorganization...as I am constantly finding myself gazing about pondering the W's:

Why do I have all this stuff?
Where did all this stuff come from?
Who brought all this stuff into the house?
What does one person need with all this stuff?
When did all this stuff get here?
How do I finally get most of this stuff out of my life?

Which is gearing me up for the big clean out. The organization of a lifetime of hoarding. It's high time...I've been feeling the push for a long while now.

Courage on.
Forge ahead.
Chin up.

And...after a double feature of the two movies that make me sob, Forrest Gump and Somethings Got To Give (how could I be so lucky they were both on TV the same night? One right after another?)I am absolutely spent...so, for now, I will be falling into bed...

trying not to dream of all I need to do, so that I will not do it in my sleep, and tire myself out...
I'll wait until I'm awake, and do it then instead.


velvet brick said...

Oh, I DO love the monkey pants!! How fun are those?? It would be too fun lounging around in monkeys!

As for the cleaning and purging...I did that last summer...about 9 months after my 'new direction in life turn...'
I had held onto stuff that I just had to keep!... but once I got to tossing, I couldn't stop. I was amazed at how theraputic it was to toss, throw out, garbage out and purge out of my house, my closets, my kitchen, my gargage, my yard...

I loaded up...no kidding...9 bags of clothes and took them to the Salvation Army. I had a pile 6 feet high in my driveway for big-bulk pickup.

And it felt good!

Of all the things that I got rid of, there's only been one thing that I regretted throwing out...and actually, SimplicityWins confiscated it (an canning jar pitcher) and when I go to her house, she serves something yummy out of it, so I still get to enjoy it!

Go for it, girl... you'll be surprised how releasing it is! : )

Wende said...

Oh, the urge to purge. Know it well. It's usually a summer event for us. Something I try to do right after school lets out. :D

Vanessa V said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Plus, a great walk. I am sooo not a mall girl. I hate malls. So, I know what you mean about super dim, lights. The idea of a mall makes me want to break out in allergy hives. Were there tons of people there? Scary! I might have to send you in for me sometime... hee heee....Oh, getting rid of things.. I just burned my list.....of to do things....xxo

sulu-design said...

Major reorganization going on here too - a trip to Salvation Army, Dress for Success, Career Gear...
Good luck with yours!


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