23 May 2007

15 Things...

If you're anything like me, the words, "I should have said..." runs through the conversations you have with yourself quite regularly. Some time ago, I stumbled across the book Post Secret checked it out from the library and was inspired. The premise is that you write down a secret that you have been keeping on a postcard and send it away...and with that simple act, you are able to let go of that secret. I sat there after I read the book and wondered if I had any secrets?
I filled up an entire page...

So, yesterday before crumpling into a large sleeping heap in bed (I was reminded the reason I was so tired is that I've been staying up late...oh yeah, but you know what? I don't mind) I was reading some of my favorite blogs, popped over to Stiletto Heights, and came across the idea of:

"The assignment is to list 15 things you would like to tell 15 people without naming names. The responses may not make sense to the readers but the therapy is valuable. Give it a try. You don't have to do 15 do 1 or 2; feeling particularly pent up, do 100."

  1. I love our friendship, and I feel so very lucky to have you in my life...
  2. I wish I wasn't so scared to stand up to you.
  3. I am so proud of everything you've done in your life...you are a true inspiration to me.
  4. Thank you for making it safe to be myself, and loving me for who I am.
  5. I don't know how to ask for help, and sometimes I need more help than I ask for.
  6. You were so mean to me, and I wish I had the strength to walk away a lot sooner than I did.
  7. Please leave me alone.
  8. I never could figure out why everyone thought you were so beautiful, and no one ever saw me.
  9. Sometimes when we're talking, I don't hear everything you say because I am worried about what I am going to say next.
  10. I am sorry that I said I wanted you to die...what I meant to say was that I hope you get everything you deserve.
  11. I am so sorry that I yelled at you and tried to make you feel bad. It's only because I felt so bad about myself, I wanted to hurt you.
  12. I hope that I never treat my children the way you've treated yours.
  13. I wish I could have helped you more.
  14. Thank you so much for teaching me that I deserve better and forcing me stand up for myself, and then walking out of my life so that I could start finally living!
  15. I would gladly go through all the painful things in my life...if I knew that I would have the chance to be right here in this moment with you.

Oh my...I feel better...

What do you have to say?


sulu-design said...

Wow - cool assignment! Sadly, the phrase that's coming to mind that I want to say to several people (and some inanimate objects, too) is "shut up," a phrase that was totally banned from my house when I was growing up. It was worse than cursing. So I still don't say it. But I feel like so many people and noises have been unfairly invading my thoughts recently. I just want some peace and quiet! This is a great little exercise to keep me from having my mouth washed out!

capello said...

dude, stop stalking me.

(ahem. how i only wish that were a joke.)

Tonya said...

How strong you. That list is intense. We all need to do that. We need to learn to say those things straight to the person sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable it is for us. How empowering.
I read the blog to Karsten from the other day, he was so flattered. I had fun, thank you so much for coming. Hope you're enjoying every part of your life.

Michelle said...

I love Post Secret. What a great idea - and how brave of you.


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