16 May 2007

Squirrel Love...

Is love in the air?
Is it spring time?

If you look and squint...can you see my sweet neighbor squirrel with it's new buddy?

On their love rock?
(OK, I've gone a bit over the edge)

I've loved to sit on my overstuffed chair taking in the view...watching the squirrel cavort (cause that's what they do, you know) on this rock...it sometimes runs into my yard, gathers up a mouthful of bird seed and runs back...Only this year, it's different, because there's two...

(insert the awwww here)

They also remind me of Dina and I...as some years ago, we started substituting the word girl with the word squirrel in most conversations and song lyrics...so, it's been a lot of:

Hey squirrel-friend!

Squirrels on film

Squirrels just want to have fun

Keep goin' squirrel it's your night
(I know he thinks you're fine and stuff...but does he know how to wind you up?)

I'm sure, however, that there are squirrel songs yet to be sung...Can you think of any?


thatgirldina said...

Aw. Such little cuties!

You did forget the ever-popular, Paula Abdul hit "Forever Your Squirrel"! haha!

Thanks for yet another amazing evening out last night Miss Sadira. And while I am a bit love drunk this morning and nursing a teeny hangover, I thought maybe you might want to hit the town for some Mexican Crack later tonight. ;) Heaven forbid we actually get to bed at a decent hour these days, right?


Mary said...

"Love rock"! Heee heeee heeee! (Why, yes, I am twelve.)

Wende said...

I'm sorry... I adore you, but those squirrels? Uh, not so much. :D

sulu-design said...

I must be 12, too. I was going to post the exact, I mean the EXACT comment that Mary above did! How about, "I Wish They All Could Be California Squirrels?"

Gadget said...

My labs used to watch the squirrels through our glass doors. The NH squirrels also would snatch bird feeder food. And the labs would watch. I would stand behind them saying "Where's the squirrel....?" Finally, I'd open the doors for them and they'd rocket toward the thieving critters....

On hikes squirrels always chew holes in your pack and steal your peanuts. :)

But I suppose there can be squirrel love. Hmmm, you just need a lab to wind up now! :)

velvet brick said...

Well, IIIIII happen to adore your little squirrel post!! How cute, sweet and just altogther charming! Please do keep us posted on the antics of this little fur balls!
Thanks for a smile today, Miss S...was sorely needed and salve for the ragged soul... : )
Love you..
Please give Miss D a hug for me as well... miss you both.

stilettoheights said...

where there is two squirrels soon there will be more...


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