28 February 2009

Old Hat...

As you may know...if you follow both Rich and my blogs (more than likely because you're trying to figure out if we're still enjoying each others company...) Rich is in Anza Borrego for his yearly gratitude trip.

I am not with him.

I am at home (for various reasons...none of which have to do with how we're getting along...we're fine) trying to enjoy a Richless week, which includes a lot of plans for cleaning, organizing, culling, and just generally whipping Foolsewoode into shape (and the spring like weather is cooperating and making it so easy to feel like I am cleaning for a reason...other than that of feeling icky when I walk through the door...and Marla's coming to visit in a couple of weeks as well as Rich having another opening at the gallery, and if people stay here...well, let's just say that it's ickier than I generally like it, we'll just put it at that) I'm also planning a big camping trip with Tombo and DaNece for next weekend, working at the shop...and living my regular life here while Rich is away.

Rich and I are of course, staying in touch by phone as he's enjoying his relaxing vacation...well, and reading blog posts and checking facebook status (don't you just love the internets?) It sounds as if he's having a wonderful time away...and I was giggling at one of our first conversations while he was on the road...

Setting: Friday morning
(after playing phone tag)

- "Hey! I'm about 10 miles from my destination...and I pulled over to take pictures and call!!!"

S - "Great. Hey...do we have the same sized head?"
(note the lack of concern for his general safety on the road...of course, I want him to be safe, but I totally trust his driving skills by this time...)

R - "...Um. Yeah? I think...I mean, you've worn some of my hats....?"
(I can tell that I've peeked his interest with a question coming from left field)

S - "You know? I thought so! It's just that I found this fantastic vintage Borsalino gray bowler hat in it's original box...with it's original brush!!!"

R - "Oh...I love bowler hats."
(I knew this)

S - "I know. I thought I'd pick it up as a gift for you..."
(and I hope with all my heart it fits his head...because it is that wonderful, and I felt like I had stepped back in time when I tied the bow and walked out of the store with a hat in a hat box. Very classy.)

Thus the teaser picture of the new, old bowler hat for Rich as a purprise (sort of) for when he comes home next week.

Because I miss him.

And I want him to look good.
(not that he doesn't usually...I just thought this may enhance)

27 February 2009

I'd Like To Insult You With An Exciting New Offer...

I am starting to wonder why I keep a phone at Snap Snap. Of course the reason is, I still get a few calls a week from customers or people who need information about selling their old clothes, jewelry, handbags...etc. and I'm sure people listen to my outgoing message when I'm not there (it's informative on all the above as well) But for the most part, the majority of the calls I receive are from telemarketers or people looking for monetary donations of some sort.

Several calls a day in fact.

It's starting to get annoying.

These calls are divided about 50/50 between automated messages (which I can't believe would move anyone to buy anything) and real live people. These types of calls are invasive and interrupt me when I am in the middle of working, and more often than not, the phone rings when I am trying to help a customer, which interrupts that interaction so that I can reach over and grab the phone, only to realize that someone is calling me about something I'm not interested in, or don't have (health insurance or credit card processing are the biggest culprits)

I usually have a standard answer that interrupts the scripts the live people are reading from, because I'm sure, as you know, these people never pause for breath or interaction with you. I say, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested, but thank you for calling" and then I hang up.

It's starting to get annoying.

Yesterday though? Yesterday was a doozie. The woman who called immediately launched into her spiel the minute my greeting was issued forth:

"Snap Snap..."

"I am calling to talk to you about your credit card processing machine..."
(note the lack of any greeting from most of these companies)

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested, but thank you for calling"
(I hang up phone and go back to what I was doing)

The phone rings again:

"Snap Snap"

Voice of the telemarketer that just called:
"...you know? You're selling resale clothes, but you act like you're selling Gucci...don't you want to know how you can save money when you're buying people's clothes from them?"

She hangs up.

Oh my...really?

I almost *69 her back (as she didn't even mention the company name she works for) to tell her the following:

1. You know? I am a resale clothing store and I am a resale clothing store that actually sells Gucci. I have had Gucci in the shop along with Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada and other name brand clothing and accessories. That is in fact, how I have kept the doors open as long as I have.

2. I have no idea how listening to you talk about credit card processing is going to personally save me money when I'm buying people's clothing...unless those people take credit cards. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. And if you know so much about my business (seeing as you kind of took on this attitude that you do...when you called me back to interrupt me again) then you would realize that information about credit cards or credit card processing machines are of no interest to me...

3. And in case you've forgotten, you are calling my business during business hours. You are invasive and interrupted me, without even checking to see if I had time to listen to you. I answered you politely...if you can't take people hanging up on you, or rejection...perhaps you need to rethink your job. I'm pretty sure I was probably not the first person to not want to listen to what you have to say...at least I try to be polite and thank you for calling. Yes, I hang up at the end of these interactions without waiting for your response, but you never wait, pause or listen for my response, so I figure it's only fair.

I'm not going to mention anything about any kind of economic times we happen to be in...but I don't think this is going to get any company any kind of business...In fact, I would be interested in the statistics or results in this kind of business practice. How much product do these people really sell over the phone? All in all, it gave me a big giggle and a fun story to tell...but I wanted to warn you,

You may want to watch out...The telemarketers are calling and they've got attitude.

26 February 2009

Chihuly in Phoenix...


I've missed way too many days blogging this week haven't I? I have actually been oscillating between too many things to say and then nothing to say at all...plus, I haven't been sleeping well, so I feel a little like I've been hit by a fast moving truck. Or maybe it's slow moving...it's hard to tell.

I wanted to tell you all about the recent trip down to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens where there is currently a Chihuly exhibit. I love Chihuly's art, and mentioned going down several times, and the weather was finally right...so we headed down.

It was enchanting how well the glass looked among the living plants, and every corner I turned never failed to take my breath away.

Seeing all the glass reminded me (only very basically though) of the various colored glass balls hanging in the trees at Foolsewoode. I also didn't fail to look at the beautiful plants, flowers and wildlife hanging around...even though it was a little hard with all the beautiful glass...

It was a beautiful day...the weather was perfect, and I'm thrilled we went. We actually went down and caught the second show from 4-8...the dusk to the darkness, even though we went home before it got to dark...but, we got to see this beauty all lit up:

24 February 2009

Wolf Creek...

Thank you all so much for the anniversary love...Your wonderful comments and support mean so much to me...Cheers to 14 more years indeed!

It may just be time to tell you about this weekend's hike to Wolf Creek...the one that has left that part where my arms connect to my shoulders aching. I am wondering if there is some sort of transplant I can sign up for, or better yet...a way to pop my arms off, massage a bit of oil in the joints and put them back on. It's times like this that I wish I was more like the Tin Man and I could just carry an oil can around for emergencies. I refuse to believe that it has anything to do with me getting older, but choose to instead, entertain the idea this malady has been caused by having to hoist myself up rocks and over felled trees as I scrabbled after Rich.

...whom was seriously considering turning back at one point because there's actually no trail down to the Falls - only bracken, rocks, bushes and branches. I promised him that it would be worth it and, "...we're so close already..."

So. On we went.

At the giving up point in the hike, I was already feeling ashamed there was no trail - thinking that it was perhaps my fault? (finding myself mumbling about "crazy no trails Arizona") But the bigger issue...

My intense fear of crossing running water. It's horrible, palatable and I find myself feeling breathless even thinking about it safe at home on the couch. I have a fear of crossing water. I am afraid I won't make it without getting my feet wet. Ant to be fair, when I usually attempt to cross water, I usually do get my feet wet...although, it's so much easier to pass this off as something I mean to do when it's warmer out.

Cold rushing creeks this time of year = snow melt = cold. Also, wet feet = not comfortable hiking.

Mostly though, I'm afraid to cross water because I'm scared I will slip and make a fool out of myself. Which is, a normal fear...but seeing as I view myself as a bit of a bumbler, I'm finding when hiking it sometimes takes an exhausting amount of personal energy to just be OK.

When we came up on a place to cross the creek very early on in the hike that had a few unstable logs and whatnot, I got about half way across and froze. "I can't do this" (which came out as a half laugh and half apology, because I was trying not to burst into tears...or fall...all while supporting myself on what had become 2 very shaky legs) I managed to make my way back to more solid ground and tried to wave Rich on. I figured I would stay to the right...a way that I thought I'd hiked to the falls before.

Apparently the right side is the easier side...as told to us by a group of younger people who waded across the creek fearlessly (to be fair though, they had rubber boots on). Being on the easier side of the hike probably doesn't explain my very sore arms, but there you go.

Rich said someday I'll need to face my fear.

We'll see.

You'll be happy to know, all paralyzing fear aside, it was a beautiful hike, and I shredded on the way out...hardly breathless as we hiked up up up back to the Titan...which makes me think that the almost daily trips to the gym are paying off.

Now, I wonder if they offer classes in walking across water?

20 February 2009

Years and Years...

On Sunday the twenty-second of February in the year of Two-Thousand and Nine,
Snap Snap will officially turn Fourteen (that's 14 in numbers y'all) years old.

It has been my extreme pleasure to be the creator and proprietor of this resale clothing store, where I often feel as if I'm in complete control and yet, it has a life of it's own...I am both amazed and in awe of such an accomplishment. I have learned so much in the years since opening my doors for the first time...I have so many stories...Things that make me laugh and cry...and I have made so many connections that are close to my heart. Relationships formed and strengthened in both my family and my community because of the shop.

I had a woman come into Snap Snap today and say, "Are you always this happy? Every time I come in here...you're always so happy!" I didn't even hesitate to answer..."It's probably because I truly enjoy being here. I really love it."

I really do.

I raise a glass to 14 more years of success, joy, relationships, and fun...

Thank you Prescott.

Thank you Snap Snap.

19 February 2009

Date Night...

Rich and I had a date night last night (which is the excuse I'm using for not posting when I came home from work...because home last night was at The Airstream instead) I suppose date night came a little early and in the middle of the week, but that's OK...a little something to spice it up perhaps?

Mostly it was sharing a soy cheese pizza and watching episodes of Northern Exposure (a show I missed when it was originally on, but I love to watch now) and snuggling (and by snuggling I mean, laying under the comfy soft green blankie and fighting falling asleep...)

I don't know how spicy that is...but it was certainly fun!

I also got tagged this weekend over at Dragonfly of Blue:

You go to your 6th folder of pictures (or 6th roll, if you are still one of those people) and choose the 6th picture to post. Then choose 5 people to tag.

This would explain the picture that accompanies this post at any rate...A fantastic vintage felted wool, felt, and corduroy quilt with buttons! This is from a series of pictures that were taken when I bought said quilt...back when the plan was to totally restore it. I hung it at the foot of my bed. It still hangs there, in the exact same place. In the exact same condition.

Perhaps this needs to go on some to-do list?

And...I would like to tag:


And...anyone else that would like to play along as well!!

17 February 2009

Tuesday Bake...


There's actually
no baking going on over here today...even if it is Tuesday. Usually Tuesday's host my evenings with Rozz and Mom...but, mom had to work, so it's just Me and The Rozz instead. Which means lots of good fun (and a bit of the Disney Chanel seeing as they don't have that where Rozz hails from)

But, I thought I'd let you in on a few baking secrets...

Or a couple of baking pans anyway.

The first is a fantastic heart shaped copper pan from my father, and was tucked away in a Valentine's Day package...it was sent early (and sat here all wrapped up for more than a month, because I hate to ruin surprises for myself) seeing as my father and his wife are in Italy trying to get their residency for this particular holiday...Hi guys!

Thanks for the heart pan...it's awesome!

Yes, that's the original coloring on the inside of the pan...the outside is all coppery goodness and I'm going to hang it up in the kitchen asap...

And the next one is a very fun vintage pie pan from Sunkist pies, with totally cool holes in the bottom of it. I checked with a lot of reliable bakers in my life (ok, just my mom...but still) and the holes are there to promote more even baking and browner crusts on the bottom of one's pies. Which is just a bonus really, as I totally love vintage baking tins anyway...

I'll let you know how the browning works out...

Although, I'm kind of wondering how I'm going to prove that the bottom of my pie crusts are now brown...unless I serve my pies upside-down?

Doe's anyone have a recipe for an upside-down pie?

16 February 2009

Airstream Rally...

Of which I took not one picture.

I mean, I can't even prove I was there.

(only a picture of these two goofballs taking a picture of each other...why does this never quite get old when you have more than one person with a camera in hand?)

Except that
it was an amazing luau, with equally amazing people...who happen to tote a margarita ball out every afternoon. Or maybe it was just this particular afternoon...as it was the afternoon of the potluck? By the way, a margarita ball is a large plastic ball with a pump on it, sitting nestled in a bunch of ice.

The margaritas? They were goooood.

I wish we
could have stayed longer but Rich had something to do in town (Greg was trying to make Rich pick me up on the "way back" but the way back was a lot out of the way seeing as he was going back to Prescott) and seeing as Rich is kind of a celebrity within the Airstreamers...we were both invited to attend the potluck, and received leis around our necks in keeping with the theme. Rich is planning on joining the 4 Corners Unit, so we will be going on lot's of these such outings in the future (I hope) so not to worry...I see more Margarita balls in my future.

Which is a strange thing to see. Believe me.

I guess the 4 Corners Unit is a bit of a renegade unit, which means, after talking to a lot of different people...they actually like to have fun. And sometimes that's not the case within some of these groups. So, we're certainly lucky there aren't we??

We ran up to Sedona with a few of the Airstreamers that like to photograph because we supposedly know what we're doing and going...but mostly we just played it by ear, because we had taken the scooter and some of those roads? Total mud bogs...I mean, you should see the road outside of Foolsewoode...it's worse than all the snow and ice, because I'm slip sliding down the hill every time I come home...it's truly and adventure.

But we got to photo Sedona and the surrounding area with a bit of snow up on them there mountains. It was a lovely day even with the snow in the distance...

And. I think there's another storm heading this way tonight, so it's a good thing that I'm still enjoying it at any rate...

15 February 2009

Nurturing the Heart...

After spending Valentine's Day with Rich...

I spent the evening romancing myself...

...With brie, bread (including my Pooh cheese knife...Tigger seemed a little too bouncy, and Eyore seemed a little too depressed) some Aqua Panna in a wine glass, all accompanied by a vintage Valentine wish from my father and one of my favorite romantic movies, Somethings Got To Give...

13 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

OK. To be fair, I'm a whole day early on this post...if I was really following the calendar, I would be wishing you a Happy Friday the 13th.

Happy Friday the 13th.

I just thought I'd sneak in Valentine's Day a bit early...seeing as I didn't make any Valentine's this year.

Not a one.

This is actually
the first time in years that I haven't made Valentine's to hand out. I suppose I could blame it on 2009 and the things that have been going on in my life since the ball dropped, but honestly? I guess I'm just not feelin' the love this year, so to speak. Usually I run around like a little cupid, but this year I barely got the mantle decorated...and I didn't even put on the special Valentine's Day runner, so I have no picture for you. I have actually been finding myself a little overwhelmed by all the Valentine's Day ads, but I did enjoy going into a local grocery this morning and seeing what looked like hundreds of heart shaped balloons floating on the ceiling with their strings hanging down (it kind of reminded me of the scene in the Sex and the City movie) and it made me smile.

But, I still wish you the very happiest of Valentine's Days nonetheless.

I shall be teaming up with Rich and traveling to an Airstream rally tomorrow...and then I may just come home and cradle my heart and do something very special for myself, I have a few things I've picked up this week just for me to enjoy...

What are you doing?

11 February 2009

Back to Basics...

::Something simple to start the day::

I went to bed last night knowing that I would not attempt to get up at my regular early morning hour and try to blast my way through the snow and ice on the roads in an attempt to get to the gym. Instead, I would wake up and shovel all my walks instead. I'm not saying that this simple action makes up for missing the gym, but it makes it much easier to walk around out there. My home sits in a shadow and the snow doesn't really seem to be melting...which is something, as we supposedly have another storm on the way...

So, I spent some time shoveling the snow away and knocking the heavy snow off branches of the trees, and bushes that were bent over from the snow load.

::Something simple to end the day::

Driving Honey home, through the snow and the ice...marveling at how well she does in both. I just adore this car...

Making one of my very favorite soups from Apples For Jam, the Broccoli Soup. I love this soup because it is the gentle cooking of 3 simple ingredients in water (broccoli, potatoes, and onion) adding salt to bring out the flavor of the broccoli...coupled with pepper. Using the hand blender to puree all the ingredients together, making this super green and creamy...and adding a bit of soy cream to further thicken the soup.

It's easy to miss thick creamy soup when you don't eat dairy...this soup is a perfect and delicious blend...and thick and creamy to boot. Plus? I can make enough to take to work all week.

Sitting in front of a roaring fire and looking outside the window at the snow, and at the candles reflected in the window? The perfect way to end the day...

10 February 2009

...12 Inches?! Oh yes...

Magical Mom was wondering in the comments yesterday how our little planned hike went in the snow storm we had?


We actually went to the Airstream early afternoon, relaxed and watched some movies, fully intending to hike around the rocks later...until a 4 o'clock phone call from Dina asking how the roads were, seeing as they were urging parents to immediately pick up their children, and work places letting their employees go home early because of the icy roads...and she needed to get into town and safely home asap.

We decided the hiking would be off for the time being, seeing as the snow was coming down in earnest...

Even the flamingos were covered.

After hopping in the Titan and running to Fry's for some vegan pot pies (which were very good, and perfect for the weather..and besides, who doesn't like a bit of fun snow driving drama with a seasoned New Hampshire driver?) Rich decided that he would not let me drive home because the roads were horrible. The other drivers were horrible as well...so, it was safer to stay at the Airstream.

Snowed in...at the Airstream!

I honestly can't think of a better place to snuggle up, hunker down and outlast a storm. Which is exactly what we did. I had actually brought my snugly comfy clothes (including my stripy thick socks) to watch afternoon movies in, so I was perfectly ready to sleep over. I had also been checking with Dina to see how the roads were (bad...she had a very hard time getting home) and to make sure the electricity was still on in town (since it went out for a bit in our area) just in case I needed to rescue the Meena...

We were both excited to wake up this morning to see all that happened in the night. After all, we spent most of the night before opening up the door and peeking out...or moving the curtains aside and peeking out to see the flakes falling.

After jumping out of bed this morning, we discovered about 6 inches fell all around. It was an amazing morning, with icy blue skies and the sun peeking out...

We started on our journey into town seeing as we both have businesses to open...

We drove to my house...but heavens! Where was it?!?

Oh...there it is...behind and underneath a foot of snow!

I live in town on a hill, which silly enough, is higher in elevation than Rich's home. We both ran in to comfort Ms. Meena (Rich mostly, because the kitty is wild about him!) and drink some decaf before heading into town for the day.

I am home finally, sitting down to a fire in the fireplace and sipping a nice warm cup of tea...trying to keep myself warm all over seeing as it's so chilly outside right now...but, it's totally worth it.

I am so happy that Rich was such a great hero (can you see him up there in that photo?) and a fantastic and safe driver...and a darned good snuggler to boot. After sliding down my road, I think we both agreed that it was a good thing that I did not attempt to drive Honey to Foolsewoode the night before...I am also a good driver in the snow (I grew up here when it snowed a lot, and lived in Flagstaff for 5 years) but seeing as it didn't look like the city did a lot of plowing (or any, for that matter...Rich pointed out that the front page of the Courier was toting this as the worst storm in Northern Arizona history. Um...really? Cause' I would think that the one in 68 that shut the town down, the one where people died and they had to air vac food in? That may have been a tad worse...just sayin') it was better that we drive around in the Titan instead. This afternoon when I went to get Honey was a much safer world indeed.

Upon driving home tonight, I noticed that it doesn't look like a lot of the snow has melted up here at Foolsewoode...and it may be challenging to drive out to appointments in the morning...

But it sure is breathtakingly beautiful.

09 February 2009

::Snow Day::

What do you do on a day off when it's covered with snow?

*Wake up at the usual time and run to the gym...effectively dodging the inexperienced people who insist on driving in the ice and snow (braking suddenly for no reason while on a straight away, coupled with not getting a good run at an icy hill? Not a good idea) The snow and wind actually got a little worse while I was at the gym, making my corner of the world even more beautiful.

*Running morning errands (the roads are clearer and I haven't heard a siren in at least 15 minutes)

*Looking forward to enjoying an afternoon hike with Rich

And reading.
Definitely reading...

And enjoying the winter wonderland...

08 February 2009

Well...Hello Snow...

Welcome to Arizona...

Feel free to stay a while.

06 February 2009

Hello Thursday...

Where oh where did you go?

I had all
the intentions in the world to blog, and thought (since I'm on an afternoon/evening blogging schedule) that I would blog in the afternoon/evening. Then I realized that after work on Thursday's, I pick up Rozz, we go to yoga...and then I'm usually off to Megan's house for eats and a couple of glasses of vino. I'm not exactly sure when I thought I'd blog...perhaps I thought I was superbloggerwoman?

My thought
when I came home to change into my yoga gear was, "crikey!"
(and we all know what that's the English version for)

So, see you later Thursday, and welcome Friday.

According to my horoscope, If I had a rough day yesterday or bad sleep last night...I'm supposed to express my emotions today and not avoid them...have courage, blah blah blah. I'm not sure if this will come to a good end or not. I usually read my horoscope every day, and I have mixed feelings about them. They are usually cryptic and somewhat horrible.

Perhaps I should read them at the end of the day instead.

I also wanted to share the joys of totally battery operated candles. GG got them for me not too long ago, and I am just adoring them!

I can pop them on and off, I don't have to worry about them burning evenly, I can enjoy almost real flickering candlelight whenever I want, they're made from real wax, they "burn" totally clean, I never have to worry if I forget to blow them out (ahem) and they smell good.

I also notice that I have a heck of a time turning them off. The switch is on the bottom, and every time I turn them over to switch them off, I almost panic because I think I'm going to dump hot wax on myself.

They really have that real of an effect.

And yes, that is an elf head vase that I forgot to put away with the Christmas stuff...

Perhaps that will be on my to-do list this weekend...

04 February 2009

Catching Flies...

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

But apparently you can catch the most flies with your left over coffee...that happened to be left in the bottom of the cup in the sink (cause you were all running out the door and couldn't finish it earlier) and then put in the sink so it could all be washed out later.

Now we're talking.

Fly city, that is.

I spared you the picture of all of that however

(you may thank me in the comments)

I'm still wondering where all these flying insects are coming from in the middle of winter, but I'm starting to think that perhaps those bug zappers and citronella candles are mightily overrated if all it takes is 3/4 of a cup of coffee to attract and then drown bugs.


03 February 2009

Cleator is For Lovers...

Yes...there is a Cleator Arizona.

Who knew?

Cleator is a ghost town with the original name of Turkey, somewhere between Bumblebee and Crown King, on an old, but surprisingly well maintained winding mountain road. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but stealthily inhabited.

We decided maybe it was for lovers?

Or for people who wanted to live off the grid...and still maintain their Dish Network:

Or a graveyard for old Airstreams, as we counted at least two in the immediate vicinity:

I wish I could have taken more shots, but there was a rather medium sized young red yappy dog that was interested in keeping Rich and I in line. The person on the porch yelled at the dog.

"Red dog?! Knock it off!!"

ah. Red dog.

Well then.

We also went to Bumblebee:

Bumblebee is also a cute little place close to the main highway. Lots of ranches and pretty scenery...

Falling down buildings...

All sorts of ghost town goodies.

02 February 2009


::Because I just couldn't leave well enough alone::

Thank goodness...

Embroidery just makes some things in life more complete.


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