16 February 2009

Airstream Rally...

Of which I took not one picture.

I mean, I can't even prove I was there.

(only a picture of these two goofballs taking a picture of each other...why does this never quite get old when you have more than one person with a camera in hand?)

Except that
it was an amazing luau, with equally amazing people...who happen to tote a margarita ball out every afternoon. Or maybe it was just this particular afternoon...as it was the afternoon of the potluck? By the way, a margarita ball is a large plastic ball with a pump on it, sitting nestled in a bunch of ice.

The margaritas? They were goooood.

I wish we
could have stayed longer but Rich had something to do in town (Greg was trying to make Rich pick me up on the "way back" but the way back was a lot out of the way seeing as he was going back to Prescott) and seeing as Rich is kind of a celebrity within the Airstreamers...we were both invited to attend the potluck, and received leis around our necks in keeping with the theme. Rich is planning on joining the 4 Corners Unit, so we will be going on lot's of these such outings in the future (I hope) so not to worry...I see more Margarita balls in my future.

Which is a strange thing to see. Believe me.

I guess the 4 Corners Unit is a bit of a renegade unit, which means, after talking to a lot of different people...they actually like to have fun. And sometimes that's not the case within some of these groups. So, we're certainly lucky there aren't we??

We ran up to Sedona with a few of the Airstreamers that like to photograph because we supposedly know what we're doing and going...but mostly we just played it by ear, because we had taken the scooter and some of those roads? Total mud bogs...I mean, you should see the road outside of Foolsewoode...it's worse than all the snow and ice, because I'm slip sliding down the hill every time I come home...it's truly and adventure.

But we got to photo Sedona and the surrounding area with a bit of snow up on them there mountains. It was a lovely day even with the snow in the distance...

And. I think there's another storm heading this way tonight, so it's a good thing that I'm still enjoying it at any rate...


Lois Grebowski said...

so glad y'all had fun!

Felicia said...

An Airstream rally! Now that must have been fun :)

luvmygreenbug said...

..our car club, the Turd Heads, are a bit of a renegade group, too, we are just a little "off the wall"...you will make alot of fun memories with these people..we have been with our group for 15 years, and they are like family...enjoy!

Terry and Greg said...

We were so glad to see you two at the rally...always a treat...just wish you had been able to stay longer...we'd STILL be laughing!


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