19 February 2009

Date Night...

Rich and I had a date night last night (which is the excuse I'm using for not posting when I came home from work...because home last night was at The Airstream instead) I suppose date night came a little early and in the middle of the week, but that's OK...a little something to spice it up perhaps?

Mostly it was sharing a soy cheese pizza and watching episodes of Northern Exposure (a show I missed when it was originally on, but I love to watch now) and snuggling (and by snuggling I mean, laying under the comfy soft green blankie and fighting falling asleep...)

I don't know how spicy that is...but it was certainly fun!

I also got tagged this weekend over at Dragonfly of Blue:

You go to your 6th folder of pictures (or 6th roll, if you are still one of those people) and choose the 6th picture to post. Then choose 5 people to tag.

This would explain the picture that accompanies this post at any rate...A fantastic vintage felted wool, felt, and corduroy quilt with buttons! This is from a series of pictures that were taken when I bought said quilt...back when the plan was to totally restore it. I hung it at the foot of my bed. It still hangs there, in the exact same place. In the exact same condition.

Perhaps this needs to go on some to-do list?

And...I would like to tag:


And...anyone else that would like to play along as well!!


wende said...

Ahh... I like those kinds of dates!! And that quilt is really beautiful. Perfect for the edge of a bed. :D

Mytutorlist.com said...

Date night with pizza and cozy blanket sounds wonderful. It's so good to cuddle up and just take it easy. Ahhh, can't wait for the weekend!

luvmygreenbug said...

..a date night in the middle of the week sounds lovely...especially snuggled in an Airstream :)


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