28 February 2009

Old Hat...

As you may know...if you follow both Rich and my blogs (more than likely because you're trying to figure out if we're still enjoying each others company...) Rich is in Anza Borrego for his yearly gratitude trip.

I am not with him.

I am at home (for various reasons...none of which have to do with how we're getting along...we're fine) trying to enjoy a Richless week, which includes a lot of plans for cleaning, organizing, culling, and just generally whipping Foolsewoode into shape (and the spring like weather is cooperating and making it so easy to feel like I am cleaning for a reason...other than that of feeling icky when I walk through the door...and Marla's coming to visit in a couple of weeks as well as Rich having another opening at the gallery, and if people stay here...well, let's just say that it's ickier than I generally like it, we'll just put it at that) I'm also planning a big camping trip with Tombo and DaNece for next weekend, working at the shop...and living my regular life here while Rich is away.

Rich and I are of course, staying in touch by phone as he's enjoying his relaxing vacation...well, and reading blog posts and checking facebook status (don't you just love the internets?) It sounds as if he's having a wonderful time away...and I was giggling at one of our first conversations while he was on the road...

Setting: Friday morning
(after playing phone tag)

- "Hey! I'm about 10 miles from my destination...and I pulled over to take pictures and call!!!"

S - "Great. Hey...do we have the same sized head?"
(note the lack of concern for his general safety on the road...of course, I want him to be safe, but I totally trust his driving skills by this time...)

R - "...Um. Yeah? I think...I mean, you've worn some of my hats....?"
(I can tell that I've peeked his interest with a question coming from left field)

S - "You know? I thought so! It's just that I found this fantastic vintage Borsalino gray bowler hat in it's original box...with it's original brush!!!"

R - "Oh...I love bowler hats."
(I knew this)

S - "I know. I thought I'd pick it up as a gift for you..."
(and I hope with all my heart it fits his head...because it is that wonderful, and I felt like I had stepped back in time when I tied the bow and walked out of the store with a hat in a hat box. Very classy.)

Thus the teaser picture of the new, old bowler hat for Rich as a purprise (sort of) for when he comes home next week.

Because I miss him.

And I want him to look good.
(not that he doesn't usually...I just thought this may enhance)


Catalyst said...

That is a fantastic photo of you! If I were single...and maybe 40 years younger...Rich might have a run for his money!

Chickenbells said...


Mytutorlist.com said...

You're so cute! I love the bowler hat. I hope Rich likes it! It sounds so quaint to have it come with a box and brush... so old fashioned and perfect.

flutter said...

you are so adorable.

megan said...

is there a cane in your other hand and your about to break out into song and dance??? too cute!

sulu-design said...

I'm kind of hoping that the hat doesn't fit Rich because it's ADORABLE on you. Seriously... that's one cute photo of you. Enjoy what remains of the Richless week. Enjoy your week away. And then enjoy being together again!

velvet brick said...

Actuuuuuuuually, I don't think you should give it to Rich.... I think it needs to stay on your head - you are too stankin' cute, girl! : ))

Tell Rich you'll get him something else later....you've got a hat to wear!! : ))

Anonymous said...

It's cute on you, too!

Texas Czech said...

C'mon babe why don't we paint the town...and all that jazz...

Wende said...

How cute are you?? Love it. I sent you email. I think. I don't know--I thought I did. OY!


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