13 February 2008

Conversations With Rozz...

A couple of weeks ago when we were sitting in my mother's kitchen knitting Rozzilyn walked in talking about her fiance':

Rozz: Well, you should meet my fiance, Dan...

::blink blink::

Me: Rozz, aren't you a little um, young to have a fiance'?

::stop, turn and look at me::

Rozz: Wellll Aunt Sadie...in my imaginary world...I'm 23!

::exhasperated sigh::

::flounces out of room::

Mom: (not missing a beat) Well...funny...In my imaginary world I'm 23 too!

How old are you in your imaginary world?

(fun little outfit...top, pants, leg warmers and socks, knitted by Rozz)


Lois Grebowski said...

In my imaginary world I'm smoking hot, skinny, and 23 (but with the wit and wisdom of the 45+ year old I am).

Me thinks I hear the Everly brothers singing ("....dream....dream dream dream...")

flutter said...

25, totally 25.

Rusty said...

37. I'm such a realist.

velvet brick said...


What imaginary world??!!??

cute, cute outfit! wish I could fit into it!


craftaddictconfessional said...

I'm often surprised to remember that I am as old as I am. It's just not possible that my 20th anniversary of graduating from high school is this year.


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