27 February 2008

I am Totally Ready...

After running around relentlessly and accomplishing a hundred tiny things...and then attending further to any last minute details...I am totally ready for the Anza Borrego road trip. This is my Valentine's Day present from Rich you know...this trip. And, I am so excited to get a breather from regular life. It's been 2 years (in April) since I've had any kind of extended vacation (the Italy/Prague birthday trip 2006 ) I'm due. I may be due for a longer trip, but this is a great way to get my vacation/traveling feet wet again. There are several guest stars that will be gracing us with their presence on this trip as well...And, this will also be the first time I've ever traveled by Airstream...so, there is a totally different more detailed check list with this:

Food (and snacks for several days) - check
beverages (water and juice) - check
hiking backpack (as there will be many hikes and day trips involved) - check
camera (with charged battery and battery charger) - check
cell phone (and charger) - check
heck...all computers, and electronic gadgets and their various chargers - check
any bills that will come due during trip, paid - check
someone to house sit and cat sit - check
someone to cover all shifts at the shop - check
make-up, hair and hygiene items packed - check
clothes/shoes for the duration (for hiking and lounging and sleeping...and since it's much warmer there, I've had to dig deep for summer things) - check
All purpose panties that I can wear indefinitely - check


Oh yes. I have discovered ExOfficio underwear...and you read right up there. 17 countries, 6 weeks...one pair of underwear. Apparently they are made out of some sort of great wicking material that helps with sweat and whatnot. I'm actually personally excited because you can wash them, and they dry in under 2 hours (lilac is not my favorite color...Oh, and you can bet that I looked just like the model when I tried them on...so, they're like magic panties really...) Plus? When I'm hiking I'm looking for the non creeper panties...there's nothing more embarrassing than rounding a corner, picking a wedgie and surprising various wildlife. That's why they're so scared of humans you know...


it's the wedgie factor.

(The next time you read this, I'll be blogging from the road)


flutter said...

You crack me up.

Wende said...

Have fun!! I'm feeling guilty for having sabotaged you with chocolate.

And the undies sound interesting. I'm thinking I could find a few uses... like with exercising. I hate the wedgie factor when exercising. I scare ME. :D (Actually, IZ calls it "pulling a Wende" because I'm notorious for, uh, dealing with wedgies when we're out walking.)

Blue Dragonfly said...

My first thought was "Ickkkkk...." about the panties, even though I've had my own of a different brand years ago for rock climbing. If ONLY we could look so hot in those, huh? I want to wish you a WONDERFUL trip! I'll be looking forward to hearing about it!

Geggie said...

Oh! I want these panties so much for my next trip. I figure two pair and I'm ready to go! Now, I just need socks like that too!!

I almost bought the panties in a shop not long ago, but they were expensive, like $20 or so. I need to do more research and get a deal.

Will you report back how they worked out?

luvmygreenbug said...

an Airstream trip, how fun! I am so jealous, but very happy for you, too....looking forward to your "on the road" reports!!

She sure is strange! said...

I'm excited for you!!! Have fun and take lots of pictures for us!!!

Stay safe too.


sulu-design said...

Happy wedgie-free travels! I've often looked at this underwear in the store and am so curious about it. Please report when you return. :)

Chy said...

Yes I do read your blog all the time but that is not why I'm commenting! Another good underwear for a no wedgie day is boxer briefs. you can buy them in a lot of colors better then lilac too.

capello said...

i'm excited about your trip but your panties?

yeah. ewwww. please wash them. a lot.


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