18 February 2008

I Would Like To Tell You...

That this was a super productive weekend and that I got a million things done and show you the pictures to prove it.

I would like to tell you that, but it would not be true. OK, that's a little harsh...But, this picture may explain how I felt this weekend...one side being the productive me...the other side being relaxation...So, I'm not sure what I did this weekend, but I apparently spent it recovering from last week. Here's what the weekend looked like:

  • Giving Ms. Meena 2 daily doses of antibiotics due to either bronchitis or pneumonia...she's acting like she's feeling better...although? Pina-Colada flavored medication? Don't they have tuna flavored?
  • Washing and folding and putting away all laundry in the house.
  • Watching several movies.
  • Reading my book.
  • Shopping for groceries and stocking up the pantry. (eeek...that's getting expensive)
  • Meeting a friend for an early morning yoga class and rediscovering yoga (cause I know it was just waiting for me to do that) And then realizing that I need a little change in my exercise...something different needs to be done.
  • Hiking the small Aker Trail in town.
  • An afternoon Bowen session...ultimate relaxation and realignment...
  • Pedicures and an afternoon spent with Rozzilyn.
  • Adding 15 minute yoga routines back into my mornings and evenings.
  • Folding and refolding supplies for my current WIP...something that I wanted to knock out yesterday, but couldn't seem to get to it...it may have had something to do with the fact that any spare time I had was spent staring off into space...

Well...who knows?
Apparently I needed the rest. Then again, I just bullet pointed the few things I "accomplished" this weekend...sigh. For some odd reason though, I usually find myself feeling really guilty when I don't accomplish a million things during the weekends...like I'm wasting time or opportunities somehow. I feel a little badly kicking my feet back and resting...I won't even let myself nap after 3 pm, unless I'm sick. I am getting a little better about allowing myself the time to sit and be (both my mother and Rich feel strongly about the flop factor) But, I think I may need to readjust how I feel about relaxation...because sometimes I feel like I need to earn it or justify it somehow...and if there's nothing particularly horrifying in my life is going on, then I don't feel like I have a reason, what with just my daily and weekly life routine. Is it the crazy pace we live at now? Is it a martyr syndrome? Hmmm...I feel a therapy session coming on.

How do you justify relaxation?


TomboCheck said...

You're looking at it all wrong... :)

The question should be how do you justify work? To me work is just the stuff that gets in the way of relaxation.

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Well, I heard this analogy the other day and I think its apt here. You know how on a plane they tell you that if the oxygen masks come down you should put yours on first and then help others? Same thing with life in general. You need to be fully taken care of and healthy and happy before you can be fully present for everyone else in your life. And a big part of being fully present is being rested and relaxed.

So there you go, you OWE IT to your loved ones to relax. Ta- da :)

flutter said...

Dude, how can you NOT justify relaxation?

Anonymous said...

It's an absolute must. My problem is feeling guilty for doing it. But that's just me. :)

Wende said...

It's called "SELF-CARE."

Which is not to be confused with self-abuse. Heh.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

Felicia said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend :)


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