01 December 2005

Christmas Stockings

In a brief conversation with Audree before the holiday season...when we all started playing Christmas music (mostly starting the day after Halloween...but just in our homes) I learned that the Judy family had store bought stockings for Christmas! Well...as my mom made my stocking for me when I was very small...and I still hang it every year (and I figure I'm pretty old...hahaha) I was flabbergasted and decided that we needed to do something about this! This was our second group project, after the Halloween costumes we made in October... The project took about 3 Creative Sundays, with Chelsie and I finishing our stockings up in a few extra days as well.
These are the stockings that Chelsie made for Tashi, and Bree...
Tashi's is the green velvet and felt with the iridescence icicles hanging from the top trim.
Bree's is the lavender one with the brocade and felt and beautiful buttons.

And, these are the stockings that I made for Kristi and Zack... Zack's stocking is the jester looking one with Oriental brocade and bells at all the points. Kristi's is the Red velvet and brocade with beading, and the embroidered words "Inspire" on one side and "Wonder" on the other...

...and we handed out the stockings on Thanksgiving Day!

31 October 2005


Halloween time around here was very busy! Chelsie, Audree, Cody and I were all creating costumes all month during creative Sunday's (and even some other times during the week...at the last minute, because, that's how this stuff goes sometimes!). We went to a Masquerade Ball in Cottonwood that Major Lingo performed at, and the theme was Pirates! We were quite a motley crew!

We created all the costumes for Cody, Chelsie, Audree, Zack, Tashi, Bree, Kristi and myself...which included a couple of late nite runs to the local Wal-Mart...where we giggled and laughed the whole time!

And...we won third place in the costume contest!!!


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