29 October 2009

Hat Gratification...

I love to pop into the thrift, mosey around and stumble across things.

Things and stuff. It's my middle name you know.

Things and stuff this year have primarily been hats however. OK...not always hats, but there have been a lot of hats finding their way into my life this year. Which is why I am lobbying to rename this year:

2009. The Year of The Hat.

catchy, eh?

Vintage hats are around. I see them quite a bit...they're kind of like vintage handbags. You see one and you say to yourself, "There's a vintage handbag (or hat)" and you go on your merry way. But every once in a while, you stumble across a purely amazing vintage hat (or handbag) and you say, "There's a vintage handbag (or hat)"

Which mostly looks the same. But, you totally say it different. And sometimes when you say this phrase, you fall on the ground in a vintage ecstasy moment or you do my other favorite move: the look over the shoulder around the room to make sure this is really happening to me maneuver (cause you're almost sure it's a mistake that you're finding this and someone is going to laugh abruptly and take it from you...leaving you at a disadvantage on the floor where you fell moments earlier upon your discovery of all things vintage)

I did both moves when I noticed 2 very plain black boxes stacked on a table (or the floor, which it could have been seeing as I had just fallen there in a preconceived vintage ecstasy moment) and while I was busy nervously looking over my shoulder, I was untying some very innocent black string on some very plain black boxes.

These boxes are almost reminiscent of the pink bakery boxes they use to use when you bought a dozen doughnuts before Dunkin Donuts took over the planet...back when there were little privately owned bakeries? We use to go and get a cookie or a cupcake as a treat (which was a huge treat for me, because my mom usually made all of our natural and organic treats...we knew how to live. Sometimes we'd eat chocolate baby food covertly...but that's another story for another time...we always felt like we were getting away with something so it was really fun...but really? It was me and my mom...and she was my mom, so I kind of wonder now what we were really getting away with? Who exactly were we hiding this from? Oh well, it's a wonderful memory anway...)

Only. Inside each of these boxes were two of the most breathtaking hats ever...and are kind of like pastries...

...For your head.

Each hat was still individually wrapped in tissue paper...and stuffed with tissue paper to help keep it's shape.

Um. Yeah. Swoon.

I swear these babies look brand new. But there's a tell tale Union Tag on the inside of each one that gives it's origins away.

I don't know when there were unions for hats...I know I've gotten clothing in the past with Sanforized and Union Tags in them...maybe there was an entire clothing union in this country at one point? I have no idea (and I'm sure I could google it)

And I don't know about you, but I could totally join a hat union.


I could also totally have a garden party centered around these hats.

Which is pretty much what I'm saving them for. I mean, they do look springy as well, and we just had our first snow, so up on a shelf they'll go...waiting for spring...whereupon I will place them on my head and loudly sing In My Easter Bonnet in an impromptu parade I will have at Foolsewoode.


The End.



You want to see me in one of them?

I knew you would...so I popped one on before I ran out of the house this morning...and I'm pretty sure it doesn't go with the wool sweater and new skull necklace I am wearing...but one of these hats can just about hold their own in any polite company.

In my opinion.

Happy Now?


I thought you would be.

28 October 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

(and hat teaser...)

Teaser: Because I promised you I would show you some other new hats I happened upon not too long ago...and I didn't have time to take a picture of myself in one, because when you see them you fall off your chair and then you will heartily demand it. Because I know you that well. You may even pump your fist into the air with excitement. I did that when I stumbled across these (maybe I know myself that well, and I'm just projecting) In all honesty though...I must admit that it's been a stellar year for hats. I am considering writing my congress man to push for an initiative to rename this "2009 The Year of The Hat" (I figure it's as important as changing the pictures on the pennies...)

Mostly Wordless: Because that is exactly what happened when I plugged in my external hard drive this morning (the one that holds ALL of my pictures?) so I could upload pictures for this blog post, and not a darned thing happened. I then opened my mouth and nothing came out...and I pumped my fist in the air (and not in a great. "Hey I found some very fantastic vintage hats!!" sort of way) (more of a, "I hate this stupid external hard drive! It's been nothing but head aches...I don't know how to take care of it, or set it up...what the heck?!?!" kind of way...because I feel exactly the same when something goes awry with my technology as I do when something goes awry with my car...totally helpless...which usually also makes me want to cry real tears.) (and sometimes hold my breath until I faint.) And which made me call Rich who suggested I bring it by the gallery...which I did (after running to get Taste of the Wild food for the new kitty...because I think the other kind is making his tummy soft...and by soft. Well, let's just say I clean the cat box a lot and spray room freshener a lot and this food is solidifying things in that area...Although, I have to admit that usually I like to buy food that maybe my cats would be able to catch themselves in the wild, and there's a picture of a puma on the front of this thing...along with a deer with a big rack [and by big rack, I mean horns. What? I've been watching Will and Grace a lot lately] This new food has some sort of venison flavors, hence the deer...[I'm not sure either of my cats could take down a deer...mostly they're just pissed off at each other right now...hence the puma...] and berries, which I've never seen my cats interested in, and no grain...which could explain why they don't come to the mill with me when I take all my wheat in at the end of the season...although if we're on the subject of food I really have no excuse for the chicken and lobster flavor of canned food I just bought them...because I sure as shootin' haven't seen any kitty sized wet suits hanging around Foolsewoode lately...but I personally love lobster...maybe I should make them some bibs??)

Anyway, if you're still reading...I'll spare you most of our conversation because this is supposed to be Mostly Wordless...but really, I only title things that because I think it's ironic in my case, but here's the jest:

Rich: Um...why is the cover all popped off and weird on this drive?

Sadira: Oh...I have no idea. Or probably because I dropped it on the floor. One of the two.

R: ::blink blink::

S: It's only because I tripped over the cord. I hate this thing!! Why do I have to be such a prolific photographer and I don't have room to store all my photos on the Mac drive?! (this was accompanied by me throwing my arm over my eyes in a very dramatic manner) Why are computer drives so small?!?! (seriously. I almost dropped over when I realized that I couldn't store all of my photos on the computer...what the? Poor Rich, he had to witness that too.)

R: Oh...and your USB port is bent...that could be a problem.

S: Well, now how could that possibly happen?!

R: When you dropped it?

S: Actually, the truth was that it fell over off of the TV tray (yes, I use a TV tray for my Mac when I'm at home...whatever. It's vintage and very cute, and I don't have a lot of room at the house) you know? After I tripped on the cord? (only because the cord is in a very high traffic area and I can't remember it's there and I almost kill myself constantly on this thing...so, as you can see, it's really not my fault at all)

R: Well. It's popped up on my computer just fine (of course it has...traitor!) I'm just nervous about unplugging it, because it may never work again if I do that.

S: Ugh! Technology is so confusing!!
(stomp stomp)
(that would be my feet at this point)

Luckily, Rich is a good sport and mostly use to my technology hysterics by this point...and hardly ever rolls his eyes in front of me...of course, I may not be able to see him because usually during these exchanges I'm either waving my arms around a lot or sighing heavily and looking away in a rather dramatic manner. He also talks in a low quiet voice.

I wonder what that means?

Well, it's soothing at any rate.


The Bottom Line: I am going to have to buy a new 1.0TB external hard drive (because I've almost filled up the 500g and it would be silly to get a 750g if I've almost used the other one up) which costs about a scillion dollars...and Rich is going to transfer all my stuff over to one of his extra drives...until mine gets here. Which means I'm once again going to have to reorganize my iPhoto...and let's just say IF I have to reorganize my iTunes again? I may have to take a break to have a fit.

I'll warn you though before that happens.

Maybe I'll also put on one of these hats...because they may be the perfect thing to have a fit in.

Then again, I have a tiara now...

What do you think?

27 October 2009

Pureed Green...

...sliced, diced, chopped, and peeled...

...boiled, simmered, stirred, and pureed...

Last night I donned my pointy black hat and got to work (OK, I must admit...there was no hat, but it sounded like I was brewing something for Halloween in my cauldron didn't it? Only without the eye of newt. Well, as far as you're concerned anyway...) Broccoli Soup was on the menu as broccoli is officially in season and can be had for a song. This is one of my very favorite recipes as all it has in it is broccoli, potatoes, and onion (water, salt, pepper, and soy cream if we must be picky about all the ingredients) But really, I love to make something with this few ingredients...it's uncomplicated and usually turns out so very well.

Rich, tasty, and creamy.

Well, it probably would have been even more creamy if I would have cooked it just a bit longer (true to form, I bought more of everything than I needed. This comes from a combination of not looking at the recipe before shopping for the ingredients and the fact that it's really really hard to eyeball 6 cups of broccoli when standing in the produce section dodging the fake rainstorms that happen every few minutes...and besides, in my family we live by the saying, "the more the merrier" Which is why sometimes things end up over medicated...but that's a totally different story.) Um, yes...more creamy if I would have cooked it longer, used less water and pureed it for a bit more time than I did.

Just sayin.

But, as it was...it was tasty and warmed the cockles of my heart.

It also burnt the top layer of skin off of my tongue.

You would think that I would assume after bringing to a boil and then simmering for 45 minutes I would have been able to figure this temperature/tongue thing out...plus seeing as this isn't the first time I've been on this carousel...


It was lovely soup anyway, and certainly the perfect way to welcome in the 45mph wind gusts that are blowing our first storm straight to us.

Happy Soup Season!

26 October 2009

Let Them Eat...

Apple Pie.

Because cake just isn't quite fall enough for me right now...

Plus? I bought 8 Granny Smiths, and I really think they invited a pie instead of a cake...After premeditating a directionless weekend full of things I personally wanted to do with no agenda whatsoever, I found myself spontaneously loading a bag with apples at the grocery in anticipation of making a pie this weekend.

(I also did the same with some potatoes, onions, and broccoli...only for a soup, which did not happen to get made. Yet.)

After an invitation for movies and pizza with Ms. Megan this was issued on Saturday, I decided to get crackin' on this baby, so I would have something special to bring with me. Up until that point I had gone to early morning yoga and then flopped on the couch for some serious Will and Grace viewing...with a run to a local yard sale to pick something up for my mother that she had decided she needed (more on that at another point) thrown in for good measure.

I tried an entirely new recipe and it was a hit with everyone who tried it. I liked it as well, although I would consider cooking it 45 minutes next time (instead of the lesser 35 minutes...there were A LOT of apples, and they were piled amazingly and dangerously high...and I only used 7 of the 8...phew!) and I would also add 2 tsp. cinnamon instead of 1 tsp (the recipe doesn't mention using any...so I tossed it in with the apples before stacking them up. I also threw in 1 tsp. of nutmeg for good luck) There's a couple of things you may want to know about my interpretation of this pie as well (seeing as I usually have to interpret because of various food allergies) I used soy margarine instead of butter (because of the dairy) which probably made it a bit different, but still yummy...and I didn't peel my apples (of course that has to do more with laziness than any kind of food allergies)

And the Pièce de résistance? I made an executive decision that instead of making the lattice for the top, I would use my cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the dough and pile those on top of the pie in place of the lattice. I used fluted circles, hearts, maple leaves and apples...which really delighted me to no end and made this one of my favorite pie creations to date...

And it's great for breakfast too.

(just in case you wanted to know that)

23 October 2009

Hat Theif...

Well...perhaps not thief...I did buy this hat for the winter (new...but it was a steal! Hahahah...sigh) I don't usually buy a lot of things new (unless I'm near an Anthroplogie, then we're in trouble...although last time I was in one, I didn't buy a darned thing...odd) seeing as I own my own resale clothing store...I usually find a lot of things I need (OK. Want.) walk right through the door or fly off the racks at thrifts...or yard sales...or any other places I find myself. And totally beyond that...I am a sale shopper, choosing to look for marked down items as a pig looks for truffles.

Oh wait. I don't know if I like that metaphor. I would rather not think of myself as a pig at all...unless it comes to actual truffles...then you could probably stretch that metaphor to fit me.


What else looks for truffles? Dogs! Oh. But that's not too much better than pigs is it?

I may have to drop the whole truffle thing all together.

It's really too bad, because I love truffles.

And I love my new hat!
(because that's what we're talking about here right?)

I got it in Flagstaff this last weekend and have worn it twice already. I have no complaints.
Ok, I have two complaints:

1. It was too far too warm both days I wore my new hat (but to be perfectly fair, it didn't start out that warm in the morning when I first donned it)

2. It gives me some incredible hat hair...which is why I opt to usually forgo a hat in the winter all together. I know that's kind of nuts, and one usually wears a hat to keep oneself warm...but sometimes I spend time on my hairdo in the morning, and it seems silly to ruin it by wearing a hat...So, I have taken to wearing the hat all day, as to hide my hat hair...and it is a great solution. Unless it's too warm for a hat to begin with. Plus? I simply adore hats and would jump at the chance to become a milliner...

But those two tiny things aside...I find the hat simply lovely. It is black and woolly and has the sweetest little bow on the right side...which you can not see in the picture I took, but trust me...it's there.

I have to say it's been a stellar year for hats in my little world...I have two incredible vintage beauties I got a while back...but I have run out of time this week, and will return to show you next week. Don't loose any sleep over it this weekend...go out and have fun!

I feel now as if I must go search for truffles asap...luckily I don't need a dog or a pig to do so, as I happen to have a jar I brought back from Italy with me...

22 October 2009

Something Normal..

Rich and I have been meeting for early morning coffee out once a week lately. I. love. it. I find myself smiling as I type these words, and if you were to walk right up to me and ask me about it, I would probably find myself describing it as, "...something a normal couple would do."


I also describe shopping together as that...and grocery shopping? Forget it. That positively sends me over the moon with giddiness. Then again, it always did. For instance? When I was married, I loved going grocery shopping with my husband. Because it felt so good and so normal to me.


I feel silly. Ludicrous. Normal? But I find myself stammering around with my voice as I may have no other words to describe it. And normal? Well...this line of thinking keeps popping into my head whenever I think of going out for coffee and I feel kind of unsettled about it. It almost implies that my life is anything but normal. And my life? Well...it is kind of normal. In the grand scheme of things.


I mean yes, I am creative...yes, I have my own business, and yes, I dress up as various characters and do photo shoots...But, I have things. Things going on...and stuff. I have that too. I have stuff and things that make me dance with happiness, stuff I struggle with, things I laugh about and find extreme joy and triumph in...and stuff which make me cry with sadness, grief and helplessness...I even get angry (ask the cats...I have raised my voice a few times over the past day about the growling and general grumpiness of their relationship with each other...I'm sure I'm not helping. I honestly don't think they even know I'm there. With cat's? This too, is Normal.) I have a inkling that I may be pretty much just like everyone else...


But within that lies the suspicion I am somehow different than everyone else...And that? Well that idea bounces back and forth between me being suspicious and elated that I am different and therefore special...and I have my own specialness to bring to the world, and aren't we all lucky I have arrived? And then me being suspicious and worried that I am different in another way and will somehow not fit in...like I have something to hide and unless I do, someone is going to find something out and then I will loose my place.


This pendulum leaves me wanting to point a finger at someone or something that caused such a thing, and I'm not even sure where to point the finger on this one...could it be because I was raised to be a creative and passionate person...by two equally creative and passionate people? People that encouraged me to think, grow, and create? People that had their own stuff and things to deal with...and allowed me to act it out with them...I'd like to think so. I'd like to think that every experience I have had until this exact moment has just added to who I was, am and will be...a person with a lot of stuff and things that varies from day to day and moment to moment until it's just perfectly perfect for me.


Somehow the act of going out and having coffee once a week, or popping into the grocery...the act of the often mundane and routine has become seriously sacred to me, and brings a bit more meaning into my life...it's like getting an unexpected respite from everything else that is going on in any given day...and if I get to share that with someone that means the world to me? Bliss. Perhaps finding the balance in the pendulum swing between my suspicions is no different than anyone else...it just feels different because it's happening in my own head.

Maybe in the simple admission that for me, having a cup of coffee out is Normal...because it helps me hold my place in the world.

Maybe it's not silly at all.

20 October 2009

Chacing Fall...

First, I would like to express my sincerest thank you to everyone that stopped by for my Halloween Party...there was quite a list of people this year on Vanessa's Blog, and I myself, just got through yesterday (yes, it does add up to 3 whole days of party hopping) and I'm sure there are some I've missed. As with the Mad Tea Party this summer...I am humbled and honored at the amount of truly creative people I share the blogoshpere with...and I am duly inspired, and really, the inspiration is here right in time to help carry through the darker winter months.

Thank you all. From the very bottom of my heart.

I pretty much figured that everyone around these parts may have noticed by this time that Fall is indeed here...obviously the whole Fall Equinox thing tipped us all off...but, Fall is all dressed up and strutting around Northern Arizona like a runway model.

Sunday was the day to make a little trip I have been trying to squeeze into life for a while (two years, ahem)

After letting various things get in the way...I finally threw myself and DaNece into the car (it didn't take much convincing for an out of town road trip) and we headed up to Flagstaff for the day.

Chasing Fall...

Color style.

Having gone to college in Flagstaff, I actually spent many a year (well, not too many...I don't have a PHD or anything) enjoying the changing colors of the Aspen forests that surround parts of the area, and I remember them being pretty spectacular this time of year.

Unfortunately, either it was a bit late...or it's dryer and hotter...because one of the places I remember hiking around had changed colors, lost leaves, and went to bed for the season.

We decided not to try to wake these quaking beauties from their slumber and decided instead to run up to Snow Bowl (the local ski resort) and try our luck there.

I'm so happy we did, as those trees were still beautifully dressed.

We parked the car, got out and hiked around for quite a while...just soaking it all in. I feel like I've been living in interesting times around Foolsewoode lately and I needed to take myself out to nature and get lost for a while.

After falling and smacking the ole noggin, I have noticed I've been a little more hesitant with walking and exercising. I am feeling like a visitor in my own body, and I am going really slow with myself. I notice I am moving differently and looking carefully before I put my feet down and looking for more hand holds than I normally do. I feel a little awkward actually, and thought that I could take all these feelings to the trees and help center myself.

I think Sunday's walk in the leaves helped things immensely, and I also think this is going to be a slow process for me. I am making my peace with that.

It was a simply fabulous day, full of laughter and words, Alpine Pizza and strolling around the downtown..the breeze gently blowing leaves all around us as we found ourselves sometimes in the midst of what seemed like yellow snow. Um, well...not that kind of yellow snow.

More like yellow snow shaped like leaves.

There is not a word for what this is.

I tried to take a picture of this phenomenon, but it was often shy and would stop as soon as I pointed the Canon in its direction...I sort of captured it in that last picture up there.

Swirling yellow leaf rain.


I'm signing out.

Sorry, I felt like I had to say that due to the Polaroid...it feels kind of like something you would say at the end of a post where you stuck a Polaroid...and I wish I had a big signature font to post right over it...

Wish You Were Here.

Enjoying Fall.

Flagstaff AZ 2009

17 October 2009

The Venetian Ball - Halloween 2009

Historically Halloween has been the time the veils are thin.

Then again, historically lot's of things have been known to have happened.
And quite honestly?
People often say a lot of things.
Whole worlds have danced through being...which if you think about it can make your head quite spinny with the knowledge that if the veils separating time are thin, one step and you can be entirely somewhere else indeed.

Which is why one should assume a careful step on All Hallows Eve indeed.

...Or maybe you should dance instead.

It is on thin veils I would like to blame my eyes for what I saw this Halloween...then again, it could be the cupcakes. For it was heard that one bite of these enchanted cupcakes could change you into a party reveler, someone who would be dancing the night away...and perhaps even totally unaware of who your partner could be...but I had thought that was only true for the undead, those who passed before us. But I discovered instead it was their enchanted masks that brought them back to their living bodies for the night and the cupcakes are only enchanting to those who are currently inhabiting their living bodies, and thus ensure that once they leave this life that they are able to come back for one more celebration.

Imagine walking down any deserted street on Halloween and coming upon this scene. Hearing the gentle sound of music from days gone by...from a wind up record player, it's scratchy music carrying through the tree tops and up to the full moon in the still night. You hesitate for a only a moment, a bit unsure of where the music is coming from before you continue to walk further down the street, only to stop short by the ghosts of a distant past who are gathering, as they do once a year, at the old deserted house at the end of the street...waiting for the veils to thin enough that they may reach through and pick their enchanted masks...the masks that are only available to them because by chance, or fate, they ate the enchanted cupcakes while they were alive, and ensured they would forever dance the night away on All Hallows Eve.

This is not to say that they unhappily roam the Earth in their skeletal remains every other day of the year, but when given the opportunity they happily leap forth, claiming their once lost loves and live again.

If only for one night.

Peering through the gate of the house at the end of the street you would see this scene unfold...Husbands and wives, Lovers and friends each smiling at each other with their permanent skeletal grin...taking each others bony hands in theirs and gathering for their party, waiting for their masks to appear out of the swirling mists of time.

It is said in this life, if you put on a mask you can become anyone or anything that you want to. Masks breathe life into who you have hidden from yourself and you are free to be what it is you want in every wild dream you have...even if it happens to be such a thing as alive (as it often is) and it is from behind the mask that you realize you are truly magic.

Of course, enchanted cupcakes help...but only in the afterlife.

But the masks? They help bring fort your own hidden magic. The magic that you sometimes have put aside and have learned to hide.

You see the skeletons that are gathered in the overgrown yard reach through the thinning swirling veil and excitedly grab for their masks...the gentlemen so politely helping their ladies with their new faces for the night before reaching for their own, each hand turning once again to the soft flesh they once wore as they grasp their masks and each partier delighted to be alive for one more night.

You would think that given the chance, these apparitions may yearn for more than this one brief night of eternal life, and would jump at the chance to dance each night away...But reanimation is hard on one, and the reality is that they need to lie in wait the other 364 days of the year for this party...after all, one could say that the chance to come back even for one night to experience life once again is a gift, and they are not a greedy bunch.

They frolic and laugh and sing and dance as they follow each other through the thicket to the party that they know lies somewhere around this house...as it does every year. The party that waits in time and imagination set forth by some unseen universal butler and maid, waiting to be attended. You follow them then, by opening the gate and walking far enough behind to not catch their attention, there is no need to be a party crasher and besides, you think you may have seen the littlest reveler wink at you, taking her finger to her lips in a silencing motion, before beckoning you with her little hand to come with them.

Come join the party.

Truthfully however, the partiers would never mind another soul joining them for the dance...it is for them in the after life as it was in the living and they abide by the creed The More The Merrier, for it makes the dance so much more fun, and there are always enough masks to go around.

This way, they can switch partners if they wish, because all you have to do is ask...

As they only have one night to inhabit their living bodies, they push through until dawn only stopping to take refreshment and eat one last enchanted cupcake before the veil demands the masks back and they go off to rest once more.

But, that enchanted cupcake is so very important...for it ensures that they get invited to come back next year for another party, and another chance at real breath and real magic.

What would you do if after a night of dancing a thin hand reached out of the swirling mists of time to offer you an enchanted cupcake and the chance to use your own magic to return to your loved ones after you are gone from this life?

Won't you join us?

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments:

DaNece Hacker for her complete creative photographic vision and image editing skills and her complete enthusiasm for this shoot (even if she didn't get to actually be IN it this time)

Clay Lightfoot for being my dance partner and all his encouragement and help in setting up, staging, acting and posing.

Sadira Conley (myself) who organized, propped, costumed, art directed and co created this fun Venetian Party...and who is, as always, totally honored by the outpouring of encouragement and enthusiasm she was lucky enough to receive from her community.

Kim Garrett who is a wonderful long time friend and continuing source of inspiration who enthusiastically waved her hand around and volunteered to participate in this project (and hopefully many more)

Sean Souva musician extraordinaire and a very brave man who for some reason, jumped at the chance to pretend to be dead for an evening...and all around good sport and great friend.

Rowan Rain who is a very talented masseur when she is not eating enchanted cupcakes for the chance to dance the night away, and when approached about joining the party, immediately delved into her wardrobe of party clothes and danced her way over...

Rozzilyn VanTuyl my beautiful and talented niece (who is also tall and much more the model type than some of us, ahem) who donned a mask and partook of the enchanted cupcake for an evening.

Susan Smart who also happens to be my mother...who has been and will always be my first source of inspiration and encouragement. She also owns Keystone Antiques and Gypsy Street Antiques (a few doors down, but is so new there is no listing as of yet) which were both completely instrumental in the staging and propping of this shoot. She stocks a wide variety of whimsical and fantastic antiques, collectibles, and decor at her two shops and welcomes people 7 days a week to pop by and visit. Dancing is encouraged.

Please join all the other parties going on this Halloween that are being hosted and inspired by Vanessa over at The Fanciful Twist! Who, without the invitation, this party may never have taken place (or rather, it would have taken place but certainly not photographed and documented quite the same)

The list of parties is on her sidebar and will be made into a permanent link in time.

16 October 2009

Halloween Party - 2009...

Tomorrow is the day...

Another party hosted by the very creative and spooky Vanessa.

(she's not actually that spooky.)
(Only on Halloween, really)
(just like the rest of us...)

Things have been extra spooky and mysterious around Foolsewoode, and I would like to formally invite you to the latest party with The Maestro and The Muse.

The pumpkins are carved and the treats are made...the tricks are plentiful and magic abounds...

Please put on your ball gowns and tuxedos and grab your top hat and masks and join us here in this space tomorrow to kick start your Halloween spirit...

And be sure to bring your appetite for enchanted cupcakes.

Because you never know who may show up...

14 October 2009

Like Sands Slipping...

...through the hourglass.

Thus go the hours of my life, my days are slipping through my fingers. Sometimes it's as if there is a messy chaotic band marching through with it's brass section sounding loudly, making me wince and want to turn away...but more often it's a small pebble dropping into a quiet pond...making ripples that move away from me, only to return in their own slow rhythms, and a place that I don't even realize I am until I slowly uncurl myself from its banks to walk away.

I'm pretty confident that the rock is probably one of those black rocks...the perfectly smooth and rounds ones, by the way. The one's that slip into still waters with the perfect pitch of "plop".

I think I may have lost a day...I'm not sure how that happened really, but I woke up this morning and *poof* it was gone (and I even checked under the bed for it, don't you know.) It's almost like hitting the ground running every moment of the day is somehow eating up my perception of time. And I'm left gasping for breath by the side of the road as everyone merrily dances past me...

And they're waving those streamers on sticks.
(which would be more annoying if it wasn't for the brass section in the band that is all revved up drunk on their seasonal cadence.)
(at least it has a good beat)

As it is.

I have a to do list knocking around in my head. It could be a mile long, although I'm not sure, it ebbs and flows like ripples in the pond...you know?
The pond that now hosts that smooth black rock?

I did go to the chiropractor yesterday and he thought that by falling on Saturday that I have just banged myself up and that is a lovely testament to all the yoga and exercises I've been doing at the gym. "you can really tell if the things you do are working if you can have a trauma like this and bounce back so well..." and then he pushed me off the edge of his table because he wanted to see first hand how well I could bounce back.

He didn't really, but I joked about him doing just that.

He is a wonderful chiropractor, and he was only slightly nervous with the neurological testing he did at the end of the session. He mentioned that perhaps one of the reasons for my head hitting (besides being an Aries) was the fact that my connections seem weaker on the left side of my body and if I don't have full vision range this may be a reason for the head hitting. He gave me a "tune up" and an appointment was made for next week.

He didn't even mention a helmet.

I just feel a little out of it. It's a strange feeling, and one that I am not use to. It is a feeling that holds my attention, but then like watching a butterfly, I muse to myself how beautiful it is and it flies away and I forget to be worried about it until I try to run through the to-do list in my head.

12 October 2009

Damage Control...

Or maybe just a bit of damage.

I took a tumble this weekend. I know. This is the second time I've fallen this year and scared myself. The first was in Zion, and then Saturday as I was changing my wardrobe from summer to winter, I was walking down the stairway to deposit my summer loot into the appropriate bins, got to the bottom step where I paused to strongly hoist the full basket of clothing over my head (I can do that because I lift weights) and promptly stepped down onto two tension shower rods and a curtain rod that I didn't even remember were there (I was being cocky.)

Honestly, that whole thing started several weeks ago when I cleaned out the basement. Or maybe longer. I've had these shower rods since I opened Snap Snap 15 years ago and used them for curtains on my dressing rooms before I had ones with doors built. I know they need to be donated (hence them being in the donation pile) but I'm worried in the back of my mind someone is going to need them and then have to pay full price...then again, I totally forgot I even had them until I was reorganizing and cleaning down there, so there is that.

Which certainly must explain why I haven't hauled them up the stairs and into the car to donate...and left them laying carelessly by the bottom of the stairs along with everything else that I have been stepping over ever since (and saying to myself that I need to move this stuff!)

It's a den of accidents waiting to happen. Seriously.

At any rate...there I was stepping down and putting my foot onto the rods where they promptly rolled out from under me causing my feet to fly straight out, my body to fly about 10 feet up into the air (that's what it felt like) and me to land on my left tush cheek onto the concrete...my back, shoulder and arm landing onto the bottom step and the back of my head smacking the corner of the pillar that is at the base of the stairway...my left foot kicking the stereo speakers and sending them flying (more things to donate you know) and the basket of clothing flying straight up right before landing on top of me miraculously somehow totally intact.

1. I was thinking, "boy I'll bet that looked funny!" and trying not to laugh. While simultaneously thinking, "Oh man. I'm going to need to call my chiropractor" and, "Lord, I hope I don't break something!" and "Oh no. Not again."

2. Hermes was just checking out the basement space for the very first time and I totally freaked him out. He was meowing and running around...and I was trying to get up to comfort him. So busy that I didn't really just lay there and try to figure out what had actually happened. I may have knocked myself out...

3. I realized right away how much it hurt and then thought how much it was probably going to hurt later when my falling endorphins had worn off.

As it is, I was very shaky and instantly tired. I put my clothes away and decided to sit down for a bit...but I was worried about a concussion so I didn't take a nap like I wanted to. Later, while walking back down the stairs to do some laundry, I startled Hermes and was trying to get out of his way so he could run back up the stairs and smacked the front left part of my head on the ceiling beam.

It hangs low.

I also think that someone was trying to tell me something.

Stop doing laundry. Stop messing with your clothes. Use your day off for rest. And a gentle reminder that I'm an Aries. Aries are ruled by the head...and I'm quite often smacking my head against something or other.

I didn't think too much about it until I woke up very sore the next day...it was then I finally thought about taking some Ibuprofen (I probably should have taken some right after I fell and then again after I smacked my head a second time, but that's what you get when you live with two cats.) And I wasn't really worried until I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit more nauseous and groggy than the day before and moved through my day dealing with that and the mounting fear that I'd done something more serious that I initially thought.

I skipped the gym.

I made an appointment with my chiropractor to get checked out.

And I'm seriously considering getting a helmet and some knee pads.

09 October 2009

Back To School...

OK. I suppose we should clear some things up here...I'm not really going back to school, but when I donned this outfit I did feel a bit like I was (trading the quintessential book bag for a leather purse instead.)

This outfit includes my new tweed fitted vest, which I bought with the intention that it would be a pivotal piece in this year's Fall wardrobe. Upon purchase of said vest, I immediately had all sorts of fantasies of what I could do when I donned this particular garment...which included, but was not limited to, Running board meetings (which I do not usually do), Walking in the fall leaves (which I do actually do, and may still happen) and standing thoughtfully in a study...you know? The kind with the dead animal heads on the walls...leather furniture and books all around? Talking of lofty subjects, and maybe smoking a pipe. Well, not me per say...but, maybe Rich (who thought the outfit was cutie...so, thumbs up from him, and I think he can be included in my fantasy.) I have not yet played Polo or taught a class, but those things may be imagined in the future.

As it is, I took the vest for a test drive this week paired with a tweed skirt with a little opposite color pattern, and a pair of cream thigh high socks (from Target) So, I was toasty warm...

And very tweedy.


(Yeah. About that witty vest fantasy...)

07 October 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

There once was a girl in a gilded cage...

(she found her way to Foolsewoode not too long ago and moved right into an empty birdcage)

I have to tell you, I'm very happy she's here...

She reads fortunes from tea leaves, you know...

And keeps the carved wooden bears happy.


...and me too.

06 October 2009

REM Yoga...

I dragged butt schlepped joyfully skipped to yoga class last night.

I needed it.

I've been a bit stressed lately...what with trying to acclimatize the kitties (there was a surprise fight that I almost saw the other night resulting in Mena getting a small tear in her ear...which then resulted in me sobbing over being a bad kitty mama...which has resulted in the cats being more supervised and only allowed to be out together when I'm home...which has resulted in me being more stressed, but feeling a little safer as well.) Um...where was I? Oh yeah...along with other life-type things, my back was feeling rather knotted up.

So, on to yoga I went.

And I was very stretched out and relaxed afterwords. I also found out what Ashtanga Yoga really means (according to my instructor) It's a sometimes quicker style of yoga to tire you out. That way after you practice, since your mind is tired, you can just be.

So, I worked pretty hard last night.

Hard enough to be sore today...

...And hard enough that I woke up sometime in the middle of the night on my back, laying there in the tree position...my arms carelessly thrown above my head in total relaxation surrender. Out of all the balance moves, I'm sure this is the best one to do in your sleep...and I was pretty happy that I wasn't doing King Dancer. I mean, I like King Dancer just fine...when I'm awake and standing...but I think it may be a bit hard laying down.

At any rate, I've decided that I'm calling this REM Yoga.
It's my newly invented yoga style...a style of yoga to do while you're asleep.

Which is really too perfect for those of us who don't have enough hours in the day to squeeze in a yoga class...

05 October 2009


I was totally thwarted this weekend.

I had big plans for what felt like, for me, the first really official weekend of fall. The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is feeling crisper...the light is longer and tinting everything a bit more yellow (and in true Prescott fashion, we've gone from 95 to 65 almost overnight.) Plus? The only Pumpkin Festival we have left in our area officially started this weekend (along with the county fair I believe) And since I have really thought that I would like to slow down and enjoy every part of this Fall season to the fullest, I made plans to attend on Sunday.

That is...until I was woken up sometime Saturday evening from some crazy winds. And when I mean crazy, it's the kind of winds when you're walking to your car after watching a movie at the theater...every time you open your mouth to talk to the person you went with, dirt blows in. And then you notice when you finally find your way to the car after having a sand blasted facial au natural, you find that the rest of you is covered with leaves and debris.

Which is not my favorite look for the fall.

So, being the flexible gal I am, I silently cursed being thwarted in my plans to attend the Pumpkin Festival during 50mph + wind gusts and decided to enjoy other plans we'd made instead. Including going to the actual movie theater (which is big for us seeing as Rich and I are talkers and we enjoy chatting through movies and also pausing them to use the restroom or get drinks and snacks) to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs...which was wholly worth it! It was hysterical...and we laughed our whole way through it...and I also totally want a Steve. So that's pretty much on my Christmas list.

And then we went back to hide out hang out in The Airstream from the wind while Rich made the first meat pie of the season (an incredible family recipe indeed...potatoes and meat with TONS of cinnamon...sounds strange I know, but it tastes amazing!) which certainly did officially welcome the fall for both of us (even if there wasn't any colorful squash to photograph where we were, It's OK...I'll just go next weekend...I'm being flexible after all.) I did indeed decide to snap a picture of a man who slices, dices and cooks (he also washed dishes after that) all while he assured me there was nothing I could do but read my latest issue of Martha Stewart Living while lounging on the couch.

See? Thwarted again.

But in a totally different way.

How was your weekend?

02 October 2009

Why Hello October...

For the official welcome of October (and waking up to a rather loud noise at Foolsewoode this morning, and then realizing it was the heat coming on for the first time this year...and silently thanking myself while pumping my fists in the air because I changed the heater filter last night before I went to bed just in case, all while answering the phone...what? I can multitask...) I finally unpacked the Halloween decoration box so I could decorate the mantle.

Well, after getting out of bed and having a cuppa that is.

From year to year, it becomes a bit of a challenge to decorate the mantle and change it around a bit...You know, so it doesn't get stale?

Also, I often need to incorporate a few new pieces I may have picked up along the way...

Like those cute little pumpkin candy containers up there, that just happen to match my tall dapperly dressed pumpkin man. They surprised me by showing up at the same time I did at The Thrift Shop last week.

...And you may notice a handful of hand painted wooden skull masks propped up there this year as well. I happened to whip them up for a project I have been working on...and by whip them up, I mean I was forced to paint some myself (using some weird pirate skull thin wooden masks that I heavily altered) as I was really after some realistic looking skull masks and hadn't been able to find them anywhere!

All the skull masks out there seem to be garish and more of the horror variety rather than realistic. So, I finally gave up and decided that I would probably be better of if I made the masks myself...They turned out perfect for the project and I had a little feeling in the back of my head that they would enhance further Halloween decor here at Foolsewoode.

Happy October!

Surprise Update!
I am IN our local paper, right at the top of the Business section (which would explain all the people wandering in and the phone calls) If you are not local and want to check out the article run over here...


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