08 September 2009


...Goes the top hat.


Some one's sat on your hat!


Only not really.

Because...this just happens to be a collapsible top hat.

Otherwise. Well, let's just say...I would not be happy. Mostly because sitting on a hat will tend to ruin it...unless cheek imprints and flatness is something that you look for in head wear.

I do not.

As it is, collapsible top hats are not as easy to find as one would think...this little beauty came from my mother's new shop (she gave me a heads up as it were) My new top hat is not in perfect condition, the brim is a little worn and tattered and needs a bit of TLC, but I am confident that I can fix it all up...

It was worth it.

For the rarity value...and for the fantastic *POP* sound the hat makes after you collapse it, and then take it back to its original top hat form (Not to mention the storage values of a hat that goes flat) It's not the biggest hat however, and sits a bit precariously perched upon my head...but I just couldn't not add it to my collection...besides, the shape of this particular fully popped top hat is dramatically perfect in every way. There's even a little bit of a rakish curve adding to the shape...swoon.

You may have guessed that I've collapsed it a couple of times, and then taken it with both hands and dramatically flung it away from my body...


It was flat...now it's a top hat.
(it really hardly ever gets old...and the element of surprise is there every time. I am starting to remind myself of Buddy in Elf, when he's testing the Jack-in-the-boxes...really. It's the little things)

There may have been a cane involved as well.

...and some high kicks.

And jazz hands.

(sometimes head ware like this brings out an inner Chorus Line Girl...I also may have tried to pull a cat out of the hat...but my cat was none to happy about that...So if *POP* = Top Hat then Cat In Hat = Scratch...just in case you were wondering how to work out that equation. )


Anonymous said...

What an awesome find...

megan said...

could it be the cutest picture of you ever????


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