17 September 2009


Last night at The Raven Cafe...

At a small reunion and catch-up wine date, it struck me again...during all the conversation...and the inevitable laughter and tears that follow such things...how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I call my friends.

The intimate sharing of stories...deepening and firming our connections...the way we weave and create our lives together and apart. The things we've done...the things were doing now. I've often found myself at a loss for words when someone asks me the question, "what's new?" Because even if there are major happenings afoot I've found that in the little in between moments is where all the growth and stories come from...It's hard to try to put those things into words with some people, yet last night over dinner and wine...these two eloquent ladies drew stories and conclusions from me, and they generously expressed such things about themselves and their journeys.

There was no trying to impress anyone or prove anything by talking yourself up...it was comfortable. There was only opening up to share yourself...who you are in every changing moment,who you have been in the past...and how that is affecting your future. It was like a sigh for fresh air after having held your breath for so long...Sharing stories and sometimes secrets with each other that we'd been holding on to for so long...

I realize being trusted with such things is a great honor, and it seemingly comes with no other price than being called friend...sitting and listening, sharing...laughing.

Each person sitting at the table brought their own unique way of communicating...because as I sit and think about last night, I sometimes I'm left feeling as if I had not asked the "right" questions and I am worried that I didn't listen well enough...but I know that whoever I am was in those moments is perfectly fine with each of these ladies...the combination of who we are compliments each other...and I don't have to feel uncomfortable with who I am...and I was not trying to be anything other than myself.

And it wasn't just the wine talking...although it could be my age...but I'm thinking it was feeling comfortable in the company.

Thank you ladies...for giving me the moment to relax and the moment to sigh...for holding the space to be myself.

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Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

This is such a pretty post. I have three friends- all old roommates from college- that I feel this way with. When the 4 of us are together, we rarely talk about the big important milestones- new houses, new jobs, and such. We talk about the in-between things that other people wouldn't understand about us. We learn more about ourselves after being together. They are like sisters to me.


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