29 September 2009


I just got verbally attacked by a telemarketer at work.


Yes. This has happened before.

The first time it happened, the lady quickly called me back to tell me that I was rude, after I politely said, "No thank you...I'm not interested" to her inquiry about credit cards, which I do not take in the shop, and then got all sorts of upset that I might be being a little too uppity because I own a Resale Clothing store and it's not like I sell Gucci, and then quickly hung up on me...when it just so happens that I have most certainly sold Gucci.

Yes it was real and yes, it was resale.

It can be both you know.

But try explaining that to a telemarketer.

Today, my telemarketer called right back as well. He apparently was upset after he totally butchered both my name and the name of the company he's calling to represent, in a very heavy accent, that I had caught on to the fact that he was trying to sell me something and probably wasn't some long lost friend that hadn't been in touch for years, so instead of listening to his health pitch, or credit card machine pitches I politely said, "No thank you. I'm not interested"

I was doing him a favor.
I was saving him some time from someone who is actually not interested in what he is selling.

::ring ring::

"Snap Snap"

"ummm...yes Sadrillaish? You obviously don't understand English!"

"I beg your pardon? I most certainly do!"

"No you don't!"

"Yes huh..."

and so on and so forth until he hung up on me.

I'm itching to *69 this guy and interrupt his workday...or continue this juvenile argument...or talk to his supervisor...or let him know that I do indeed understand English and that perhaps a better use of his time would be to try to get rid of his ridiculous accent by taking some elocution classes (how's that for English?) instead of harassing potential clientele.

I ask you, why all the crazy?

Surely this was not the first time someone hung up the phone on this man today.

Surely it is not legal to call businesses and harass the owners..

I mean, unless you know them personally and can at the very least, pronounce their name correctly.

Now I am afraid to answer the phone.

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Anonymous said...

A huge lack of manners on their part. No means no...

Catalyst said...

Don't be ridiculous. Those cretins should be burned at the stake.

Kristal said...

OMG, I can't believe that he called you back!! This is why I don't have a home phone. Well, I do because the phone company makes me pay for it just so I can have internet, even though I don't use the phone, I don't even have a phone plugged in.
I guess the credit card companys are getting desperate now. I don't think I will ever have another one of those things again. They are nothing but trouble. I'll just stick with my bank debit card.

We'll be officially moving for the next two days, say a prayer for me!

Kathy said...

Sadrillaish? Really? Wow. Caller ID, baby! I'm a big fan of screening phone calls. Good luck!

T=ME said...

This is right up my burning alley! When I get these calls I always ask what country they are calling from? Ask them what the weather is like. Anything to waste their time. Ask if I could call them back. You are nicer than I would of been! Teri

littlepurpleroom said...

I act like there is someone in the other room that I have to repeat everything they are saying to.
"hello, is this the woman of the house"?
Me,(in a very loud voice)"HE WANTS TO KNOW IF I'M THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE"!

him,"I am calling to ask if you would be interested in xyz"?


and on and on until he hangs up.

Or if I am busy...
Him, "hello blah blah blah..."

Me,"Oh yes I'm very interested, hold on a sec I really want to talk with you about this..."

Then I lay the phone down and come back later and he has hung up.

Rowan said...

Hey Sadrillaish,
I think littlepurpleroom has the right idea.
As for me, I always just hand the phone to Chris. Then I've played a practical joke on two people and my day has, therefore, improved. La la la.


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