22 September 2009

Fall Equinox...

This Season:

Waking up to a new crispness in the air.

Looking forward to the leaves changing colors.

Planning on baking pumpkin muffins...and more delicious treats and gladly spending more time in the kitchen with an apron on.

Excited about picking out and carving a pumpkin and the scooping and roasting of its seeds.

Unpacking and changing out the Fall and Winter clothing for the Summer clothing.

Happily turning on the fireplace for the first time tonight...and enjoying a roaring electric fire.

Enjoying my new candle holder that I picked up out of the creek bed in Beaver Creek...I was totally inspired by the shape of the rock and had to bring it back home...And in celebration of the Fall season, I lit a special candle tonight.

I knew the rock would be just the perfect shape to hold a candle.

I was right.

Cheers to the eventual slowing down part of the year...and the many surprises it brings.

Happy Fall


Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn!!!!!!!!!!

quilteddogs said...

Love the candle holder. Just perfect.


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