01 September 2009

Confetti Spaghetti...

I offer you...last night's light, yet substantial fare...and something I named Confetti Spaghetti...because of all the multi-colored (red, yellow, orange, purple) cherry tomatoes (I figured that was kind of obvious, but I didn't want to confuse anyone.) Surprisingly, this really was the perfect mix of heaviness stick-to-your-ribs pasta made light because of the toppings:

*Organic angel hair pasta (regular wheat...I could have gotten spelt, but it was a little more expensive, ahem...and I could have made my own, but I'm not Italian. OK...I totally have a pasta maker...but I've only just gotten well forheavensake)
*Organic lactose-friendly garlic and spice butter (from our local farmers market...the perfect mix of salt, garlic, sage, and rosemary)
*A huge hand full of organic cherry tomatoes (some from the farmers market and some from Megan's garden...that were staging a walk-out if I didn't immediately create something to put them in) some sliced, some just thrown right in for fun...
*Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top (also not organic, and dairy based...it was what was on hand...and I haven't found a really good Parmesan substitute yet, and it's aged, so that's a little easier on the system. So is the lactose pills I have on hand)

It was a delightful and filling dinner...with enough left over for a lunch this week. This is cooking for ones greatest and worst gifts. I can not figure out for the life of me how to perfectly do one portion...but, that usually means left-overs for lunch.

It was also delightful to get in the kitchen and cook for myself, and I felt right at home. Of course, it's my kitchen so this only makes sense...And after all, this is one of the greatest things about being ill and getting well...one can really appreciate feeling good enough to do every day tasks with renewed inspiration.

And what better way that to celebrate with edible confetti?!?!

Of course, I suppose I kind of missed the boat...if I would have remained tiny with an illness...perhaps someone would have taken pity on me and cooked. Well...I haven't cleaned my house yet...if any one feels the need for pity helpfulness, I wouldn't complain.

Heck, I might even cook for you.


Sillie_Girl said...

that sounds delicious!!

TomboCheck said...

Looks pretty tasty as well. :)

Kristal said...

I love how that sounds, Confetti Spaghetti, I'll have to try it sometime. When my hubby isn't around. He Will Not Eat Tomatoes!! Or onions. Weird Man. Loves the noodles though. Sorry to hear that you are sick. Did you send it to me too? We are all sick over here, Little Girl and Me the most. Ugh! Take care of yourself. And I would love to come help clean, if I wasn't sick myself. But actually, I've been cleaning like a mad woman. Go figure :0)

sulu-design said...

We had almost the exact same thing for dinner last night (but I sauteed the tomatoes in a concoction that isn't always the biggest crowd pleaser - anchovies and the oil they come packed in). I tossed in a handful of pine nuts and oh,baby was it good! So what's on the table tonight?


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