30 September 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

(Cats eating. The blob on the left is Hermes. The blob on the right is Mena...I'm the blob that is typing this.)


In the form of two kitties who have now known each other a full week...eating within ear and eye shot of each other. An enjoyable task that is suppose to comfort them when they think back on sharing the experience (according to the "How to Introduce a New Cat Into the Household" websites)

Eating = Full Bellies = Good Times

Eating Near Each Other With No Bloodshed = Full Bellies = Good Times = That New Cat Might Not Be So Bad After All = Who Knew?

Today there was face to face right straight up nose to nose sniffing with only one hiss...Well, one from Meena, and one from me when I realized I didn't have the camera handy as it would have made a darned cute photo.

Tonight we will all have access to each other...everyone will have the freedom to roam the house as they see fit. I of course, will be sleeping...but perhaps with one ear (and possibly and eye) open in case there is any protesting in the form of meows or growls.

Slow Progress = Good Progress

(Equal Signs = Whatever Word Problems You Want To Make Up = Obvious Math Whiz)
(in your own mind, which is sometimes just better)

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Anonymous said...

awwwww... wonderful news. Hope they get along well.


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