04 September 2009

How Very Cushiony..

Before having Foolsewoode coated with a new coat of paint...or three...I realized that the current color of the patio table and wicker furniture would be sorely mismatched with the new color scheme. I planned on remedying that by painting it all the Sun Dried Tomato color (because red is my very favoritest) and that's when my contractor called and sweetly offered to use up the rest of the cream paint in his sprayer and do it for me...because he overheard me talking about painting the furniture.

It took about 5 seconds for me to become unattached to the color I originally picked and let him go for it...I figured instead I would just replace the chair cushion with something more matchy-matchy and it would be fine.

I was right.

The cream color is lighter and prettier than I expected...and I just happened to stumble across the perfect cushions the other day at the thrift.

May I introduce you to:

Oh...um, hello there Meena.

Did you know I just walked out here to do a photo shoot of the very cushion you're sitting on?


Oh...well, could you be a love and move please?


Right then.

Could you at least give me your attention and smile for the camera and stop being so aloof by looking over my shoulder?

(yes, I know that black spot under your nose kind of makes you look like you have a perma grump face...and it's hard to truly capture your smile)

(Yes. I also know that acting aloof is the primary mood for a cat)




As you can see...the cushion colors are so very complimentary to what is going on with the scheme of things now at Foolsewoode...and the pattern is...well, what you can see of it, stripey in a nice way...kind of making a square striped pattern...

Did I mention they were quilted too?

At least we can see by the indentation that the fluffy kitty body is making...that the new cushions are soft and cushy...and really perfect for any one's rump.

That is, if you don't feel guilty about ejecting a furry kitty to sit.


Have a glorious weekend.

I may just spend it seated on the wicker ottoman...the hard part? The one without the cushion? Maybe my pathetic look will elicit some sympathy and I can enjoy my new cushion...

Or at the very least, share it?


You're right.

Probably not.


Anonymous said...

Don't you know? Kitties rule the world! Love the cushion colors against the cream wicker... Purrfect!

Hi Meena!

Catalyst said...

Judging by the way Meena has her front paws folded contentedly underneath her, I think she's settled in for the weekend.

flutter said...

what a GORGEOUS cat! Hi Meena!

wende said...

Lucky cat, Snickers has to sit in the living room window and watch us sit on the porch.

I love the cushions. What a great find. Our deck furniture is slatted and um, gets uncomfortable aftewhile, so I've been hunting for cushions too. No luck here. (People in Astoria are, um, not really into deck furniture. I think it's the weather. *snarf*)

Anyhow, lucky find and even better bet with the painter and the wicker. It's a BEAST to paint. I love the color you chose and it all looks smashing!

Oh, and I got some Pumpkin Pie coffee beans tonight, I'm sipping a cup and it reminds me you! Woohoo, it's flavored coffee season. Almost.

Yes, there was caffeine in the coffee. What tipped you off? :D

Rich said...

Ah, your cat is expert at blocking spots, keeping you pinned down, etc. She's too cut though, so she can get away with it. :)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Red is my favorite, as well! BUT the cream will work out better bc you can change the cushions to suit your mood! That cat is hilarious!


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