16 September 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...


This weekend as part of our camping trip was a side trip to Sedona and Tlaquepaque...

And margaritas!

(both of which I was forced to drink because DaNece's was too strong...and we didn't think to compare it with mine, which was not as strong...because honestly? If you've already finished one margarita and think the second one is too strong...well, you can imagine how strong the second one was.)

(just sayin)

(It also made me wonder why hers was stronger than mine? Was she cuter to the bartender or was it simply the luck of the pour?)

(alcohol seems to bring out my insecure side)

(It also made that thunder/lightning/hail/rain storm a lot more fun when we went back to camp!)


~Molly~ said...

I want a margarita campout!!! That sounds SO fun!!

Chickenbells said...

Well dang girl...come on up! Margaritas make everything more fun...

Anonymous said...

I, too, am loving the margarita campout!! LOL!!! GREAT idea!!
I also loved your post about your clocks not being on the right time. You are a hoot! :-)



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