23 September 2009

Modular Organization...

(The Mountainsmith 2 modular cubes and hauler...just about the size of a sock monkey!!)

I thrive on organization.

Stop laughing.

I do.

I just don't necessarily apply it to every area of my life. But darn it...there's something about organization that turns me on (it probably has a lot to do with my having a Virgo Moon) I also attribute my insane love for small spaces (like airplane bathrooms and Airstreams) to organization...You have to be organized in a small space after all.

After the impromptu clean out of the basement...I found myself putting the camping gear within easier reach. Camping is something I am doing with more frequency...and something I want to do with even greater frequency in the future...so the camping gear is all within easy reach now.

Upon a recent trip to Manzanita Outdoors, I was pointed towards some Mountainsmith modular cubes.

Perfect for traveling.
Perfect for camping.
Perfect if organization turns you on.

I bought the two pack of cubes with the hauler so I could better organize and then grab and go...and transferred all my kitchen gear to the two bags. Not only did everything fit...but, I have room to grow.

Plus? I was keeping all of my kitchen gear in a vintage Eddie Bauer wicker picnic basket...and I was beginning to leave pieces of wicker all around...Which is a fantastic thing if you're lost in a forest and want to avoid a witch that lives in a gingerbread house...of course, I would LOVE to meet a witch that lived in a gingerbread house.

Um, where was I?

Oh yes. I am more organized now.

And wicker-piece free.

1 comment:

wende said...

Note to self: wicker free organization is a good thing!


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