24 September 2009

The New Arrival...

Don't worry...you're not that out of the loop. I didn't know there was going to be a new arrival either, until about 6:27 pm on Monday evening, while I was sitting in my car getting ready to pull out of my driveway to Ms. Dina's house.

Although, I should have probably expected it.

(the new kitty)

After my mother opened her latest store, there have been tales of a sweet kitty...who was most probably abandoned behind it (there are a bank of apartments there, and we're thinking his owners moved and left him) She kept telling me about this sweet kitty who someone was feeding, and how every time he saw her, he meowed and then answered her questions with a meow as well.

He was living in a dilapidated shed on the property and my mother kept reassuring him that help was on its way and it wouldn't be long.

But, I kind of knew it was going to be me.


A good friend who is on the board of Miss Kittie's Cat House ended up befriending him (along with the nice unemployed lady who was using bits of her own money to feed this guy) so she could nab him and take him to the vet to be checked out. If everything came back ok, and he was neutered, no one had a place for him, so he would be placed back into the ally.


I can't stand that sort of thing.

And, since I'm an only cat household at the moment (although, Mena has had her share of siblings in the past) and my studio has a glass door...I raised my hand.

He could come and live with me.

I am now the proud mama of a 13.28lb baby boy...well 2-5 years old baby boy.

I've named him Hermes.

(kitties checking each other out through the glass)

So, there's been a lot of mutual interest with a glass door in between the two cats for the last few days, with me doing double feeding, watering, and litter box duty. Not to mention a lot of reassuring to everyone and lots of affection and pets.

It was also explained to me that if it didn't work out between Meena and the new kitty that I would be considered a foster mom only...and we were all on pins and needles until he was rescued and his test results came back all OK

(he's perfectly fine, but has a bit of tartar on his back teeth, which accounts for the big gap in them predicting his age)

(he loves the petting)

I'm a jumble of nerves and emotions right now.

I have to tell you though, receiving this boy filled a hole in my heart that I didn't even know was there.

I'm also not sure if any of us have gotten a good night's sleep since Tuesday.

I am determined to try to be as slow as possible for both of these kitties, so that it will work out the best for everyone. It is so hard not to grab this guy and have him in our lives right away...but I'm not sure this would be good for Mena. Hermes is very sweet, affectionate, and mellow (Mena has been the only one to meow and hiss so far...through the glass) but try explaining that to another cat.

We've put off face to face in the same room introductions for the time being...and although Hermes has been a great sport, I think he may be getting bored.

It's the confused look he gets on his face when I leave him in this little room all by himself, you know.

Today was the day that I grabbed on of Mena's beds and put it in his room, and brought out the carrier he was in when I got him.

I'm letting them get use to each others scents.

Hermes is happily laying on Mena's bed in his room.

Mena is cautiously smelling and climbing into his carrier...then hopping back up onto my lap for pets.

When I petted her and loved all over her...and gave her a big squeeze she let out a, "mrrrow!"

This happened several times in a row.

She's become a kitty accordion with her displeasure...
Almost a cat bagpipe if you will.

I guess there is no real perfect way of introducing a new kitty into a household with an already established cat...but I'm giving it a whirl.

A slow whirl.

Tomorrow I will put Mena in his room and let him roam around the upstairs for a few hours...

I think Sunday will be the day that these two are finally in the same room together.

Wish me luck.

(and yes. I had to change the spelling of Mena's name. My mother recently informed me that the numerology on this spelling is more positive...)


~Molly~ said...

Hermes is just beautiful!!! I can't believe it took you this long to get another furbaby! Hopefully Mena will decide he's ok and welcome him to the family.

I've learned in my last few adoptions that kitties mostly like to have another one around. Our oldest are sisters, middle two are sibs, Tallulah is about 9 months younger than they are and Tibert is about 6 months younger than she is. Of course the older sisters hate all other animals, being Queens of all they survey and all that.... but the younger 4 all get along wonderfully.

Catalyst said...

Whenever we got a new kitten, we just threw them together and let them work it out. Jazz took some time to make friends with Smoke but eventually did. I've only known one cat that just remained the Queen Bitch to other cats. That was Noel, who the BRD finally asked the Beau to take and now...in a one cat household...she's perfectly fine. Good luck with Hermes and Mena.

flutter said...


Anonymous said...

He is a very cute kitty - lucky to have such a good home!!

:) Amy

thatgirldina said...

I think little Hermes might need one of these...


What a great name! I'm so glad you decided to be his person.


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