30 November 2006

The Jury is Still Out...

On whether or not yesterday was a good day.

On one hand: I finally finished my sock monkey hat...

On the other hand:
I almost had a complete knitting breakdown (and came quite close to tears...I seem to be emotional lately) and my back was killing me by the end of this project. I kept thinking, "I thought this was supposed to be relaxing?!"

I like the way it turned out though...but I was just reminding myself that this is the 4Th hat I have with ears on it. hmmm...that is bringing up a bit of anxiety, and I am truly wondering if people are going to be willing to be seen with me?

I found out via my comments, that I am someones artistic muse...
I have always wanted to be a muse...

The idea that I could inspire a picture created or a song sung (or in this case, a coloring book page colored) has been a thought that has fascinated and excited me for some time now. Now, I don't know if this will mean I will be walking around topless in a toga (yet another really good reason I may be walking around alone pretty soon) but, I am truly honored...and it sounds like I need to go pick up some more art for my refrigerator from Dina and Niko (my artist)

While I was walking here and there yesterday morning, I looked down and found this beautiful rose pine cone on the sidewalk...I think it's a message from the universe (someone up there may just like me, I love these little messages from nature) Speaking of messages...I am becoming more efficient in the text-messaging realm. I go quite slow, and I am wondering deep down inside if it wouldn't just be easier to pick up the phone and call the person...but it's kind of cute...these little messages.

Then...when I came home from work (which was a little busier) the washing machine overflowed...spilling water all about the basement floor. I have the hose hooked into the utility sink down there, and the water drains into a grey water system...watering the trees on the back of my property.
On one hand: there are these little troughs built into the floor so nothing gets ruined...
On the other hand:
I had to pick up a screwdriver and plunge myself into the sink and dig out all sorts of icky things from the drain...
On the other hand: I found $10 in the washer.

See what I mean? The jury's still out.

29 November 2006

OH Knit!

Last Night's Knitting Highlights:

Watching the movie Elf.

I'm ready to change to the red part of the sock monkey hat...the top and almost the end.

My mother started on a holiday project and is almost done.

I put in my new 80's CD and Mama and I sang along...
Rozzilyn and I danced to the music...
and Rozzie said:

"So, this is what it was like in the old days?"


27 November 2006

My Day Off...

...was wonderful. I woke up late, after a restful and fabulous sleep (at 9am)...mostly because I thought I heard a woodpecker on the pergola (it is aluminum) And after the quick sprint downstairs to find the errant candle angels and place them in the Christmas display, I enjoyed catching up on my blogging over coffee. Then a relaxing bubble-bath before I ventured out to help with the wall displays at the shop, and then off to my fun Monday travels (to the thrifts and CostCo)

I also sat down after lunch and made these 2 bags for the shop...I had 2 more to make, but with such a late start, I'd run out of time, and needed to take my mom's weekly box-o-salad by her house, watching the temperature drop and the clouds roll in (yay) I was then off to Dina's where I visited my little crush (I know he's only 3 and still lives with his mom, but he's just so cute!) He colored a little train picture just for me, because he remembered that I love to hang children's art on my refrigerator (I am surrounded by thoughtful and sweet men lately)...and since I seem to be lacking in children around here...I have to rely on Rozzilyn and my friend's kids to keep me supplied. After he climbed in bed with a round of hugs and kisses, Dina and I sat back and watched the last episode of The Bachelor...I only saw the last 2 episodes (Dina filled me in on the others) and one of the finalists and looser was ironically named Sadie (also my nickname) so, I felt totally broken up with by the end of the show. And I have only one question...

Why do the sorority girls always seem to win?

Are guys really turned on by that?

(OK 2 questions)

Sunday November 26th...

The Holidays Are In Full Swing In Arizona's Christmas City! (have I mentioned that before?) To play a bit of catch up...Me and a group of my peoples (I'll just call us the Fab Four...well, it's true, even though we don't play music together) walked downtown to the Light Parade. I suppose this is the kick off for the season? Considering the city blocked off most of the downtown parking from 2pm on (yes, on the busiest shopping weekend of the year...) for a parade that lasted about 30 min. I call this the "Prescott Parade that's mostly like the other ones, except without as many horses" Yet...a lovely time was had by all. This was kind of a farewell night to one of the group, as he was only here to visit...yet, will be sorely missed...the other two I'm hanging on to.

Creative Sunday Participants:
  • Rozzilyn
  • Sadira
  • Susan

And...in another kick off of to the season, I took Rozzie to do her holiday shopping, and an annual tradition of ours...the one where we go to Hallmak, and she spends my hard earned money on a little plastic tree ornament (man these things have gotten a little pricey in the last few years) She has been picking out the Barbie ornament that coincides with the latest Barbie movie of the year. And in her defense, this year they had 2 ornaments...one still Barbie, and one that twirls and plays music...She picked the latter, and as I paid for it she said, "Whew...that was expensive!" And, it was worth evey minute of watching her wind it up and dance around the room all afternoon...using it as her "cell phone" ringtone...asking us, "do I sound like aunt Sadie when I talk on my cell?"

The kid cracks me up!

She was feeling the crunch of holiday spending, as at one point she said out loud, "boy...I'm gonna' be broke before this is all over" Yeah, well, she hasn't even bought my gift yet!

As Rozzie danced and entertained us all, my mother worked on some knitting. I think it's another pair of socks, because she had the sock book out (although it looks as if she's knitting a ring for the cat to jump through) perhaps if they are in deed socks, they will be big enough to fit one of us larger humans...the other ones are on one of Rozzie's dolls.

I worked on another reversible mantle runner. I've made a couple now, and am a little nervous about next year...what will I make then?!

I found both the fabrics out thrifting...and was excited because the little red reindeer one kind of matches my Tord garland...however, as I tried to hang up the garland, I discovered it is like 25 feet long (or seems like it) and there's no way it fit around the mantle without wrapping it around twice...so I strung it up in the kitchen instead....where it matches the tord tablecloth instead!

The making of the runner lead to the start of the decorating...So I hauled out the candle collection. All of these candles are from the 50's (I think) My mother started collecting them when she was a little girl, and then I was lucky enough to grow up with them in my childhood, which prompted me to start collecting them a while ago as well. They used to be everywhere and were about 10-35 cents...now I usually find 1 or 2 a year. (I have them for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well)

I had a bit of a meltdown about the Holy Family...as I have so many of the singing caroler candles...and was trying to make a theme and sort them out kind of evenly. So, I decided to put all the angels with the family on my entry table, and the Santa/snowman magic thing on the mantle itself (more closeups later...I promise) I am enjoying the way it turned out...and was laughing at myself this morning as I sat up in bed thinking "...hmmm, isn't there another box of singing angels downstairs?" Why yes, there was...so they joined the holiday melee! (and is that a giant furry kitty in the background? I don't remember that in the story!"

I was about to dig out the lights and tree, but luckily I was saved by a good friend picking me up for dinner, wine and a movie. We saw Before Sunrise...holy cow...what an amazing movie, again making me question, where have I been? It's certainly good other people have been aware of what's been happening out in the world...

Favorite quote from the movie (although it was hard to choose):

"I believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it's almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt."

25 November 2006


We Won! 5-1...game 5 against the Odessa Jackalopes...

Don't I sound like Ms. Sporty? Don't be too impressed, I'm reading most of that off my ticket stub...I wasn't exactly sure who we were rooting for until we got to the arena...The Sundogs in case you're wondering as well!

And here are Ms. Dina and I...for those of you who think I don't post enough pictures of myself on my blog...

We had a wonderful time...stopped and got a bite to eat before hand, and had a little popcorn snack at the game...

Kettle Korn...why are you so good?

The team is great (the new arena is impressive too) they played wonderfully, and there were several fights (always fun to watch, and gets the crowd going) We were sitting by some chanters that were a little silly, but it was all in good fun!

I'm telling you, I wish I had season tickets...although Dina told me that she'd take me again, and let me use any tickets that she couldn't (that's a 26-year friendship for you) she's a hockey fan from way back, and it was...as always...a pleasure to share such a wonderful evening with her!

Thank you LoveyPuss!!

It's just so amazing to think that we have an actual hockey team up here...and an arena to host them, and concerts?? I tell you, we're coming up in the world!

24 November 2006

It's A Tordie Christmas...

...that is, if I can manage to stay home longer than to eat and sleep. It's been a wild week around here, lots of fun goings on (and I'm dying to start decorating my house for the next holiday)

I thought I would post some of the fun Torrid stuff I got from the local Target. My mother is now calling all of Tord's stuff...Torrid Bootie...(instead of Tord Bjoontie)

I picked up 2 sizes of paper plates and a set of napkins for Christmas at my mother's and a table cloth for my house...

And these...

...These lovely beautiful paper garlands. Now, you all know that I bought all of the garlands from the store...but there were only 4 to begin with, so that's not too bad (right?) Plus, I am only keeping the deer one...the rabbit one goes to my mother, and the bird one goes to a good friend here in town...the other one was sent off in the mail.

OK all...I'm of to see a hockey game tonight with Dina...and then back here to collapse (I am exhausted, and to confound it all, I haven't been sleeping well on top of all the other activities)

23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

Well...this is the first year that nothing had to die for our holiday dinner. I did not miss the sleepy feeling that I usually get from eating turkey....and I brought mashed potatoes (when searching deep inside for what I would really miss from a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, this is all I could come up with)

My mother has been eating raw food for about 2 years, and has been a vegetarian longer than that...

So, what do Raw Food Eaters eat for a feast?

Well...a lot! My mother made perogies. These consisted of a pate like cheese filing (made from nuts and a red pepper) wrapped in really thinly sliced jicama (we had a bit of a meltdown on the exact slicer, because we didn't have the exact right one...and finally went with a peeler) covered in a raw tomato sauce...they were delicious!

We also had portabello burgers (raw mushrooms sliced in half with a walnut and basil pate, fresh tomato and basil) A fruit salad, a regular salad, and some olives (because what else does one put on one's fingers during the holidays?)

And a few cooked things...Mashed potatoes, with mushroom gravy, green beans and yams...and cranberry sauce. Most everything was organic...and amazing...we managed to stuff ourselves quite well.

My mother and I waddled, I mean walked to my house afterwards to help the settling...
so we could enjoy dessert...

...My 2 pies, one pumpkin, one sweet-potato-pecan, and mom's "please cake" The raw food eaters answer to cheese cake. I love this! it's mostly nuts and coconut (and costs about $40 to make...those macadamias make for a creamy consitancy, but a killer in price! I reminded mom that an organic turkey's bound to cost that now...and this probably has more protein and is easier to digest) with a raspberry sauce on the top. We also had yummy soy whipped cream for the pumpkin pie...A perfect end to a perfect meal...(and yes, I make little oak leaves and put the "veins" in them for the border of my fall pies...check out the previous post for a more close up)

I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday. I will be enjoying sleeping in, instead of running out to shop tomorrow morning, and I don't think there's anything that I really need that badly this year!

22 November 2006

...On This Thanksgiving - Eve...

I am thinking of all that I have to be thankful for. I've wanted to institute the tradition of stating at least one thing we're each thankful for before we eat every Thanksgiving, but often I am eating at someone else's house (and feel a little shy about asking that we do this) Or, when I'm at my own families home (like I will be this year for the first time in ages...by the Rozz's request) it's a little emotional (and sometimes we're all crying because we just have to spend the day in each other's company...just kidding...we have a lot of fun!)

I am thankful for:

Finding my creativity this year. Everyone that has joined me for Creative Sunday. I'm almost through another year (this one's been a little challenging at times) I've been paying more attention to my health this year. I feel better, and look better this year. I have my mother so close for any help and laughter I need...and I feel even closer to her. The shop is still standing and doing well. My sister is coming for Christmas! I got to take an amazing vacation with my dad and sister this year. Knitting more (and having a stitch and bitch in town). Connecting and Reconnecting and becoming closer to friends. I got to say good-bye to a good kitty-friend before he had to leave me. All my sweet blogging friends...and the amazing inspiration I receive on a daily basis. Sweet, joyful, tall, beautiful, talented, and amazing Rozzilyn. Sweet Meena kitty girl (and all her new miaow-talking to me) My beautiful home. The clouds this year...

And special thanks to everyone out there in blogging land for all the entertainment, inspiration, laughs, intimacy and the opportunity to share my corner of the world with you...And as always...thank you so much for all the comments, they mean so much to me...

Happy Thanksgiving!
What does a Vegetarian, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, mostly Raw-Food Thanksgiving look like?

(Above pies are...pumpkin, and my specialty...pecan-sweet-potato...better than pecan because it has less of the horrible (but good...I don't know, I don't really like pecan pie...probably because of the ingredients) stuff that goes into straight pecan pie)

21 November 2006

Sunday November 20th...

  • Mama
  • Me
  • Rozzo-Roo
(Bad Neglectful Blogger...OK...I'm going to give myself small benefits of the doubt and lots of gentle encouragement to get through the holidays...and I'm warning you now, maybe I'll take a day off here and there!)


Imagine a nice girl like me, walking down the street with a bag that says SMILE (with the Looney Tunes on it, for Rozzie...I got it from the dentist and I thought she'd like it) with a crowbar sticking out of it (not for Rozzie, but for the Creative Sunday Project) So, I think that my Smile bag and crowbar, may have turned some heads here and there...

We converged upon my mother's home to destroy...I mean, improve her porch. Someone had put up these nasty wood X's and it's been making her visibly cringe whenever she drives up to her home...

And we were pumped...

And we were ready...

And we were strong...

And we were surprised...
because our project only took about a half an hour. Most of the boards were pretty rotted...and held a wide variety of nails in them...picture hanging length to realllly long ones!

We then walked to my house for a good and quick lunch...then to The Raven Cafe' for a Chai...and back here, where we watched the movie Holiday Inn (one of my all time favorites) and kind of fell asleep and relaxed...except for the Rozzie, who drew pictures and played outside.

Not much creating (the holiday rush is really starting to catch up with us apparently) But then again, we sometimes are known to take these little breaks aren't we?

19 November 2006

Super Secret Birthday Surprise...

...OK, I lied, I did not post the pictures yesterday. Time is like sand running through my fingers these days...fast and hard to hold on to!

My Father's Birthday was yesterday...and I was lucky enough to celebrate it in going to my friend Megan's house for her birthday party.

I made her one of my purses...and I'm telling you, this girl got the pile of the most amazing hand made gifts. 2 beautiful bowls made from juniper wood that look as if they have roses in the bottoms of them...a wooden inlaid box with a woman with red hair (like the girl herself) and inlaid flowers, and a picture DVD...

It was so refreshing to see so much creativity...I'm thinking it's because she's such a talented jewelry maker, and she inspires those around her to give something of their talents...or as she says it, "what's your handle?"

AND...for my father's gift...the super secret one...I usually struggle, because he lives in the mecca of wonderful finds...so sometimes it's a bit challenging for me to really get him something he needs or doesn't already have! I decided to go with the creative angle...and came up with these little sweeties...

Happy Birthday Dad!

I got the official report back from him...and he loved them, loved the colors and the robotness! It's just a small thing to do for those who do so much for me in my life...
Happy Birthday guys!

17 November 2006

Is The Cat Out Of The Bag?

And where was I yesterday? Well...the last couple of days have been a blur...It started with:

An early dentist appointment.

Working all day.

A lovely open house/party at a friends home.

working all day.

Meeting wonderful Dina for a night out of shopping and fun. We started with some decorating advice from yours truly. She's doing something between mid century and cottage. I know it sounds a little weird, but I am super excited to see it come together...I'm hoping that she takes some pictures and puts them on her blog. (hint hint) We went up to our silly mall for dinner and freebies at both Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body works...and for every one gift we bought for the holidays for someone else, we treated ourselves to a gift as well...generous and fun! We went to check out Target as well because she wanted to see all the Tord garlands and I had to inform her that I um...well, bought them all (OK...there were only 4 at this location) This is where we saw people camped out for the release of the new Playstation. So, this thing is something like $600. and there were 8 people in sleeping bags camped out. Apparently down in Phoenix there were people sending other people to the hospital. Weird, but true. I guess they're going for more than $1,500. on eBay, so perhaps it's worth the risk of death and pneumonia? We closed Target down, as we lost track of the time...that's what happens when you have so much fun with friends!

I went to bed immediately so I could get up uber early and meet some local girls for a Stitch and Bitch here at a coffee house. There were 5 of us doing various handiwork...and it was really fun. I am super excited to be a part of this, because I've been wanting to do this for so long and someones finally doing it here! I guess I'm now officialy part of the Prescott Craft Mafia! Plus, I had to totally dismantle my hat and re-do it...which caused me to knit most of the day at the shop.

I can't stop.

Must stop knitting...

Must switch focus to making a birthday present for my wonderful friend Megan's birthday...I am going to her party tomorrow. So, I will leave you for today/tonight so I can spend time catching up with my favorite bloggers, snuggle with my lonely kitty, knit and sew...tomorrow I will post pictures of the super secret birthday surprise I made for my father...he received his package and is waiting until tomorrow to open it...so it should be safe!

15 November 2006

OH Knit!

Well kids, Oh Knit is officially back (it's the cold weather really) And joining us for the first time was Ms. Rozzilyn, who decided that last night would be the perfect night to learn how to knit...and she did wonderfully! My mother knitted a couple of scarfs for one of Rozzie's dolls, and I began my new winter project for myself...a cutie sock monkey hat. I got quite far, when we broke for a little DaVinci Code entertainment (really enjoyable) which ended about midnight and left me feeling a bit weary this morning, as I bounded out of bed to get to an early dentist appointment. Suffice it to say, I ended that appointment with half a numb mouth. I won't go into the details of the scraping...or the drooling...or the not feeling well enough to eat...or the impending fear I have because I need to use a water pick to help myself (I can't take antibiotics...so a water pick it is...no infections for me thank you!)

But, a little afternoon knitting during the slow times at the shop helped immensely. Unfortunately...I kept looking at the brim of this thing and thinking...my, that's small...well, maybe it will stretch. Then I measured my head.

My head is about 23 inches around...24, if I don't want hat head. The Large part of the pattern fits a 22 inch head. I tell you...this is not going to fit. It's just not. Unless my head shrinks.

Now, I do not have the exact yarn the pattern called for...so, I'm fudging...and now wondering if I should haveused larger needles? The silly thing is, I actually made a little test swatch, and it turned out OK...so what the heck?! I think I'm going to try to adjust the pattern. I tell you what though, looking at it is making me a little scared...wish me luck!

14 November 2006

Is Crafting Hazardous To Your Helth?

...In which we explore that question.
Because Crafting Shouldn't Hurt...

Yesterday morning I woke up all ready to bound out of bed, and found that I could hardly move, and I was experiencing sharp shooting pains where I imagine my kidneys to be. Now, the thought crossed my mind immediately was that it could be due to my scrunched up position in bed...cat on my pillow and me on what was left of my side of the bed. (Yes...now I no longer sleep on "her" side of the bed, and she gets my pillow as well...so I guess I'm down to only 1/4 of the bed now really...just a small, small corner) And, I had actually slept all the way through the night...no wandering around the house or bathroom trips...all zzzz's and snoring (probably, although I don't think I snore)

So, I drank water, I took my vitamins, I even had some coffee...and a nice warm Pumpkin Pie scented bath...and nothing. Just pain.

Well, during my Monday morning errand run around, the thought of Kidney Infection - Kidney Stones - Bladder Infection - Random Cancer -
...and wait a minute...
Wasn't I sitting in front of the sewing machine for 2 days and nights straight? Trying to get caught up on my crafting? Making presents for Dad and Meena? And when I wasn't sewing, wasn't I crawling around on the floor cutting out patterns and material? and fitting cushions? carefully pinning things? floor to sewing machine...sewing machine to floor?

You mean my sore thighs probably weren't due to riding a phantom horse either?

It occurs to me that perhaps I should exercise more.

13 November 2006

Sunday November 12th...


  • Rozzie
  • Sadira
  • Susan

Well...another fun Sunday. We started at the Raven Cafe' because after this week...we certainly deserved it! As we sat drinking our tea and coffee...we wished we could start every Sunday just like this (which may be a possibility) The food is delicious, and some is even organic (which is unusual up here) and, as I've said before, the atmosphere is wonderful!

Mama had this amazing summer berry salad with apples, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, and almonds on it...perfect for the raw food eater. I had the omelet special with, basil, tomato, portabello and just a bit of mozzarella...perfect (the cheese did not overpower anything) and a splash of potatoes and an english muffin. We really had a lovely time!

Mama's project:

Mama participated in a liver cleanse this week.
It almost killed her.
So, her project was not to be sick and nauseous...and she steamed some beets potatoes and onions for me! Now I have yummy beets for my salads this week, and I'm gonna' fry up those potatoes for a wonderful meal!

We also did quite a bit of walking...to the cafe' then back to her house for Rozzie's lunch (since she likes what she likes, and she was convinced we were trying to poison her with the peppermint and chamomile tea we gave her at the cafe') then back here to create!

Rozzie's Project:

Another piece of beautiful Rozzie art...we were thinking perhaps it's from the Hobbit...the book that she's reading right now.

My Project:

A special something for my father for his birthday which is on the 18Th. I ran to the post office this morning to send it off so it should arrive on Wednesday...plenty of time! I took pictures of the finished product but, will wait until I know he got it so I don't ruin the surprise...in the meantime...

Extreme closeups of said project:

...And later that evening

Because I just couldn't leave you with no pictures of my creativity...and since I notice I've been reading more...and since I promised myself and Meena...

Ta-dah...New down filled cushions for kitty lounging. I covered them with the sweet winter kitties sitting in bare trees on one side...with brown and white stripes on the edges...and a sweet little brown flower design on the other side. That way, they are reversible of sorts, for the summertime as well.

The furry cheetah thing is actually a little cover that has some space-aged material in it (probably tin foil) that radiates her heat back to her when she lays on it (fancy huh? I bought that at the pet store)

Plus, the mummy trilogy was on TV and this was the perfect project 'cause I could sew and watch at the same time.

...I also thought that I could use the trunk as extra seating with these yummy down cushions on it...which is a bit laughable as my feet don't come anywhere near reaching the floor when I sit on this thing, so I'm not sure how practical that idea is.

So...I put the girl up on the new spot...

...and she kind of daintily stepped around on it...and sat next to it (that's her dark little silhouette to the left of the cushions) She has a hard time with change sometimes...and looks at me a little sadly when I switch things up.

But, this was the picture when I left this morning, and again when I came home, so I guess it's a hit! She just kind of sinks down in the fluffiness...and she has the warmness on one cushion and the cooler no heat thing on the other (you know, just in case she gets too hot) She usually snuggles up on the top of the overstuffed chair, so I'm hoping to save that from more cat hair and fall stickers!

And luckily I have plenty of kitty material left over for something for me...perhaps matching pillow for the chairs for the winter? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

10 November 2006

What'd You Got?

Here we are at the end of another week...closer to the holiday season and the end of the year (yay)...This is a picture of a wonderful framed quilt with vintage buttons and a rhinestone pin and old key, and a beautiful vintage picture of a lady. My mother gave it to me for Fall Equinox. Embroidered on the quilt is:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.

May you never take one single breath for granted

and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

I think it is quite beautiful with a true sentiment as well, and both of us had the thought that we would say we made it at a Creative Sunday...but neither thought that would be honest!

I had a great time at the local play last night...everyone was quite good, and the story was an updated version of the Ugly Duckling...very funny! I started out at My Pal Amy's house where the whole family gathered...including her uncle from out of town and her wonderful brother John (one of my favorite people) There was lots of laughs all around!

Well...I'm going to tackle the mountain of laundry that has um piled up around here, and a super secret birthday surprise for someone in my family, and if I get finished with that...maybe Meena's lounging pillows...Have a wonderful weekend!

09 November 2006

Arizona...The Endless Summer...

I am having difficulty finding my rhythm right now...

I know, looking at these pictures is evidence that we're in the throws of fall...but the daily temperature begs to differ (I can't believe I'm actually talking about the weather...complaining even, the one thing I hate people to do when they come into the shop...well, that and leave clothes all over the place) It has been in the high 70's for several days now. It is November. I'm thinking that the only reason the leaves are actually turning is out of habit. (OK...it's in the 30's at night too...that may have something to do with it) Really...perfect cold/flu weather...hot during the day and freezing at night. I know there are a lot of you guys out there that are living where it's cold...but you don't understand...it's supposed to be cold!

I sit huddled in my house in the morning with the heat on and the cat in my lap for extra warmth...step outside to walk to work...and I have to take my sweater off (I'm desperately trying to dress for the fall) (and don't worry...I have a tee on under it...usually) and then have to take my socks off halfway to work because my feet are so hot. And no water falls from the sky here. We're in a draught and this state is known for it's wonderful golf. You figure it out. Every time I open my water bill, someone is trying to tell me how to conserve water...and I see some very green golf courses in this state. Which is why my family has been tossing around the idea of finding a place to live that still has seasons. I long for the winters of my youth...I grew up here in the North land...when the snow was piled up so high in the middle of the street you couldn't see over it to the other side, and we'd miss multiple days of school...sigh.

Until then, I'm going to have to come to terms with the temperature here aren't I? And find some way to feel like it's fall...Oh, I think I'm going to have to get out among the trees more, and have a late night shopping and pie excursion with my friend Dina (when I know it will be cold...next Thurs. it is baby!) and a little bit of local entertainment tonight seeing the play Honk with My Pal Amy. Mom and Rozzie saw it and loved it...they had a special day when homeschoolers could see it for a wonderfully discounted price! But, right now I'm off to the fall sale at JoAnn's to pick up some severely discounted things to create with...

maybe they'll have the air conditioning on...

08 November 2006

I Ran All Night...

Whoa boy, it was one of those nights...up, down, water, bathroom, you name it...I was up and down all night. It was like going to bed and then fighting a battle all night...Yet it's too early to figure out which side won...Let's just put it this way, I just went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and thought my Harry Potter mug said "Hogwash" Maybe it was the excitement of the election results? Methinks it should be an interesting day...All this late night wandering made me a bit late for getting up this morning (I'd like to think that's the reason for no pictures in this post) And...upon waking up lately, I've noticed I've been sharing the pillow with the kitty...which means, she's using the pillow as a bed...I'm on the mattress using it as a pillow.

I also spent the evening at my mother's and although we haven't officially started knitting again (you know, now that it's cold we're feeling it more!) I did run an impromptu hair styling shop for all the Barbies and their friends and family. And let me tell you...the hair was flying (no really, it's hard to brush their hair, it comes out quite a bit) and it led me to believe that maybe I'd missed my calling?

Well all...have an amazing day, and I'll be back tomorrow with some more pictures and fun!

07 November 2006

A Lovely Couple of Days...

I've enjoyed my last 2 days off immensely, crafting, thrifting, a little regular shopping, some relaxing and a lot of time with a friend who's in from out of town. The weather, as I said before, has been mild...in fact it's supposed to be 74 today (where is our winter?!?)

Last night, Jen and I spent the evening at The Raven Cafe in town. One of the owners was having a birthday, and on Monday's they do a fixed menu...so Jen and I shared both dinner and dessert, and had a lovely time, as the DJ was spinning some great tunes. The thing about the cafe, is that it doesn't quite feel like you're in Prescott...but somewhere more cosmopolitan...always a plus! The cafe is also the home of Coyote Radio Theatre...a local wonderful amazing and creative bunch of talent, up here on the radio! They've stumbled upon my humble blog and put a link on their blog site as well...so big smooches to them! Please head over to their site and listen to their podcasts!

Favorite line from a movie this weekend:

"you can't leave...all the plants will die!"
-Bill Murray, Stripes

OK...I'm taking advantage of said weather and getting out early to vote before work...


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