01 November 2006

Trick - OR - Treat...

Why was it that at 8:00 pm I felt like I'd been run over by a truck? Was it all the fun in the neighborhood collecting candy with Olive Oyle? Was it all the walking around trying not to trip on the uneven sidewalk in the dark? Was it the fact I ate more candy before I'd had my dinner than I've eaten all year? Oh...yeah, the last one!

It's easy to do you know, Rozzie does not eat candy. It's not that she's not allowed to eat it, she just won't. She looks at you like you're trying to poison her...honestly, it was years before she trusted anyone enough to even try icing on a cake. So, it's that easy to just dip into the little black cauldron and pick what you want (except for the Snickers...those are only for my mom) She collects Smarties, since she won't eat the stuff, she's reduced to collecting it, and actually tried one this year...

The result? Dancing around the room saying, "eeewww...ick! It burns, it burns!" hmmmm...thank goodness she didn't try the Reeces Peanut Butter Cups!

As you can see, I pulled it together long enough to wear my black velvet cape and go as a witch. My sister dressed up as a cell phone and is in the picture too...but I think she blinked! (hahaha...she's on the phone, and we wanted to include her...she was actually a sea hag, and sent me a picture via the phone, and I wish I could get it onto the blog...she looks fantastic!)

The way trick-or-treating works in Prescott is that most of the people in town (including the people they bus up from Phoenix...don't get me started...they bus people up from Phoenix for everything now) go to Mt.Vernon...the Victorian house street in town...it is a mad house! So, we've been going to a totally different area...still a lot of houses participate without the crowds...being in a retirement town does not usually pay off in the Halloween realm...But...it's still fun and safe...especially since we don't need tons of candy!


thatgirldina said...

Awwww! How cute are you guys!?!?! Sounds like a super fun evening!

My mom and I took Niko to Mt. vernon. Can you believe in the gazillion (yes, it really IS a gazillion) years that I've lived here, we've never, ever set foot onthat street on Halloween before last night. You are right...it is a mad house down there, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't too bad. I didn't see any unruly people and the crowd was really friendly. It was a pleasant surprise...oh, and we also walked Pleasant Street as well. Around 7-ish we stopped by your house, but it was dark. We figured you had already gone out.

We're still on for a movie night soon right? For some reason, my Netflix hasn't shown up yet though...hmmmm. I'lll keep you posted.

Jolene George said...

Finally your blog is letting me post. It has been misbehaving. :o) I love the costumes. I'm so glad you all had a great Halloween. I had no idea that bus loads of people came up there for Halloween. I know they come up during Christmas to see the lights. Heck...I plan to do that this year.
...and I totally don't get the whole not eating candy thing. :o)

sulu-design said...

Great costumes! How long until all of that candy is gone?


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