15 November 2006

OH Knit!

Well kids, Oh Knit is officially back (it's the cold weather really) And joining us for the first time was Ms. Rozzilyn, who decided that last night would be the perfect night to learn how to knit...and she did wonderfully! My mother knitted a couple of scarfs for one of Rozzie's dolls, and I began my new winter project for myself...a cutie sock monkey hat. I got quite far, when we broke for a little DaVinci Code entertainment (really enjoyable) which ended about midnight and left me feeling a bit weary this morning, as I bounded out of bed to get to an early dentist appointment. Suffice it to say, I ended that appointment with half a numb mouth. I won't go into the details of the scraping...or the drooling...or the not feeling well enough to eat...or the impending fear I have because I need to use a water pick to help myself (I can't take antibiotics...so a water pick it is...no infections for me thank you!)

But, a little afternoon knitting during the slow times at the shop helped immensely. Unfortunately...I kept looking at the brim of this thing and thinking...my, that's small...well, maybe it will stretch. Then I measured my head.

My head is about 23 inches around...24, if I don't want hat head. The Large part of the pattern fits a 22 inch head. I tell you...this is not going to fit. It's just not. Unless my head shrinks.

Now, I do not have the exact yarn the pattern called for...so, I'm fudging...and now wondering if I should haveused larger needles? The silly thing is, I actually made a little test swatch, and it turned out OK...so what the heck?! I think I'm going to try to adjust the pattern. I tell you what though, looking at it is making me a little scared...wish me luck!


thatgirldina said...

Cute! cute! cute! Simply adorable little sock monkey hat. I can't wait to get a peek at it. Maybe tonight? I know a little boy with a rather small noggin who might be willing to model it for you... ;)

Horray for Rozzie learning to knit! What fun! And such a lucky girl to have you and mama to teach her. I use to love watching my mimi knit when I was younger, but I never even picked up a needle. One of these days, when I get some free time (yeah, right), I'll have to convince you to teach me a few tricks of the trade.

We're still on for tonight, right? I'm really looking forward to it! I hope your teeth are feeling better.

I'll ring the shop later to chit-chat.


capello said...

i don't know how to knit, but can't you add some pearls or lines or whateverthehelltheyarecalled?

and that is going to be Such A Cute Hat!

sulu-design said...

Good luck figuring out solutions to the little complications. No matter what, though, that is one adorable hat!

Susan said...

I know a really reputable head shrinker that always comes thru for me in these situations. I will call you with his number.


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