13 November 2006

Sunday November 12th...


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Well...another fun Sunday. We started at the Raven Cafe' because after this week...we certainly deserved it! As we sat drinking our tea and coffee...we wished we could start every Sunday just like this (which may be a possibility) The food is delicious, and some is even organic (which is unusual up here) and, as I've said before, the atmosphere is wonderful!

Mama had this amazing summer berry salad with apples, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, and almonds on it...perfect for the raw food eater. I had the omelet special with, basil, tomato, portabello and just a bit of mozzarella...perfect (the cheese did not overpower anything) and a splash of potatoes and an english muffin. We really had a lovely time!

Mama's project:

Mama participated in a liver cleanse this week.
It almost killed her.
So, her project was not to be sick and nauseous...and she steamed some beets potatoes and onions for me! Now I have yummy beets for my salads this week, and I'm gonna' fry up those potatoes for a wonderful meal!

We also did quite a bit of walking...to the cafe' then back to her house for Rozzie's lunch (since she likes what she likes, and she was convinced we were trying to poison her with the peppermint and chamomile tea we gave her at the cafe') then back here to create!

Rozzie's Project:

Another piece of beautiful Rozzie art...we were thinking perhaps it's from the Hobbit...the book that she's reading right now.

My Project:

A special something for my father for his birthday which is on the 18Th. I ran to the post office this morning to send it off so it should arrive on Wednesday...plenty of time! I took pictures of the finished product but, will wait until I know he got it so I don't ruin the surprise...in the meantime...

Extreme closeups of said project:

...And later that evening

Because I just couldn't leave you with no pictures of my creativity...and since I notice I've been reading more...and since I promised myself and Meena...

Ta-dah...New down filled cushions for kitty lounging. I covered them with the sweet winter kitties sitting in bare trees on one side...with brown and white stripes on the edges...and a sweet little brown flower design on the other side. That way, they are reversible of sorts, for the summertime as well.

The furry cheetah thing is actually a little cover that has some space-aged material in it (probably tin foil) that radiates her heat back to her when she lays on it (fancy huh? I bought that at the pet store)

Plus, the mummy trilogy was on TV and this was the perfect project 'cause I could sew and watch at the same time.

...I also thought that I could use the trunk as extra seating with these yummy down cushions on it...which is a bit laughable as my feet don't come anywhere near reaching the floor when I sit on this thing, so I'm not sure how practical that idea is.

So...I put the girl up on the new spot...

...and she kind of daintily stepped around on it...and sat next to it (that's her dark little silhouette to the left of the cushions) She has a hard time with change sometimes...and looks at me a little sadly when I switch things up.

But, this was the picture when I left this morning, and again when I came home, so I guess it's a hit! She just kind of sinks down in the fluffiness...and she has the warmness on one cushion and the cooler no heat thing on the other (you know, just in case she gets too hot) She usually snuggles up on the top of the overstuffed chair, so I'm hoping to save that from more cat hair and fall stickers!

And luckily I have plenty of kitty material left over for something for me...perhaps matching pillow for the chairs for the winter? Oh, the possibilities are endless!


capello said...

love the kitty lounging pillows. why is it the kitties always get the best spots in the home?

sulu-design said...

Your meal looks delicious. Sunday brunch is such a great habit to get into. And your mom's project of steaming beets is right up my alley - beets are awesome. Enjoy!

Jolene George said...

You amaze me with just how much you get done. You're always so creative. You're never going to lose your talent because you use it all the time. The cat is really enjoying his new comfy window seat. :o)


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