08 November 2006

I Ran All Night...

Whoa boy, it was one of those nights...up, down, water, bathroom, you name it...I was up and down all night. It was like going to bed and then fighting a battle all night...Yet it's too early to figure out which side won...Let's just put it this way, I just went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and thought my Harry Potter mug said "Hogwash" Maybe it was the excitement of the election results? Methinks it should be an interesting day...All this late night wandering made me a bit late for getting up this morning (I'd like to think that's the reason for no pictures in this post) And...upon waking up lately, I've noticed I've been sharing the pillow with the kitty...which means, she's using the pillow as a bed...I'm on the mattress using it as a pillow.

I also spent the evening at my mother's and although we haven't officially started knitting again (you know, now that it's cold we're feeling it more!) I did run an impromptu hair styling shop for all the Barbies and their friends and family. And let me tell you...the hair was flying (no really, it's hard to brush their hair, it comes out quite a bit) and it led me to believe that maybe I'd missed my calling?

Well all...have an amazing day, and I'll be back tomorrow with some more pictures and fun!


thatgirldina said...

Good morning Peaches!
Thank you for the sweet post. I miss you too!!!! Hopefully soon the schedule will be cleared and we can resume our usually giddy girliness.

I'm in the mood for some late night shopping and coffee with pie...maybe next Thursday? Please-o-please say you'll join me?

Jolene George said...

I hate nights like that and have them all too often.
Had to laugh about flying barbie hair. LOL!


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