29 November 2006

OH Knit!

Last Night's Knitting Highlights:

Watching the movie Elf.

I'm ready to change to the red part of the sock monkey hat...the top and almost the end.

My mother started on a holiday project and is almost done.

I put in my new 80's CD and Mama and I sang along...
Rozzilyn and I danced to the music...
and Rozzie said:

"So, this is what it was like in the old days?"



Jolene George said...

I love 80's music...actually me and my husband both do. Brings back memories.
Isn't Elf just the cutest movie. I love it!

capello said...

these *are* the olden days.

make *her* feel old. hrmph.

Susan said...

Reminds me of when you were little and you asked me what it was like when the dinosauers were alive!

blair said...

a kid that doesn't know 80's music is missing out, indeed. Those were the "good" old days for some of us.

thatgirldina said...

I'll tumble for ya....I'll tumble for ya...I'll tumble for ya...



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