27 November 2006

Sunday November 26th...

The Holidays Are In Full Swing In Arizona's Christmas City! (have I mentioned that before?) To play a bit of catch up...Me and a group of my peoples (I'll just call us the Fab Four...well, it's true, even though we don't play music together) walked downtown to the Light Parade. I suppose this is the kick off for the season? Considering the city blocked off most of the downtown parking from 2pm on (yes, on the busiest shopping weekend of the year...) for a parade that lasted about 30 min. I call this the "Prescott Parade that's mostly like the other ones, except without as many horses" Yet...a lovely time was had by all. This was kind of a farewell night to one of the group, as he was only here to visit...yet, will be sorely missed...the other two I'm hanging on to.

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And...in another kick off of to the season, I took Rozzie to do her holiday shopping, and an annual tradition of ours...the one where we go to Hallmak, and she spends my hard earned money on a little plastic tree ornament (man these things have gotten a little pricey in the last few years) She has been picking out the Barbie ornament that coincides with the latest Barbie movie of the year. And in her defense, this year they had 2 ornaments...one still Barbie, and one that twirls and plays music...She picked the latter, and as I paid for it she said, "Whew...that was expensive!" And, it was worth evey minute of watching her wind it up and dance around the room all afternoon...using it as her "cell phone" ringtone...asking us, "do I sound like aunt Sadie when I talk on my cell?"

The kid cracks me up!

She was feeling the crunch of holiday spending, as at one point she said out loud, "boy...I'm gonna' be broke before this is all over" Yeah, well, she hasn't even bought my gift yet!

As Rozzie danced and entertained us all, my mother worked on some knitting. I think it's another pair of socks, because she had the sock book out (although it looks as if she's knitting a ring for the cat to jump through) perhaps if they are in deed socks, they will be big enough to fit one of us larger humans...the other ones are on one of Rozzie's dolls.

I worked on another reversible mantle runner. I've made a couple now, and am a little nervous about next year...what will I make then?!

I found both the fabrics out thrifting...and was excited because the little red reindeer one kind of matches my Tord garland...however, as I tried to hang up the garland, I discovered it is like 25 feet long (or seems like it) and there's no way it fit around the mantle without wrapping it around twice...so I strung it up in the kitchen instead....where it matches the tord tablecloth instead!

The making of the runner lead to the start of the decorating...So I hauled out the candle collection. All of these candles are from the 50's (I think) My mother started collecting them when she was a little girl, and then I was lucky enough to grow up with them in my childhood, which prompted me to start collecting them a while ago as well. They used to be everywhere and were about 10-35 cents...now I usually find 1 or 2 a year. (I have them for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well)

I had a bit of a meltdown about the Holy Family...as I have so many of the singing caroler candles...and was trying to make a theme and sort them out kind of evenly. So, I decided to put all the angels with the family on my entry table, and the Santa/snowman magic thing on the mantle itself (more closeups later...I promise) I am enjoying the way it turned out...and was laughing at myself this morning as I sat up in bed thinking "...hmmm, isn't there another box of singing angels downstairs?" Why yes, there was...so they joined the holiday melee! (and is that a giant furry kitty in the background? I don't remember that in the story!"

I was about to dig out the lights and tree, but luckily I was saved by a good friend picking me up for dinner, wine and a movie. We saw Before Sunrise...holy cow...what an amazing movie, again making me question, where have I been? It's certainly good other people have been aware of what's been happening out in the world...

Favorite quote from the movie (although it was hard to choose):

"I believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it's almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt."

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