06 November 2006

Sunday November 4th...

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Such a lovely Creative Sunday...on a beautiful fall weekend. Yes, we're still having mild fall weather (71 today...darn!) Most of the leaves are on the trees...and I'm looking forward to the day when I wake up and my ornamental cherry has at once, dropped all of it's leaves...then...snow on the ground! (hopefully lot's of snow)

Mama worked on this fun little rag garland. We were at a yard sale this weekend and saw a garland just like this one, and exclaims our usual, "I could make that!"

She then found some heavy weight plaid material at a sale from someones sister who'd been a decorator (I got many yards of Ralph Lauren ticking) and snapped it up...and proceeded most of the day to rip the material into strips and knot it onto twine...very stinky twine, that has lived in her garage for quite some time...

...stinky twine and lots of string and fraying aside (mostly on my mother) I think it turned out wonderful! She's not sure how long to make it, and wanted to end it as soon as it was long enough to tie around her neck...but, she pressed on, and was going to finish up later that evening.

I worked on taking down and putting away, all the Halloween decorations for another year. I wasn't looking forward to doing this because I absolutely loved the way everything looked this year. But...I had to press on (mostly because I love the little vintage Thanksgiving candles I have too!)

And...I started and finished my little bird garland! I had the idea in my head for quite some time after I received the little apron from my mother...I absolutely love these little birds and at once thought how cute they would be if they were in three dimensions...

So, I made a little round stencil and proceeded to cut them out of felt...then made the little beaks and feets and funny little tail feathers by individual design. I also embroidered the black part of the eye over some white felt...and attatched it to the bird body...

I then sewed them mostly closed and to the binding...and stuffed them so they are a little fat!

I absolutely love them...they just fly and jump all around the mantle now. It's like a little bird party over here!

Rozzie worked on several illustrations in her sketch book...one of a blue house against a blue background...kind of a camouflage thing I would think...and then rested with Meena after our long rousing walk around the neighborhood!

It was a wonderful day...and it feels great to be creating again as I have been taking a little break, and catching up on all of my reading (and other life stuff)


capello said...

those birdies are so cute!

sulu-design said...

Both garlands are great. Your mother's looks very rustic, and the birds on yours are so cute!


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